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LatrinaHello guys.. A quick question. Does anyone uses crux in production?01:05
LatrinaI use to deploy my services on freebsd and openbsd depending on what I need to achieve01:06
Latrinapoint is I get a fairly amount of people who only accept Linux01:06
jaegerI have in the past, don't at the current job01:06
LatrinaI have been using centos but I got sick and tired of systemd01:07
LatrinaI need a linux distro that is stable, bare bones and still unix-like oriented01:07
Latrinathanks jaeger01:07
jaegerwe try to keep it stable :)01:08
Latrinamostly what I will need to do is samba, cups and apache01:08
LatrinaI am going through the handbook and I really like the way its made01:08
Latrinamakes feel a Unix person less dumb and more welcomed01:09
Latrinawill stick around :)01:09
jaegerI would suggest spending some time with it yourself before using it in production, so you have a good idea what you're getting into, how it's different, etc.01:09
LatrinaI have some wordpress websites and phpbb3 forums running on centOS here localy01:09
Latrinabasically a production replication01:10
LatrinaI will migrate them to crux and see how it goes01:10
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jaegerwordpress and phpbb shouldn't be any trouble to run01:11
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ryu0ACTION winces.01:19
brian|lfswow I'm dieing laughing over here you all need to watch this video
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HalfwitHey, question. For updating source for builds, does crux do more than a simple git pull? Or does it pull in a tar of the whole source each update?01:48
jaegerfor builds of what? ports? ISOs?01:50
joacimwhole tar01:51
joacimi think thats the answer to your question01:51
jaegerin general, ports point to tarballs01:52
jaegerthere are some exceptions that use git in their build function01:52
HalfwitI simply ask because I'm moving to an area with a much lower bandwidth, though I imagine in practice it'd be not terribly much01:52
HalfwitErm s/bandwidth/data cap01:52
joacimcan't find my can of compressed air, and i just noticed dust under the keys on my laptop :S01:54
Halfwitjoacim: I can see mine from here, heh.01:55
joacimfound it near my video games01:55
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Latrinacan crux be installed via PXE ?02:21
jaegerNot by default... if you don't mind some work it could be done, though.02:42
brian|lfsbe interesting to try never installed linux over PXE before02:50
jaeger <-- this is really old but you could use it as a starting point, maybe02:55
jaegerI've been considering recreating the netinst setup, I gave it up a few years back as nobody really used it02:59
jaegerThough I suppose the result would likely be the same again, heh03:00
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Latrina@jaeger thanks alot04:36
Latrinamuch appreciated04:37
jaegernot sure I helped much but welcome :)04:40
Latrinayou certainly did04:51
LatrinaI love PXE installation and diskless deployment04:51
Latrinaso I will play with it during the weekend04:52
LatrinaGotta go to sleep. Night :)04:52
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onoderaI just moved from netsurf with a ton of deps to a single port13:22
z3bragood news thanks :)13:24
z3brawhat's the point of the script btw?13:27
onoderaboth void and arch use it..13:28
onoderaI'm not exacly sure lol, but since I don't know exactly why it's needed I thought it might be better to just include it as well13:29
onoderaI'm really don't know enough about localization and stuff, do you think it's safe to remove it?13:31
z3braI could compile it13:32
z3bramissing deps certainly13:32
z3braI4ll check tonight as I'm busy right now13:32
onoderahmm really...13:34
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john_cephalopodaThis qt5 issue is driving me insane.17:09
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frinnst_john_cephalopoda: what issue?17:16
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john_cephalopodafrinnst_: cmake files are pointing to the wrong directories.17:17
frinnst_"Can you please provide a Pkgfile of the affected port."17:19
frinnst_ball seems to be in your court17:19
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john_cephalopodaPosted one.17:25
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john_cephalopodaWhy the hell doesn't it notify me by mail?17:27
john_cephalopodaAaah, it is not switched on by default.17:28
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pecgHello. Coming from arch, parabola, gentoo, and void, and my current needs have taken me here; I want something simple, not bloaded with unnecessary stuff, no systemd and source-based17:50
pecgCRUX seems like the obvious choice.17:50
tilmani thought void was the new hot shit17:51
koritilman: it is17:52
tilmanpecg: you might be doing it wrong ;))17:52
koriit's a bit weirdish17:52
koribut it's pretty cool17:52
koripecg: welcome17:52
koriby the way I'm going to hand you this since you're going to find out about this some way or another17:52
korimight as well read it now17:52
kori6c37 is an experimental-ish contrib repo17:53
tilmanlol kori17:53
korilotsa ports you might want17:53
tilmanjust lol.17:53
pecgtilman: I'm not doing it wrong, I just want something more light17:53
koritilman: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD17:53
koriwe're still looking into the portsdb thing17:53
tilmanpecg: crux is very light indeed17:53
tilmanit's too light for most people (citation not needed, i don't think)17:54
tilmanand i'm just an innocent bystander (long term crux user)17:54
koritilman: no but really, new users come around and say "is there a port for X?"17:55
korisomeone else links 6c37 and then they go "wow I've never heard of this before"17:55
tilmanyou could have waited half an hour17:55
john_cephalopodaI'm working on a few nice ports :)18:09
pecgSo I guess there are no drawbacks for when using crux. are they?18:15
pecgLVM, LUKS, custom kernel builts, everything works?18:15
pecgIn #void once in a while people go asking: how does it compare to arch?18:16
pecgAnd I go: read the fucking front page, it is a 'new' package manager18:17
pecgThat's all18:17
pecgI'm more of an old-school purist18:18
pecgThe simpler, the better18:18
pecgText based configuration files, sh standard scripts for init, sh scripts for building the packages18:18
tilmancrux doesn't really ship with a kernel built for you18:23
tilmanyou are expected to build your own as one of the final steps of the installation18:23
pecgtilman: I know. I meant that18:24
pecgWhich is great.18:24
tilmanLUKS for / isn't straigt forward18:24
pecgtilman: but is it possible?18:24
tilmanbut if you can figure out how to build your initrd, you can get it to work18:24
pecgI know how to configure it18:24
tilmanteK_ did it, for one18:24
pecgtilman: initrd is sysvinit18:25
tilmaninitial ramdisk aka initramfs18:25
pecgOh fuck, misread your comment18:25
pecgI'm more used to initramfs18:25
tilmani think the term initrd might be falling out of style18:26
pecgtilman: Maybe18:27
tilmansince crux is pretty bare-bones, you can get anything to work if you know how things work18:27
pecgBut according to wikipedia, initrd and initramfs are two different methods18:27
pecgused to achieve the same purpose18:28
pecgSo crux uses initrd18:28
tilmanit doesn't use either per se18:29
tilmanyou'll have to bolt it on yourself18:29
pecgtilman: is there documentation to do so in crux? or I will have to use a more general method18:33
tilmanluks root:
tilmanteK_ is the author18:34
pecgtilman: but, I'm required to have /boot unencrypted even when grub is embedded in BIOS boot18:36
pecgI will read more. Thanks tilman18:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.2.120:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.2.320:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk3: updated to 3.18.820:31
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