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rmullteK_: FYI, clang: configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables00:26
rmulltrying CC=gcc00:27
brian|lfssame error here00:27
rmulllooks like CC=gcc and CXX=g++ are required for me00:27
rmullLooks like this message is also printed, fwiw: Please migrate to the CMake-based build system.00:28
rmullbecause autotools are being deprecated in the next release00:28
brian|lfshow you doing rmull00:28
rmullDoing fine, how are you doing?00:29
brian|lfstrying to get plasma to work not sure where the issue lies00:29
rmullActually, I could be better, I bike commuted the whole winter and then got a flat tire on the way home today, and it's the nicest weather of 201600:29
brian|lfsjsut get a black screen00:29
brian|lfshow far you bike00:29
rmullJust 5 miles one way00:29
brian|lfsand what part of the world00:29
rmullNortheast USA00:30
brian|lfswe got close to 80 in DC00:30
rmullOh man00:30
rmullSpring is here00:30
brian|lfswe could get one last cold blast who knows00:30
rmullSorry I can't help you with your graphics issues. I've been using binary nvidia drivers for years, and don't do anything fancy graphically.00:30
rmullJust a tiling wm00:31
brian|lfsI did a search of my system and have Qt5WebKit.pc00:31
brian|lfsso not sure the issue is webkit00:31
rmullBut if it was webkit, wouldn't the issue be affecting webkit apps only?00:32
brian|lfsthats what I would think00:34
brian|lfsI would talk to tsaop but I always miss him00:36
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piecesofquietcould anyone explain to me why my install usb can't seem to mount anything correctly and dies in kernel panic?01:58
piecesofquietI've installed crux on this system before, and I think it had the same problem but I got past it but I can't remember how...01:59
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Wildefyrif you aren't willing to stick around for an answer02:00
Wildefyryou're not gonna get one02:00
Wildefyrfew things annoy me more than that02:00
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Wildefyrproven wrong however02:07
piecesofquietsorry, thought i'd try once more02:08
piecesofquietI'd appreciate help if you could give it though <302:08
Wildefyrdunno what it could be sadly02:08
Wildefyrthe iso image might not have support for usb302:09
Wildefyrif that's the port you have it in02:09
piecesofquietI think I tried it in a usb 2 port, but i could be wrong02:09
piecesofquietokay, i'll try that now02:11
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Wildefyrany luck?02:12
piecesofquieti'll try it with higher res and see if i can get more detail out of it02:13
piecesofquietoh hey02:14
piecesofquietit worked02:14
piecesofquietin UEFI mode in a usb 2 port02:14
piecesofquietACTION hugs Wildefyr in joy02:14
Wildefyrah hah!02:15
Wildefyruefi was the problem all along02:15
Wildefyrnot surprising02:15
piecesofquietfuci you uefi02:16
jaegerthe iso does have usb 3 support02:16
Wildefyrokay good to know02:16
WildefyrI wasn't sure so better to be safe than sorry02:16
piecesofquietgood to know it has it, don't know why it wasn't working then02:17
piecesofquietit's not a usb 3 drive anyway so no harm done02:17
piecesofquietokay no it's broken again02:22
piecesofquieti think it worked because it booted off the usb, and then used an internal drive that i'd also written the iso to for the other stuff02:22
Wildefyrthe joy of linux :>02:23
piecesofquietgood thing i have a spare hdd around so i can use that as the internal drive extra boot thingy02:24
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piecesofquietgot it installed and it's throwing perrty much the same error once it gets past lilo03:00
piecesofquietjust let me love you crux ;.;03:00
Wildefyrshes too good for you03:03
piecesofquietapparently so03:03
piecesofquietshe changed her mind while we were apart03:03
piecesofquieti just want to get off arch and feel like a real h4x0r03:08
jaegerone of those unable to mount root vfs errors?03:09
piecesofquietsadly no03:10
Wildefyrpost the log here if you're able03:10
piecesofquieti will when i get back home03:10
piecesofquietit looks like kernel panic, but not a vfs error03:11
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Worksterrmull, pkgrm clang ; prt-get install clang04:04
Worksterit's silly previous clang wont work after llvm is bumped.04:04
Worksterand clang tries to use clang to compile itself04:05
piecesofquietwhere exactly would i find these logs04:06
piecesofquietall files in /var/log are empty04:06
jaegerFor which log are you looking?04:07
piecesofquietone that tells me why my system is failing to start properly after it boots04:08
piecesofquietnot particularly helpful, but i've had this much of a problem before04:09
jaegerAfter it boots? Is it a failing service, then?04:09
jaegerOr do you mean that it's not booting all the way?04:09
piecesofquietit gets past lilo, then rapidly outputs stuff (hard to see because of low res) and then finishes with an ---[ end trace <numbers ]---04:10
jaegerAh; if it's dying before finishing the boot it won't have logged anything useful to the filesystem yet04:11
jaegercan you see anything on the screen that indicates where the failure is? or upload a picture of it or something04:11
piecesofquietokay, so that explains empty logs04:12
piecesofquietyeah two minutes04:12
jaegerthat's the entirety of it? unfortunately doesn't contain anything useful04:14
piecesofquietnot the entirety, as much as will on the screen04:15
piecesofquietwill fit*04:15
jaegeryou might get more if you boot with a higher res video mode (assuming you have that support in the kernel)04:15
jaegeryeah, sorry, I meant the entirety that's visible04:15
piecesofquietokay, how would I do that? (forgive the n00b, things usually just work)04:18
jaegerwhen the lilo prompt comes up, try "CRUX vga=0x307"04:27
jaegerreplace "CRUX" with whatever you named the image in your lilo config04:27
piecesofquietokay, i'll have to chroot in and edit lilo.conf then, it's set to auto at the moment04:29
piecesofquietthanks tho <304:29
jaegeryou can hold shift to interrupt that04:29
jaegerI think04:29
piecesofquietapparently not04:31
piecesofquietnot with my keyboard at least04:31
piecesofquietoh hey04:35
piecesofquietit booted04:35
piecesofquietyou know i think i forgot to append my root device properly in lilo.conf04:35
piecesofquietgod i'm an idiot04:35
piecesofquietthank you so much for your time and help though <3 <3 <304:35
jaegerheh, no worries04:36
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piecesofquietaight i got work to do, catchya later04:37
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brian|lfsmy goodness explains a lot didn't have QtWebKit before12:07
brian|lfsfor qt512:07
WildefyrACTION shudders12:15
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piecesofquietwhy must you defy my qtwebkit16:08
piecesofquietwhat have i done to deserve you not building for some reason16:09
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piecesofquietfor qutebrowser aka greatest browser ever16:13
piecesofquieti've had only problems with webkitgtk-based browsers and their frequent crashes16:14
piecesofquietit's just the webkit{widgets} components that are the problem, but they're the ones I need16:15
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pidsleyhello; i am having trouble updating git today.17:03
pidsleythe build fails with an undefined reference in
Wildefyrprt-get update curl -fr ?17:04
jaegerrebuild curl17:04
pidsleythank you17:04
pidsleyworked; thanks again17:07
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john_cephalopoda‚Äč/usr/ports/opt/libtxc_dxtn -> md5 sum changed without version change.17:47
tilmanhow the hell am i the maintainer of that port18:01
tilmanfrinnst: suggestion to pull a snapshot of libtxc_dxtn and host it on crux.nu18:02
jaegerIt probably hasn't been messed with since you were active, I'd guess18:02
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tsaopbrian|lfs: about my kf5 ports, the black screen is probably caused by XDG_CONFIG_DIRS not being properly set. Check the script I installed in /etc/profile.d20:39
tsaopyou'll need some glue in /etc/profile to load it at login20:39
tsaopor if you have a better solution, I'll implement it20:39
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: [notify] openssh: updated to 7.2p2. Fix for CVE-2016-311521:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk3: updated to 3.18.921:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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brian|lfshmm looks correct to me export XDG_CONFIG_DIRS="/usr/etc/xdg:$XDG_CONFIG_DIRS"23:45
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