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ryu0Again, asking for volunteers to test new revdep before I hand it off to jue later. Here:
ryu0The new version is a mixture of C and C++, and no longer uses glibc's dynamic loader to perform tests. It should be generally faster due to no forking to an external binary now.00:35
ryu0To the extent that your disk IO allows.00:35
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onoderawhat pkg provides txt2man ryu000:52
ryu0onodera: you can ignore that. just run make revdep.00:59
ryu0make install doesn't work yet.00:59
ryu0it can be run from the source directory.00:59
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ryu0tilman: who knew laptops could get tired?04:55
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tilmanryu0: that log level(?) enum in main.cpp could use a tag. "enum loglevel {...}"?07:47
tilmanryu0: since you're using "modern" c++, consider using the new looping idiom in eg ignorePackages():   for (auto ignore : ignores) {...}07:48
tilmanryu0: that manpage is so lame i don't see why you need txt2man at all ;p08:02
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ryu0tilman: actually, i don't think i can work with that. C++ doesn't seem to allow arithmetic on enums if i do that.10:36
ryu0tilman: as for "modern" C++, i avoided that particular feature to get it to compile correctly with some of the older GCCs.10:37
ryu0tilman: and yea, i guess the manpage is lame. i only provide it to make Romster happy. :P10:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: darcs: update to 2.10.314:22
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john_cephalopodaprt-get dependent qt5 delivers no results for me?17:30
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onoderajohn_cephalopoda: I'm pretty sure dependent only lis't stuff if you ahve the package actually installed17:46
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deus_exjohn_cephalopoda: as it should, if you don't have any port that depends on it .18:15
deus_exremmina hard depends on webkitgtk for 'user survey'?!18:20
deus_exthat is just insane18:20
deus_exI rippped it out, but now it fails in linking stage for some reason.Nice.18:22
deus_exon the upside, I learned how awesome 'git add -i' is.18:23
deus_exso it 's not the *complete* waste of my time18:23
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jaegerthanks, irssi20:56
frinnstyeah, fuck away21:12
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ryu0onodera: so how was revdep in your tests?22:47
joacimfuck everything23:01
WildefyrI'd sooner use python as my shell23:01
joacimfuck it all23:01
WildefyrI'm with you23:01
Wildefyr(ignore my shell comment)23:01
joacimfuck whatever it is that bothers you as well23:09
jaegerthere was just an f in the buffer :P23:25
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nogagplzfuckin oath23:40

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