IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-03-12

brian|lfsyup not apple home automation like my uncle does as a business00:03
arceteraso i'm trying to update clang from 3.7.0 to 3.8.000:18
arceterabut i get this error00:18
arceteraclang: symbol lookup error: clang: undefined symbol: _ZN4llvm3sys2fs17getMainExecutableB5cxx11EPKcPv00:18
arceteraafter installing it and trying to use it00:18
arceteraoh it works now00:22
arceteraoh no it doesn't00:22
brian|lfsI think you need to add an export CC=gcc to the Pkgfile00:25
brian|lfsI've been to lazy to add it to mine00:26
arceterano as in00:26
arceterait works00:26
brian|lfsoh ok00:26
arceterabut after compiling clang, that's what it gives00:26
brian|lfsI"m blind lol00:26
arceteralike when I type 'clang' i get that error no matter what opts I give00:26
arceterahold on let me try something00:26
jaegerprobably need to remove it and then rebuild it rather than rebuild it with clang already installed00:26
jaegeror some other equally stupid thing00:27
arceterai diid00:27
arceterahold on a minute00:27
arceteralet me try something crazy00:27
jaegerAh, then I don't know00:27
arceterasomething so horribly stupid it might just work00:27
arceterayeeeah that didn't work00:29
arceterabe right back00:29
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arceterabut yeah00:31
arceterawhat's up with that00:31
arceteratip of the day: don't run a tmux session within an ssh session within a tmux session00:33
jaegertmux deals with that surprisingly well00:33
jaegerctrl-b ctrl-b d, etc.00:33
arceteranot for me00:34
arceteraanyway i'm doing something very very stupid00:34
arceterai'm recompiling llvm and clang again00:34
arceterathere goes my next two hours00:34
arceterathen again if i didn't have all this free time i wouldn't be using crux00:34
brian|lfschromium won't compile for me and its the deafult Pkgfile00:35
brian|lfslooks like a GCC bug00:35
arceteratry compiling with CC=clang maybe00:36
arceteraif it's a gcc bug00:36
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arceterafuck it00:37
arceterajust downgraded to llvm/clang 3.700:37
arceterai'll wait till later00:37
brian|lfswow that installed to fast00:38
brian|lfsI add    export CC="gcc"00:44
brian|lfs  export CXX="g++"00:44
brian|lfs to clang00:44
brian|lfsits actually compiling now00:44
brian|lfsbefore it would just bomb out00:45
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-server: updated to 1.18.201:35
arceterai am recompiling llvm AND clang01:39
arceterahelp me01:39
arceteraif this doesnt work i might as well just give up01:39
frinnstwhy are you using clang?01:39
arceterabecause i like it more than gcc01:40
frinnstgcc ftw!01:40
arceterait's a matter of preference01:40
frinnstso whats the problem?01:41
arceterasymbol lookup error in the clang binary after compilation01:42
arceteraaight llvm finished compiling, now for clang01:42
frinnstpaste maybe?01:42
arceterait's in the irc history01:42
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arceterai don't have clang on my system at the moment so i can't reproduce it again01:42
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frinnstclang: undefined symbol: _ZN4llvm3sys2fs17getMainExecutableB5cxx11EPKcPv ?01:42
arceteraremoved before recompile to force GCC/G++01:42
arceterafrinnst: yes01:42
arceterawe live in a time where not even unix tools give decent errors01:43
arceterai inspected the clang source01:43
frinnstwell it is informative i guess.. looks like llvm01:43
frinnstso yeah, probably fixed when clang finishes01:44
arceterai've rebuilt llvm/clang01:44
arcetera*four times* today01:44
arceteraor rather just clang01:45
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arceterait works now02:37
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Romsterarcetera, prt-get update llvm ; pkgrm clang ; prt-get depinst clang03:46
Romsterbrian|lfs i built chromium when it got bumped,
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elderKHey guys! I need your help.07:43
elderKI was running two prt-get jobs at the same time and now prt-get listinst and prt-get quickdiff show nothing.07:43
elderKThe /var/lib/pkg/db file and its backup still contain data.07:44
elderKIs there anyway I can correct this without reinstalling? Bandwidth is incredibly tight so I really, really, want to avoid that.07:44
elderKRomster: ? :)07:48
elderKjaeger: ? :)07:48
elderKAlmighty Crux gurus?07:48
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RomsterelderK, one prt-get proces ran pkgadd at some point and locks the database during that process if the other prt-get is running pkgmk that may be ok (note1)08:25
Romsterif it's tryingot pkgadd at the same time it'll fail08:25
Romsterjust run the command again08:26
Romsterthe database should not be empty08:26
Romsterperhaps the lock file didn't get removed after the run?08:27
elderKprt-get listlocked says "Cant find lock data file."08:27
elderKprt-get listinst and prt-get quickdiff work but show nothing :|08:27
Romsteris the db file normal what files you got in /var/lib/pkg/08:28
Romsterpermissions not been tampered with? dicsk not full?08:28
elderKdiscs not full, perms look ok.08:29
elderKit's not epty.08:29
elderKit's full of stuff.08:29
elderKit and the backup.08:29
Romsterpkgadd -u some built package ?08:29
Romsterthat you already got on your system08:30
Romstereven pkginfo -i is empty?08:30
Romsterran revdep over the system? anything reported?08:30
elderKokay, looks like perms are busted.08:31
elderKpkginfo -i as a normal user doesn't run.08:31
Romsterlistlock wont work unless you actually had locked a package in the past.08:31
elderKWhat should the permissions on the dbs be?08:31
elderKThat's true.08:31
elderKbut listinst doesnt wrok either08:31
elderKlistinst works now08:32
elderKand quickdiff too08:32
elderKWhat should the DB file perms be?08:32
Romsterroot:root 44408:32
elderKWeird. It's 0400.08:32
Romster-r--r--r--  1 root root 6881745 Mar  1 23:04 db08:32
Romster-r--r--r--  1 root root 6881597 Feb  9 19:34 db.backup08:32
Romster-rw-r--r--  1 root root     130 Jan 25  2015 prt-get.aliases08:32
Romster-rw-r--r--  1 root root      22 Feb 15  2015 prt-get.locker08:32
Romsterdrwxr-xr-x  3 root root    4096 Sep 29 13:02 rejected08:32
elderKIf my users umask is 0077, and I do sudo prt-get ..., will that fry the db perms?08:33
Romsterdon't know how you got that messed up08:33
Romsterno idea.08:33
elderKI think I might try.08:33
elderKif so, maybe that's a bug?08:33
Romsteri'm sure pkgmk forces it's own umask08:33
Romsterthe rest of the tools don't afaik08:34
elderKSeems you're right.08:34
elderKAlso, which cleanup tool should I use? prtsweep or prtwash?08:34
elderKThey seem basically identical :|08:34
Romsterbit of a difference depends what your trying to do08:35
Romsterlike clean up what?08:35
Romsterand i've always got that on my mind to rewrite them 2 into 1 tool.08:35
elderKbasically just get rid of all the work files.08:35
Romstermaybe i'd do all that in my prt-clean tool08:35
elderKso that it's as if you erased the ports entirely and port -u08:36
Romsterwell work isn't kept unless you do pkgmk -kw08:36
Romsterman prtwash08:36
elderKI mean the tgz, etc.08:37
elderKfiles downloaded, built.08:37
Romsterthat'll remove packages source and any thing else left behind08:37
Romsterbut if your on low bandwdth you might wanna keep the sources of the current version08:37
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elderKYeah, fo rnow.08:38
elderKSSD, short on capacity :)08:38
Romsterprtwash by default will keep The sources (as stated in the Pkgfile)08:38
elderKso once the system's up, I'll wipe.08:38
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Romsterbind mount your /usr/ports to another hdd?08:38
Romsteri got a 120gb ssd and it's not even that full.08:38
elderKI missed Crux.08:39
elderKI've been using a PPC for awhile, Debian.08:39
Romsteryou must have too many old files08:39
elderKNo where near as nice as Crux, imo.08:39
elderKFresh install :) Not many files.08:39
elderKI'm just thinking ahead.08:39
Romstercrux is rough around the edges, but that comes from letting the user have more control.08:39
Romsteryeah iw as gonna say i  have not seen you in awhile08:39
elderKI heart Crux.08:41
elderKIt's the only distribution where I feel like shit isn't out of hand.08:41
elderKShit's simple.08:41
elderKAnd what's on the system, is only what you want.08:41
elderKGentoo makes that process far more complex, imo, than it needs to be.08:42
elderKAnd as such, you stop being so fussy out of laziness.08:42
elderKAnd so, Gentoo winds up just as crap as larger binary-onyl distributions.08:42
elderKCrux is perfecet.08:42
elderKSmall, simple, manageable.08:42
Romsterand if it does break from stupidity it's not too hard to fix.08:43
Romsterrarely if ever do you need to format.08:43
elderKWhen I have money, I will donate.08:44
elderKI heart Crux.08:44
Romsteri have romster/pkg-not that can report if a file is on the system and not part of the packager database08:44
elderKBig time.08:44
elderKAnother question:08:44
elderKIs there somethilng I can use (rather than adhoc scripts) to determine what packages a package I'm creating depend son?08:44
elderKso far, I just have a script that checks ldd vs. pkginfo08:44
Romsterwell i build in docker08:44
Romsterand i sometimes look at other distros like arch and gentoo but you can use finddeps08:45
Romsterto show what it links too08:45
Romsteri just prt-get depinst what it asks for and disable stuff that isn't needed. in a clean docker container.08:45
Romsteryou could use a VM or chroot but i moved from chroots to docker.08:46
Romsterand i use that to make it easier to start up a new clean container08:48
elderKNice idea.08:49
Romsterdocker-setup foo08:49
elderKI was meaning to setup a VM.08:49
Romsterports -u08:49
Romsterthen do what ever in there.08:49
Romsterdocker is light weight than a VM08:49
Romsterbut you gotta setup the kernel and decide on what backend storage docker uses.08:49
Romsteri use LVM for mine.08:49
Romstermy direct lvm setup for docker
elderKI'll check it out )08:51
piecesofquietthat does sound pretty interesting08:52
Romsterit defaults to either btrfs or loop mounted file for lvm, the later is poor performance. so i alredy use lvm so i made a proper thin provision logical volume08:52
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Romsterthere is also unionfs (i think) but at the time it was a experiential patch to the kernel08:53
Romsteroverlayfs sorry not unionfs08:54
elderKoverlayfs seems okay now08:55
Romsteri would probably use that if i didn't already have a massive lvm setup already08:55
Romsterthat gist is a little old on the docker.conf08:57
Romsteri now use08:57
RomsterOPTS="--storage-opt dm.basesize=50G --storage-opt dm.thinpooldev=/dev/mapper/data-docker_thin_data"08:57
Romsteri know i got a massive 50 gigabyte but i was doing some very /heavy/ compiling. and it really is just a maxium it wont use nearly that much in most builds.08:58
Romsteri'm bised with this but it's given me zero hassles other than my own mistakes of changing the backend and forgetting to remove the old meta data in a directory not even included in the .footprint for docker08:59
elderK:) Sweet.09:00
elderKIs docker useful as a general purpose VM?09:00
elderKI'll be running W10 and shit under VMs soon09:00
Romsterthat's the bug i it from my own stupidity.09:00
Romsterno just linux hosts09:01
Romsteras it sues lxc containers and cgroups09:01
Romsteryou'll need a full blown VM for other OSes09:01
elderKACTION nods09:04
Romsterbut docker is light weight for linux use09:05
Romsteri'd love to get vga passthough to a dedicated GPU in qemu for windows use though.09:06
Romsterbut my hardware is too old09:06
piecesofquieti've done that before, it was pretty great09:06
piecesofquieti never tweaked it enough to be able to properly play intensive games, or even have sound, but that's entirely possible09:07
elderKI've had a good experience using VirtualBox.09:08
elderKWhen I worked for a windows shop, I did all my dev in it :)09:08
Romsteri would like a guide on how todo that but i cant' until i get newer hardware09:08
Romsterand i'm otherwise happy with what i got for now09:08
elderKI'm lucky - this machine has VT-x and Vt-d :D09:09
piecesofquietguide's on the arch forums i think09:09
piecesofquietat least the one i used09:09
Romsterthe only thing arch is good for is there documentation09:09
piecesofquietwhy is that so many linux machines are old?09:09
elderKBecause they run reasonably well.09:09
elderKOl' PBookG4 excluded.09:09
elderKThat thing tanked pretty hard as soon as you tried to use the Web.09:10
piecesofquieti know, but VT-x and VT-d shouldn't be a luxury haha09:10
Romsterwell i think this has the cpu flag needed but i think my motherboard isn't supported09:10
piecesofquietACTION weeps at Romster's misfortune09:10
piecesofquieti guess i'm just blessed to be using X99 though :P09:10
piecesofquietintel's most recent enthusiast platform09:11
elderKNice :)09:11
piecesofquietbroadwell-e cpu's09:11
elderKVT-d should DEFINITELY be like, everywhere.09:11
piecesofquiethexacore processing @ 4.5GHz is nice, as are the 1 and a half minute kernel compile times09:12
piecesofquieti think it will be soon09:12
elderKI'm Broadwell-U :)09:12
Romsterand 4 months ago now.09:12
elderKRight. Time to reboot and see if the iwlwifi firmware works09:12
Romsterat the time i had two gpus in this pc too piecesofquiet09:12
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Romsterbut now i got a single gtx75009:13
Romstergtx750 ti 2GB09:13
Romstergood enough for my needs09:13
piecesofquietyeah that's not too bad of a card09:13
Romsteri only upgraded due to driver drop in nvidia09:13
piecesofquietamazing for how much it costs09:13
piecesofquiethaha fair enough09:14
Romsterif i were to get one now i'd get a gtx950 or 96009:14
piecesofquieti've got a 970, and it runs everything i play pretty much maxed at 1080p09:14
Romsterthink it was about $299aud when i got this GPU09:14
piecesofquietoh you're au?09:14
piecesofquietsame mate09:14
piecesofquietfucken straya09:15
Romsteron the coast in australia in victoria09:15
piecesofquietoh okay, i was north-east vic in the alpine region but in canberra for uni now09:15
Romstergot humid as fuck the other day 85%09:15
Romsterhaha canbera i've been there it's so damn cold in winter09:16
piecesofquietweather at home is retarded, goes from below 0 most days in winter to above 35 every day in summer09:16
piecesofquieti know i'm looking forward to it, cold is good09:16
Romsterthe wind feels like -50C to me09:16
Romstereven though i've only been in like -4C temps09:16
piecesofquietwindchill is a bitch09:17
Romsteryeah it's more stable here around 15C to 24C09:17
piecesofquieti used to ride downhill to school in like -6, that was lots of fun09:17
Romsterthe hot days are like 32-35C09:17
piecesofquietthat's a good range, lucky you09:17
Romstersometimes we get to 38C but on the coast by 4pm it's mostly cooled back to 27C09:18
Romsterhotish but not unbearable09:18
piecesofquietand you could always swim too, which would help09:18
Romsterunlike inland09:18
Romsterin land it was -4 to 42.6C and that's like only 84killometers inland09:19
piecesofquietthat sounds like my home haha09:19
piecesofquietwtf is up with this country09:19
Romsterwell the extreme cold was rare and it only got to 42.6 once09:19
Romsteri dunno but it's crazy09:19
Romsteri can take the heat better than the cold though. but i hate the 4 seasons in one day.09:20
piecesofquietcold's my thing, but yeah that's annoying09:22
Romsteri'd prefer it to stay the one temp if anything09:22
Romster20C or abouts prefered :D09:23
piecesofquiet15-18 is my favourite09:23
Romsterthat's ok too09:33
Romstercooking myself dinner09:33
piecesofquieti got free pizza tonight09:33
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onodera^ some of these patches should be added to the crux firefox port imo13:28
onodera <- in this thread the dev says he will update the patches for ff 45 in about a week13:30
ryu0i have to wonder why people keep using a browser that clearly doesn't respect their users anymore...13:32
onoderaI don't :^)13:33
onoderaI'm using seamonkey atm, although I can't waii for netsurf to be render most pages correctly, that browser is so damn fast, and one the very very few viable alternatives to the gecko/webkit monopoly13:34
ryu0and also doesn't implement the web fully.13:36
ryu0no video yet.13:37
ryu0promising but not of much use yet.13:37
onoderawith their latests release they added a js engine13:40
onoderabut yeah I agree.13:41
ryu0gecko is more stable on gtk+ than webkit is.13:42
ryu0i had a lot of crashes while using webkit but almost none with gecko.13:42
onoderaOh there is also servo ofc13:43
ryu0last i heard it's far from usable. netsurf at least is somewhat usable.13:44
ryu0i wouldn't be surprised if netsurf ends up using ffmpeg to support html5.13:44
onoderadoesn't firefox do this as well?13:45
ryu0not sure.13:45
onoderathe crux firefox depends on ffmpeg iirc13:45
frinnstit doesnt depend on ffmpeg but it will use it if available13:51
onoderaoh right13:53
onoderaIs there any difference between using gstreamer and ffmpeg?13:53
ryu0yes there is.13:53
ryu0afaik, ffmpeg is more monolithic and gstreamer is more modular.13:54
ryu0iirc, there may also be licensing differences.13:54
ryu0oh, no. both LGPL.13:55
onoderawell I already have ffmpeg installed, and not gstreamer so ffmpeg is probably better for me13:57
onoderaalso gstreamer has this weird thing where there are two versions13:57
onoderaI hate it when programs do that13:58
onoderasee python13:58
Romsterit's because some programs haven't migrated to the updated API13:59
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frinnstgstreamer is disabled in opt/firefox these days14:25
piecesofquietanyone have any idea why mpv won't work with youtube links?14:56
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Why that?14:56
piecesofquieti think it's more to do with ffmpeg, it throws a "TLS connection was not properly found" and then "Failed to recognize file format"14:56
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brian|lfsNot sure what happened on one my my CRUX boxes15:04
brian|lfsmy whole var folder managed to get wiped15:05
brian|lfsdb and all15:05
brian|lfsso I don't think that leaves me much choice but to start from scratch15:05
frinnstdo you keep /var on a separate partition?15:05
frinnstis it mounted?15:06
brian|lfsthat would be weird it stop mounting15:06
brian|lfsbut I shall reboot and check15:06
frinnstyes but *is* it mounted?15:06
brian|lfsthe annoying thing is that its the machine I need the 4.4 kernel for to get my nic tow ork15:07
brian|lfsso I would be sideloading crux again15:07
frinnstwhat kind of nic?15:07
brian|lfson a skylake bord they added a patch for in the latest kernel to get the nic to work15:08
jaegeryou know a NIC isn't required to do the base install, right? You could get the kernel source into it via a usb driver or something15:08
brian|lfsthis is true15:08
onoderapiecesofquiet: hmm I have had that error as well, I fogot how I fixed it though.15:08
onoderayou are sure you actually have youtube-dl installed right15:08
piecesofquietonodera: yeah the contrib port15:09
brian|lfsI do have plasma working jaeger it was a stupid export thing the cause of a black screen15:09
brian|lfsfor whatever reson crux doesn't read /etc/profie.d/kde15:09
brian|lfshad to put it in /etc/profile15:10
frinnstofcourse not, not unless you tell it to15:10
jaegerprofile.d isn't read by default by bash, we already talked about that15:10
jaegerIt's not even a crux thing, it's the shell15:10
*** dansimon has joined #crux15:10
onoderapiecesofquiet: are you using some alternative openssl?15:10
brian|lfsI guess tsaop didn't think of that when he dumped the exprot in there15:10
piecesofquietonodera: no, again just the port included15:10
onoderaoh wait I think I remember now15:11
onoderaIt is some problem with ffmpeg15:11
brian|lfswhatever port does that he may need to re-write to dumpt he exprot into /etc/profile or soemthing15:11
onoderarun a revdep and check if everything is ok with ffmpeg15:11
brian|lfsbut plan of actionr eboot and check for my var15:11
jaegerif you want to read files in /etc/profile.d you loop through them in /etc/profile or similar. This is how centos/rhel do it, at least15:11
brian|lfsthen after verifying my var is mounted get breakfast15:12
jaegerbecause they chose to, not because bash did it for them15:12
brian|lfsmakes sense so either way you need something in /etc/profile15:12
dansimonHi, I'm having trouble booting CRUX from qemu (I can boot the installation through a live CD). Is it possible to boot a qemu installation through lilo..?15:13
onoderapiecesofquiet: also make sure your mpv is actually has lua/luajit support15:13
frinnstdansimon: qemu is by default just a regular bios15:13
dansimonhm.. I wonder what I did wrong then..15:13
frinnstI use lilo for most/all my qemu installs15:14
dansimonWell I did install sucessfully, and installed lilo without errors, like I said; I can boot it through a CD, but for some reason the hdd doesnt boot..15:15
dansimonDo you need some special kernel modules/configuration when running from a qemu host?15:16
piecesofquietonodera: now i've broken something else, i'll fix that and get back to you15:17
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brian|lfseasy investigation jaeger15:17
brian|lfsI was wrong var wasn't seperate so my var is gone15:17
brian|lfstiime for breakfeast then a funeral for my computer before I reinstall15:18
jaegerbrian|lfs: suggestion - back up your kernel config and whatever you want from /etc before reinstalling to save time15:19
brian|lfsdo that all the time15:20
brian|lfsprobavbly end up backing up my virual machines also in case I feel like just nukeing my home fodler sometimes better to have a clean home folder15:21
piecesofquietonodera: the ffmpeg error is gone now, now it just says it failed to recognise the format15:25
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*** SpacePenguin has quit IRC15:30
*** tilman has joined #crux15:31
*** Wasp has joined #crux15:31
brian|lfsst least I got my 1850 3000mh batteries changed they will keep me busy during my reinstall15:32
*** tilman has quit IRC15:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nss: updated to 3.2315:39
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux15:42
brian|lfsurl to latest CRUX iso kind of blind right nwo without my bookmarks?15:44
*** SpacePenguin has joined #crux15:44
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC15:54
*** pidsley has joined #crux15:55
pidsleybrian|lfs: https://crux.ninja15:56
*** Lukc has quit IRC15:58
*** piecesofquiet has quit IRC16:03
*** kokakoda3 has joined #crux16:11
*** dbrooke_ has joined #crux16:11
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*** onodera has quit IRC16:17
*** onodera has joined #crux16:17
jaegerok, finished my cable routing.
frinnstbit more messy:
*** tilman has joined #crux16:32
jaegerstill very clean, I've seen much worse :)16:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nginx: enabled IPv6 support16:33
frinnstas long as you dont look at the bottom right corner :)16:33
frinnstmy networking is messy!16:33
joacimi should get a bigger desk16:34
joacimno room for anything here16:34
jaegerI still have a few cables on the floor you can't see in my picture... best I could do, though16:34
joacimand im not taking a picture =)16:34
joacimthinking about those ikea countertops16:35
jaegerI've seen lots of desks made of those, they work well16:35
joacimbut need something that keeps it from bending down in the middle, without adding a fifth leg16:35
jaegerin fact I still have one of those disassembled in my garage16:35
*** Lukc has joined #crux16:35
jaegerMy work desk is an ikea galant, was my main desk until I got this standing workbench16:36
jaegerShame they don't make the galant anymore, it's a beast16:36
jaegerI'll take a picture of that next week after I get the 4k monitor16:36
frinnstif I turn around 180deg:16:37
*** tsaop has joined #crux16:37
brian|lfshey tsaop16:37
brian|lfsyou where write about the XDP or whatever its called16:38
*** tilman has quit IRC16:38
jaegerthat's a damn big QR code16:38
frinnsthehe its my wifi :D16:38
tsaoptry to scan it16:38
brian|lfswhats the big black thing UPS16:39
brian|lfsanyhow bash doesn't read /etc/profile.d/kde by default tsaop16:39
tsaopbrian|lfs: I know16:39
frinnsthp microserver16:39
brian|lfsso easier just to drop it in /etc/profile16:39
tsaopyou're supposed to edit /etc/profile to load it16:39
tsaopor put it in your shell rc file16:39
brian|lfswhich I did and it worked16:39
brian|lfsare you aware that phonon-qt5-gstreamer is broken16:40
joacimneed a "furniture grade" rack16:40
brian|lfsit can't find gstramer as default but find a patch to fix it16:40
tsaopbrian|lfs: I patched it yesterday16:40
joacimand a few of these:
joacimfor my computers16:40
joacimadd in an extra 120mm fan in the front16:40
brian|lfsah so you ran into also cool16:41
brian|lfsso we are on the same page then16:41
tsaopyeah, I shamelessly used the patch from Arch linux16:41
brian|lfsmine was from fedora16:41
frinnstjoacim: thats 2 ikea lack's stacked on each other16:41
frinnstdont have any 19" stuff to mount though :(16:41
joacimseen a few nice ones with wood side panels and a darkened glass door16:42
brian|lfswow 11.44 seconds16:43
brian|lfsto download crux-updated-3.2.iso16:44
frinnstjaeger: what model is your left dell screen?16:44
jaegerfrinnst: U2414H16:44
tsaopI only have a 50 mbit connection16:44
brian|lfsI have 150/15016:45
tsaopoh well16:45
frinnsttiny bezel16:45
jaegerfrinnst: really happy with it. The build quality is good as usual with the ultrasharps and I absolutely love the tiny bezel16:45
jaegeryeah, that's a big part of why I bought it :)16:45
frinnstyeah my two U2412M look like shit compared to it :D16:45
tsaopshould really be 100/20, but DSLAM is full of other VDSL customers and so the line is degraded16:45
joacimi'm torn between getting a 4k/uhd monitor, or two matching 16:10 1920x1200 monitor16:45
joacimi dont care too much about 4k tho16:46
frinnstIm generally happy with my two 1920x120016:46
jaegerI used 2 23" 1080s before getting the 27", was a good setup16:47
frinnstbut I didnt buy them at the same time and dell switched displays.. the right one has a yellow'ish hue16:47
joacimeasier to play games on a couple of 1920x1200 monitors too16:47
jaegercurrently using 2 24" 1080s for work but I'm going to send them back after the 4k arrives16:47
frinnstimpossible to callibrate them to look similar16:47
jaegerI only play on the 27", the 24" is for whatever else :)16:47
jaegerI did occasionally play dual screen on the previous 23" setup but I hated having a bezel (or two in that case) in the middle of the game16:48
jaegerdoesn't bother some people but it annoyed me16:48
frinnst :(16:48
frinnstgenerally you wont notice it except when I lock both screens16:50
joacimseen some games move stuff a little off centre16:50
joacimso yourself and what youre aiming for isnt in the middle of the two screens16:50
brian|lfsoh tsaop do you knwo about pam and the lock screen16:51
brian|lfsknew there was something I wanted to mention to you couldn't recall what16:51
tsaopmmh, I read something when I had the lockscreen lock on me16:52
brian|lfswell ya if you don't have pam and what I have you won't be able to unlock16:53
brian|lfsvery annoying16:53
*** tsaop has quit IRC16:53
*** tsaop has joined #crux16:54
tsaopbrian|lfs: there, I tried it again16:54
tsaopand it locked me out16:54
brian|lfslook at that link tell you what you need16:54
brian|lfsbut linux-pam isn't a dep anywhere so install linux-pam16:54
tsaopI don't want to use PAM16:54
brian|lfsvery simple worked for me16:54
brian|lfsnot sure how to tell you not to get locked out then16:55
brian|lfsThinking about getting a 3D printer will t work from Linux?16:59
joacimthese were the ones ive been thinking about, but the 16:10 model is 25% more expensive than the 16:9 version :/16:59
brian|lfswow would the older model be more expensive17:00
brian|lfsI'm confsued17:00
brian|lfsoh your talking monitors lol17:01
*** tsaop has quit IRC17:18
*** tsaop has joined #crux17:25
tsaopbrian|lfs: okay, I fixed the lockscreen issue without using PAM17:25
tsaopbrian|lfs: if you want to try it, just refresh the kf5 port tree and uninstall linux-pam17:25
tsaopyou'll have to recompile shadow and such though17:25
*** tilman has joined #crux17:45
brian|lfsdo I still need a /etc/pam.d file17:58
tsaopbrian|lfs: no, not needed once you remove pam17:58
brian|lfsok what else besides shawdow need to be recompiled17:59
tsaopall those in the readme file for pam17:59
tsaopmaybe more17:59
*** toriso has joined #crux17:59
brian|lfsyou mean Pkgfile17:59
tsaopthe readme talks about shadow, openssh and vsftpd18:00
tsaopprobably more, according to what you have installed18:00
brian|lfsguess not a huge issue18:01
brian|lfsbecuase something trashed my whole var on my main machine18:01
tsaopdo you have some script in place?18:02
brian|lfsso reading my main machine then will be installing plsma18:02
brian|lfsnot sure I was half a sleep last night what happened18:02
tsaopmaybe something went wrong18:02
brian|lfsbut was having issues with synergy18:02
tsaopmaybe a variable that wasn't supposed to be empty18:02
brian|lfsso was trying to recompile avahi and it said I had no /usr/var folder lol18:02
brian|lfsthen it was like you have no /var/lib/pkg/db18:03
tsaopthen you realized18:03
brian|lfsstrange I had my whole var after installng plasma18:03
brian|lfsright now just backing up data so I can do the crux reinstall18:04
tilmanbrian|lfs: you are using fakeroot to run pkgmk, yes?18:04
brian|lfsno I need to18:04
tilmandon't _build_ stuff as root.. can be dangerous )18:04
brian|lfsI was having a werid issue using fakeroot18:04
brian|lfsit wouldn't let me run prt-get as myself18:05
brian|lfsand I follwoed the wiki on crux18:05
brian|lfshad creatted the pkgmk user and all18:05
brian|lfschromium keeps failing on me some gcc bug it says to report it to gcc18:05
jaegeryou only use fakeroot for the pkgmk command, the others (pkgadd, pkgrm, sh) use sudo instead18:05
*** dougiel has joined #crux18:06
brian|lfsso it was working correctly then18:06
brian|lfsbecuase if I did sudo prt-get it was fine18:07
jaegerno, I mean in prt-get.conf18:07
brian|lfsyes I know what you mean18:07
jaegeryou don't need to use sudo yourself, prt-get invokes it for you18:07
brian|lfsoh ok maybe somethign was goffy then18:07
brian|lfsgot time finally need to open my new toys18:09
brian|lfsif I die from too much watts or heat nice knowing you all its been a wonderful time18:09
*** well_laid_lawn has joined #crux18:15
brian|lfscrazy starts at 60W18:17
brian|lfsyuck my flash drive is dieing18:34
*** pidsley has quit IRC18:34
*** tsaop has quit IRC18:46
*** tsaop has joined #crux18:48
*** arcetera has quit IRC19:28
*** arc___ has joined #crux19:29
*** arcetera has joined #crux19:30
*** ivs has quit IRC19:45
tilmanconfigure:13756: checking for working mmap19:47
tilmanconfigure:13913: result: no19:47
tilmanokay then!19:47
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux19:54
brian|lfshey tilman polkit is trying to build with systemd libs19:58
brian|lfs129) has joined19:59
brian|lfsconfigure: error: ConsoleKit autoconfigured, but systemd is in use (missing libsystemd-login pkg-config?)19:59
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC20:02
*** john_cephalopoda has joined #crux20:02
brian|lfsok polkit needs --enable-libsystemd-login=no in the Pkgfile20:05
*** admincomplex has quit IRC20:09
*** admincomplex has joined #crux20:12
brian|lfslooks like dbus-32 needs xorg-libx11-3220:23
*** pejman has quit IRC20:25
*** pejman has joined #crux20:25
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