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FaymAnyway to prevent udevd from renaming my network interfaces?04:10
Faymudevd[562]: renamed network interface usb0 to enp0s16f0u2 <-- usb0 would be much more preferable, especially given the enp... is so long it messes up ifconfig's output04:11
jaegeryou can disable it, yeah. I'd find a link but firefox is completely frozen :P04:26
jaegersearch for udev persistent network names04:26
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FaymOkay, did find something, apparently the kernel flag net.ifnames=0 does what I want05:01
Faym(Everything else suggested editing/removing a file that doesn't exist)05:01
FaymThanks!  I won't know if it worked until next reboot though.05:02
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korilmms isn't compiling05:44
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frinnstI love when you do a ls and you find a bunch of "'", "1", "2"09:02
frinnstthat means someones script doesnt work :D09:02
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rmullFaym: FYI sometimes it doesn't matter that the file doesn't exist - you can create it anyway12:56
rmullI would have thought that this is better handled by a udev rule12:58
rmullBy setting ifnames=0 you're disabling the consistent iface naming feature - though if you only have one iface it's probably not that big of a deal13:02
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popnflossis crux dead?14:12
t0b1nuxpopnfloss: no, not at all14:12
t0b1nuxwhy ?14:12
popnflossjust checking14:13
popnflossa lot of distros i havent used in a while are dead now14:13
popnflossi liked crux but i didnt know if it was still maintained14:13
t0b1nuxIt is14:14
popnflossoh cool14:14
t0b1nuxThe IRC channel is  also active, but maybe not at this time of the day14:15
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Wildefyryeah we're alive!!!14:20
tired890Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Stayin Alaaaaaaaaive14:22
onoderadoes jue ever visit #crux?14:28
john_cephalopodaCrux is still up and running :)14:38
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ryu0Who manages the pkgutils repo?15:00
ryu0I'm thinking it would be wise to integrate my rewrite of 'revdep' with that so i can reuse some of the code.15:01
ryu0mainly the database handling.15:01
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Faym<rmull> By setting ifnames=0 you're disabling the consistent iface naming feature - though if you only have one iface it's probably not that big of a deal <-- I'd rather used iftab TBH16:10
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mahmutov1how can i perform adding files of a package to /var/lib/pkg/db  (in bash script)17:36
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mahmutov1i am extracting a package to install. using "tar xf  some-package.tar.gz -C / "17:49
mahmutov1but how can i do second step-addding files to db17:49
tilman(echo "\nfoo 1.0-1\n" && tar tf some-package.tar.gz) >> /var/lib/pkg/db17:51
tilmantake a backup first17:52
mahmutov1ok let me try17:52
mahmutov1tilman thanks it worked like but17:55
mahmutov1i messed17:55
mahmutov1in pkgrm17:55
mahmutov1how can we delete files of a package according db17:56
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mahmutov1because i noticed "/usr/bin"  exists in db17:56
mahmutov1or "usr/"17:57
tilmanno leading slash17:57
mahmutov1if we read db and delete files recursively17:57
mahmutov1so usr and usr/bin directory delete?17:57
mahmutov1how can we prevent it?17:58
mahmutov1i writed wrongly "usr/bin"17:59
mahmutov1"usr/bin"  is rightly17:59
mahmutov1e.g usr/bin/      so how dont we delete or pass the thşs directory18:00
tilmanyeah i have no idea what yoyur talking about18:00
mahmutov1when we recursively deleting files from filesystem18:00
mahmutov1i want to perform "pkgrm" command with a bash script18:00
tilmanso run pkgrm18:01
mahmutov1i am already writing in bash18:02
tilmanwhy the fuck?18:03
tilmanwould you do that?18:03
mahmutov1i am merging pkgmk and pkgadd commands in a bash script18:04
mahmutov1all of them will be in a bash script18:04
Wildefyrwhat is the purpose of this bash script?18:05
Wildefyrprt-get will do what you want18:06
mahmutov1you excused see me18:09
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mahmutov1i am developing a p.m like prt-get18:09
mahmutov1in bash18:09
mahmutov1i want to handle precompiled packages18:09
mahmutov1prt-get is compiling and installing18:10
tilmanpkgadd is only installing18:10
tilmannot compiling18:10
mahmutov1i want to set a binary packages link in web18:10
mahmutov1so it will fetch from link the binary packages18:11
mahmutov1and it will setup18:11
mahmutov1or just should i write a scipt only fetch packages from link and then installing with "pkgadd"18:12
WildefyrA pkgfile can do exactly what you want18:13
Wildefyrlet it fetch the binary source, then use something like install18:14
mahmutov1actually i want to handle precompiled packages18:14
mahmutov1not sources18:14
mahmutov1i compiled sources18:14
mahmutov1i have packages18:14
Wildefyrso, pkgadd?18:15
Wildefyrif you already have the package rofl18:15
ryu0a package manager... in bash...18:15
mahmutov1but it will be in web18:16
mahmutov1so many users can fetch it18:16
tilmanis it web scale?18:16
WildefyrI think you have very unrealistic expectations here18:17
Wildefyryou're going to need more than a bash script to do what you want rofl18:17
ryu0shell isn't a full language. trying to do anything major with it is asking for pain.18:18
mahmutov1e.g "pkgadd nano"  command will fetch binary package of nano18:18
mahmutov1and it will install it18:18
ryu0not to mention the error handling is imprecise.18:19
tilmanthen why the shit are you re-implementing pkgrm?18:19
Wildefyrhe doesn't know!18:19
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mahmutov1so is it bad idea?18:22
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mahmutov1like other package managers what i want to do18:23
mahmutov1handling packages from web18:24
Wildefyrwhen you can't explain the 'idea' simply to others, you don't understand it18:24
mahmutov1sorry poor english18:24
tilmangoogle pkg-get18:25
tilmanlike prt-get but for packages (binary)18:25
mahmutov1is it in avaiable in crux?18:25
tilmanit was18:25
tilmanor is18:25
t0b1nuxmahmutov1: could you please rephrase your exact expectations and how you want to achieve them, please ?18:25
tilmani don't know18:25
mahmutov1it is?18:26
tilmanthat's prt-get18:26
tilmani said pkg-get18:26
mahmutov1sorry :)18:26
mahmutov1it is?18:27
mahmutov1it is in opt port18:27
mahmutov1oh good18:27
tilmanfwiw, i didn't realize it was still in ports ;p18:28
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mahmutov1i am looking code18:38
mahmutov1it is written in perl18:38
mahmutov1it isnt fetch from web18:38
mahmutov1anybody have tried it?18:39
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Faymmahmutov1: what?19:36
mahmutov1can it fetch binaries over web?19:37
mahmutov1i looked code but i didnt see any url variable19:37
FaymDid you mean prt-get?19:38
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Faym"pkg-get is intended to be the equivalent of prt-get, but for binary packages. The basic concept is that a local or remote (http, ftp) machine provides a set of binary packages and several support files. Client machines can fetch and install binaries, dependency info and other metadata from the server. Read more about pkg-get here"19:43
mahmutov1ok let re-look19:44
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frinnstthat sound..23:22
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tired890the ticks are the wasps trying to attack the camera23:37
crash_they seem to be a bit angry :P23:37
tired890protect the queen!23:39
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jaegerhehe, the sound scared my cat23:55
jaegerI think he thinks it's the quadcopter23:55
tired890what breed of cat?23:55
tired890ACTION 's favorite is russian blues!23:55
jaegerDSH, he's fairly generic23:56
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jaegerhe's a cool cat, though. Much more friendly than is typical for cats23:57
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