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joacimthink this would be able to passively cool a pentium g3450?00:07
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Wildefyrnoctua produce some of the best heatsinks and fans00:16
joacimexcept the l9i performs more or less teh same as the stock intel heatsink00:16
joaciml9x65 is bigger tho00:16
joacim80mm cpu cooler clearance00:17
WildefyrACTION shrugs00:17
brian|lfsI"m using a corsarir on my new rig that has fluid built into it00:25
brian|lfssome sort of oil00:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia: moved modules back to extra dir, fixes FS#129500:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl: moved modules back to extra dir, fixes FS#129500:54
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nebghello everyone i'm trying to compile by hand a program called termite found on github... but i got the following compilation errors... can anyone help  ?01:33
jaegerare you using vte-ng?01:39
korinebg: you don't need to01:43
korii think our termite port may be broken01:43
korinevermind that01:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nginx: fixed pre-install script syntax05:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gcc48: initial commit08:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] wine: 1.9.2 -> 1.9.4 requires gcc48 to build08:24
Romsterand no clang wont work i tried.08:26
frinnstyou are a kind soul08:46
Romsterif gcc fixed there damn bugs and released 5.3.1 already but i be doubtful if they don't make another regression08:52
jueRomster: 5.4 will be the next bugfix release, they changed the version numbering with 5.x, 6.0 is the next version with new features09:16
Romsterwhy would they go and do that for...09:17
juewell, other projects have done it in a similar way, look for 'Version Numbering Scheme' here ->
jueoops :)09:24
Romstergot to it ta09:26
Romsterwhat ever happend to doing 1.4.90 to .99 and .100 and up... before rolling over to the next major version.09:31
Romsterthey just want to be different -_-09:32
Romstergood to know though there versioning scheme09:35
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frinnstyeah, stupid numbering10:01
frinnstfeels like most projects should just abandon the traditinal scheme10:01
frinnstfirefox/chrome with its v40.1 whatever are meaningless to most humans10:02
frinnstQ: "What version of chromium do you run?"10:02
frinnstA "48.0.2564.116"10:02
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.3-p1710:09
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xrandr: update to 1.5.010:11
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frinnstman what a wierd issue i ran into yesterday11:06
frinnsta disk died from my btrfs raid5 so I shut down and removed it - mount it in -o degraded to my ~/ and all seems good11:07
frinnstexcept I cant start X as my user .. screen is black and all evdev devices stops responding.11:07
frinnstcan still run X as root and everything seems fine11:07
frinnstwonder what in my ~ can fuck shit up this bad..11:08
Romsterpermissions? selinux? hardened? pam?11:08
frinnstnah, nothing like that.. i can still access ~ without X11:08
frinnstbut I still dont trust it - btrfs raid5 is very experimental so shit might be very broken in there.. but even so11:09
frinnstsomething in my homedir can make the system more or less unresponsive11:09
Romsterlots of i/o in general makes my pc slow and ice up.11:10
Romsterwith several hard disks doing transfers some things jsut hang for a time period.11:10
Romsterbuggered if i can find what. disk scheduler or something11:10
frinnstnah, nothing like that11:11
Romsterbig kernel lock got pushed out ages ago11:11
frinnsteverything seems fine - thats the wierd thing11:11
Romsteri'm waiting for triple parity to be a thing... in practical use.11:11
Romsterraid6 wont cut it for much longer11:12
Romsterthe time it'll take to mirror a 10TB hdd at 120mb/s11:12
frinnstyeah. and traditional raid6 is very slow too11:13
Romsterso did you find the issue or no idea?11:14
Romsteri often wondered if thay can put 2 heads on each platters at 180 degrees apart or the wind turbulence would make that impossible.11:14
Romsterseek two things at once or double read/write speeds11:16
Romsterby the time the figured that out SSDs would surpass the capacity though11:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: task: update to 2.5.113:22
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onoderateK_: can you please move the opt/libmpdclient manpages to share :)13:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: iso-codes: added missing dep (python)14:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dialog: updated to 1.3-2016020914:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: iso-codes: updated to 3.6514:01
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frinnstrestored from backup - X works again16:10
frinnsthow the fuck can files in ~/ fuck up evdev ?16:10
koriLocal config files?16:24
tired890firefox and thunderbird are reported by revdep16:45
tired890a prt-get update -fr doesn't solve it16:45
tired890new members of false positives or something else?16:45
juetired890: man revedp, see the section about 'Additional library directories'16:48
tired890jue, heh. Example being firefox no less :)16:50
tired890created the file and its no longer reported16:53
tired890jue, while we are at it:16:56
tired890I just ran revdep -vv | grep -v ok16:56
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Halfwitz3bra: Hey, is there a channel in which to discuss wmutils, on IRC?16:57
tired890and found a long list of libreoffice errors, I followed same procedure and added /usr/lib/libreoffice to libreoffice file under revdep.d but its still being reported. I take it this is due to versioning? To remove it I would need to symlink libs perhaps?16:58
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juetired890: should be /usr/lib/libreoffice/program, but even with that we have some errors17:05
juerun revdep with -vvv to see the affected libs17:05
juefinally you can use the -i option to ignore libreoffice17:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: jre: remove broken libraries, install dependency file for revdep, move man-pages17:32
z3braHalfwit, nothing official. But you can join #nixers on irc.unix.chat17:44
z3braand if needed, we'll make a room17:44
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joacimbeen thinking for a while now, that the seagate hate is nothing but a meme19:55
joacimI'm sure they've had some bad models, but they're not all bad19:56
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frinnsti've had 3 or 4 seagate disks die20:42
frinnstone or two samsungs, 2 wd20:42
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frinnstactually no, 5 seagates20:42
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frinnsti've owned more seagates than any other brand so its probably pretty spread-out %-wise20:44
frinnstbut fuck seagates 3tb and 1.5tb disks20:44
frinnsti wont be giving them more money for a long time20:44
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jaegerjoacim: they're definitely not ALL bad. they've just made some spectacularly bad ones that stick out in the media20:58
jaegerAnd of course the bad is what people see/remember20:58
frinnstwho can forget ibm deathstar from the late 90's ?21:04
frinnstor even early 200021:04
tilmanis that the click-of-death one?21:04
tilmanACTION had bad block with maxtors around 2001+21:04
frinnstand speaking of click-of-death - iomega21:04
t0b1nuxfrinnst: I can forgot, I was not even born ;)21:05
jaegerI've got 2 seagate es.2 enterprise drives in my NAS now that have yet to give me any trouble... they can make some good drives, of course21:05
frinnstour old netapp fas2040 at work came with seagate drives21:08
frinnstwe have not lost a single disk since 2008 on that san21:09
t0b1nuxI use a seagate disk on my computer, maybe I should buy an external disk and backup my data ;)21:13
dbrookeover the years the failures I've had have been spread across the manufacturers but I've had a couple of the ST2000DM001 fail21:14
jaegerIt's a good idea to have backups no matter what your internal hardware is :)21:14
t0b1nuxjaeger: I know, but you know, student, not much money, ....21:15
dbrookeso it's not just the 1.5 and 3TB ones21:15
jaegerThere's a big difference between anecdotal "yeah, I've had some of those fail" and the ~29% failure rate that particular line of 1.5TB drives had21:15
t0b1nuxAny idea of cheap external hard drive ?21:15
jaegermore than 1 in 4 is epicly bad21:15
t0b1nuxBut how can companies survive to such damage made to both their reputation and money (replacing drives cost a lot) ?21:17
t0b1nuxThey were big enought I suppose21:17
dbrookewell, I know it's hardly statistically valid, but I've had 2 out of 4 ST2000DM001 fail, one within warranty21:17
t0b1nuxIn how much years ?21:18
dbrookeprobably within the last 3 years or so, I can't recall exactly21:19
t0b1nuxThis confirm I should do a backup, and thus buy an external HDD21:20
t0b1nuxBut which one  have a huge lifetime ?21:21
t0b1nuxSome say that samsung is also a bad company (not especially hardware but firmware)21:23
dbrookeI don't think you can really generalise, I've retired working 'deathstars' after long service despite their notoriety21:33
dbrookemain thing is to have at least 2 copies, so whatever one fails you still have the data21:34
joacimI had a samsung with a bad sector once21:36
joacimand one samsung that became a little more noisy over time21:37
joacimstarted to vibrate and resonate with my case21:37
joacimthe rest have been good21:37
joacimyou don't know if a series is bad until later anyways22:14
joacimand anyone can have a bad model. better to have backups22:15
frinnsti've never returned a disk22:32
frinnsteven when i had a valid warranty22:32
frinnsttoo paranoid :)22:32
tired890jue, thanks.22:32
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dbrookeI wiped the good sectors for good measure but there wasn't really anything to be concerned about on it22:37
dbrookegot a refurbished one back so have just kept it aside for emergency use22:38
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Worksterwhat about the disks with that you had to format them in what orientation they were placed to work reliably.22:56
Worksterdue to gravity and magnetic forces22:56
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