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Workstertired890, i know revdep will give false postives unless you add the path for libreoffice. but you could strace libreoffice00:01
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tired890Workster, strace shows a lot of output00:25
tired890pasting just a moment00:25
Worksterlook from the end up to where it segfaulted or exited00:27
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WorksterGtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "murrine",00:50
WorksterApplication Error00:50
tired890not that I changed to default theme00:50
Worksteryour gtk thee engine missing?00:50
tired890its just a warning00:51
jaegerI don't think that murrine warning has ever been fatal, yeah00:51
Workstermost aren't00:51
ryu0what about the java error?00:52
jaegerjava's not been a requirement in the past for libreoffice, though I can't speak for recent versions00:53
Worksterdoes it even need jre00:53
jaegerit would check but not require00:53
Worksterit might be optional00:53
tired890correct its optional.. need to mention gents, that this exact config worked till 2 days ago00:53
tired890now I see the libreoffice splash screen but it never starts00:54
Worksterwhat did you pdate in the past 2 days?00:54
tired890I deleted ~/.config/libreoffice00:54
tired890nothing specific, just the usual sysup00:54
tired890I mean I didn't "change" stuff in my system, only your assorted prt updates :)00:55
ryu0soffice appears to be a script so strace will be debugging the interpreter...00:55
ryu0pitillo: we should probably get our elfutils patched with that git patch. it should solve your compile error.00:56
tired890if I want to start calc (ie excel alternative), I'd run:00:56
tired890/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice --calc00:56
tired890there are no binaries to each app..00:56
ryu0open("/usr/bin/soffice", O_RDONLY)      = 300:57
ryu0fcntl(3, F_DUPFD, 10)                   = 1000:57
ryu0close(3)                                = 000:57
ryu0read(10, "#!/bin/sh\n#\n# This file is part "..., 8192) = 601200:57
ryu0it's a shell script.00:58 is not found for one...00:58
Worksterthat libreoffice is looking for.00:58
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Worksteri ran over revdep and ldd on a few of the libreoffice libs00:58
Worksternot sure what is important or not00:58
ryu0it doesn't use bzip00:59
Worksterldd /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/
Worksterprt-get fsearch
Worksterno results00:59
brian|lfschecking for llvm-config-32... /usr/bin/llvm-config-3200:59
brian|lfsPackage libomxil-bellagio was not found in the pkg-config search path.00:59
brian|lfsPerhaps you should add the directory containing `libomxil-bellagio.pc'00:59
brian|lfsto the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable00:59
brian|lfsNo package 'libomxil-bellagio' found00:59
Worksterafk lunch00:59
brian|lfsfor mesa3d-3200:59
brian|lfsok ttyl01:00
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neeasadehi all01:12
neeasadeanyone here have ati graphics card01:13
tired890I do01:13
neeasadeI'm a new crux user -- my displays aren't being detected01:13
neeasadeI have xorg-xf86-video-ati01:13
neeasadeis there a kernel setting I need to enable? just did the autoconf and make during install01:13
brian|lfsyes there is kernel options for ati01:14
tired890yes there is01:14
tired890hold on01:14
brian|lfsthere under devices and graphics01:14
brian|lfsyou know what card you have01:14
neeasadeyee - rockin01:14
tired890Device Drivers > Graphics support01:15
tired890ATI Radeon01:15
tired890if you have a GCN 1.2 card, then AMD GPU01:15
tired890that would be 3xx and Fury series01:16
neeasadeunder frame buffer devices?01:20
tired890is this 4.1 kernel ?01:22
tired890why don't you grab the latest01:22
neeasadeyee, 4.1.1301:22
neeasadeis that not the latest01:22
neeasadelooking under make menuconfig - device drivers > graphics support > frame buffer devices01:22
tired890go to /usr/src01:22
brian|lfsI found a weird bug in kernel 4.4.3 tired89001:23
jaegerI'm no AMD/ATI GPU expert but I think you want to look in the graphics DRM section rather than framebuffer devices01:23
brian|lfsif I"m on my second machone then my first one boot soemthign wacky with my kvm switch01:23
tired890that structure has changed in recent kernel01:23
tired890to enable support you simply do it under Device Drivers > graphics support01:24
neeasadekk - downloading, then will do - thanks for help btw01:24
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Worksteriirc frambuffer interfered with ati/nvidia drivers02:08
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brian|lfsit did for me also few weeks ago02:20
brian|lfshey Workster git seems to not compile now lol02:20
brian|lfsand issues with mesa3d and llvm both for 32 bit which worked on my other ssytem02:21
brian|lfsQuestion why are we on mesa 10.7 anyhow it looks like the latest is 11.1102:21
brian|lfswill here is my git log or lack of git in my case02:23
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jaegerbrian|lfs: rebuild curl03:23
jaegerthe removal of sslv2 from openssl seems to have broken curl as well03:24
jaegermight also affect wget03:24
jaegerline 460 is the clue there - undefined reference in libcurl.so03:24
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pitillohey Romster:, can you take a look to this? it will solve some problems with older glibc versions (ryu0 pointed me to it)07:35
Romsterhave you tried compiling elfutils with that patch and seen if it fixes revdep on your arch pitillo ?07:49
Romsteri can apply it but does it fix your issues?07:49
Romsteri can't test for that07:50
pitilloRomster: it's still building... but it should fix prt-utils build. I'll confirm in some minutes (a bit slow machine)07:54
Romstera bit...  what is it 25MHz :P07:55
pitillonot many more... 800Mhz (512MB ram)07:57
Romstereh shouldn't take too long on elfutils07:57
Romsterkernel compiling on the otherhand would be sloww07:58
pitilloelfutils is big... pretty fast on other devices... but this one, with only one core and builds on disk... a bit slow08:00
Romstermaybe a SSD would help that machine08:05
pitillobuilds are currently done on the emmc... not fast enought08:39
pitilloRomster: prt-utils was built right aplying the patch (ryu0)08:40
Romsterok i'll fix that shortly08:48
pitillothank you very much Romster09:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: elfutils: patch fix elfutils with glibc 2.21 and earlier09:26
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pitillotilman: =======> Building '/des/crux-arm/3.2/crossrootfs/libgmp/libgmp#6.0.0a-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.10:33
pitilloreally blind... the error was showing the answer...10:33
pitilloCLFS didn't contain* and wrong isntall at gcc final step :(10:34
frinnsthow much time wasted? :D10:48
Wildefyrall of it10:50
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pitillofrinnst: the issue was reported at FS11:14
pitilloOpened by Jose V Beneyto (sepen) - Monday, 23 February 2015, 00:33 GMT11:14
pitilloprobably one year later than I saw it11:15
pitillohow many hours to find the problem? If I tell hundreds... may be I fall short...11:15
pitilloday by day I see my lack of knowledge...11:16
frinnsthehe I know the feeling11:19
frinnst2049/tcp open     nfs11:34
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frinnstmight want to firewall my ipv6 address...11:34
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk-chtheme: removed, use lxappearance instead13:58
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tilmanpitillo: you live and learn16:37
retardnot necessarily16:42
tilmanpitillo: are you interested in further fixes that i'll have to do to make the build work with musl?16:44
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pitillotilman: sure, we can make branches to play with more options...17:04
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tilmanpitillo: can i send them at your address?17:35
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pitillotilman: yeah, you have the ML too if you prefer17:48
tilmandon't want to subscribe right now17:49
tilmanyou have mail17:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: clamav: updated to version 0.99.1, fixed pre-install syntax18:28
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Noctuajaeger: Don't know if you remember, but monday you suggested to solve my nvme problem by installing crux from a liveUSB running a kernel with nvme support.18:33
NoctuaI've been trying, and I've been failing.18:34
NoctuaCould I ask for some more pointers?18:34
NoctuaWhat I did was: boot an Arch LiveUSB, mount the partitions I want to install crux on at `/mnt/mnt`, extract the crux `rootfs.tar.xz` to `/mnt`, chroot into /mnt, run the `setup` script delivered with the crux iso, chroot into /mnt (the original /mnt/mnt) and try to make the kernel.18:36
NoctuaLast step segfaulted.18:36
jaegerI wouldn't recommend uncompressing rootfs.tar.xz at all; there's a static pkgutils on the ISO that you can use to install crux packages from arch18:40
jaegerwith that said, I uploaded a new updated ISO that has NVME support if you want to try it18:40
Noctuasounds like a plan.18:41
NoctuaI'll still be trying to fix this chrootception in the future though18:42
Noctuait was quite fun18:42
Noctua(I had to mount the media folder in the iso as well at some time18:42
Noctuawith the setup script crashing on `/media/crux/` not found18:43
jaegerGenerally if you want to install crux from a non-crux system you would: mount the crux install location somewhere, mkdir <cruxpath>/var/lib/pkg, touch <cruxpath>/var/lib/pkg/db, uncompress static pkgutils somewhere on your installed system, for PKG in <cruxiso>/crux/core/*.pkg.tar.xz; do pkgadd -r <cruxpath> ${PKG}; done, mount /proc; /sys; /dev; /dev/shm; /dev/pts into <cruxpath>, chroot <cruxpath>18:45
jaeger/bin/bash, finish install tasks like kernel, etc.18:46
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jaegermaybe I should write a wiki doc about it or something18:46
jueFYI, found the reason for the libreoffice crash -> harfbuzz 1.2.x, works with harfbuzz 1.1.x18:47
NoctuaThat's something completely different from what I did :-P18:48
jueindeed :)18:50
Noctuajaeger: the new iso seems to work; or at least detect the partitions correctly. Thanks a lot18:50
jaegerDefinitely not the official supported way but it's an alternative option18:50
jaeger;a=commitdiff;h=4d0250d0d2408a67f23cdf5728b411a1255d9dd4 for reference18:51
jueprobably the fix  ->
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tilmanmy libmpfr build broke again21:06
tilmanso sad.21:06
tilman"i didn't change anything"21:10
pitillocan you share the log tilman?21:11
tilmannot yet; it's probably just libtool screwing me over again21:19
pitillochanges on pkgmk-cross are great tilman, running a full crossrootfs build with them applied21:19
pitillolibtool wasn't doing anything wrong in my case21:20
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tilmannuking *.la fixed it (problem was again that libmfr tried to link against host's /usr/lib/
tilmanyeah, great.21:42
tilmanfucking useless piece of shit software that might have been relevant during the unix wars in the 90s21:43
jaegerdark times21:44
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Workstercrux website is down23:53
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