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tired890root       ...   Feb15   0:00 /sbin/dhcpcd -t 10 -4 -h wlp10s005:14
tired890dhcpd is running on wireless interface only05:15
tired890when I plug a router to the wired interface it gets a lease and I go offline (coz only wifi is online)05:15
tired890how can I prevent this?05:15
tired890/etc/rc.d/net is stopped05:15
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frinnsttired890: so what do you run on your wired interface? if dhcpcd only runs on the wireless..08:14
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frinnstanyways, dhcpcd -G doesn't set a route08:15
frinnst   -G, --nogateway08:15
frinnst             Don't set any default routes.08:15
john_cephalopodaMy system boots too fast D:08:15
john_cephalopodaI have to make an rc script that does sleep(30) or something.08:16
john_cephalopodaWhen I wake up, I want to sit in front of my computer, turn it on and sleep another 30 seconds. In those 10 seconds I simply can't wake up! :D08:17
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tired890frinnst, I set manually (ie with ifconfig)08:37
tired890I had to delete routes manually coz dhcpd hijacks them.. ie ip route del default via ...08:37
frinnstand do you set a default route on that interface?08:37
frinnstI dont think i understand what you are trying to do08:38
tired890basically, I'm configuring an offline router with a wired connection. Whenever I plug it in my system goes offline. So I disabled net (have wifi script running, which calls dhcpcd on the wlp interface only)..08:39
tired890next, I set ip statically for wired interface08:39
tired890but whenever I plug it in, I get a dhcp lease (I see it in the router)08:39
tired890so dhcpcd is hijacking the interface even though wifi script only specifies the wireless network (and net is disabled)08:40
tired890hence I'm perplexed08:40
tired890erm.. my system goes offline because I can see the route table the wired connection takes priority :/08:41
tired890ip route show <---- shows as default gateway, when the wireless gateway is 10.0.0.x is second..08:41
tired890poof all offline (sure you saw me reconnect many times in past hour)08:41
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frinnsttired890: dont use two default gateways09:40
frinnstyou should only route the desired networks throught the second route - not
tired890I'm not using two.. thats the problem actually. I only wish to have a single default gateway (via wireless if), problem is dhcpcd gets a lease and assigns a new default gateway09:41
tired890the only running instance of dhcpcd is:09:41
frinnstI need more coffee :D09:42
tired890root       323  0.0  0.0  15188  2104 ?        Ss   Feb15   0:00 /sbin/dhcpcd -t 10 -4 -h wlp10s009:42
tired890see it has the wireless if specified09:42
tired890I don't know why it gets a lease on the wired interface as soon as I plug it in09:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: x264: 20141022 -> 148.201601310:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: x265: 1.7 -> 1.910:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: x264: fix version string10:38
frinnstoi, ffmpeg 3.010:43
Romsteryes when i get too it10:44
frinnsthehe dont worry, didnt mean it like that10:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: youtube-dl: 2015.12.05 -> 2016.02.1310:50
Romsterdoes ffmpeg 3 break ABI?10:53
Romsterhey frinnst does firefox use ffmpeg now?10:56
frinnstand seems alsa-utils tries to use ffmpeg too and fails because some header is no longer installed10:56
frinnstRomster: yep!10:56
Romsterso i really do need to cutthe deps down on it and move it to opt?10:56
frinnstdoesnt link against it though, so you can install ffmpeg whenever you want10:56
Romsterah ok10:57
Romsterso really doesn't need to be in opt10:57
frinnstbut Im always in favour of cutting deps to the bare essentials :-)10:57
frinnstbut thats just me10:57
Romsterwithout losing core functionally10:57
frinnstxfreerdp, alsa-utils, audacious-plugins broke when I updated to ffmpeg 3.0 btw10:58
frinnston the stuff I have installed on this system10:58
Romsterthat port will need refactoring to narrow some deps down.10:59
frinnstdoes what I need. But my needs are not very extensive :)11:00
Romsteri do make use of transcoding and encoding so i'd have to see if it doesn't affect that use.11:02
frinnstnotice I dont build any programs with that Pkgfile, so remove that option11:03
Romsteryeah i see that11:03
onoderamost of those deps are needed by video players and such though11:06
onoderait's it really tedious to figure out what deps are needed and recompile11:07
frinnstffmpeg autodetects lots of stuff iirc11:07
Romsteryeah this is why gstreamer ffmpeg and friends are so heavy on dependencies11:07
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Romsteri added sound and spelling dictionary support to pidgin but i seem to get some that disagree with the extra deps.11:08
Romstercan't please everyone11:09
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Romsteri did keep some deps off wine though to make that a bit lighter.11:09
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Romsterheroux, ##fix_your_connection11:10
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onoderaIf I got to choose between the two I think I prefer a more minimal Depends on: line, but with a nice to have: line11:15
ryu0when doesn't ffmpeg break ABI?11:15
Romsteryeah more like h264 h265 encoder support11:15
Romsterevery other day?11:15
onoderaI think it currently depends on some blu ray lib, I think thats something that would be better in Nice to have:11:16
onoderaRomster: can you please compile alsa-plugins with this patch:
Romsterreally not everyone has a optical drive or bluray?11:17
Romsteronodera, ah ok i see now.11:17
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tired890Romster, pidgin, when you get to it ;)11:21
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tired890revdep reports lots stuff after sysup, must be one of the x264 etc11:29
Romsterquite possible11:29
Romsterprt-get update --fr `revdep`11:30
tired890the above will also redo libreoffice, which is a false positive, how do I exclude it ? will --ignore work ?11:30
Romsterman revdep11:30
onoderamaybe $(revdep | grep -v libreoffice)11:31
Romsterrevdep -i libreoffice11:31
Romsterprt-get update --fr `revdep -i libreoffice`11:31
tired890cheers Romster onodera11:32
john_cephalopodaOMG! grep -v! I've been looking for that for AGES!11:34
Romsterman grep11:34
Romsterlike really -_-11:34
Romsterand description11:35
tired890john_cephalopoda, I know that feeling lol11:43
tired890I think I had that experience with less/more when I first discovered it heh11:44
tired890or was it search inside vi ? both I reckon11:44
ryu0appears john_cephalopoda just discovered the wonders of fire. :P12:06
john_cephalopoda*computer in flames* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!12:07
ryu0Fire sale at john_cephalopoda's place.12:08
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onoderatac was for me like that12:25
onodera+ the name is quite funny12:25
john_cephalopoda-rw-r--r--  1 john users 1520680960 Jan 23 05:32 ls12:27
john_cephalopoda1.4 GB!!!12:27
john_cephalopodaWOW... Just WOW.12:27
john_cephalopodaIt seems that it was produced by "yes > ls"12:28
john_cephalopodaIt is literally just a file that says "yes\n" over and over again.12:28
groovy2shoeswhy did you go and do that?12:29
john_cephalopodaI don't know.12:31
john_cephalopodaMaybe I tried "yes | ls" and failed12:31
john_cephalopodayes Documents | ls12:32
john_cephalopodaAww, nothing happens.12:32
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ryu0who needs yes-men when you can just use yes?13:25
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mahmutovanybody knows,these codes can use in current crux13:28
frinnstwow, flashbacks13:30
frinnstprobably, yeah13:30
frinnstbut dont come to uss with it if you run into trouble :)13:30
frinnstdont expect it to handle xz-files13:30
frinnstyou will need to make some modifications: bsd_tar=/usr/libexec/tar <- that wont work13:31
mahmutovok i can make modifications13:32
mahmutovdeveloper that do you know13:32
mahmutovhe is in crux?13:32
frinnst10 years ago, yeah13:32
frinnstnot anymore13:32
mahmutovJan Rinze.13:33
Romsterhan boates iirc13:34
Romsterhe hangs out in BSD13:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: setuptools: 18.6.1 -> 20.1.113:36
mahmutovhas intersting bash codes13:37
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nebghello everyone...14:40
nebgi compiled the kernel, and i included the brcm drivers...14:41
nebgif i do ifconfig -a14:41
nebgnow i can see the interface14:41
nebgbut when i do wpa_supplicant it tells me it failed to load the firmware...14:41
nebgof the brcm card...14:41
nebgany idea on how to solve ?14:41
groovy2shoeshave you installed linux-firmware?14:44
groovy2shoesiirc it's in contrib14:44
nebggroovy2shoes, i don't know... how can i check ? i installed all the packages on the install iso anyway in the installation phase...14:46
nebgso if it was there i have it...14:46
groovy2shoespkginfo -i |grep linux-firmware14:47
groovy2shoesI think14:47
groovy2shoesit's not on the iso, it's in contrib14:48
groovy2shoeswould be nice if it were on the iso, though14:48
nebggroovy2shoes, ok i don't have it...14:52
nebgbut i have no connectivity... on that machine...14:52
nebghow can i get it ?14:52
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pitillonwe: get sources from another machine and move them to the target15:09
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frinnst ANNOUNCE: An open-source Vulkan driver for Intel hardware15:32
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nwepitillo: ?15:54
nwepitillo: i think you mean nebg  :)15:54
nebgpitillo, ok i did it nicely :=16:01
nebgi have another problem i have different grub entries... and i want to change the default boot entry... how can i do that ?16:03
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pitillonwe: my bad, sorry :)16:12
john_cephalopodaHmm, is there any program that would enable me to make phone calls over a mobile modem (LTE/UMTS/GSM)?16:18
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nebghello everyone... can somebody tell me how do i change the default grub2 menu entry ? or generally on how to change the boot order ? i am from a cli environment just installed the OS ...16:34
john_cephalopodanebg: Usually there should be some configuration file in /boot16:46
john_cephalopodanebg: This might be helpful:
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nebgjohn_cephalopoda, the fact is that  i don't have any /etc/default/grub16:59
nebgi even donì't have a directory called /etc/default...16:59
nebgany idea what could be this due to ?16:59
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john_cephalopodanebg: Sorry, I can't help you with that. I'm a syslinux user.17:15
nebgsyslinux ?17:15
nebgohh okok17:16
john_cephalopodaDoesn't have got non-experimental UEFI/GPT support though.17:17
frinnstnebg: /boot/grub/grub.cfg or something like that17:27
nebgfrinnst, that one shouldn't be touched from what i know... i should use /etc/default/grub  by what i know...17:30
groovy2shoesnebg, I've never even heard of /etc/default/grub until this very moment...  I've always edited /boot/grub/grub.cfg which was common practice when I started with Linux over a decade ago and have never heard anything about that changing17:37
nebggroovy2shoes, a decade ago i think there was menu.lst17:38
nebgnot grub 217:38
groovy2shoesnebg, the arch wiki seems to recommend that because they have some script or something to generate the grub.cfg from the /etc/default/grub file, I think17:38
groovy2shoesah yes, I forgot about good ol' menu.lst :D17:38
nebggroovy2shoes, yes... this is what i understood17:38
groovy2shoesnebg, I think you can just reorder the menu entries in grub.cfg ... first one is default17:41
BitPuffintime to update glibc and recompile everything that depends on glibc?17:55
BitPuffinactually, glibc might be dynamically linked to most things anyway17:57
BitPuffinah glibc ain't updated18:01
BitPuffinso uh18:02
BitPuffingoogle announced a CVE and provided a patch instead of working with glibc developers to get the patch into a hotfix official release?18:03
BitPuffinor ah18:05
BitPuffinglibc just released the patch without making a new version18:05
groovy2shoesI think the patch is from a redhat dev18:06
groovy2shoeshad a glance through it earlier18:07
groovy2shoesthere's some chatter on the libc-stable mailing list... maybe they're preparing a backport?18:10
groovy2shoesugh the glibc maintainer is nitpicking on the patch18:18
groovy2shoeswants the guy who submitted the patch to fix spelling mistakes in comments before merging -_-18:18
groovy2shoeshas glibc *ever* had a maintainer who wasn't an asshat?18:18
frinnstnebg: yes it should - on crux18:24
frinnstwe dont use lots of magic like other distros do and regenerate grub.cfg when we update kernels with apt-get or whatever :)18:25
nebgfrinnst, i used grub-mkconfig to generate grub.cfg18:28
nebgisn't this already magic ?18:28
groovy2shoesthat's a grub program, not a crux one18:31
Wildefyrnebg, frinnst means that you have to manually rerun grub-mkconfig if you update your kernel18:38
Wildefyrthere's nothing on crux that will do that for you, unlike other more mainstream distros18:39
nebgWildefyr, i don't have problems running that manually18:44
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frinnstWildefyr: no you dont have to do that18:46
frinnstunless you change the kernel filename18:46
frinnstlots of distros like to rotate various kernels. ubuntu does this - keeps all the old kernels and adds the new one as the preselected default18:47
frinnstand that requires a new grub config18:47
Wildefyryes that's what I meant18:47
nebgfrinnst, so is totally normal to change grub.cfg in crux ?18:59
nebgor i am making it the wrong way ? and should rely on grub scripts and other grub programs ?19:00
frinnstI am - on my crux systems19:00
frinnstI wouldnt touch it on a ubuntu server19:00
frinnsti usually run grub-mkconfig or whatever its called and then clean it up19:01
tired890I told yall vulkan will be a big deal19:01
nebgfrinnst, why not on ubuntu server ?19:05
frinnstbecause ubuntu will use magic to generate a new grub config each time you upgrade your kernel. If you want your changes to remain you'll have to edit /etc/default/grub19:06
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] glibc: added patches for CVE-2015-7547.19:11
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.6721:52
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mahmutov1is there any frontend prt-get23:36
mahmutov1like prt-gtk23:36
mahmutov1but i cant find  prt-gtk23:36
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john_cephalopodaWoah, splits23:37
onoderamahmutov1: crux knowing, probably not23:37
onoderaI don't really see the advantage of a gtk fronten23:37
mahmutov1where can i find source of prt-gtk23:38
korioh hi onodera23:39
korididn't see you23:39
john_cephalopodamahmutov1: I think that this doesn't exist.23:39
koriI thought you were offline since ur not in the org's channel23:39
koriI was gonna ask something23:39
onoderamahmutov1: oh there actually is an prt-gtk lol, sorry23:41
onoderaall links I see on google are death23:42
korithe links are DEATH23:42
mahmutov1yeb dead links23:42
onoderakori: am I really not..23:42
korionodera: you're not!23:43
mahmutov1maybe i think in your local drive exists?23:43
onoderaoh I mispelled it in my irsi config23:43
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john_cephalopodaAll links are dead.23:44
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mahmutov1do you know han boates23:45
john_cephalopodaNever heard that name. What do you need that frontend for, mahmutov1?23:46
mahmutov1for gui23:46
mahmutov1i want to develop it for easily usage23:47
john_cephalopodaHmm, in my opinion, the current system is already quite user-friendly. After all, crux is a distro for advanced users.23:47
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mahmutov1actually i want to make a frontend with like ncurces or other console libraries23:49
mahmutov1not more depencies23:50
onoderathats sound kinda cool23:50
onoderabut sorry I can't help you, all the links I see are dead23:50
mahmutov1it shows installed -must update packages23:50
mahmutov1like that23:50
onoderamaybe some crux old timer still has the source on their disk23:50
teK_mahmutov1: Han has parted ways with CRUX a _long_ time ago23:50
mahmutov1ok i see, anyway i think maybe i can resume this idea from an existing project23:51
mahmutov1for gain time.23:51
teK_maybe youre lucky at www.archive.rg23:51
teK_maybe youre lucky at www.archive.org23:51
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john_cephalopodamahmutov1: You can update packages with "ports --update" and then just do "prt-get diff" to show packages that are not up to date.23:56
mahmutov1i have already know this23:56
mahmutov1but i want some gui things for more see the big picture :)23:57
john_cephalopodancurses isn't too difficult :)23:57
mahmutov1maybe termbox,ncurses or others23:57
mahmutov1i should find a library to develop easily..23:58
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