IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-03-05

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rmullOooh, I solder a bunch of stuff. But I'm too late for this conversation00:27
rmullAnyway - what was the fix for libreoffice again? Getting "Application Error" - roll back my harfbuzz or something?00:28
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Romsterjue> FYI, found the reason for the libreoffice crash -> harfbuzz 1.2.x, works with harfbuzz 1.1.x01:10
Romsterjue> probably the fix  ->
Romstergive that patch a try rmull ^01:11
brian|lfshey question all why doesn't chromium allow me to loginto the browser so it pulls my bookmarks and settings in01:34
rmullRomster: Thanks, trying now01:37
Romsteri tried to add paths for libreoffice for /etc/revdep.d/libreoffice01:37
Romsterbut i haven't got it right yet01:37
Romsteris there even a guide somewhere to compile libreoffice?01:39
brian|lfsRomster can you paste your grub.cfg somewhere so I know the syntax to configure it for vga passthrough with vfio and all of that?01:39
brian|lfsI was using an initrd image on arch before so be a bit different01:39
Romsterbrian|lfs, i am using lilo still01:39
brian|lfsah ok01:40
brian|lfslilo allow it?01:40
Romstersomeone here should have grub though01:40
Romsterafaik lilo works with initramfs01:40
brian|lfsit must of been jaeger that has it01:40
brian|lfstrue so does grub01:40
Romsteri did try grub2 once and was all ugh at the generated config01:41
rmullHuh, I have no idea where in the source tree that patch is supposed to be applied01:41
Romsterexternal/harfbuzz/ ?01:41
brian|lfsya it was for me first 2 times installing crux01:41
brian|lfsturned out you need to have a verson number in your kernl name01:41
brian|lfsvery strange01:41
Romsteri already dothat01:41
rmullRomster: Yeah, but that path doesn't exist in the libreoffice sources afaict01:42
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brian|lfsoh I wasn't thinking and jsut called mine vmlinuz per the instructions01:42
brian|lfsin the crux installation guide01:43
Romsteri do this for habbit because i can fall back to older kernels if i bobo on a new one.01:43
brian|lfsso does it just not generate at all for you problem I had?01:43
Romsteroh it generated but i couldn't get it to work.01:43
Romsterprobably a ear ago since i tried01:43
brian|lfsI"m guessing non uefi01:44
rmulloh, I guess I'm looking at a binary release of libreoffice, not the sources01:44
rmullduh. Well, it seems like less trouble just to roll back harfbuzz01:44
Romsterhmm that could be it01:44
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Romsterhow about making a harfbuzz-1.1 port and strip everythough out but the library itself.01:45
brian|lfsdon't think grub likes my 40 inch monitor it just jumps up and doing the grub boot menu screen01:45
Romsterand kil off the .so just keep the so.<version>01:46
brian|lfsso why you running such an old kernel Romster01:48
Romsteri'm running hexchat brian_01:48
Romsterbrian|lfs, *01:48
Romsterbecause it's stable and i am lazy01:49
brian|lfsso you on crux 3.1 still?01:49
Romster01:49:20 up 122 days, 19:47,  0 users,  load average: 0.28, 0.52, 0.6401:49
Romsteri have to fix this at some point01:49
brian|lfsthats impressive01:49
brian|lfs122 days your system must be covered in dust01:51
Romsteri blow it out while it's on01:51
Romsteror i shut it down every once a year or a year and a half and clean it01:52
brian|lfswhats this I'm looking it your recent uptimes and kernel versions01:52
Romster my firewall has a more impressive uptime history01:53
joacimbrian|lfs: i opened mine after 9 months of on-time yesterday. was no dust worth mentionining inside the case01:53
Romsterprt-get info uptimed01:54
Romsterit's a daemon that keeps logs of uptime01:54
joacimonly one intake with no exhaust, so all air coming in should be running through the air filter01:54
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Romsteri should be but i got the sides off my desktop01:54
Romsterfan in the front on the hdd's and one in the back near the cpu cooler01:55
Romsterif the room is clean you wont get much dust in it.01:55
jaegerkori: 6c37's python3 port has a small issue. $PKG is missing from the symlink at the end01:55
brian|lfsI have a radiator with somekind of oil running from it to a block01:56
Romsteruh oh kori you need to build with fakeroot as a non root user.01:56
Romstermake a pkgmk user and fakeroot pkgmk01:56
korijaeger: oh, thanks01:56
brian|lfshey jaeger where you the one that has the grub config with vfio vga pass through in it01:56
koriRomster: o01:57
Romsteri have a small patch for ports command so it can run as non root01:57
jaegerbrian|lfs: yes.
brian|lfsah thats easy if thats all I need in it01:58
brian|lfsand just install qemu and libvirt correct01:58
jaegerI'm not using libvirt but if you do, yes01:59
brian|lfsgood point probably don't need libvirt01:59
brian|lfsever get vga passthrough to work starting your vm as non root01:59
Romsterhmm i didn't actually change the uid to allow to run ports as non root i just made it change permissions to pkgmk:pkgmk02:00
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jaegernope. I'm sure there's some way to do it with the proper permissions but I opted to just run it as root02:00
jaegerbetween hugepages, cpu isolation, etc.02:00
brian|lfsI tried to get it to work had no luck when I was running archlinux\02:00
Romsterso sing the pkgmk user in prt-get.conf or adding pkgmk to your user groups.02:00
Romsteri am derping on the keyboard again...02:01
korijaeger: do you have a github acct02:01
koriI assume @mhoush02:02
Romsterkori, prtverify and fakeroot are really handy tools to be using in your build/checking02:03
koriRomster: port verify SHOULD be mandatory02:03
Romsterespecially for new ports02:03
korias part of our guidelines02:03
koribut some contributors have been faltering02:03
koriI'll run a global port verify thing soon02:03
Romsterknock up a script to test on a git push perhaps02:04
Romsterand fail the push if it errors hmm that is an idea.02:04
koriI need to yell at Wildefyr for not adding the maintainer line02:05
Romsterbut make it ignore junk files as sometimes you need those.02:05
koriACTION yells at Wildefyr02:05
Romsterlol git blame Wildefyr02:05
Romster(never actaully used git blame ever)02:05
brian|lfsjust installed libreoffice it doesnn't open02:05
brian|lfslike kori said02:06
Romsterlwet me knock up a compat harfbuzz port02:06
Wildefyrwho's yelling at me? :(02:06
WildefyrI do add the maintainer line wtf kori02:07
brian|lfsI do just leave themt he old names02:08
brian|lfswow this bull shit 100kb a sec download02:08
rmullRomster: I would appreciate that - I rebuilt harfbuzz 1.1.3 and rebuilt all the revdep stuff, but I'm still getting Application Error02:10
Romsteri think 1.1.3 is buggy go down to 1.1.202:10
rmulllol... okay02:10
Romsterit got reverted for some reason back to 1.1.202:10
rmullthanks for the tip02:11
rmullproductivity is suffering! need my soffice02:11
brian|lfsyou at work rmull if not then no its not down02:11
rmullNot at work, but I have some spreadsheets with some stuff in them that need maintenance02:12
rmullfor my own reasons02:12
Romstersometimes sheets from google drive is really handy02:12
Romsteri have some on my android phone02:13
brian|lfsah giving you a hard time man02:13
rmullRomster: 1.1.2 is okay for me02:13
Romsteryeah i am working on a harfbuzz-compat port for libreoffice so it can sit alongside harfbuzz02:13
rmullyou da man.02:14
jaegerah, the smell of isopropyl alcohol.... *cough*02:14
brian|lfswhat happens when libreoffice updates will it be a non issue eventually02:14
rmullmmm, IPA02:14
jaegermousing is much better when the mousepad gets cleaned :)02:15
brian|lfscurious does qemu come with a test virtual image of somesort?02:17
jaegerI don't think it does02:18
jaegeryou could probably find some sample images online, though02:18
brian|lfscross my fingers my uefi image of windows 10 still works02:19
jaegerI should try win10 on my vfio box at some point... still running 8.1 there02:20
jaegerugh... also really need to get some cable management done on my main desk02:21
brian|lfsya cables suck02:22
Romsteri given up i got cables everywhere02:22
brian|lfsI think my win10 should be fine I backed up my bios I was using along with the virtual iamge02:22
Romsterand your MBR sector?02:23
brian|lfsyou mean in the image?02:23
Romstermaster boot record in sector one or GPT fat32 partition or what have you02:23
Romsterstupid UEFI makeing my thinking ways obsolete02:23
WildefyrMBR eh02:24
WildefyrRomster showing his age02:24
Romsterobsolete in GPT partitions -_-02:24
brian|lfsdoing my brig with my nic and wathever the other interface is someone have a config file for that02:24
brian|lfsthanks can I use dhcp still on my non virtual nic02:26
jaegerI don't see why not; I'm doing it in that link02:26
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brian|lfsoh I saw the ips on the top threw me off02:27
Romstercan you test this rmull
Romsteralong with /opt/harfbuzz at ti's normal 1.3.x verison02:31
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brian|lfsok jaeger I have my bridge running don't see a tap device?02:33
Romsterlibreoffice should just see the older file. if it looks for though it'll be a pain. and it'll need to be put in it's own locaation and make libreoffice see that in it's PATH first.02:33
brian|lfsdo I need to add a tun device to my net script?02:34
brian|lfstap device I mean02:35
jaegerthe qemu helper thing should take care of it02:35
jaegerthough you'll need the right kernel support02:35
brian|lfsok its enabled in my kernel02:35
brian|lfsI see it when I was enabling the other virtual things'02:35
brian|lfsso just calling it when I start my machine will work02:36
brian|lfsin my machine conf02:36
jaegerOPTS="$OPTS -netdev bridge,id=net0,br=br0"02:37
jaegerOPTS="$OPTS -device virtio-net-pci,netdev=net0"02:37
jaegerthat's all I have for it, the helper takes care of figuring out the rest02:37
Romsterlibreoffice has missing dependencies i am so going to fix this crap up02:37
jaegeralso "allow br0" in /etc/qemu/bridge.conf02:38
brian|lfswhere do you have the first 2 thigns you have just in the rc script?02:39
jaegerI don't understand what you're asking, sorry02:40
brian|lfsoh ok where do  you have the OPTS=$ stuff at just in yuor vritual machine conf02:40
rmullRomster: While you're in there, there are some nonexistent files that are searched for in the 'find' invocation at the end of the libreoffice Pkgfile02:41
rmullI suspect they went away at some point and the find call was never revised02:41
jaegerah, that's part of the script that runs qemu, yeah02:41
brian|lfsI didn't read your rc script that closely before02:41
jaegerI can paste it if you want to check it out02:41
brian|lfsok cool would help02:42
Romsterrmull, ok i'll take a look at that.02:43
brian|lfsstrange jaeger I dont' have a /etc/qemu folder02:43
Romsteron another note is there no transform name configure option for pc files?02:43
brian|lfsand I install qemu-all02:43
Romsterprogram-suffix wont work there.02:43
jaegerJust create it, nothing else uses it02:44
jaegerthe only file in it is bridge.conf02:44
brian|lfshmm ok interesting02:44
brian|lfsthought qemu had a qemu.conf also02:44
brian|lfsand a few other files by default02:44
jaegerperhaps optionally, not sure02:44
brian|lfsno quotes for "allow br0" correct02:45
brian|lfsok cool my data is copying back from my other machine will take some times02:46
Romsterlibarchive so needs SMP for compression02:49
Romsterit was so much faster when i used pigz in place of libarchive02:49
Romsterfor the package compressing02:49
brian|lfsso you just run the script and it calls qemu-system-x86_6402:49
brian|lfsI'm asking becuase I see all your options but there before the qemu-system line02:50
jaegerYeah, I just felt it was better organized that way02:51
jaegerDo it differently if you want to02:51
brian|lfsno its cool just hadent seen it done that way before02:53
brian|lfsI see your hack for pulseaudio02:53
Romsteri'm never getting revdep to like libreoffice unless i make ligreoffice depend on gtk and qt02:54
Romsteras it can use both.02:54
brian|lfsand passing the real cdrom drive is a good idea02:54
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brian|lfsany idea the difference between OVMF_CODE-pure-efi.fd" and OVMF_VARS-pure-efi.fd"02:56
brian|lfsI think I ended up only needing one of them before to function02:56
jaegerone is the actual code, one is the vars... you'd use separate vars for separate VMs if you run multiple but the code can be shared02:57
brian|lfsso if I ran multiple vms would I need each var file a different name or put them in different locations?02:58
brian|lfshmm hope I don't have a hosed image because I just ahd the code before03:00
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jaegerboth are options03:00
jaegerOVMF_CODE-pure-efi.fd + OVMF_VARS-pure-efi.fd = OVMF-pure-efi.fd03:01
jaegerthe former are split versions of the latter03:01
Romsterhmm jaeger mesa3d builds agenst nettle do you think we should add nettle to mesa3d dependencies?03:04
Romster mesa3d revdep03:05
Romsteronly thing else that uses nettle is gnutls03:06
brian|lfshmm synergy fails to compile.
Romsterwhich glib-networking, vte-gtk3, ffmpeg, gtk-vnc depend on03:07
brian|lfsguessing it don't like SSlv203:08
Romstermay pay to disable nettle in mesa3d gentoo doesn't seem to even use it.03:10
Romsternor does arch got my answer03:11
Romsterrmull, i can't see any parts of libreoffice using harfbuzz directly... i think it's used indirectly though another dependency.03:16
Romsterso my gist of harfbuzz-1.1 wont do the job03:16
Romsterand i'll never make revdep happy with libreoffce03:16
Romsterit has java kde qt gtk pyhton3 parts to it.03:16
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jaegerThe solution for libreoffice is to make a source port, clearly :D03:18
jaegerACTION ducks03:18
Romsterhmm mesa3d has no --disable-nettle maybe it's --without-03:18
jaegerthink I'm going to have to buy some longer cables for this cable management project03:21
jaegeralready have long power cables but need longer hdmi and displayport, too03:21
Romsteri have seen extension hdmi but not displayport03:22
Romsterprobably just as easy to get longer male to male leads03:22
Romsterman without nor disable will kill nettle hrm03:23
jaegerlonger cables are preferable to extensions, definitely03:23
jaegerand cables are cheap03:23
brian|lfshmm wtf is src/ZeroconfRegister.h:32:20: fatal error: dns_sd.h: No such file or directory03:24
brian|lfs #include <dns_sd.h>03:24
brian|lfs in03:24
Romsterah it's libnettle -_-03:24
jaegerbrian|lfs: avahi, probably03:25
brian|lfsor giajm03:25
Romsterand it's used with --with-sha1= hmm03:26
brian|lfsI guess no one has installed synergy in a while03:26
Romster        [choose SHA1 implementation])])03:26
Romsteris nettle faster than libc or something.03:26
Romsteri am going to answer my own question with a "yes"03:29
brian|lfswhats the package name for avahi03:30
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brian|lfsnot seeing it03:30
brian|lfsif I search for avahi03:30
brian|lfsok I see it now03:31
rmullanyone use eclipse IDE on crux?03:34
rmullI'm having some strangeness03:34
brian|lfsok its not avahi03:37
brian|lfsavahi-compat-libdns_sd-devel-0.6.30-4.fc16.i686 : Header files for the Apple Bonjour mDNSResponder compatibility libraries03:41
Romstergoing afk for a while down the street03:41
brian|lfsdo we have apple bonjour mDNSResponder anywehre03:41
brian|lfsok cool03:41
jaegerthat's what avahi is for03:42
brian|lfsok installed avahi its till missing03:42
brian|lfsaccording to synergy when I try to compile03:42
jaegerhrmm, not sure there. I haven't used synergy in a long time03:42
brian|lfswell its  the latest version of synergy not sure about avahi03:43
brian|lfsahh synergy uses qt4 avahi has it disabled qt403:44
brian|lfscould be the problem not sure03:44
brian|lfsok I see the file03:47
brian|lfsshould I see link it to /usr/lib dns_sd.h03:48
brian|lfsits in /usr/include/avahi-compat-libdns_sd/03:48
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jaegerhrmm... better cabling now but definitely need a longer hdmi, displayport, and usb3 cable04:17
rmulllooking good jaeger04:26
jaegerI didn't take a "before" picture but it was nasty04:26
rmullIs that a standing desk?04:26
jaeger <-- one of these04:27
jaegertechnically not a desk but it's the right height and sturdy as hell04:27
jaegerand frequently goes on sale :)04:30
jaegeryou can barely see in the corner the box where the ISOs build :)04:31
brian|lfsnice cabling04:39
jaegerI'll take another picture when I finish04:40
brian|lfsI give up on synergy for now can you give it a shot man04:41
jaegerneed to get some little hooks as well for the back of the desk04:41
jaegerplaying some bloodborne to relax a bit now but I'll give it a look tomorrow04:41
brian|lfsI need a nap be back in a while shot had a long week04:41
brian|lfsok cool04:41
brian|lfsnot sure how it ever worekd04:41
brian|lfsbecuase it never had avahi as a dep04:42
jaegerperhaps the maintainer knows04:42
brian|lfsThomas Penteker04:43
brian|lfsnot sure if I know him04:43
jaegertry building avahi with --enable-compat-libdns_sd04:43
brian|lfsI'll give that a try04:44
brian|lfsits on already04:44
brian|lfsjust checked04:45
brian|lfstried bumpign avahi up didn't help05:02
jaegerrmull: I've used eclipse in the past but it's been a while... I kinda preferred intellij IDEA05:04
jaegerI don't recall running into problems but yeah, been a while05:07
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rmullI was having a bunch of UI (probably) related problems with Eclipse Mars - I downgraded to Eclipse Luna and everything is fine05:21
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jaegerah, funky05:21
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tilmanpitillo: fyi, there are some packages in crossrootfs that use autotools but don't recognize the musleabihf target. fix:
tilmanpitillo: lol at typos in man-db/Pkgfile :D08:08
tilman  export libpipeline_CFLAGS="$CFLAGSi -I$CLFS/usr/include"08:08
tilman  export libpipeline_LIBS="$LIBS -L$CLFS/urs/lib -lpipeline"08:08
tilmanthere seems to be an extra "i" after CFLAGS in the first line08:08
tilmanand "urs" instead of "usr" in the second08:09
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-bcmath: update to 5.6.1910:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-mcrypt: update to 5.6.1910:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-tidy: update to 5.6.1910:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-xsl: update to 5.6.1910:25
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pitillotilman: I'm facing the same with aarch64... lot of software isn't ready yet13:30
pitillothank you for showing those typos... I'll recheck them after taking lunch13:31
pitilloabout pkgmk-cross patch, it seems to be all right. I've rebuilt crossrootfs ports for aarch64. I'll try to push it with you as author this afternoon too13:32
tilmanjust use "git am"13:34
tilmanto apply git patches13:34
tilmanalso, wtf is this WORK variable in crossrootfs/eudev/Pkgfile?13:34
tilmanit's not defined by your pkgutils-cross13:34
tilmanpitillo: guess it's only set by your fork, so nevermind13:43
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pitilloI need to review that too, I saw it yesterday... It should be pkgmk_work_directory instead of work14:35
tilmando you mean PKGMK_WORK_DIR?14:50
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pitilloyes tilman15:00
pitillowe need to build binaries for the host to build eudev hardware database15:00
tilmani just did WORK=$PWD as the first statement15:18
tilmani think that's what you want, not PKGMK_WORK_DIR15:18
tilmanyou want the port-specific working directory, not the parent one, no?15:18
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pitilloyes tilman, a work directory to run the binary for the host and instal the hw db15:57
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brian|lfshello all18:10
Wildefyrwhat's up brian|lfs18:12
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brian|lfsquestion whats dsiabled in chromium that won't let me log in and pull my bookmarks and settigns18:22
brian|lfsit just gives a weird error that something went wrong to try again latter18:23
brian|lfsI've been waitng for 3 weeks it still don't work18:23
koriA Google integration thing18:23
brian|lfswould it be an obvious one if I look in the Pkgfile18:24
koriUh, probably not18:25
tsaopno messages on console?18:25
koriTake a look at arch's PKGBUIK18:26
koriyou might find something there18:26
brian|lfsgood point18:26
brian|lfsjust tunred pulseaudio on it helps to have auido for videos18:27
brian|lfsmaybe all this    -Dgoogle_api_key=$_google_api_key18:31
brian|lfs    -Dgoogle_default_client_id=$_google_default_client_id18:31
brian|lfs    -Dgoogle_default_client_secret=$_google_default_client_secret18:31
brian|lfsguess we would need to email them to get our own keys18:33
brian|lfswe shall see what happens gave it the archlinux chromium keys18:35
brian|lfswow still compiling19:12
tsaopbased blink19:12
tsaopit takes more than an hour for it to compile during qt5 build19:12
brian|lfshopefully the keys work19:12
brian|lfsif I ever get all my programs workign I will start working on plasma 519:12
tsaopbrian|lfs: Already done most of it, see:
brian|lfsah cool19:13
tsaopof course, there could be horrible mistakes all around, but the Pkgbuilds mostly work19:13
tsaopyou're free to try it19:13
tsaopit should build fine19:13
brian|lfshow do I import your mirror19:14
tsaopinstructions below19:14
tsaopyou need git19:14
brian|lfsor add my mirror to my ssytem I mean cool19:14
brian|lfsI have git already19:14
brian|lfssynergy is driving me nuts trying to get it to compile19:15
brian|lfsthe person the wrote the port forgot avahi so I installed avahi and its not helping19:15
tsaopwhat error are you getting19:15
brian| no such file or directory19:15
brian|lfsand its on my system I can locate that file19:15
tsaopthere you have it19:16
jaegeryou can skip avahi and qt4 if you don't build the gui19:16
jaegerand the gui didn't build against qt5, did against qt419:17
brian|lfsthats fine I have qt419:17
brian|lfsso you got it to work cool19:17
jaegerIt builds; I didn't test it19:17
brian|lfsok wouldn't build for me19:17
brian|lfsit looks almost the same as I built except the sys link19:19
brian|lfsso I guess the syslink is the trick19:19
jaegeryes. the header doesn't get installed to /usr/include so anything including it without the extra path won't find it19:19
brian|lfsI'll try it after chromium19:20
brian|lfsis that sloppy codeing when devs do that?19:20
brian|lfsor consider sloppy codeing19:20
brian|lfsnot a programer so just asking19:20
brian|lfshow long it take you to build plasma tsaop19:21
jaegerI think it's more likely just that it's deprecated in this case19:23
brian|lfswow your git server is fast tsaop19:26
tsaopbrian|lfs: it's hosted on github19:26
brian|lfsthats true19:27
brian|lfsso does plasma isntall to different folders I have kde4 installed right now19:27
tsaopuhh, I don't think the Pkgbuilds I wrote support a simultaneous installation of both KDE4 and KF519:28
tsaopyou'll have to remove KDE4 I'm afraid19:28
brian|lfsthats cool I can remvoe kde419:28
tsaopor maybe setup another CRUX installation on a spare partition19:28
tsaopso that you don't blow up your current working system19:28
brian|lfshow long did it take you to write all the ports?19:29
tsaopa couple of days19:30
tsaopI mostly copy pasted all the ports from the same tier19:31
tsaopso there's probably a lot of redundant commands and some descriptions need to be fixed19:31
tsaopcan't be arsed at the moment19:31
brian|lfsprobably what I would do19:31
tsaopshould work by using the metapackages {frameworks,plasma,applications}-meta19:32
brian|lfsprobably put it on my test box first19:32
tsaopyou'd better19:32
tsaopI didn't try to do a clean build in quite some time19:32
tsaopcan't be arsed, especially for QT519:33
brian|lfsstill working on getting my main system up19:33
brian|lfsif the key rings work I will ahve to email the email address in the arch package to find out how to get our own19:34
brian|lfsnot sure about other people about the only reason I use chromium it pulls all  my settigns and bookmarks in19:34
tsaopI use firefox with xmarks19:35
tsaopno problems19:35
brian|lfswhats xmarks19:35
tsaopa handy extension to sync bookmarks and other stuff19:35
tsaopworks with chrome too19:36
brian|lfsoh ok19:36
brian|lfsok keys worked19:38
tsaop how to get API keys19:38
brian|lfsthat works or just email the email adress that got the archlinux oens19:39
brian|lfsweird concept audio in videos now19:40
brian|lfsoh jaeger where do I get avahi-daemon.rc from?19:41
brian|lfsis i the same as the old file just a different name19:41
brian|lfssynergy works19:58
tsaopwell, shit20:03
brian|lfsits one dirty computer20:04
brian|lfsthis due is a slum lord20:07
tsaophe has a funny voice and accent20:07
brian|lfshe gets a bit excited over a smoketest20:08
brian|lfshes a slum lord jsut saw his basement20:11
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joacimI wouldnt mind being a slumlord22:36
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