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Worksteri told you john qmake-qt500:01
Worksterno one listens00:01
brian|lfsno one listens to me either Workster00:02
brian|lfsyou see the email about the qt switcher00:03
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Worksteryeah i see that too. but i dunno if it'll work in the current locations for qt500:04
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rmulljue: You're the mupdf guy - do you know that mupdf-gl has different runtime features than what is currently linked by mupdf, which is mupdf-x11-curl?02:47
rmullOf most importance for me is the 'o' keybinding, which toggles the outline display02:48
rmullThis is documented on the mupdf website but not in the manpage02:48
rmullI guess this is a PSA for other mupdf users too02:49
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john_cephalopoda&join ##Indie-Games08:31
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juermull: didn't know that, thanks for the hint10:29
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frinnstI need this:
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu: update to 1.0.114:10
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.3-p1214:11
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pitilloI want one of those too xD17:57
onoderaHello, it seem that pkgmk automatically gz's man files?17:58
onoderais it possible to disable this function for a single Pkgfile?17:59
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ryu0onodera: why would you want to?18:56
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onoderaryu0: fish shell has these weird man pages19:27
onoderathat mess up when zipped19:27
onoderasee the last 2 replies19:28
tilman"Stop the build system from doing that - it's 344K in uncompressed form."19:30
tilmanis he saying 344k isn't a lot?19:30
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ryu0why should it matter that it is gzipped?19:38
ryu0their code assumes uncompressed, raw, data.19:38
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ryu0sounds like something to contribute.19:40
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Wildefyrwell just another reason to avoid fish19:50
WildefyrI'd sooner use python as my shell19:50
onoderafish is actually really good19:50
onoderathis is the first probelm I've had with it pretty much19:50
onoderatheir devs are really freindly and respond to issues almost immediately19:51
ryu0onodera: i'm going to take a look and see if i can patch it to work with compressed man pages.19:51
onoderaoh that would be really really nice, I don't know enough about what I assume is C to do it myself19:52
ryu0Uh... it appears the command in question is written in fish's own syntax.19:52
onoderaah right19:53
onoderaI'm pretty sure something in this line needs to be modified19:54
ryu0yes, i'm looking to see what you can do to support compressed and uncompressed versions.19:54
ryu0oh, that's right. fish isn't like bourne syntax. let me see...19:55
ryu0okay, that works.19:56
onoderaI script often in fish, just ping me if you have any questions19:57
ryu0i probably won't need much. moment.19:57
ryu0i have an idea. i had a similar problem before i had to 'fix' before.19:57
ryu0onodera: is 'continue' supported?19:59
ryu0break and continue loop control statements19:59
onoderayes it is19:59
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onoderawhile true; do; something; done is while true; something; end in fish20:00
ryu0this should work. right. in bourne, 'done' terminates a loop.20:01
onoderaa for loop is like: for x in in y; do something; end20:01
ryu0switch case supported? hm.20:02
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ryu0can you match an empty string too?20:04
onoderacase ''20:04
onoderawill probably work20:04
onoderaor case '*'20:04
onoderais the dame as default: in c20:05
ryu0onodera: it's not building man pages here. hm.20:09
onoderayou need to have doxygen installed if you are talking about building man pages at compile time20:10
ryu0oh. okay.20:11
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ryu0their git is a bit sloppy. includes a lot of files it shouldn't, like autotools temp files.20:11
ryu0building first w/o my fix...20:15
onoderaI have a Pkgfile if you want to use that20:16
ryu0onodera: can you give an example of where it fails?20:17
onoderaecho --help should print something for example20:18
onoderaaccording to a dev at least20:18
onoderasame for __fish_print_help echo20:18
ryu0i'm getting output and i compressed the manpages post install...20:18
onoderals $__fish_datadir/man/man1 | grep echo20:19
onoderawhat does this print20:19
ryu0fish.1.gz  fish_indent.1.gz20:20
ryu0this is all.20:20
ryu0that i got...20:20
ryu0nvm. i read wrong.20:20
ryu0okay now that i know what to look for, time to try plan the patched version20:21
ryu0onodera: how do you test string equality?20:25
ryu0if test "$foo" = ''20:25
onoderalike that20:26
ryu0now compiling...20:29
ryu0wow, okay so that approach won't work -_-20:31
ryu0still i'm on the right track.20:31
ryu0Variables may not be used as commands.20:31
ryu0apparently i can't use a variable to contain a particular command. boo.20:31
onoderanah use a function20:32
onoderafunction functionnamehere ; do stuff ; end20:33
onoderaor you can use eval $this_should_actually_be_a_function20:34
ryu0are nested functions supported?20:35
onoderaI'm pretty sure they are20:36
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ryu0appears to be working now.20:44
onoderacould you send me the patch, just so I can try it20:47
ryu0sure, was just simplifying some of the logic.20:49
ryu0it's a simple approach. it makes nroff take its input from stdin, which is provided by the appropriate external decompressing program.20:53
onoderayup works20:55
ryu0onodera: you submit to upstream then. this is the right way to do this.20:55
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ryu0plus it can be extended to support other compression formats.20:56
ryu0though i doubt anyone will.20:56
onoderaare sure you don't want to submit it?20:56
ryu0it's fine.20:56
ryu0you noticed the issue.20:56
onoderayeah I noticed the switch statement20:56
onoderanever knew about zcat, pretty cool20:57
ryu0it's something that ships with gzip i believe.20:57
tilmanhow about zless, do you know that one?20:57
ryu0zee less you know, the better.20:58
tilmanother systems may not have zless, but only zmore20:58
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ryu0i once toyed with using xz to compress manpages, but it wasn't worth it in the end. they weren't enough compressed to warrant the overhead of xz.21:01
onoderaI used xz packages for a while, instead of the default gz21:02
onoderathe extra time compressing/decompressing isn't really worth it imo, maybe only if you host the packages somewhere online21:03
ryu0yea... not worth it for local pkgs.21:05
ryu0they're mainly used for binary distribution.21:05
ryu0or source.21:05
ryu0jue: fyi, i'll probably have a new revdep for you sometime next week.21:07
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ryu0Okay, so who feels like testing the revdep rewrite? Available here:
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ryu0only last major piece is, i'm wondering if i should re-implement the old workaround for bizarro packages like firefox.21:55
ryu0firefox, thunderbird, seamonkey, and jdk, iirc, are at least some of the ones effected.21:55
ryu0the issue is they place runtime libs in non-standard paths, and don't expose the runtime path via normal channels. instead, they use LD_LIBRARY_PATH, which is only present in their launcher script.21:56
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ryu0Hm. Idea.22:20
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