IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2016-02-24

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Wildefyrbest place to install custom fonts for a package?00:40
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ryu0Wildefyr: usually wherever X11 or fontconfig is already configured to look.00:45
Wildefyryeah I'm gathering that00:46
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Wildefyrnot sure what the default is for crux though00:46
ryu0look at existing font packages.00:47
ryu0dejavu is a common one.00:47
ryu0is it TTF, OTF, ...?00:47
ryu0they may have an OTF directory there too.00:49
Wildefyrthey don't00:50
Wildefyrif anything this has made me more confused haha00:50
Worksteri was about to link that font -_-00:52
Worksterdon't forget the post-install file too.00:52
ryu0Wildefyr: yea, the font caches must be updated every time a font pack is installed or removed.00:53
ryu0or updated.00:53
Worksterelse you wont see that font00:53
Wildefyrmakes sense00:54
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rmullIs there any reason why my terminals are suddenly wrapping all my dir names and stuff in single quotes on ls and stuff?04:13
jaegernew coreutils feature?04:14
rmulljaeger: Is it happening to you?04:53
rmullFor all dirs with a space in the name, they get wrapped in single quotes04:53
jaegeryeah. I think that's a new feature that coreutils added recently04:53
rmullInteresting stuff, thanks for confirming04:55
jaeger--quoting-style=literal will turn it off, I think04:56
rmullGonna roll with it for a while to see if it's tolerable04:56
jaegerIt hasn't caused me problems yet, though I don't use ls for script parsing if I can avoid it04:57
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jueryu0: many thanks, will test and add it later today07:26
ryu0jue: take note, i added a new documented feature in the manpage to replace an older workaround for pkgs like firefox07:39
jueryu0: yeah, I read the man-page already, sounds like a good idea to me ;)07:40
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jueryu0: works great and is much faster, committed ->;a=summary10:39
jueryu0: many thanks again10:39
jueryu0: will do a new prt-util release later today10:39
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frinnstyeah a lot faster13:46
frinnstreal0m4.073s <- old13:46
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onoderasabotage has ported the netbsd curser to linux14:26
onoderasavbotage really is one of the most interesting distro's, I wanna try making their packagemanager work with crux ports14:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: prt-utils: update to 1.116:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: squid: update to 3.5.1516:27
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rmullWhat about adding blacklisting to revdep?18:11
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ryu0rmull: ignoring ports you mean?18:54
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rmullryu0: Yep - libreoffice, firefox, jre, etc19:55
rmullI'm thinking just a local text config file19:55
onoderamaybe a flag that disabled checking packages bigger than x size19:56
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juermull: you can use the -i option to ignore a port at all and the new /etc/revdep.d/ directory to fix ports like firefox, samba, syslinux etc.20:12
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tilmanmiguel finally did it21:05
tilmana quest started in ~98 is at its end21:05
chris2what did he do?21:13
tilmanms just acquired xamarin21:13
chris2perhaps microsoft now gets a usable file manager :P21:18
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rmulljue: Thanks21:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libssh: 0.7.1 -> 0.7.3 fixes CVE-2016-073922:09
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frinnstI dont get Miguel at all.. he used to be very *free* software22:53
frinnst"He has received the Free Software Foundation 1999 Free Software Award"22:54
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ryu0frinnst: i'm guessing mono is now finished...23:26
frinnstoh joy23:40
frinnsti think a disk just died: BTRFS error (device sdc): bdev /dev/sdd errs: wr 0, rd 458, flush 0, corrupt 0, gen 023:40
frinnstata4.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED23:41
joacimIntel Solid-State Drive DC S3510 Series23:41
joacimgetting this23:41
joacimany objections?23:41
frinnstnope, I have dc-s350023:41
frinnstits pretty epic23:41
joacimi dont need it, but i need the HDD in my server for my elitebook23:41
frinnstoh surprise - the failing disk: ST3000DM001-1CH16623:48
frinnst2 out of 223:48
ryu0yea, figured.23:49
ryu0seagate tends to fail a lot :/23:49
frinnstyep, and its that infamous model23:49
joacimno they dont23:49
frinnsti've had two and i was actually hoping this one would last23:49
joacimproof -> I have 6 seagate drives, and none failed =)23:50
ryu0ACTION facepalms.23:50
frinnstthis model and a 1.5TB model have had major issues23:50
joacimi also have two faulty samsung drives23:50
joacimthat's a 100% failure rate in my experience23:50
frinnstI had the 1.5tb model too..23:50
joacimi don't think i have any seagate newer than their 7200.10 series23:51
frinnstordered my third Toshiba DT01ACA300 3TB 3.5" SATA-60023:51
joacimused two 320GB drives and one 500GB drive in LVM for a while23:51
joacimno backups23:51
joacimonly have two mirrored 4TB WD drives now tho. still no backups23:51
frinnsti run 3*3TB btrfs raid5 as ~/23:52
jaegerthey had a terrible batch of 1.5TB drives that have a huge failure rate, something like 29%23:52
joacimmost of my critical data is on my desktops tho, which i have backed up twice to a 3TB drive and that 4TB array23:52
frinnstbetter shutdown and rip this disk out.. btrfs still lacks some sanity checks with faling drives23:54
joacimnot hard to choose23:54

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