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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: orc-32: 0.4.24 -> 0.4.2500:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: orc: 0.4.24 -> 0.4.2500:20
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dlcusaI don't see a port for dropbox--is no one using that?  They seem to have a thunar plugin that depends on libthunarx-2 and that configures and builds nominally using python 2.  I think I don't want to "sudo python2 ./waf install", though.02:05
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: openssl-32: 1.0.2f -> 1.0.2g06:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: sqlite-32: 3.11.0 -> 3.11.106:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: harfbuzz-32: 1.1.3 -> 1.2.306:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: harfbuzz-icu: 1.1.3 -> 1.2.306:29
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brian|lfslibreoffice still don't work08:15
juebrian|lfs: downgrade harfbuzz to 1.1.208:34
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frinnstjue: harfbuzz issue?10:02
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juefrinnst: no, it seem to be a bug in Libreoffice10:10
jueyep, a quick test shows that prerelease works with latest harfbuzz10:24
juewhich is actually 5.1.1 RC310:35
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tilmanpitillo: do you not use start-stop-daemon in /etc/rc.d/sshd by choice? did you decide to stay with the oldschool script on purpose?11:34
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pitillotilman: it should be synced with crux12:09
pitilloI'm taking note off all errors reported to put hand on them this afternoon :)12:09
tilmani like how the fclose-patch in sysklogd has been fixed upstream in 2008 and yet doesn't seem to have landed in the 1.5.1 release, which was done in 201412:22
frinnstwhy do all firewalls suck ass?12:30
frinnstpointless ipsec performance.. ffs modern hardware should be able to handle it without even breaking a sweat12:31
tilmani also tried to  run sysklogd on a kernel that didn't support flock(), causing sysklogd to hang on startup12:35
tilmani'm pretty sure that shit is avoidable12:35
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jaegerfrinnst: if you can switch, I'd suggest pfsense - it's the best one I've used personally. If you can't switch, sorry :/14:41
jaegerpalo alto also makes a decent one, though their UI leaves a lot to be desired14:45
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frinnstreally? everyone seems to love paolo altos UI. atleast compared to the competition16:01
frinnstand paolo alto is expensive as fuck16:02
frinnstI ran into watchguard yesterday at a customer site.. Checked the performance and price on them.. geez16:03
jaegerPA's UI got progressively better over the years I used it at $job-1 but it was still a flash monster16:04
frinnstits supposed to be html5 these days16:10
frinnsteither way, flash sounds wayyy better than ciscos crappy java shite16:11
jaegerWell, ok, I would say it's better than ASDM :)16:14
jaegerI like pfsense's UI much better than both, though16:14
frinnstI run a ubiquiti edgemax-x. its about 1/5 the price of the cheapest pfsense model16:16
frinnstthe UI is pretty crappy, but at least its flash/java free16:16
jaegerIt's not required to buy from the pfsense people, for what that's worth16:16
frinnstyeah I know16:16
jaegerUbiquiti does have some nice stuff16:16
frinnstwe run two virtual pfsense appliances for a customer16:17
frinnstlot nicer than most other stuff16:17
frinnst <- very tiny16:17
frinnstand very familiar: Linux fw01 3.10.14-UBNT #1 SMP Fri Jan 29 20:03:40 PST 2016 mips16:18
DaViruzmips :O16:19
DaViruzi thought mips was all but eradicated16:19
frinnstits quite common in stuff like this16:19
jaegeryeah, still on a ton of little devices16:19
jaegerThough ARM might be slowly overtaking it16:20
nightmaredDon't knwo if ARM is better, I like mips because it looks stille more energy efficient thn ARM for roughtly the same power16:21
nightmaredbut I know for sure that the cavium OCTEON used in some ubiquity hardware is all but old or inefficient16:22
nightmaredIt goes up to 48cores at 2Ghz and include mutliple 10Gb/s interfaces16:23
jaegersome of the PAs use cavium as well16:23
nightmaredHonestly, I prefer MISP to ARM, but idk why ;)16:23
nightmaredmaybe mips is more stable...16:24
frinnstI think arm is more focused on mobile stuff with gfx these days16:25
nightmaredtrue, they focus on very different markets16:25
jaegerIn general it seems to be, though it still ends up in some odd things like Oracle server ILOMs16:25
frinnstanyways, 30Mbit ipsec performance for an appliance costing ~5000-9000SEK is laughable16:28
nightmaredmy 50$ home router do more...16:28
nightmaredmaybe some horrible proprietary firewall ?16:29
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tilmanSKFLAGS= $(RPM_OPT_FLAGS) -O3 -DSYSV -fomit-frame-pointer -Wall -fno-strength-reduce17:19
tilmanancient code is so fun17:20
tilman"strength reduction bad voodoo"?17:20
brian|lfsgood morning17:21
brian|lfsat least it feels like morning17:21
korigood afternoon17:22
Wildefyrgetting on to be more evening here :(17:23
brian|lfshmm trying to fire up my vma nd agetting the floowing error17:39
brian|lfsaudio: Could not init `oss' audio driver17:40
brian|lfsNo protocol specified17:40
brian|lfsCould not initialize SDL(No available video device) - exiting17:40
brian|lfswhy is it trying to use OSS lol17:40
Wildefyrman hf17:40
WildefyrI hate sound in linux17:40
Wildefyrsuch a pain17:40
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brian|lfsand its complaing about SDL17:42
brian|lfsis there no video in qemu-all17:42
brian|lfsenabled lol17:42
tilmanyes lol17:43
brian|lfswho did that lol17:45
brian|lfsI need to bring my virtual machien up without my video card so I can get synergy working17:45
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brian|lfsdo I have to modify the package file or just install spice?17:46
brian|lfsNo protocol specified17:54
brian|lfsCould not initialize SDL(No available video device) - exiting17:54
brian|lfsok what am I missing17:54
brian|lfsI installed spice17:54
brian|lfsbut would think normal sdl would work17:55
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tilmanfrinnst, jaeger, jue: who wants a core/sysklogd cleanup patch?18:29
brian|lfshey tilman what does qemu mean by no protopl specified18:29
brian|lfsI'm just trying to start my vm in a normal size window not even vga passthrough18:30
tilmanit means you didn't specify the protopl18:30
brian|lfsok how do I specify it what do I have for protocols18:30
brian|lfshere is my config file
tilmanno idea honestly18:31
brian|lfshmm same config file I was using before on arch18:33
brian|lfsdont' see how it shoudl not work on any distro18:34
tilmandifferent options enabled when building etc18:34
tilmanlots of possibilities really18:34
brian|lfsmaybe I'm wrong not a display issue no clue18:35
jaegertilman: I'll give it a look18:47
tilmanjaeger: alright, you got mail18:50
brian|lfsthis is weird it won't let me get out of my vm18:50
Wildefyryou're stuck for good!18:52
brian|lfsok protocol error was a permission thing18:53
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brian|lfsthats nto funny18:56
brian|lfsdo I need to be in a specific for the network device to work in my vm on CRUX18:56
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brian|lfsfailed to create tun device: Operation not permitted19:06
brian|lfsqemu-system-x86_64: -netdev bridge,id=net0,br=br0: bridge helper failed19:06
brian|lfsbut then if I run as root it says protocol not specified19:06
brian|lfsI don't see a group I can add myself to to get around this19:06
frinnstI've created a udev rule that looks like this:19:16
frinnstKERNEL=="kvm", NAME="kvm", OWNER="root", GROUP="kvm", MODE="0660"19:16
frinnstand a group named "kvm"19:16
jaegerqemu-bridge-helper is also supposed to be setuid but I don't think it is by default19:17
frinnstoh sorry, didnt read everything as usual19:17
john_cephalopodaI hate doing user and group stuff in crux.19:17
john_cephalopodaI'm glad when I can create my user account, after that I stop doing anything in the system.19:17
nweif you want to listen on some music :)
nwehmm urgh.. .I have just setup mattermost... with self-signed certificate now it dont let my login into the app :P19:24
brian|lfsthanks jaeger19:27
brian|lfsI'll add the udev rule to my system19:28
brian|lfsit looks like my issue was I needed to edit sudousers to allow x applicatiosn to run with sudo that fixed the protocol error19:28
brian|lfsany idea about the keyboard grab not releaseing jaeger19:30
jaegernot a clue, I don't use sdl or spice19:31
brian|lfshmm could try spice instead of sdl19:32
brian|lfs-display sdl[,frame=on|off][,alt_grab=on|off][,ctrl_grab=on|off]19:37
brian|lfsstrange it has too be a bug specifying both ctrla nd alt on didn't help19:43
brian|lfsdoens't matter got synergy working19:43
brian|lfsjaeger, to bind your video card do you just use the vfio-pci script19:44
brian|lfsto bind it to the vfio19:44
jaegerno, just the kernel command line19:44
brian|lfshmm really never worked for me int he past always had to bind it also19:45
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jaegerthat's only relevant if you use pci-stub instead of vfio-pci19:45
brian|lfsstrange I was using vfio-pci19:45
brian|lfsabout to update my grub and reboot and see what happens now that I got synergy working19:46
brian|lfsis  your vfio modules or in the kernel19:52
jaegerbuiltin. I suppose if you're building it as a module that could explain why you have to rebind it19:54
brian|lfsI'll remember that next time I recoompile19:54
brian|lfsbrb rebooting19:57
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brian|lfsjaeger, anyidea why the iommu groups would be compeltely different on the same comptuer as I was using with archlinux before20:28
jaegerdifferent kernel quirks would be my only guess20:28
brian|lfsnot I have like 6 devices on the same group20:28
brian|lfsok so how do I compile for the overide patch and enable it20:29
jaegerI don't use it but it's probably just like any other kernel patch; apply it, recompile20:30
brian|lfsso you don't have any other devices in the same group as your video card20:30
jaegerjust the pci-e bridge and the 2 nvidia devices20:32
brian|lfswhat kernel version20:32
brian|lfshmm I'm on 4.4.320:32
jaegerdifferent motherboard, presumably20:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: sysklogd: added CFLAGS fix from tilman20:34
jaegertilman: thanks, applied20:34
tilmannp, thanks20:36
brian|lfsyup I have a msi skylake20:36
tilmanjaeger: fyi, git patches like that can be directly applied via "git am < the_mail.txt"20:37
jaegertilman: in theory, yes, but not when thunderbird fucks up the formatting :)20:37
tilmanalright, thought you might not know20:37
jaegertilman: if the patch were attached rather than inline I'm guessing TB might not have done that20:37
jaegerI did know but thanks :)20:37
brian|lfsverystange recompile my kern vfio_pci=y is on but vfio-pci is sitll a module20:37
jaegerthere was some extra stuff in the patch anyway, the "Only in ..." diff output20:38
brian|lfsall vfio is set to yes actually20:38
jaegerbrian|lfs: are you using lilo?20:38
brian|lfsnope grub2-uefi20:38
jaegerdid you copy the new kernel to the right location?20:39
jaegerdo you have /proc/config or /proc/config.gz enabled?20:39
jaegerIf so, check it to see if the VFIO options match there20:39
tilmanjaeger: d'oh, thanks for catching that20:41
brian|lfsapperantly I don't20:41
jaegerall good, thanks for helping :)20:41
jaegerbrian|lfs: I'd recommend it, handy for making sure you're running the right kernel version20:41
brian|lfsI just recompiled and made kvm and kvm_intel non modules maybe that will help20:42
brian|lfsoh ok where in the kernel are they locte20:42
jaegerkvm and kvm_intel can be modules, they don't affect vfio-pci20:42
brian|lfsok so where are proc/config located20:42
jaegergeneral setup section, enable access to .config blah blah20:42
jaegerkernel .config support20:43
brian|lfsthanks found it20:46
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korijaeger: are the sync files for 6c37 still up?21:10
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jaegerkori: the sync files?21:11
korijaeger: for the portsdb21:12
jaegerI'm not sure what you mean; was 6c37 listed there at some point? I thought it was git-only21:12
korijaeger: aye21:13
koriit was21:13
koriI'm pretty sure it was kori/crux-ports21:13
brian|lfsjaeger, your motherboard have the integrated intel video on it?21:13
koriwell, we support httpup now21:13
koribecause these ports need to be seen21:13
korijaeger: do I have to email you the info or can you add it right now21:13
korior whosoever is responsible for the website21:14
jaegerI see listed, not sure that's valid anyway21:14
brian|lfsthere is a thing on the ports db yo email21:14
korijaeger: it's not anymore21:14
jaegerI can update it, though, if needed21:14
koriaye, update it to
rmullIs anyone running crux on a chromebook?21:15
koriadd please/master/21:15
korias 6c37 and 6c37-git21:15
jaegerthe first url probably isn't valid either21:15
koriboth sync files are here21:15
jaegerI can add the raw.githubusercontent version, though21:15
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korijaeger: wait21:16
tilmanjaeger, frinnst: "The classic Linux sysvinit software, updated for the 21st century."21:16
korithe branch is wrong21:16
korijaeger: 1 sec21:17
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jaegertilman: interesting find21:28
koriI switched to sinit recently21:29
tilmanupstream talked about about a new release in 2014. guess it didn't happen ;)21:30
koriI want to make sure this init script works across all machines21:30
tilmani hope your computing experience sucks less because of the switch21:32
koritilman: well21:33
korifunny joke21:33
korimy computer certainly boots a couple seconds faster21:33
koriI just need a proper service management suite21:33
koriI think I'll get working on s621:33
koriright now processes are just spawned and killed21:33
koriso that's boring and useless21:33
tilmanafter my flirt with bsd land, the whole "lets pull together 'random' projects and tie them together" approach seems kind of retarded21:34
koritilman: can you say your init script does THIS though
tilmanstrawman; sinit cannot do that either21:35
koribut it's cute21:36
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brian|lfsrecompileing my kernel I downlaod the archlinux linux-vfio and applied all the aptches in it21:42
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tilmanthey don't reset errno before that but they're evaluating errno even if no error occures21:48
jaegerwell, of course! errno means "no error", right? :D21:48
jaegerACTION ducks21:48
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frinnstman, no hw offloading for vlans on my edgeroter-x :(23:46
frinnstcpu chokes out at ~250Mbit23:46
deus_exthat's a pretty awesome 'first world problems' :)23:54
deus_exfrinnst: <---this doen't work ?23:56

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