IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2016-02-14

ryu0Wildefyr: first, how many alsa devices you got?00:01
WildefyrI got front headphones, front mic, rear headphones, rear mic, and a line in00:02
Wildefyrhere's what /proc/asound/cards shows
ryu0Wildefyr: aplay -L00:03
ryu0ah, only one.00:03
Wildefyrdon't think it's even detecting the mic00:04
ryu0well, you need to unmute and turn it up.00:04
ryu0sometimes it takes some tweaking.00:04
ryu0also be sure its in the right port.00:04
Wildefyrlet me check00:04
ryu0does your machine have one of the those combo ports?00:05
ryu0headphones + mic.00:05
ryu0then, after checking all that crap, try seeing if arecord can pick up anything.00:05
ryu0you may need to specify the device manually.00:05
Wildefyrhuh it was plugged in the wrong port after all00:06
Wildefyrstill not showing up in aplay though00:06
ryu0arecord .00:06
ryu0Wildefyr: arecord | aplay00:07
ryu0should allow you to hear an echo if mic is working.00:07
WildefyrI'm just getting static00:08
Wildefyrguess that's what it's supposed to be00:08
WildefyrI need to specify the device right?00:09
ryu0Wildefyr: probably.00:10
Wildefyrthose are the only two devices it's picking up00:10
ryu0Wildefyr: arecord -L?00:11
Wildefyrno arecord -l00:12
ryu0capital L00:12
Wildefyr-L is just the same as what I posted up there00:12
john_cephalopoda-l and -L are different.00:12
ryu0Wildefyr: arecord -D hw:0,0 -f cd | aplay00:15
ryu0try this, then:00:15
ryu0arecord -D hw:0,2 -f cd | aplay00:15
Wildefyrryu0, just done that, all I'm getting is static00:16
ryu0from both?00:16
ryu0all i can to say is poke around in alsamixer then...00:16
Wildefyrwell it's clearly not picking up the mic :/00:17
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ryu0Wildefyr: try muting it. i would think it would read silence if working properly then.00:17
ryu0Wildefyr: was thinking it could be a conflict with HDMI but no signs you have that.00:19
ryu0on some machines HDMI ends up being the default.00:19
Wildefyrwell I don't think that is problem00:19
WildefyrI can still play sound :)00:19
ryu0desktop? laptop?00:20
ryu0what port are you using?00:20
ryu0backpanel? front panel?00:20
Wildefyrit's clearly just not picking up the mic00:25
ryu0perhaps a hardware or software issue.00:25
Wildefyrah wait!00:25
WildefyrI can hear it through my headset00:25
ryu0"That's when wildefyr forgot to turn on the mic..."00:26
Wildefyrbut I'm not using arecord | aplay00:26
ryu0arecord normally writes recorded audio to stdout or w/e00:26
Wildefyrwell it's just sending it audio out in the capture tab of alsamixer00:28
Wildefyrif I unmute frontmic (where I placed it in) I can hear myself00:28
Wildefyrbut it doesn't show up as a separate device or anything :/00:29
ryu0OH, now i remember something.00:30
ryu0Wildefyr: run alsamixer, hit f4. see what the capture tab reveals.00:30
Wildefyrwell I've tried messing around in there as well00:32
Wildefyrah progess!00:34
Wildefyrit's showing up as the default now00:34
WildefyrI just recorded from it00:34
tired890nice fonts00:34
tired890.mine looks quite different00:35
Wildefyrand working in ts3!00:39
Wildefyrthanks for the help ryu000:39
Wildefyrgot me pointed in the right direction00:39
ryu0what did i do?00:39
Wildefyrholy shit ts is unstable00:39
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retardwhat is ts/ts303:04
jaegerteamspeak, I imagine03:06
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jaegerwow, the opt/qt5 Pkgfile is a headscratcher indeed04:52
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brian|lfshey jaeger05:24
brian|lfswhat issue you having with qt505:24
brian|lfsit compiled and installed for me05:24
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jaegerIt compiled and installed for me, too. It just seems rather strange to me06:02
jaegerAnd I have the feeling it would lead to having to do a lot of work pointing builds to its files, though I've not tested it yet06:03
brian|lfskiond of seems that way over here06:05
brian|lfsfrom looking at archlinux it conflicts with qt406:05
brian|lfsso I think we may have to dump qt406:05
brian|lfstry recompilg cmake with qt5 installed it dont' work06:06
jaegerI assume that avoiding qt4 conflicts is why the qt5 Pkgfile is so weird06:07
brian|lfsya that would make sense06:08
brian|lfsI guess we shall find out how bad it is when I try to build plasma06:08
brian|lfsany clue what the difference is between tk and tcl06:10
brian|lfsthey use the same soruce code tcl06:11
brian|lfswow see I got a lot of deps to write for gst-plugins-good to make it 32 bit06:21
Romsterit should just work as long as you used qmake-qt5 and not qmake06:34
brian|lfsah ok cool haven't gotten to messing with it yet06:36
brian|lfsworking on gst-plugins-good making it 32 bit ton of deps lol06:36
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jaegertcl is a language, tk a toolkit07:01
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brian|lfsintersting come in the same sourcecode and the prots look similar07:20
brian|lfslibdv is giving me a headache07:20
brian|lfsjsut throwing a ton of crap at me if I try to compile it 32 bit07:21
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brian|lfswow I hosed kde or something07:46
brian|lfsor my whole systelm07:46
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ryu0brian|lfs: lesson learned. don't use the garden hose near electronics. :P08:58
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: gnutls-32: 3.4.0 -> 3.4.908:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libcap-32: 2.24 -> 2.2508:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: libpng-32: 1.6.20 -> 1.6.2108:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: mpg123-32: 1.22.4 -> 1.23.008:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nettle-32: 3.1.1 -> 3.208:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: sqlite3-32: 3.10.0 -> 3.10.208:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: talloc-32: 2.1.4 -> 2.1.508:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: xorg-libpixman-32: 0.32.8 -> 0.34.008:59
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: qt4-32: 4.8.6 -> 4.8.709:04
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brian|lfslol ryu009:14
brian|lfstrying to build 32 bit packages I broke something badly09:14
brian|lfswell I did some resarch Romster09:15
brian|lfslooks like I may just need gst-plugins-godo for 32 bit which is a ton of deps alone09:15
brian|lfsand it was driving me nuts then I went to go log into kde and realzied I somehow hosed everything good09:16
brian|lfsI"ll probably just make a backup of all my packages and reinstall probably quickest fix09:16
Romsterjust reinstall all your kde packages again?09:16
brian|lfsor that09:16
Romsterit's pretty easy to fix crux09:17
brian|lfserror I'm getting is a tempt fodler is full09:17
brian|lfstemp fodler and I looked there not full09:17
Romsterdo yo have shm in fstab? not sure if that is what it's looking for.09:17
brian|lfsyes I have shm09:17
Romsteronly thing i've seen do that and revdep says everything is ok?09:18
Romsterie no broken packages reported09:18
brian|lfsI"ll definately need assistance with gst-plugins at some point romster was trying to do it myself to take stress off of you09:18
brian|lfsoh crap need to run revdep09:18
brian|lfsthats true how do I run revcep09:18
Romsteri just started to fix up some out of date stuff ^09:18
brian|lfsI noticed09:18
Romsterjust sudo revdep09:18
brian|lfsok at least I can ssh in still09:19
Romsteralso that fix in qt4-32 for -fexceptions should fix skype09:19
Romsteri'm gonna make a coffee brb09:19
brian|lfswhat package revdep come with09:19
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brian|lfshello hhhhhhhh09:25
ryu0let's just call it the H.09:26
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC09:26
ryu0Romster: did you look at revdep yet?09:26
Romsternot yet09:27
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux09:27
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep09:28
brian|lfsI found it and installed it09:28
brian|lfsit scanend and didn't find any problems09:28
ryu0Romster: what is wrong with the existing revdep's output formatting?09:28
brian|lfsI must be missing soemthign imporant09:28
brian|lfsbecuase I noticed none of the prots I made have .footprint in them09:28
brian|lfshow do I make the .footprint09:28
Romsterpkgmk -uf09:29
ryu0i thought that was generated by pkgmk?09:29
brian|lfsahh ok09:29
Romsterthey should make a footprint when you first run pkgmk if it does not exist already09:29
ryu0even though i haven't used crux in forever.09:29
brian|lfswell either way revdep didn't find any issue09:29
ryu0i'm working on a 2nd rewrite of it.09:30
brian|lfsI'm thinking tcl-32 borked stuff09:30
ryu0possibly. some crap naively assumes /lib for installs.09:30
Romstershouldn't unless you clobbered files and used pkgadd with force09:30
brian|lfsdidn't use force09:30
brian|lfsI gave up on building gst-plugins-good a few hours ago when ligdv kept throwing me fits09:31
ryu0brian|lfs: got a log?09:32
Romstergst-plugins-good or gst-plugins-good-3209:32
brian|lfsit didn't like me building it as 32 bit libdv09:32
brian|lfswhich would need gst-plugins-base09:32
ryu0even so, why do you need 32 bit?09:33
ryu0ACTION boggles.09:33
*** onodera has joined #crux09:33
Romstersome of the packages need a little extra work to get working in mulitlib 32bit.09:33
brian|lfsI can post a log for libdv-3209:33
Romstersome game brian|lfs wants to run.09:33
brian|lfswhich is second lfie09:34
Romsterbrian|lfs, it be easier if you porta  ports page up somewhere i can ports -u from either rsync or httpup09:34
brian|lfsagree I need to work on getting a prots site up09:34
Romsterthen i can overlay that in a docker container and poke around with it09:34
ryu0Romster: if you want me to change how revdep reports stuff, then give me some ideas about that some time. i can make it report what you want probably.09:36
brian|lfsbrian|lfs> wow09:37
brian|lfs<brian|lfs> every time I switch inputs bye bye X09:37
brian|lfs<brian|lfs> dam intel card09:37
brian|lfsya intel card is buggy on skylake09:38
ryu0sounds like it's making waves in the skylake :P09:38
brian|lfsI tried the -fexceptions on qt4-32 before romster it didn't work lol09:40
ryu0Well, no shit why. it's trying to use 64 bit asm when you're compiling for 32 bit.09:40
Romsteri am about to murder skype then09:40
brian|lfsyes I know but how would I get around that09:41
brian|lfstrying to save you the trouble man I told you I went througha ll of that the other day09:41
Romsterit can stay broken until micorosft fix it09:41
brian|lfsTehre not going to fix it09:41
ryu0brian|lfs: ^ you using something like this?09:41
ryu0ah, try setting --build.09:42
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC09:42
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux09:43
brian|lfsah finally crashed lol09:43
ryu0ah, try setting --build.09:43
brian|lfsI saw the link before I crashed I must of missed the exprots earleir09:43
ryu0brian|lfs: and for future reference, packages that use inline ASM need special care.09:44
ryu0it's not like C which can be recompiled for $FOO arch at random, usually.09:44
*** onodera has quit IRC09:44
ryu0you need to tell it that it's really building for i686.09:45
ryu0it appears to assume 64 bit mode and break when trying to assemble it.09:45
Romsterthere is a host command for setting the defines for ASM and if one does not exist for that arch then it'll fall back to C/C++ functions of that.09:45
ryu0or such?09:45
Romstersomeof the compat-32 ports set it.09:45
ryu0yea, you probably should always do that...09:46
ryu0for autotools pkgs09:46
brian|lfsforgot what I was going to ask09:46
brian|lfsbut I get what your saying09:46
ryu0i was a frugalware packager for 8 years. i've seen most of the packaging glitches.09:47
ryu0packages employing ASM are annoying, but they do it for a reason usually.09:47
Romsterbut they usually have a fall back if the ASM is not suitable.09:48
brian|lfsyay worked09:48
Romsternot as fast but still works09:48
brian|lfsI was going to ask if I need to use the patches curx uses I used them still and it worked fine09:48
ryu0without knowing why it was added, it's best to just leave it.09:50
ryu0you may be introducing a bug that was fixed by it again.09:50
ryu0one exception may be if it no longer applies, in which case it may mean it was merged by upstream.09:51
brian|lfsI left them to be safe09:52
brian|lfsI would of saw my mistake earlier in the packagefiel but guess I was tired from so many deps wigging me out09:53
brian|lfsI've been suing the arch packages as reference09:53
Romsteri do that and gentoo and other distros where needed.09:53
brian|lfsI removed TCL-32 it wasn't what borked my system09:53
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: gnutls-32: fix footprint10:02
brian|lfsI definately will shop for webspace latter today Romster10:03
*** onodera has joined #crux10:06
Romsteror use github10:07
*** blueness has quit IRC10:08
brian|lfsugh lots of deps for libsoup10:11
*** onodera has quit IRC10:12
brian|lfsso your going to leave skype broken not use clang and clang++?10:13
*** xeirrr has joined #crux10:14
Romsteri'll look into it more, i have a feeling qt does not use CXXFLAGS for all it's sub-modules10:15
Romsterso i think it's not a fault of gc but qt not appling the flag where needed on qtwebkit.10:15
Romsterif you look at the compile output of qt4-32 i see parts that don't have the same flags10:15
brian|lfswell I post the bandaid along with my other ports on the web at somepoint10:16
Romsteri just need to find where this is and fix that.10:16
brian|lfsI have a feeling on qt5 like I said befoe we probably need to drop qt410:16
brian|lfsbut we shall see what happens when I start compiling plasma10:17
brian|lfsand if qt5 breaks other stuff or not10:17
brian|lfsclearly if you try to recompile cmake it dont' like qt5 at all10:17
brian|lfsdon't recall what I was trying tod o but I attmpted to recomple cmake it was not a happy camper10:18
brian|lfsit said it couldn't find lzma.so10:18
brian|lfsthen when I looked more closey cmake was trying to use qt510:19
ryu0brian|lfs: frankly skype can go die in a fire. their upstream has been hostile towards basics like providing a 64 bit version.10:19
Romsteryeah but skype uses qt4 and so does kde410:19
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC10:19
ryu0brian|lfs: ironically flash plugin at least supported 64 bit before being dropped as supported on Linux.10:20
ryu0go figure.10:20
brian|lfswell we would keep the qt4-3210:20
Romsterqt4-32 depends on qt410:20
brian|lfsouch didn't realize that10:20
Romsteras it is qt4 and qt5 can co-exist10:20
brian|lfswhen I look on arch it has qt4 and qt5 as conflict10:21
Romsterthis is why i did the package that way. it's the same way as qt3 and qt4 co-existed.10:21
Romsteryeah but i have avoided the conflicts.10:21
brian|lfsand obvisouly qt4-32 still installs10:21
brian|lfsI"m hopeing you did Romster but I thin ktime will tell one way or another10:22
brian|lfsas pakcages update to newer versions10:22
Romsterwe haven't even moved to python3.4 yet10:22
Romsterbut a lot of stuff still uses 2.710:23
brian|lfsvery true10:23
brian|lfsshould I be concerned about cmake or is it a minor thing that it won't comp[ile against qt510:23
*** Necrosporus has quit IRC10:25
Romsteruh cmake what? does it pick up on qt5?10:25
Romsteri have not seen this.10:25
brian|lfsI don't recall what I was trying to do but I tried compiling cmake and it couldn't find then I loked up and saw that it was trying to use qt510:26
Romster../../../wine-1.9.3/dlls/advapi32/crypt_md4.c:134:1: internal compiler error: in choose_baseaddr, at config/i386/i386.c:1041210:26
Romsteruh oh never had that before10:26
ryu0runtime error?10:26
Romstercompile time10:26
ryu0ICE are usually GCC bugs.10:26
ryu0tend to be rare in production code.10:27
ryu0you're using 5.3?10:27
brian|lfsICE is terrorists10:27
brian|lfsI"m using the qt5 prot whatever version it is10:27
Romsterhmm dunno if this is the patches for glibc CVEs or something more sinister10:30
brian|lfsI'm going to get some sleep all10:32
brian|lfsI'm going to use ryu0 susgestions and use the exprots on the gst deps craps10:33
ryu0brian|lfs: well you definitely need to ensure it knows that it is building for multilib.10:33
ryu0brian|lfs: this is an unusual scenario, package wise. most build for native, not compatibility.10:34
*** Necrosporus has joined #crux10:36
brian|lfswould readline compiled as 32 bit bork my system?10:38
brian|lfsobviously I still have it as 64 bit10:38
ryu0sure, if you did something stupid like install it to the wrong place.10:38
Romsteronly 32bit code would use readline-3210:38
ryu0but unlikely.10:38
brian|lfsthats what I figured10:40
ryu0that's one reason ports shouldn't be built as root :P10:41
ryu0make install can wreak havok.10:41
brian|lfsgood reason10:41
Romsterthat is why fakeroot exists10:41
brian|lfsreadline is a compat-32 package so it woudln't have caused me issues10:42
brian|lfsI was looking in my lib folders for a scrwy sym link but none to be found10:42
brian|lfsso a lib must of of got written over somewhere to break kde10:43
Romsterchecks for files not tracked in pkgadd's database10:43
Romsterjsut reinstall kde over the top of itself.... if yo got the built packages still even quicker.10:44
Romsterwine 1.9.2 seems to compile but not 1.9.310:44
brian|lfsvery true I have them all10:44
brian|lfsI'll try it for  you10:45
Romsteri call that the "blanket approach" or aka overkill but it wont cause harm and fixes anything missing or corupt.10:45
Romstervery concerning if gcc really has a bug10:47
brian|lfsso if I do a prt-get depinst kde-meta or whatever its called with -f will it reinstall all10:49
brian|lfsor wil it just reinstall the top package10:49
Romsterprt-get update `prt-get quickdep  kde-meta`10:51
Romsterprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep kde-meta`10:51
Romsterif you think your packages are also broken.10:51
Romsterelse omit the -fr10:51
*** Necrosporus has quit IRC10:55
brian|lfswow did the top comand and its recomping everythign so far anyhow10:57
brian|lfsstrange I didn't delete any of my packages10:57
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*** Lukc has joined #crux11:09
Romsterthey may be out of date then.11:22
Romsterif the Pkgfile is newer than the built package it'll force a recompile or if the package itself is missing11:22
brian|lfswell my system will be very dam optomized lol11:23
Romsterif you recompile a lot i recommend ccache11:24
Romsterthere si a wiki page on for it11:24
brian|lfswien 1.9.3 failed for me by the way11:26
Romsteryeah i know it did for me too.11:27
Romstersays a gcc bug11:27
Romster1.9.2 just built though11:27
brian|lfshave to wonder what they built it with when they built it the wien devs11:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.1 -> 1.9.211:31
*** blueness has joined #crux11:41
ryu0Huh. new revdep prototype...11:48
*** hhhhhhhh has quit IRC11:51
*** xeirrr has quit IRC11:54
ryu0seems my rewritten revdep v2 has about a 78% time reduction from the old one so far...11:55
ryu0though it varies with the hardware.11:55
ryu0SSD hardware sees a more significant difference.11:55
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nebghello everyone... i'm compiling the kernel.. .but can't understand how to include my amd graphics drivers...13:37
nebgi built it as modular...13:37
nebgsince on gentoo i used to do like that...13:37
nebgany idea ?13:38
ryu0nebg: they should be autoloaded by udev.13:44
ryu0so you enabled them in your configure file/13:44
ryu0after building it you need to run make modules_install13:44
frinnstyou probably need some firmware too13:46
ryu0that too.13:46
frinnstinstall contrib/linux-firmware13:46
ryu0revdep mk 3 is nearly finished that i can tell... assuming the more elaborate field testing pans out13:55
ryu0anyone know when jue is here?13:55
nebgif i have multiple kernels should i have different files right ?13:56
nebgbut how does a kernel know which is its own file ?13:57
ryu0i don't see why.13:57
ryu0but who knows.13:57
*** maldoror has joined #crux14:03
ryu0ah, so that's why firefox barfs. it uses a hack to launch itself.14:13
*** heroux has quit IRC14:29
*** heroux has joined #crux14:35
frinnstryu0: does the rewrite depend on any new libraries?14:47
*** heroux has quit IRC14:48
*** heroux has joined #crux14:54
*** maldoror has quit IRC14:58
*** maldoror has joined #crux14:58
ryu0frinnst: only if you count libstdc++.15:02
ryu0it only explicitly needs libelf, which the previous rewrite did.15:02
*** heroux has quit IRC15:18
*** heroux has joined #crux15:22
ryu0frinnst: trying to decide how best to handle corner cases like jdk and firefox.15:24
*** maldoror has quit IRC15:25
*** maldoror has joined #crux15:25
ryu0firefox fails revdep because it manually sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH when you run its script...15:25
ryu0something ldd can't know about anyway.15:25
*** Necrosporus has joined #crux15:32
*** Necrosporus has left #crux ("Leaving")15:38
*** maldoror has quit IRC15:39
frinnstyeah, I dont think we should try to woraround crap like that15:39
*** maldoror has joined #crux15:39
ryu0frinnst: i did have an idea, adding port specific search directories... but that's a workaround like you said.15:41
ryu0mainly a fixup to at least not report about missing libs that are just in a non-standard dir.15:43
*** heroux has quit IRC15:43
ryu0either that, or mark them permanently ignored :P15:44
*** maldoror has quit IRC15:44
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nebgwhen i compile programs i mostly get errors which in most of the cases are dependency problems... but most of the time  i don't know which package to install... for example if while compiling it tells me it failed for a file called "myFile.o" how can i know which is the package owning that needed file ?17:58
jaegertry prt-get fsearch18:01
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nebgi just installed crux... and my /usr/ports directory is empty... what should i do ?19:28
*** heroux has joined #crux19:28
jaegertake a look at 'man ports' and try 'ports -u'19:28
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brian|lfsYour url for pixman is forbidden Romster20:56
joacimis it a porn or drug site?20:56
brian|lfsnot sure lol20:56
tilmangive url20:57
joacimofc. tilman awoke as soon as someone mentioned porn and drugs20:57
tilmanthis site may be relevant to my interests20:57
brian|lfsok will check the port20:58
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brian|lfsyou try the link tilman21:13
tilmanno, doesn't look like drugs to me21:13
tilman(403, yes)21:13
brian|lfswhy would freedestkop give 40321:14
tilmanwith the help of google you should be able to find an alternative source21:14
ryu0brian|lfs: ^21:15
tilmanyou did it!21:17
brian|lfswell romster updated the port we can blame him21:18
brian|lfswho knows maybe it worked for him21:19
ryu0modern lossy audio codecs are impressive.21:20
ryu0opus. less file size for same or better quality than mp3 it seems like.21:20
brian|lfsnever heard of them so whats the extention21:22
brian|lfsmight of been better for me to ssh my ports to another machine21:24
brian|lfsthen a flash drive21:24
brian|lfsoh just finished21:25
ryu0brian|lfs: what is your background anyway?21:25
brian|lfsI work for the IRS in deskside21:27
brian|lfsand have used lots of linux distros including LFS21:27
brian|lfsand am MCSE certificed lol21:27
ryu0"certified" :P21:27
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brian|lfsbut ya backing up my crux becuase something broke everythign good21:28
brian|lfstried rebuilding all of KDE last night it failed badly21:28
brian|lfsI'm guessing QT5 may be to blame not sure21:28
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brian|lfsanyone fix nano on the crux iso?21:33
*** heroux has joined #crux21:35
jaegernot yet21:37
jaegerIt should work inside the chroot21:38
brian|lfswell of course it does21:38
brian|lfswonder what happened to that french guy21:39
brian|lfsthat kept asking a milion questions21:39
*** dougl has joined #crux21:40
brian|lfsever time I would come back to my computer I wa always have a private message from him saying hello21:40
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