IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-02-13

crash_i miss my cat, she has been gone/away for 12 weeks so i don't think she will come back..00:02
tired890found a husband perhaps?00:02
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crash_maybe, but she is sterilised00:03
crash_no not really, then i don't need to worry about she getting pregnant when she is outside.00:04
tired890what I don't like about the common cat is that they will pretty much sit in the lap of anyone.. there is no real friendship or loyalty like a dog. The russian blue however is different, he forms a relationship with his owner and dislikes strangers..00:04
tired890they also look very graceful00:05
jaegercrash_: sorry to hear it, hope you find her00:06
jaegerMy cat neither looks nor IS graceful but he's funny and friendly00:06
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crash_jaeger: thanks :) i hope so too, i have asked around with my neighbours but no one have seen her.00:10
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tired890crash_, what breed?00:11
crash_tired890: just a house cat, bondkatt :)00:14
tired890I see00:15
crash_she was from france from the beginning, but i took care of here when the owner wanted to move back to france from sweden.00:16
tired890I see00:18
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brian|lfshey Romster you around? I fixed the pulseaudio-32 bit it was a stup‎id problem it turned out I need cap-32 bit installed for it to compile06:41
Romsterhmm ok if you got the ports some where i can add them to compat-3206:49
brian|lfsI need to get webspace somewhere06:56
brian|lfsI"m trying qt5 right now06:57
brian|lfserror made perfect sense after I saw the deps on the arch Pkgfile for libpuse-3206:58
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brian|lfsnot really sure if it needs pkg-config-3207:00
brian|lfsby the time you strip out all the duplicate fiels there is nothing left in the package07:00
Romsterwhy has firefox removed gstreamer does it now need ffmpeg?07:00
Romsterno pkg-config should do the job for both07:01
brian|lfsI think I read they removed it and said soemthign about using ffmpeg07:01
brian|lfsbecause of html507:01
brian|lfssounds like soemthing whoever matinas firefox on crux would of done not firefox07:02
Romsteri read about it int he past but i didn't know it was gonna be done so soon07:02
brian|lfsWhat was the problem with QT5 anyhow07:03
Romsternone if you use qmake507:03
brian|lfsso just export qmake5?07:03
Romsterprt-get cat cutemaze07:05
Romsteri saw the bug report on qt5 but i install to share so i don't clobber qt4... not sure what the problem is07:06
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brian|lfsI"m trying the package as is so far its working07:07
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brian|lfsI was trying to get the overide to work the other day and it don't seem to work right nwo on archlinux07:10
brian|lfsand I was to lazy to build a new kernel and patch it07:10
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brian|lfsI tried an iso on a flash drive that had plasma working on top of wayland07:15
brian|lfsit was interesting it worked fine but I read that it is very buggy on plasma but works on gnome and enlightment07:17
brian|lfsso someone must of patched it to hell or its a git version of plasma or something07:18
brian|lfsI was impressed downlaoded 1.2GB in 1min07:19
brian|lfslot of stuff for chromium in qt507:21
Romsterthough chromium bundles everything07:32
brian|lfsya I know kind of strange07:32
brian|lfswhy is cmake saying that it can't find liblzma.so08:11
brian|lfsI'm looking right at it08:11
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brian|lfsproblem seems to be qt5 and cmake are not playing nicely08:59
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brian|lfsRomster looking on arch PKGBUILD qt5 and older versiosn conflict so not sure if there is a workaround for that or if we should get rid of qt409:36
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t0b1nuxHi there, anybody know how to clear the env in pkgmk ?10:35
t0b1nuxBecause currently, a progrem compile fine outside pkgmk but fail if I try to run make in pkgmk10:37
t0b1nuxI suspect this is a env cariable or something10:37
tilmanenv -i pkgmk10:38
t0b1nuxtilman: thanks, I will take a look at it10:38
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t0b1nuxcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file or directory10:40
tilmandon't think that's environment related10:40
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tilmanthe compiler frontend should know where cc1 is located10:40
t0b1nuxloooks like env -i pkgmk completly broke the build10:40
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tilmanenv -i PATH=/usr/bin:etc pkgmk10:40
tilmantry adding at least PATH :)10:40
brian|lfshello all10:41
t0b1nuxthanks, I never used the env program with flags10:41
t0b1nuxbrian|lfs: hello10:41
brian|lfsI feel like I won the lottery earleir tonight10:41
brian|lfsjust because I got pulseaduio to compile for 32 bit10:41
t0b1nuxtilman: you're right,  I get the same error: " relocation R_X86_64_32 against `.rodata.str1.1' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC"10:42
t0b1nuxbrian|lfs: why not using pure alsa ? mutpliples audio cards with mixing ?10:42
tilmandid you try... recomiling with -fPIC ? :p10:42
brian|lfsnever had luck with multipel audio cards and sources with alsa t0b1nux10:43
t0b1nuxtilman: the problem is that outside pkgmk it compiles fine10:43
tilmanCFLAGS/LDFLAGS in environ?10:43
t0b1nuxtilman: I will unset them to see10:43
t0b1nuxmay it's beacuse CFLAGS is overrided by pkgmk10:44
t0b1nuxIt works now, thanks tilman ;)10:45
t0b1nuxIt was because the soft use "CFLAGS ?= -Wall -g -fPIC -std=c99" instead of CFLAGS = -Wall -g -fPIC -std=c9910:45
t0b1nuxso pkgmk overrided it10:45
tilmanstupid makefile10:49
t0b1nuxyeah, but I need this software to compile vdev10:52
brian|lfswhats vdev?10:53
t0b1nuxbrian|lfs: an udev challenger developed by devuan10:53
brian|lfsah ok10:53
t0b1nuxI will make the port available as soon as it will compile successfully10:53
brian|lfsso what advantages does it have10:53
t0b1nuxbrian|lfs: I just wanted to give it a try, but first I need to compile all its dependencies not included in crux ports10:54
t0b1nuxportable, event-driven, scriptable10:54
t0b1nuxVdev is meant to run with full functionality regardless of which init system, daemon manager, service manager, plumbing layer, etc. the user runs, since they address orthogonal concerns.10:54
brian|lfsplumbing system hmmm10:55
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ryu0progress is forthcoming with revdep rewrite...13:30
ryu0now to test the library finding logic...13:30
ryu0tilman: i decided to take your advice and use C++ this time. it makes it a lot easier to write because i can reuse C++'s standard data structures for a lot i would have to manually implement in C.13:31
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ryu0I can get DT_RPATH to set, but not DT_RUNPATH.13:55
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NecrosporusWhere do I report mistypes in ports?14:17
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NecrosporusAlso how do I get a terminal with tabs in crux?14:32
frinnstNecrosporus: contact the port maintainer or open a bugreport on the website14:41
frinnstI use fluxbox's to get tabs for my terminals14:42
NecrosporusAnd xterm?14:42
frinnstbottom line: there are many ways to do it. Either use yout WM or use a term with tab support14:42
NecrosporusThe problem there with crux is that some essential packages are missing14:42
frinnstlike what?14:42
Necrosporusessential for laptops14:43
NecrosporusYes, but it should be in opt if not in core14:43
john_cephalopodaNecrosporus: Not everything is in the official repos.14:43
frinnsti guess nobody in the core/opt/contrib groups thinks it's essential :)14:43
john_cephalopodaThe core and opt repo are kept quite small, everything else is brought in by users.14:44
NecrosporusBut I would expect at least all packages which are necessary to have a usable gui system should be presnet in main repositories14:44
frinnstbut they are14:44
frinnstI use crux on all my desktops and I only use the main repositories14:45
frinnstbut if you want to run gnome or kde - yeah, its missing14:45
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Do you count "contrib" as main repo?14:45
Necrosporusdo you mind to post your prt-get listorphans ?14:45
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Necrosporusfrinnst, I dunno, do you suggest to replace openbox with fluxbox?14:46
frinnstdoubt you'll find it useful though14:46
NecrosporusI wanted something to draw windows decorations and buttons like close/iconify/maximize14:47
frinnstI prefer fluxbox but its up to you14:47
NecrosporusOpenbox does that14:47
NecrosporusWell, I have installed everything on CD14:47
Necrosporusthere was openbox14:47
Necrosporusyoutube-dl is in contrib and old14:48
Necrosporusyubico-c and ytree are not present in my ports...14:49
frinnstnope, I do use other repos14:49
frinnstbut nothing essential for my desktop experience14:50
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NecrosporusWhat panel do you use?14:53
Necrosporuslxpanel does not make an entry for xterm, for example14:53
Necrosporusopenbox has entry for xterm, but it seems that it has some pre-configured app menu, with apps I did never had in my system14:54
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frinnstI dont use any panels14:58
Necrosporusprt-get diff shows `freetype 2.6.3-2  2.6.2-2'14:59
frinnstthe menu that comes with openbox is whatever is shipped with the sourcecode i think14:59
Necrosporusfreetype and fontconfig packages have non-working URL14:59
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NecrosporusI have downloaded freetype 2.6.3 manually and changed Pkgfile14:59
NecrosporusThere also were a lot of footprint mismatches even in non-contrib packages15:00
NecrosporusCan't remember where they were, though15:00
frinnstfootprints are tricky. "NEW" are not an error and are quite common15:00
frinnstif you have extra libraries installed when installing something, its possible the package you are installing links against detected libraries and thus installing new files15:01
frinnstif you get "MISSING" something is wrong somewhere and you should investigate before installing15:01
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Necrosporusmaybe prt-get should be modified to proceed with installing but log mismatches and report them later?15:02
frinnstyou can change PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW= in pkgmk.conf if you dont care about it15:02
frinnstyou can also disable footprint warnings/errors altogether but that would be stupid15:03
NecrosporusAre there articles on making usable desktop from crux beside handbook?15:03
frinnstthere is some docs for kde and lxde on the wiki15:04
NecrosporusI mean stuff like ~/.Xresources which are not configured by default15:05
NecrosporusMaybe crux should add some /etc/skel ?15:05
NecrosporusWith sane defaults for xterm for example15:05
frinnstNo, our philosophy is not to do magic in the background. The user should decide all of that stuff15:05
NecrosporusIs /etc/skel magic?15:06
frinnstno, but it would be trivial for the user to set it up themselves15:06
Necrosporusyou have to specify whenever you want it with useradd's option15:06
NecrosporusNot sure, for example ~/.Xresources:15:06
frinnstthere are lots of distributions that come preconfigured, crux is for us that prefer to do it ourselves15:07
NecrosporusXTerm*metaSendsEscape: true15:07
NecrosporusXTerm*saveLines: 409615:07
NecrosporusXTerm*alternateScroll: true15:07
NecrosporusWithout that even Alt-. won't work in terminal15:07
NecrosporusAnd scroll won't scroll in less/vim/etc15:08
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Necrosporusfrinnst, why not to add some package with /etc/skel into opt?15:08
Necrosporusfrinnst, well, crux has non-empty /etc after installation15:09
NecrosporusSo you could say that CRUX comes preconfigured too15:09
t0b1nuxZDV GF EZABTHR B15:09
frinnstfeel free to suggest it (as you have). I dont want it so I wont be the one that adds it. but perhaps someone else will15:09
t0b1nux *15:09
Necrosporust0b1nux, codepage15:10
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t0b1nuxsorry, somebody typed random data on my keyboard while being on the channel15:13
t0b1nuxI will make sure this doesn't happen agin15:13
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john_cephalopodaThe $ sign is short for "Pesos".15:14
frinnstNecrosporus: btw, I just fired up a clean vm - scrolling works just fine in xterm15:14
frinnstand no custom configs15:14
Necrosporusfrinnst, open less on long file15:14
frinnstdid dmesg|less15:14
frinnstscrolling works15:14
NecrosporusAlso if file has utf-8 it doesn't work15:14
frinnstno, you need to set up locales yourself15:15
NecrosporusIt didn't work for me15:15
NecrosporusWon't default POSIX locale work with utf-8?15:16
frinnstdefault is just C15:16
NecrosporusYeah, but it didn't stop firefox from displaying UTF-815:16
Necrosporusbut xterm didn't work15:16
frinnstfirefox has its own magic for stuff like that15:16
NecrosporusAlso... when I tried to build firefox it was quite a pain...15:17
NecrosporusI dropped it15:18
frinnstit will take a while but it should build cleanly15:18
frinnstif not its a bug and if thats the case please let me know15:18
NecrosporusWell, it made my laptop freeze15:18
frinnstouch. overheating or something?15:18
NecrosporusI had to kill firefox building process from another terminal15:18
NecrosporusAnd ctlr-alt-f2 worked only after several minutes15:19
NecrosporusI mean, I pressed this combo, wait several minutes, until it switched15:19
frinnsthuh strange15:19
NecrosporusThen each letter would take several seconds from pressing a key to appear on screen15:19
NecrosporusBut I managed to type necessary commands to kill it15:20
Necrosporusafter that the system works fine15:20
NecrosporusWell, I have 3GiB memory and no swap15:20
NecrosporusI thought OOM will kill it but it didn't15:21
frinnsti dont think thats enough to build firefox15:21
frinnstsome linking tasks are very demanding15:21
NecrosporusDo you suggest switching to dillo?15:21
frinnstno, add swap15:21
NecrosporusBut wouldn't it take ages?15:21
NecrosporusAnd I do not have space for swap15:21
frinnstyou could use a swap file15:22
Necrosporusor mkswap on usb flash?15:22
Necrosporuseither way, are there no binary packages corresponding to at least ports included in CD repos?15:23
NecrosporusI mean, is prt-get only official way to get software from network?15:23
frinnstno. crux is a source based distro. some kind folks (romster usually) do provide prebuilt binaries for bigger stuff like qt and firefox15:23
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Necrosporusfrinnst, do you think that binaries are better than ones provided by mozilla?15:24
NecrosporusEither way I ended up using GNU IceCat15:24
NecrosporusFirefox did rot after 24 or so release15:25
Necrosporusor even since 4.x?15:25
frinnstwell if you never intend to build firefox from source then the mozilla binaries are probably a better choice since it will autoupdate15:25
john_cephalopodaVersions change so faaaast!15:25
NecrosporusThe problem is there is no stable browser which is updated only for security fixes15:26
NecrosporusFirefox ESR has very low support period15:26
NecrosporusFor example Firefox 17 is not supported anymore15:26
john_cephalopodaI remember when there was the big jump to 4.0 and everybody was like "Woooah, update to firefox 4!!!!"15:26
NecrosporusI do remember it too, but 3.6 was better by most means except WebM support15:27
john_cephalopodaAnd now it's "You updated yesterday and got firefox 239? I updated today and already got 1537."15:27
NecrosporusI would like to use firefox 3.6 with all security fixes and vp9 webm if it was here15:27
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frinnstI found my roommates 6yr old laptop compiling Gentoo while making breakfast this morning... (xpost /r/Gentoo) (
frinnstyou could do that Necrosporus :-)15:29
NecrosporusMy laptop is 8 yrs old15:31
Necrosporusalso modern kernels Oops on it15:31
NecrosporusCan I use CRUX 3.2 with old kernel?15:31
NecrosporusI have tried 3.10.17 and it complained that kernel was too old15:32
NecrosporusWhat am I doing wrong?15:32
tilmanwhen you build glibc, you tell it about the minimum version of the kernel to support15:32
tilmancould be that15:32
frinnstis what glibc is built with15:32
tilmanyou have funny requirements/wishes btw15:33
NecrosporusIs there a reason for that?15:33
NecrosporusOr I could go with 2.4?15:33
NecrosporusI did not try it15:33
Necrosporusmaybe it will work faster?15:33
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NecrosporusBtw, can prt-get info package show whenever it's installed and if version differs, show version?15:37
NecrosporusRomster, btw pidgin is 2.10.1215:37
frinnst2.4 was a horrible "desktop kernel"15:37
Necrosporuscan you bump version?15:37
Necrosporusfrinnst, why?15:38
NecrosporusI guess, I heard it was maintained even still15:38
frinnstnot by the kernel people. oldest is 2.6.3215:38
NecrosporusMaybe it makes sense to install 2.6.32?15:41
NecrosporusIt should work fine with my hw15:41
NecrosporusOldest kernel I used with this laptop was 2.6.24 I guess, it was OK15:42
NecrosporusIs it OK to copy kernel binary and modules from install DVD instead of compiling it?15:51
jaegeryes, if you also use the initramfs15:57
jaegerkeep in mind that the install media kernel is not full-featured15:57
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Necrosporusjaeger, no compiled-in ext4 support?16:02
*** heroux has joined #crux16:02
Necrosporusby the way, what is supposed way to install crux on lvm?16:03
NecrosporusThere is no mkinitcpio or anything in install media16:03
NecrosporusIs user supposed to unpack install media's initrd add stuff to mount lvm and pack back?16:03
jaegerYou could do that, or make one with dracut or mkinitramfs or some other third-party tool16:16
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nebghello everyone... i have doubts about partitioning... i want to have a separate home partition... how can i do that... i mean what will change in the installation process ?17:17
nebgsorry cancel that... my question is... can i share the home partition between multiple distros ?17:18
nebgi want to have both crux and debian installed17:18
john_cephalopodaIt should work.17:19
john_cephalopodaHaving two distros installed at the same time isn't that easy though.17:19
john_cephalopodaYou'll need two seperate / partitions in every case.17:20
nebgjohn_cephalopoda, that it's ok17:21
john_cephalopodaUsing the same /boot for both _should_ work, as long as you use different names/locations for your kernels.17:21
*** heroux has quit IRC17:21
john_cephalopodaWhy do you want a dualboot with two distros, btw?17:22
groovy2shoesnebg, I use the same home partition for Slackware and CRUX, but I use different usernames on each17:22
nebggroovy2shoes, ok do you have any problems ?17:24
john_cephalopodaYou can make a user in every distro and use /home/username as the home directory for both.17:24
nebgwhich are the problems one run when using the same account name17:24
john_cephalopodaHmm, on the other hand two accounts with one home dir could be a bit problematic.17:25
*** heroux has joined #crux17:26
nebgjohn_cephalopoda, but sharing instead for example the /var or the swap partition is ok ?17:27
groovy2shoesnebg, the only problem you might run into sharing swap is if you use hibernate17:28
tilmanfuck no17:28
groovy2shoesnebg, you don't need just the same account *name*, but the same *UID* if you're going to try to share a home directory... you might run into issues where different versions of software have different configs17:29
NecrosporusBut you can use hardlinks probably17:31
NecrosporusUse same uid, different user names and make your directories hard/soft links17:32
nebgok thank groovy2shoes17:32
NecrosporusI mean, directories with your files17:32
NecrosporusLike Video, Music, Downloads and stuff17:32
nebgthanks Necrosporus17:32
groovy2shoeswell, you can't hard link directories17:38
groovy2shoesyou'll have to use a bind mount if you're going to try that17:38
nebgwhat do you use to manage programs installations ?17:39
nebgi mean.. is there something that helps me visualize installed programs...17:39
groovy2shoespkgtools and ports17:39
nebgthe compiled one17:39
nebggroovy2shoes, ok if i  compile a program from a source i find online does pkgtoools know about that...17:40
nebgor how does it work ?17:40
nwegood evening guys, how are you ?17:50
*** maldoror has joined #crux17:51
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*** maldoror has joined #crux17:59
nebgfine nwe thanks18:01
nebgwhat about you ?18:01
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ryu0is this for real?18:10
ryu0i'm not sure if i have implemented it correctly, but it appears as if new revdep takes less than a second...18:11
ryu0further research needed.18:11
*** heroux has quit IRC18:12
frinnstjust accessing all files should take longer than that :)18:14
ryu0yea... hm18:15
ryu0well only one way to find out. time to make a real missing lib18:15
tilmantry libc18:16
*** heroux has joined #crux18:16
tilmanit should be the ultimate test18:16
ryu0OFC. i forgot something so stupid.18:20
ryu0i need to prepend a '/' when reading the db paths.18:21
tilmansounds like lack of error handling ;p18:24
ryu0ACTION coughs.18:24
tilmanin that case, use strace next time18:25
ryu0huh. still pretty fast.18:28
ryu0seems to be working now...18:28
ryu0comparing to rewrite #1...18:29
ryu05.5s vs 0.6s18:29
*** dougl has joined #crux18:32
*** maldoror has quit IRC18:34
ryu0i guess fork + exec overhead still added a fair amount.18:34
*** heroux has quit IRC18:54
*** heroux has joined #crux18:56
*** dougl has quit IRC19:02
*** tilman has joined #crux19:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 38.6.019:33
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nebghello everyone... i'm new to crux... i used various linux distros... (mainly debian and some gentoo)19:41
nebgnow i'm starting to use crux and i'm fine with it... the only problem is that... i still have some difficulties when i have to compile programs...19:41
nebgcan somebody give me some hint...19:42
nebgsometimes i see problems related to missing .o files... but i still don't know to which dependency it relates to...19:42
nebghow do you do that ?19:42
*** blueness has quit IRC19:42
*** blueness has joined #crux19:43
nebgadditional doubt... i didn't make a /boot partition... i only made a / partition... but when i execute grub-install /dev/sda it complains about a missing /boot partition... why ?19:45
nebgmy disk is legacy BIOS with GPT partitioning19:45
ryu0nebg: it errors out?19:46
nebgryu0, yeah19:47
ryu0it's probably complaining about a missing GPT 'bios boot' partition.19:47
nebgThis GPT partition label contains no BIOS Boot Partition...19:47
ryu0on GPT, grub2 has nowhere to embed itself for bios mode.19:47
nebgohh ok19:47
ryu0if it was a plain MBR, it would just embed itself after the disk label.19:47
nebgcan i add it at the end... or it should be at the beginning ? i have to redo everything i think19:47
ryu0do you have space?19:48
ryu0it needs 1-2 MiB reserved space.19:48
nebgryu0, i have space19:48
nebgbut i fear it has to be the first partition... or not ?19:49
ryu0what hardware are you using? some BIOSes have a bug with booting from a GPT label in BIOS mode.19:49
ryu0that's where i've always put it but it probably doesn't matter which.19:49
ryu0lenovo and HP are known for this.19:50
ryu0you have to mark the fake MBR partition bootable to get them to even boot it.19:50
*** blueness has quit IRC19:50
*** blueness has joined #crux19:51
*** heroux has joined #crux19:51
nebgryu0, so on hp and lenovo how do i make a gpt partitioning scheme with a BIOS coonfig ?19:51
ryu0you make the label and then when done, you mark the fake mbr partition bootable.19:52
ryu0that's all.19:52
ryu0you'll have to do something weird with modern fdisk though.19:52
*** ivs has quit IRC19:52
ryu0i forget how i got it to work19:52
ryu0i think i used sfdisk19:53
nebgryu0, i don't understand what do you mean by fake mbr partition19:53
nebgisn't it the "Bios Boot" partition i have to do now ?19:53
ryu0nebg: -sigh- GPT disks make a fake MBR disk label in addition to their own.19:53
ryu0it's for compatibility so stupid tools created before GPT don't destroy their disk labels.19:54
nebgohh ok now i know what you are talking about...19:54
ryu0you have to mark the one partition in that fake part as bootable for some BIOSes to even attempt booting the disk.19:54
ryu0my laptop is like that.19:55
nebgso with most HP and lenovo (BIOS) in order to have the GPT partitioning scheme... i should make the 1MB partition of type "bios_boot" and another of type "MBR partitioning scheme" ?19:55
ryu0not quite.19:55
nebgryu0, ok so explain me please19:55
nebgi mean correct me19:55
ryu0you're using fdisk?19:55
ryu0or what as your partitioner?19:56
*** dougl has joined #crux19:56
ryu0using fdisk, allocate your normal GPT stuff.19:57
ryu0bios boot + your others.19:57
ryu0after that is done, you then need to use sfdisk to interpret the disk label as DOS and forcefully do some manual editting with it. sec.19:58
ryu0let me look it up.19:58
ryu0i haven't done it in awhile.19:58
nebgok thanks19:58
nebgi have the grub command line indeed now...20:00
ryu0well, if you need to enable it, here it is:20:02
ryu0but you boot, then you don't.20:02
*** heroux has quit IRC20:02
ryu0sfdisk -X dos -A20:02
ryu0sfdisk -X dos -A $DEVICE 120:02
ryu0that should do it, provided you modify it for the device.20:02
ryu0makes me think this should be put in the manual.20:04
*** heroux has joined #crux20:10
nebgryu0, can you explain me in which cases i have an initial ram disk, and in which cases i have not...20:11
nebgbecause in my boot directory i see no initrd.img20:11
nebgand i was wondering what's usefol for... and who has it...20:11
nebgdo you know something about that ?20:11
ryu0nebg: crux doesn't provide initrds out of the box.20:14
ryu0nebg: they're only needed for scenarios where the kernel is unable to boot on its own.20:14
nebgryu0, i know that... but  ican't imagine these scenarios...20:17
nebgcan you make me an example ?20:17
ryu0nebg: typically it's where you employ mdadm, lvm, luks, or such technologies.20:18
ryu0there's many more possibilities i'm not aware of.20:18
ryu0a basic partition with just a filesystem isn't going to have issues.20:18
*** TheCephalopod has joined #crux20:18
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC20:19
nebgso i cannot have lvm or encrypted disk on crux ?20:19
ryu0I never said that, but it requires an initrd.20:20
nebgokvso how can i do that ?20:20
ryu0honestly, i don't know how to get it working on crux. i've never done it on crux.20:22
ryu0why? what are you wanting to do?20:22
ryu0 ?20:24
john_cephalopodaI found out that the thing I was experiencing is really something in our qt package. All that symlinking seems very dangerous.20:25
john_cephalopodaAnd fixing that stupid package will take 100s of hours of work. Because qt compiles for 90 hours every time...20:25
ryu0john_cephalopoda: what's your compiling hardware like?20:27
ryu0taking days to compile seems excessive.20:28
john_cephalopodaIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz20:28
john_cephalopodaIt doesn't take so long, but it is REALLY slow.20:28
john_cephalopodaOver one hour, at least.20:28
ryu0then why do you say it takes 90 hours?20:28
john_cephalopodaI was exaggerating because I am pretty pissed after compiling for over an hour and then it stops because I had a typo somewhere in the Pkgfile.20:29
ryu0tis life as a package maintainer in my experience.20:30
ryu0it sucks on the complex packages.20:30
john_cephalopodaqt5 just takes really long. My hardware is quite good, so it compiles most packages in reasonable time. qt5 is one of the few exceptions.20:31
ryu0john_cephalopoda: i'm working on one final rewrite of revdep. hopefully in the next week i'll be ready for public testing. code is private for now.20:35
ryu0but so far in my tests it appears to be around 10 times faster than my last rewrite...20:35
john_cephalopodaWow, that's awesome :D20:35
ryu0we'll see though.20:35
ryu0i'm taking an approach that completely eliminates fork + exec to find missing libs.20:36
ryu0the first rewrite just reduced it.20:36
ryu0right now i'm finetuning it.20:37
ryu0some packages pop up as red herrings like jdk, because they're binary pkgs.20:37
ryu0they are missing libs, but rebuilding it won't do any good.20:38
ryu0it's just that they aren't installed.20:38
ryu0it would appear.20:38
ryu0guess i'll add a flag to allow ignoring pkgs known to always be wrong.20:39
john_cephalopodaRevdep really takes some time currently.20:39
ryu0lol, but first i'll try fixing some of the issues i've seen.20:39
ryu0john_cephalopoda: is your revdep a shell script?20:39
ryu0that was the version before i rewrote it.20:40
ryu0and it was much slower.20:40
john_cephalopoda/usr/bin/revdep: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (GNU/Linux), statically linked, for GNU/Linux 3.12.0, stripped20:40
ryu0new version is C++, and no using the dynamic linker to find missing libs now20:40
ryu0i'm using libelf and my own logic to find libs.20:41
ryu0good thing they document where it looks for libs.20:41
ryu0see man ld.so20:41
ryu0if ya want to see it.20:41
onoderamy revdep is binary20:50
onoderafor how long has it been like this? is this a recent change?20:50
ryu0onodera: for almost a year now.20:51
ryu0i wrote the first binary, now trying to make it even faster.20:52
ryu0by removing the last major bottleneck i know of.20:52
ryu0or can actually do something about.20:52
onoderaHm I'm gonna port my depls tool to c I think20:55
onoderaspeed that up as well, and learn c at the same time20:56
ryu0onodera: about a year ago i heard Romster complaining about how slow revdep was, so i've been working on trying to make it fast enough to be usable regularly.20:56
onoderaI probably didn't know about revdep a year ago20:57
onoderaI'm not even sure if I used crux a year ago lol20:57
ryu0revdep was a shell script and took like 50x as long.20:57
ryu0shell script sucks performance wise to do anything intensive in.20:57
ryu0onodera: you're testing the index not the array element for starting.21:01
ryu0wrong channel sorry.21:02
onoderanp lol21:05
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*** heroux has joined #crux21:10
*** vlnx has joined #crux21:11
john_cephalopodaYaaaay! Pushing up my power bill by compiling qt5! :þ21:12
*** heroux has quit IRC21:24
*** heroux has joined #crux21:28
*** hhhhhhhh has joined #crux21:35
john_cephalopodaI hate qt5.21:51
ryu0Introducing new green power, power by the hatred of all things QT5.21:52
*** gb00s has quit IRC22:00
onoderajohn_cephalopoda: use gtk :^)22:12
john_cephalopodaonodera: I want to use krita! It only has qt5 :<22:13
john_cephalopodaActually, is there _any_ application in the official repos, that uses qt5? Has it ever been tested with anything?22:14
john_cephalopodaThe package seems to be very broken.22:14
jaegerlooks like only cutemaze in contrib22:15
joacimtoo many different toolkits around22:16
joacimi should make my own22:16
*** vlnx has quit IRC22:23
*** vlnx has joined #crux22:26
*** sudobaal has quit IRC22:30
john_cephalopodajoacim: fltk seems nice22:54
*** heroux has quit IRC22:55
*** heroux has joined #crux22:56
ryu0and there's also TK. a favorite of tcl and some other interpreted languages.22:56
ryu0but in general i would prefer to work with gtk or qt, simply for having native looking GUIs.22:56
john_cephalopodagtk can be compiled in no time.22:57
john_cephalopodaqt takes long to compile and is generally horrible to handle.22:57
ryu0john_cephalopoda: probably because it's written in C++. all of those projects tend to take a long time to compile.23:01
john_cephalopodaIt is just insanely huge.23:02
john_cephalopodaYou can do _anything_ with qt.23:02
tired890as in, bigger than libreoffice ?23:02
john_cephalopodaI remember compiling libreoffice... not sure when though.23:02
ryu0it's a kitchen sink library for C++23:02
john_cephalopodaYou can make opengl windows in qt5. You can make rainbow-colored buttons and drawing programs and DAWs.23:03
ryu0boost also comes to mind.23:03
john_cephalopodaboost is kinda okay.23:06
john_cephalopodaboost is pretty much a preview of the next version of C++.23:06
groovy2shoesboost sucks, but it's so convenient23:27
john_cephalopodaYeah, it has some great things that you would usually have to wait 3 years for. Until C++(currentyear+3) comes out23:29
groovy2shoesI mostly use it for unordered_map and unordered_set at work23:32
groovy2shoesI don't touch C++ when I'm not on the job ;)23:32
groovy2shoesthe thing that sucks is having to bring in all of boost for those two classes23:32
john_cephalopodaSure. But C++17 will probably have it builtin :D23:35
groovy2shoesI still don't even get to use C++11 at work :/23:48
groovy2shoesand I think C++11 actually does have those two things already23:48
*** heroux has quit IRC23:52
*** heroux has joined #crux23:57
Wildefyranyone an expert with alsa23:57
WildefyrI got an analog mic I wanna get working23:57
Wildefyrbut no idea where to really start with it23:58

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