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tired890tp-link officially started full lockdown and probably by end of year one won't be able to flash custom firmware03:09
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frinnstii  libc6:mips                    2.13-38+deb7u8      mips                Embedded GNU C Library: Shared libraries10:54
frinnstubiquity edgemax10:57
frinnstbut it follows debian upstream so you can easily download the deb-files and manually update it10:58
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frinnstPLAY [yum] ********************************************************************11:14
frinnstTASK: [UPDATE ALL THE THINGS!] ************************************************11:14
tired890should find alternatives like that I reckon11:14
tired890after the FCC rules all consumer grades will go full lockdown mode11:15
tired890tplinks are very good value for money11:15
frinnstits not a wireless thingy11:15
frinnstregular firewall11:15
tired890one can then flash them to custom fw eg openwrt11:15
tired890frinnst, yes.. problem most consumer grade hardware doesn't come in non-wireless variety11:15
frinnstbut ubiquity is cheap enough to be accessible to consumers11:16
tired890and this was the point, pay little for a tplink, then flash it to openwrt and bam.. endless possibilities11:16
tired890oh is it11:16
frinnsta local shop actually sells them as consumer hardware11:16
frinnstI bought a simple tp-link ap a few years ago but it didnt support custom firmware - another revision of the ap did though11:17
tired890the wdr 4300 is a favorite, 128mb ram, only 8mb flash,, enough for all practical scenarios, one can always plug in a cheapo USB stick for more storage11:18
frinnst <- awesome11:19
frinnstweak enough to not be accessible too far out from my apartment11:19
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remmona_dashIn lvm scheme, the efi partition should/could be inside the lvm physical volume or not? I am asking because efi/esp vfat partition has an especiall type in gdisk11:42
joacimprobably outside11:56
remmona_dashAnything else should be outside?12:10
frinnstwhat do you intend do to? keep / in a lv?12:13
remmona_dashCreating an efi system with lvm scheme12:14
remmona_dashThe lvm scheme12:14
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joacimmake your normal gpt partitions, then make an lvm for the filesystems used by the operating system12:37
frinnstoh god.. chromium build never ends12:37
tired890Firefox is a memory hog12:37
tired890is that the case with chromium, frinnst12:37
frinnstso is chromium12:37
tired890if I leave it open for a while with a couple tabs open it justs eats and eats non stop till its gegabits of ram12:38
joacimi had issues with memory leaks in firefox12:38
joacimhad to restart it once a day, or else i'd run out of ram on my old computer12:39
joacimhad an athlon xp 2500+ and 512MB RAM at the time12:39
tired890joacim, I restart it now and then too12:39
tired890wow thats a classic12:39
tired890I have a 5200+, only retired it after the motherboard started acting up (non solid caps to blame!)12:40
joacimdidnt take too long to compile either =)12:40
joacimthis was back in 2004-200512:40
tired890mine retired only a year or so ago!12:40
tired8902004? thats over a decade ago!12:40
tired890man I feel old12:40
joacimathlon is 17ish years old =)12:41
joacimused my core 2 duo for almost 8 years. i just realised one day that my main computer was that old12:43
joacimit didnt feel old12:43
tired890I used my 4200+ for around 5 years.. upgraded by accident one day kept crashing and random failures and I just had it.. poof spent my savings12:44
tired890the processors still work fine, from the first I bought12:45
tired890its always the motherboard failing12:45
tired890I reckon because of bad caps12:45
tired890voltages go out of spec and you see those annoying random hangs/freezes12:45
joacimi think i ruined my ahtlon xp12:45
joacimthought it was the motherboard at first12:45
joacimsoi  bought a whole new c2d based computer12:45
joacimsucky part was i bought it a few months before the geforce 8000 series was launched12:48
joacimdidnt have a PCIe graphics card at the time, so had to get something (7000 series)12:48
tired890I think we all went through stuff like that haha13:01
joacimdidn't think of using my riva tnt13:02
joacimwhich was a pci card13:02
joacimshould've have thought of that 10 years ago13:02
joacimget better cpu (E6600 or someting), and save up for a 8800 tier card13:03
tired890for a time I was contemplating buying a server motherboard and cpu, because those are usually higher quality.. of course I couldn't possibly afford current gen (at the time) so it would have to be 2 gens back!.. a dual CPU (each with its own coars!) was always appealing to me.. I like exotics13:03
tired890yes the 8000 made a lot of noise when they came out.. generational leap13:04
joacimi knew people that used a dual cpu pentium III system for ages13:04
joacimnow i mostly want workstation/server tier stuff for the greater upgrade potential.13:05
joacimif i want an upgrade now, i'd have to buy a whole new motherboard too since every new release from intel these days comes with a new socket13:06
joacimif i chose lga2011, i could at least get cpus with more cores13:06
tired890I was thinking G3413:06
tired890this socket has been around for ages13:06
joacimI have this dual socket LGA1366 system here13:08
joacimhas two four core xeons in it atm.13:08
tired890what motherboard?13:08
tired890and how's power consumption ?13:08
joacimit's a poweredge t41013:09
joacimdidn't measure13:09
joacimfound in a dumpster. i guess the support contract for it ran out =)13:10
joacimso the business threw it out13:10
tired890but they do last long don't they?13:10
joacimit still works =)13:11
tired890I mean from anecdotal evidence from people around you with dual CPU boxes13:11
joacimredundant power supply too. just missing the drive caddies13:11
joacimbut can get that for cheap from ebay13:11
tired890system is very noisy though isnt it ?13:11
joacimcan last a old LGA775 could be pushed pretty far13:11
joacimwas still playable in new games with a dualcore13:12
joacimwas thinking about upgrading to a q9550 or similar, but those were still a little expensive, so i ended up with a new i5-based computer13:12
tired890I see13:12
joacimyeah it is pretty loud when you first turn it on, but it calms down after a few seconds13:12
tired890I was thinking server hardware in a desktop (ie case with eATX support)13:13
tired890hold on13:13
tired890something like this13:15
tired890this is still ridiculously expensive, so perhaps a couple gens back13:15
joacimLGA1366 is still a little pricey i think. it is a popular socket tho13:16
joacimdont know about g3413:16
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frinnstbiggest problem with memory usage i've seen are leaky javascripts14:48
frinnstbut that happens in chrome too14:48
tired_laptopI wonder why opera switched engine in v 1514:56
joacimthese days i leave my browser running for months14:58
joacimor at least until i'm forced to reboot from upgrades (or powerloss)14:59
frinnstme too - at work atleast. At home i usually power down my box when i dont use it14:59
frinnstalso, addons can cause all sorts of havoc15:01
joacimsleep and suspend modes works on my system15:04
joacimso i use that15:04
joacimvideo game desktop i power down at night15:04
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frinnstsweet: [PATCH v5 00/19][For 4.6] Btrfs: Add inband (write time) de-duplication framework15:19
onoderanew netsurf version, with js support (kinda)15:38
onoderalooks pretty good, I'm gonna try making a git based port15:38
frinnstah, no doesnt look like it15:38
onoderanah it uses it's own thing15:39
onodera for javascript15:39
onoderalibcss for css (I guess)15:40
onoderait also has a framebuffer frontend, pretty cool15:42
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onoderaI just successfully ported netsurf :)17:47
frinnstpost it; im bored17:48
onoderait's really really fast17:48
onoderait depends on a lot of custom libraries, I ported them as well, all in the same repo17:49
onoderabtw what tool is used to host the crux website?18:03
nweonodera: Server: Apache/2.2.3118:23
nweand php and maybe mysql or postgres I guess18:23
onoderaI recently started hosting my website and fileshot thingy on my raspberry pi for fun18:32
onoderagot https with a letsencryp certificate working as well18:32
nwesweet :)18:32
frinnstapache sounds heavy for a rpi18:32
frinnsttry lighttpd18:33
frinnstbut lighttpd didnt play nice with letsencrypt for some reason (i forget why)18:33
nweI using nginx and I like it :)18:34
onoderayeah I'm using nginx18:35
onoderatried lighttpd as well but I got stuck with configuring it, and the irc channel wans't really helpfull.18:36
onoderaused darkhttpd before that which I really liked, but it doesn't support ssl18:36
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nweonodera: tips use nginx it´s really nice19:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: openvswitch: add python dependency, thanks dlcusa20:32
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