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brian|lfsquestion so I made /etc/profile.d/ executable but its not beign run?00:18
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brian|lfs<tsaop> Plasma is working now the script is fine its just the /etc/profile.d/ is not being read at all. Also do you have a way I can contact you if I have fixes or new applications built for plasma? Everything builds fine but the order of the deps is a mess I was recompileing packages multiple times to get other packages to compile.00:47
brian|lfs<tsaop> we always seem to miss each other your on here while I'm at work.00:49
brian|lfslooks like clang still needs an export telling it to use GCC for a compiler.00:50
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redshelledHey guys, I am trying to test some things in crux through a chroot. I installed crux through a chroot from an existing install and now I cant use make in my chroot. It segfaults and I have no idea why, any ideas?01:20
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redshelledAh i finally got it, I needed to mount pts.01:48
Romsteri have this as well redshelled
redshelledwell I found what I am doing tonight02:05
Romster and some docker related gists too02:09
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brian|lfshey Romster you still there04:39
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rmullJust preordered a librem13 laptop... hope it doesn't suck -_-05:07
jaegerI ordered a 4k monitor today, looking forward to checking that out05:18
korirmull: it will05:48
koriLibrem is not that free05:48
koriThere are articles about it05:48
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brian_anyone knwo what line of code I used to remove all packages I have instaleld for a specific repo07:03
brian_the other day07:03
jaeger cd /usr/ports/<repo> && prt-get remove *07:04
brian_hmm don't think it likes wild card but will try07:04
jaegerprt-get doesn't care, this is bash globbing07:05
brian_thanks that was quick and painless07:05
brian_any obvious reason why my system isn't reading files under /etc/profile.d/07:06
brian_there was a script in there with an exprot that needs to run for plasma and it wasn't07:06
brian_even made the file executable it didn't help so ended up thowring the exprot in my /etc/profile for now07:07
jaegerI don't think profile.d is any kind of automatic thing07:07
jaegeryou might need to add something to your profile or bashrc to run files in there07:07
brian_thats only thing I can think of that somewhere in plamsa would need to tell it to go there07:08
brian_so /etc/profile works fine for the one export07:08
brian_hey jaeger your system make you add yourself to the audio group07:25
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piecesofquietcan I have people's secrets on how they got webkit to build/install10:51
frinnstwhat port are you using?10:53
frinnstany errors?10:54
pitilloand which problem are you getting?10:55
piecesofquietnothing that I can see, it just cuts out at 67%10:56
piecesofquiet99% sure i've installed all of the deps10:57
nogagplzdidn't Romster have a binary package of it somewhere for people to pkgadd10:57
piecesofquietcan't seem to find it now11:00
piecesofquietlooks like I hadn't installed one of the dependencies, it just wasn't telling me. Built and added fine this time. Now on to z3bra's dwb port!11:01
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Romsteryeah dependences don't get added you have to prt-get deptree webkitgtk and se if any are missing or remove webkitgtk and prt-get depinst webkitgtk11:19
piecesofquietexcellent, thanks11:20
Romstersome deps got removed too11:21
Romsteryou could also follow the commits on the git tree11:21
piecesofquietahh perfect11:25
Romsterwhich browser are you usign on webkitgtk?11:27
piecesofquietdwb hopefully11:27
Romsteris that in a Pkgfile already?11:27
piecesofquietwas going to be qutebrowser, which uses qtwebkit instead, but i've been getting a module not found error for that for some reason11:27
piecesofquietyeah, z3bra has one11:27
Romsterah i see it11:29
Romsterso can't point and click too?11:31
piecesofquietwhat do you mean by that?11:31
Romsterso all the a href links get a 2 letter shortcut to open them.11:32
Romsterlike in gvim i can do some stuff with the mouse as well.11:32
piecesofquietoh yeah, it can do that11:32
piecesofquietwhich is great11:32
Romsterlike scroll wheel and click then shift + insert or shift and middle click11:33
piecesofquietqutebrowser has a thing that's similar to vi(m)'s visual mode, and using that to copy stuff to the clipboard and some shortcuts i never found the need to touch the mouse on my arch install11:35
piecesofquietit's beautiful11:35
piecesofquietit just won't work on crux :c11:35
Romsterhmm maybe never what does it reqire11:36
Romsterpython support for qt5 too11:37
piecesofquietso pyqt5, python3, sip, pyqt5.qtwebkit and some other stuff that pip3 handles11:37
piecesofquietall of it works fine except for pyqt5.qtwebkit11:38
piecesofquietthat won't compile even if i enable when configuring pyqt511:38
Romsterwell if i get bored i might try.11:41
piecesofquietif you have any success, please let me know11:42
Romsterif i can remember too, i am very forgetful due to my work11:43
Romsterbut i'll post in here11:44
piecesofquiethaha fair enough11:44
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rmullkori: re: the librem13 - It was coming down to either that or the chromebook pixel 212:56
rmullI'm not so paranoid about the remaining few blobs in the coreboot port to librem1312:57
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ryu0the first human - phone hybrid has come before us.17:02
brianphoneIs tsaop around17:02
brianphoneOn my phone can't tell at work.17:02
ryu0no one by that nick here.17:03
brianphoneOh ok think I'm spelling correctly the guy with with got with plasma ports17:03
brianphoneI had a bug with phonan qt5 get reamer it couldn't find get reamer but found a patch online which resolved it then the other bug it if the screen locks you can't unlock17:06
brianphoneSounds like a configuration chafe for Pam17:06
brianphoneOuch my phone17:07
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tsaopIs brian_, brianphone here?17:30
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mahmutovhow can i get rev deps a package by using a bash script18:41
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mahmutovi have lost my connection18:49
mahmutovany idea?18:50
Wildefyrnot sure what you're trying to achieve18:50
Wildefyrdo you mean using the tool revdep?18:50
mahmutovjust i want to get a package which packages has dep it18:51
mahmutovi want to make a graph so i will use on it18:51
jaegerprt-get dependent --all 'package'18:55
jaegerprt-get depends package, prt-get deptree package18:55
jaegerbash up the output of those however you like18:56
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mahmutov1how can i implement it in bash?18:58
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mahmutov1prt-get dependent --all 'package'18:58
mahmutov1i am askıng a code that searching ports18:58
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jaegerI don't have any off the top of my head, you'll need to write some18:59
mahmutov1cat $path/pkgfile | grep "Depends" | cut -d':' -f219:00
mahmutov1it is the getting deps a package19:00
mahmutov1a port*19:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: xterm: updated to 32419:04
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tsaopbrian_: for phonon-qt5 gstreamer I updated the port yesterday including the patch20:25
tsaopalso fixed stuff and dependencies here and there: let me know if you have suggestions20:25
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-videoproto: updated to 2.3.321:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: grep: updated to 2.2421:57
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brian|lfsnot my day at all lol23:40
brian|lfsbricked my phone lol23:40
piecesofquieti've done that so many times23:41
brian|lfsI think I can upbrick it23:41
piecesofquieti feel your pain23:41
brian|lfsjsut got to get my other machien back up23:41
piecesofquietwhat where you trying to do?23:41
brian|lfsroot it23:41
brian|lfsso I can dual boot linux and android23:41
piecesofquiethmmmmmmmmmm nice23:41
brian|lfsand I installed na app that was suppose tod o it automatically23:41
brian|lfswhich they fianlly came back today and said they had a root for me23:42
piecesofquietmy phone should be able to run linux because it's x86, but i don't really want to have to go through the risk for it haha23:42
brian|lfsthen I tried it once phone just rebooted not rooted23:42
brian|lfsthen saw a thing on my screen that said fix and it tripped the phoen warranty thing lol23:42
brian|lfswhen I ran it I have a galaxy S6 edge +23:42
piecesofquietoh jesus23:43
piecesofquietnot a cheap phone to brick then23:43
brian|lfsbut came home and the pam fix for plasma fixed one of my issues not being able to unlock plasma 523:43
brian|lfspatch I foudn last night fist phonon-qt5-gstreamer23:44
piecesofquietso life's not all bad then23:44
brian|lfsbut bad timing because realy thinking about getting a 3d printer23:45
brian|lfsthat won't be happening if I can't fix my phone23:45
brian|lfshmm tsaop doing manger updats on plasma 5 today interesting23:46
brian|lfsany idea if I w ill be able to pass the usb to winblows so I can just use oden23:47
brian|lfsto hopefully fix my phone23:47
piecesofquietno idea sorry23:47
brian|lfsII would hope I can I pass a headset all the time23:47
brian|lfslol might as well take a nap a chromium update lol23:48
frinnstasdf stupid dns ttl's23:48
brian|lfsbut other good news got my 200W mod and atomizer23:49
brian|lfsstill wating for the batteries to charge23:49
brian|lfsthey must of been completely dead from the factoryy23:49
brian|lfsah they still didn't put an export in clang23:51
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