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brian|lfshmm that retrive files07:06
Romsterwget pkgadd basicly07:06
Romsterwith maybe some form of dependency resolving.07:06
brian|lfsIs it going to be a nightmare getting vfio vga passthrough to work on CRUX07:07
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brian|lfsI've never compiled a kernel for it before07:07
Romsterjust enable the required options and compile it07:07
brian|lfsanyone have luck getting to work without elevating their user to root07:08
Romsteri haven't tried my hardware is too old i think07:09
brian|lfsI tried and it just didn't work I imagine you would need a udev rule07:09
tilmanrun it in strace, see where it fails with EPERM07:09
tilmanif you cannot take an educated guess ;p07:09
brian|lfsI would think someone will make a tool to make it easier to setup eventually07:10
Romsterwhat we need are quality ports and maintained07:12
koriWINK WINK07:12
brian|lfsI meant in LInux as a whole07:12
koriRomster: I can find you some quality maintained ports07:13
brian|lfs3.2 has gone a long way07:13
Romsteri'm still behind on my ports07:13
brian|lfsit was pretty bad a few months ago thanks to GCC 5x07:13
Romsterit's still bad look at qt4-32 for skype and wine07:14
brian|lfsI got skype working07:14
Romsterwith clang yeah07:14
Romsterwine can't use clang07:14
Romsterso i had to make gcc4807:14
brian|lfsI didn't know wine was broken07:14
Romsterwell it's not until you get to wine 1.9.307:15
Romsterthat triggers a bug in gcc07:15
brian|lfsso how would the wine devs compile07:15
brian|lfsthey old debian or something old07:15
Romsterthey are probably working on a snapshot of gcc or a older gcc version07:15
brian|lfsdid you look at the arch package for it07:16
Romsteryes they use a older gcc though07:16
brian|lfsso you going to update wine with the odler GCC for nwo07:17
Romsteri have already07:17
Romsteruntil gcc is fixed07:18
brian|lfsis it on the main ports07:18
Romsterbut it might be wise to keep gcc48 incase something else wont work on gcc 507:18
Romsteryes in opt07:18
brian|lfshow does that work on CRUX will everything else default to the newer GCC07:19
Romstersee the export in wine Pkgfile07:19
Romsterjust set CC and CXX07:19
brian|lfsoh ok07:19
Romsterhow much of LFS have you really done?07:19
Romstermaybe you have forgotten most of it?07:20
brian|lfssmartass lol07:20
Romsterit is really easy to use different compilers. you have already for qt4-32 for clang07:20
brian|lfswhat do you use for wine anyhow07:21
Romstersteam mostly07:21
Romstersome games are windows only07:21
Romsterbejewled 3 works flawlessly for example07:21
brian|lfsThe new muli platform thing to replace directx is interesting07:22
Romsterindeed and a long time coming07:22
Romsterdirectx/opengl fragmentation and then the ability to use the cpu for missing instructions in the GPU07:23
WildefyrYeah, wine is only going to improve07:23
brian|lfsI haven't forgot about clang what I meant is if there are no exports will GCC 5 defautl with GCC 4.8 installed07:23
WildefyrI also run steam through wine, performs better than steam for linux07:23
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Romstergcc g++ is the default in most programs, gcc48 package uses gcc-4.8 and g++-4.807:24
Romsterwhich no packages use by default.07:24
Romsterin there cmakelists/configure or what have you build systems some even just use cc07:24
Romsteryou can change the name of many programs so they sit alongside with foo-<version>07:25
Romsteras long as paths and binary names can be found some how it'll work.07:25
brian|lfsthat was weird that one package last night I had to use --target= last night07:26
brian|lfsyup it wouldn't compiel for 32bit use --host or --build07:26
Romsterthat's weird because i've never used target only host07:26
brian|lfsand the configure script didn't have --host or --build as options07:27
Romsterah well if it works it works07:27
brian|lfsit didn't even list x86-linux=gcc07:27
Romsteralso where can i grab your rsync file so i can pull your ports?07:27
brian|lfsx86-linux-gcc burt had gcc for other platforms07:28
brian|lfsso I tried ti and it worked07:28
brian|lfsya I need to generate a REPO file07:28
brian|lfsI did check with my domain provider dreamhost they only rsync up or something I guess no clue07:28
Romstereasy to setup httpup then.07:29
brian|lfswell I could make another user and give them rsync07:30
brian|lfsbut that don't work for letting the world pull from me07:30
Romsterhow is that setup your on a shell and not got a VM like docker container for yourself?07:32
brian|lfsyes its a shell that I can ssh into or rsyn my fiels to07:33
brian|lfswho knows how many domains on the box I connect to07:33
brian|lfsit probably is virtual they probably have a bunch of other servers on the same box07:37
Romsterah that might be a issue with port forwarding over virtual machines perhaps.07:38
brian|lfsI would host msyelf if ISP didn't block all07:39
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frinnstwrong term :)07:40
brian|lfshow do I generate an httpup REPO file romster?07:47
xeirrrput that in /etc/ports/07:48
xeirrrI guess07:48
Romsterportspage . > index.html07:53
Romsterbrian|lfs, i would seriosuly look over your duplicate ports in there and only keep those that differ from the official ones.07:56
Romstereven then we might be able to accommodate for your changes possibly.07:56
Romsterhow i do mine is i setup gitolite so i can git push from my machine. and i have a post-recive hook scrpt to generate them files. ^07:57
brian|lfsI generated a REPO file for now07:58
brian|lfsbut need to go through and check for duplicate files07:58
Romsteryou should check your ports with prtverify07:58
brian|lfsis prt-verfiy part of prt-get?07:59
Romsterit's in prt-utils07:59
Romsterprt-get cat prt-utils .footprint08:00
Romsterprt-get fsearch prtverify08:00
brian|lfshmm prt-utils won't compile08:02
Romstermake sure you do prt-get depinst prt-utils08:03
Romsterand not just install08:03
brian|lfsI did the second time08:03
brian|lfsstill failed08:03
Romsterelfutils installed?08:03
brian|lfsits installed08:05
Romsterah hell i think i broke it when i bumped elfutils08:07
Romsterdowngrade elfutils to 16408:07
ryu0what's the error?08:07
Romsterryu0, elfutils 0.165 broke revdep08:07
brian|lfsI pasted the error08:07
Romsterprobably a moved header. i notice they now use a elfutils.pc file ryu008:08
ryu0Romster: the issue is obvious. it now links to zlib.08:08
ryu0deflateEnd is a zlib function. you probably just need to specify -lz too during linking.08:09
RomsterRequires.private: zlib08:09
Romsteryeah should use pkg-config to detect it now.08:09
Romsteri should of checked that.08:09
brian|lfswell the elf 164 compiling already08:10
Romster164 will just work until it's fixed witht he new library08:11
brian|lfsok very vauge options on prtverify08:11
Romsteryeah you just run the modules over the repo08:12
brian|lfsyou mean ports08:13
Romsterprtverify -m missing-deps -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/xorg -c /usr/ports/contrib /usr/ports/rines/*08:13
Romsterprtverify -m file-conflict -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/xorg -c /usr/ports/contrib /usr/ports/rines/* | grep 'file conflict'08:13
Romsteryeah ports08:13
Romsterlike that.08:13
Romsterthe rest of the modules you should be able to figure out how to use.08:14
Wildefyrhey Romster, I've emailed contrib-admin with my new port repo08:14
Romstersomeone will get to it, i don't receive those. nor can i do that08:15
Wildefyrbut i thought you part of the main team :(08:16
brian|lfsok missing soemthing08:18
brian|lfsit says /usr/ports/core for instance not a crux prots collection08:18
brian|lfs=====  Error: /usr/ports/local/acl-32 is not a CRUX port-collection directory08:27
brian|lfs# cd /usr/ports/local/acl-32/08:27
brian|lfsI don't see anything wrong with it08:27
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brian|lfswonrg button08:29
brian|lfsbut need to go to sleep good night all08:29
Romsternot really Wildefyr i'm part of opt contrib xorg and compat-3208:30
Romsteri dont handle all aspects08:30
brian|lfsWell romster I have a repo file on my domin if you want to lok at my stuff but I still need to clean stuf out08:31
Romsterbrian|lfs, you need to do a ports -u for that to have the directories there.08:31
Romsterif you got any changes you made you should move them first.08:31
Romsterand perhaps you don't have the ports collection listed on a prtdir ... line in /etc/prt-get.conf08:32
Romsterprtverify -m missing-deps -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/xorg -c /usr/ports/compat-32 /usr/ports/opt/wine08:32
Romsterworks for me08:32
brian|lfsthts crazy just copied and pasted that and it don't work08:33
brian|lfstaking off the last one of coruse08:33
Romsterthen you got a issue somewhere.08:33
brian|lfsoh crap ok it worked08:34
brian|lfsits showing missing deps for deps that exist so what does that mean?08:36
brian|lfsI guess becuase i Have to clean the jink out of them?08:39
Romster i made a patch for jue to commmit08:53
Romsterbecause you didn't include your repo in the path.08:53
Romster-c /usr/ports/brain08:54
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frinnstso to manage a FUCKING FIREWALL via the gui i have to install jre 8.5110:16
frinnstciscos fucking asdm10:17
ryu0all the more reason i like openwrt. lol10:17
frinnstdoing stuff over ssh is usually easier but its often hard to get a overview of new stuff like firepower10:20
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pidsleyprologic: the web irc log appears to be broken again, unless the channel has been quiet for two days :)15:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: prt-utils: fix build with elfutils 0.16516:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: transmission: update to 2.9016:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.9016:15
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tilmanpitillo: no 3.2 branch for pkgutils-cross.git? :p17:15
tilmanpitillo: has wrong path to crossrootfs.git (you need to remove the ports/ part)17:22
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onoderawhy is transmission still being build with cli, from what I understand it has been deprecated and replaced with transmission-{show,edit,create}18:40
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frinnstdunno, maybe because it is still there and people use it?18:53
pitillotilman: thank you, just created the branch but not pushed.18:55
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jueonodera: why do you think that show/edit/create replaces the cli, show/edit/create only deals with torrents while cli is a full client?20:33
juethough, you are right, transmission-cli is deprecated but it just works20:35
brian|lfsok my number was caleld but jury selection told me to go home.21:08
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mahmutov1where can i find core compiling order list21:32
NoctuaQuick question: is there anything special I should do to get crux running on my SSD? I can't find it in `/dev/` or with `lsblk` on the bootable USB.21:33
t0b1nuxNoctua: what kernel are you using ?21:34
t0b1nuxIn heneral, it should work flawlessly out of the box21:34
Noctuat0b1nux: just the default kernel downloaded from crux.nu21:35
t0b1nuxWhat lspci return ?21:36
t0b1nuxIs it a very ecent SSD ?21:36
NoctuaQuite recent, yes21:36
NoctuaGot the laptop this morning ;-)21:36
t0b1nuxWhat SSD exactly ?21:37
mahmutov1anybody knows?21:38
mahmutov1which order should compile core ports?21:38
Noctuat0b1nux: 400-AJHH   256GB PCIe Solid State Drive  according to my papers21:39
Noctualspci doesn't seem to say anything about it21:39
t0b1nuxNot pci ? Maybe a M.2 SSD ?21:39
Noctuadmesg says `ACPI FADT declares the system doesn't support PCIe ASPM, so disable it` (just grepping on PCI)21:41
t0b1nuxNo idea what it means21:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: irssi: 0.8.17 -> 0.8.1821:43
Noctuadamn dell not showing detailed specs on their hardware -_-21:43
tilmanyou might be lacking driver support for the controller to which you attached the disk?21:44
Noctuat0b1nux: `Samsung PM951 NVMe MZ-VLV256D, 256 GB`, that's the one, I think.21:44
jaegernvme support went into the kernel in 3.3, I believe. might just need to enable the right one21:45
NoctuaOh I think I got something:
Noctuachecking it out21:45
t0b1nuxModprobe nvme ?21:46
Noctuaalas, module nvme not found21:46
jaegerIt's not included, you'll need a custom kernel for it21:49
jaegernvme is pretty new in consumer space21:49
NoctuaOh darn21:50
NoctuaI've never patch a boot usb kerbel before21:50
jaegerI'll make a note to add it to the kernel config soon21:50
Noctuaalways good to try new things though \o/21:50
t0b1nuxNoctua: get archlinux, install it, then install crux with a custop kernel in chroot21:50
Noctuafirst step was accomplished earlier, to see if I could partition my ssd there.21:51
Noctuasounds like a good backup in case I can't find a kernel patch21:51
Noctuathanks for the help everyone, I'll be going at crux again tomorrow.21:52
jaegeryou don't even need to do a full install of some other dist21:52
jaegeryou could boot a livecd or usb that has NVME support and install crux from it if you like21:52
Noctuayeah just another boot usb probably21:52
NoctuaI'll be trying.21:53
t0b1nuxjaeger: yeah, but need to recompile kernel in chroot in liveUSB ?21:53
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jaegersame as when installing via the normal process21:53
t0b1nuxYeah, but when experimenting things with linux modules an installed distro by side save you quite a lot of time21:54
jaegersorry, I thought it was about installing, not experimenting. apologies if I missed part of the conversation21:54
t0b1nuxjaeger: nvme is not supported, so he could not be sure that his kernel config will be ok at the first try21:57
jaegerbased on what he said I think that's a bit of a jump :)22:00
t0b1nuxYeah, true22:00
t0b1nuxBut he misunderstood the idea, he does not need to patch his kernel, just to compile the module nvme22:01
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