IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2016-03-13

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tired_laptophey guys01:31
tired_laptopI just noticed "delete gtk-chtheme", orphaned port or other reason?01:31
tired_laptopI use it frequently..01:31
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jaegertired_laptop: lxappearance01:41
jaegeris the reason01:41
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tired_laptopjaeger, cool. thanks01:45
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joacimlxappearance seems nicer than gtk-chtheme02:35
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Wildefyrit is02:51
korijoacim: it is02:58
joacimi guess it isnt then02:59
piecesofquietit is03:00
joacimwell, when you tell me it is, that means it isnt03:11
joacimit is usually the opposite of what people say it is03:12
joacimeveryone is a fanboy03:12
korijoacim: I'm a customization expert03:14
koritrust me,03:14
korithis IS better than gtk-chtheme03:14
piecesofquietif i'm ever using a gtk app (very rare), it's what i use03:15
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joacimjust edit the gtkrc by hand03:28
joacimdo it once, use for years =)03:28
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piecesofquietwhat do i need to do to get unicode characters to work properly03:46
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brian|lfshello all05:08
piecesofquiethell brian05:18
piecesofquiethello oops05:18
piecesofquiethow's the reinstall going?05:18
brian|lfsits about done it was done almsot before I went out05:20
brian|lfsI made my self a pkgmk user and all05:20
brian|lfsabout to fireup plasma05:20
piecesofquietcool bananas05:30
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brian|lfsvery confused05:44
brian|lfsmy xorg.conf file isn't working and it worked before my being forced to reinstall05:44
brian|lfsoh duh I know what the problem is05:47
brian|lfsthere isn't one except need to plug my video cable into the correct card duh05:47
piecesofquietyeah that might help a little05:50
piecesofquieti think i finally got my browser to work after 3 days of failing05:51
piecesofquietnow i just need mpv to stop not making sense05:51
brian|lfsnot the cable and I have the same hardware as before jsut get an error fail to initilize screen06:02
brian|lfsdoesn't really help06:02
brian|lfsdo I need to rebuild all my xdrivers or something06:03
piecesofquieti don't know, i've only been properly doing this for about a week06:03
piecesofquietenabled in the kernel?06:03
brian|lfset AllowEmptyInitialConfiguration if you want the server06:08
brian|lfsguess I can try that06:08
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brian|lfsto many video cards lol06:18
brian|lfsI had the hdmi cable plugged into the wrong card06:18
brian|lfsdon't care how hard you try probably not going to work06:19
piecesofquietoh my god you're a special snowflake06:19
brian|lfsnah just burnt out from rebuilding my system06:19
brian|lfsits funny sddm was close to segfaulting06:21
brian|lfsits a good distro but needs patience06:22
brian|lfsI've built so much stuff that I use myself but not necessarily anyone else06:22
piecesofquietyeah, i don't know why i enjoy using it so much when i've spent most of my time building dependencies so far haha06:23
brian|lfsso what browser you have issues with for 3 days06:26
brian|lfsI know Chromium seems to be broken but my port of the same version works and I can't see a difference between the 2 that would of broke it06:28
brian|lfshmmm never heard of it06:34
piecesofquietqtwebkit wasn't building properly06:34
brian|lfsya qtwebkit never builds06:34
piecesofquietit's like dwb/vimb/all those other webkitgtk based browsers06:34
piecesofquietbut qt and thus much more stable06:34
brian|lfswatching my transfer rate get slwoer and slower restoreing my backup06:35
piecesofquietoh dear06:35
brian|lfsnow it jumped backup strange06:35
brian|lfsmust be a crappy switch06:36
piecesofquieti think you're the first crux user i've met not using wmutils06:38
brian|lfswhats wmutils06:39
piecesofquietoh wow okay06:39
piecesofquietit's a set of scripts written by z3bra as a wm replacement06:40
piecesofquietso you can make a custom keyboard-driven environment06:40
brian|lfsoh ok06:40
piecesofquietit's cool06:40
brian|lfsI'm legally blind can't see well so probably be bad for me06:40
piecesofquietah okay06:40
piecesofquieti think plasma was what i used as my first de with arch06:43
piecesofquieti liked it06:43
brian|lfswe have a user that has a whole repo for it06:46
brian|lfshes still working out miner kinks06:46
brian|lfsnot sure why he doesn't have it in the protsdb06:46
brian|lfsI need to figure out what the app is that lets skype and other thigns show on the taskbar very annoying if you hit the X you can't retrieve it06:47
piecesofquieti didn06:50
piecesofquiet't even there was a skype client for linux06:50
brian|lfsyup there is its in binary yuck06:50
brian|lfsand with GCC5 if you compile qt4-32 bit with GCC5 skype just segfaults06:51
brian|lfsRomster, is convienced he will get it to work without compiling qt4 32 bit with clang06:51
piecesofquietyou can do it Romster my fellow countryman06:52
brian|lfsahh just compile it with gcc 4.806:52
piecesofquietthat sounds like you're accepting defeat to me06:54
piecesofquietthe source is not strong in you06:54
piecesofquietoh i just thought of another terrible joke06:59
brian|lfswow my user pkgmk can't compile chromium I get permissiond enied06:59
piecesofquietwhat happened to the program when he came up against some trouble in life06:59
piecesofquiethe segfaulted on all his loans07:00
brian|lfsdid you make that up or hear it07:00
piecesofquietnah made it up07:00
piecesofquietthank you finance course for inspiring me07:01
brian|lfsI might have to turn the sandbox off to compile chromium how lame07:02
piecesofquietit wouldn't work for me when i tried as root earilier today, but that's a different problem07:03
piecesofquietvery lame07:03
brian|lfsI recompiled python resolved permissiond enied07:05
brian|lfsat least thats what the log says07:05
brian|lfsok switching boxes be back in a few07:10
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piecesofquiethuh that's weird07:11
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piecesofquietwelcome back07:11
brian|lfseasy as pie07:11
piecesofquietwtf python why would you do that07:11
brian|lfsjust copy my hexchat config from one box to thenext07:11
piecesofquietpython not you using python07:11
piecesofquietthat's easy hah07:12
piecesofquietwhat client do i use07:12
piecesofquieti can't remember07:12
piecesofquietoh yeah, irssi07:12
brian|lfsbad forget your client07:12
piecesofquieti've only been using irc for as long as i've been using crux07:12
brian|lfsso do you use pulseaudio07:18
brian|lfsjust curious becuase I get yelled it in here for usign it people are like its crap07:19
brian|lfsand I've never had luck with just alsa and multilple audio devices at the saemtime07:19
piecesofquieti don't07:31
piecesofquietalsa only07:31
piecesofquieti've never got pulse to work properly, except for in funtoo where it worked without being installed07:31
piecesofquietthat was weird07:31
brian|lfsI've runs o many distros can't count them all07:32
piecesofquietonly thing i'd need it for would be for games, because steam uses pulse for the microphone07:32
piecesofquieti haven't done that many07:32
piecesofquietlike, 6 or 707:32
brian|lfsI think it would be itneresting to do LFS again and use prt-get and pkgmk and all as a package mangement for it07:33
piecesofquieti spent 3 hours on an lfs build the other day before i reinstalled crux only for it to break and wipe the partition it was on07:34
piecesofquieti'd probably add pacman if i had a choice because i'm a scrub07:34
brian|lfsstrange firefox is compiling and not throwing a fit lol07:35
piecesofquietfirefox is a fit07:35
piecesofquieti've had nothing but bad experiences with it07:35
brian|lfsI've had lots of thsoe with archlinux07:36
brian|lfsbut there have been much more stable as of late07:36
brian|lfsya they ust to relase stuff as non testing and break your system good07:36
piecesofquieti've never had that happen to me, and i've used it for about a year in total07:37
brian|lfswell it was years ago I was using it more07:37
brian|lfsbut ya they would update an X lib or whatever then its like why am I getting a black screen or programs not working lol07:38
piecesofquietthey've probably tried harder to not do that because of it's increasing popularity07:38
piecesofquietwow top devs haha07:38
brian|lfsthe initrd woudl every other tiem not boot my system that was int he apst year07:39
brian|lfsI installed dracut and made anothe initrid and it just worked lol07:39
brian|lfswould like to knwo why there are no previews of my backgrounds07:40
brian|lfsits annoying have to hit each one and apply to see what it is07:40
piecesofquietin plasma?07:40
brian|lfshave to yell at tsaop joking07:41
brian|lfsI'm sure its a compile switch or lack of one somewhere07:41
brian|lfscould be a bug07:41
brian|lfslots of bugs in the early going07:42
brian|lfsof Plasma but there getting rid of them pretty dam quick07:42
Romster;O=D chromium and firefox built already07:42
brian|lfsFirefox compiled fien for me but thanks07:42
brian|lfsissue is chromium07:43
brian|lfsbut I have a prebuilt package somewehre07:43
piecesofquietthat's good, the more working ports the better07:43
brian|lfsI saw someoen saw my irc message today about polkit and fixed it07:44
piecesofquietRomster: i got qtwebkit to 99% work finally07:44
jaegerpiecesofquiet: I also don't use wmutils07:45
brian|lfsdidn't know something coudl work at %9907:45
Romsterso what did you do and where is the Pkgfiles  or patches?07:45
Romsteri'm using tint207:45
jaegerbrian|lfs: I have some pulse-related stuff in my repo07:46
jaegerpulseaudio, pavucontrol07:46
brian|lfsI ahve pavcontrol and paprefs07:46
brian|lfsmade them both from scratch lol07:46
piecesofquietjaeger: so people like you and brian do exist!07:46
piecesofquietRomster: i don't actually know how i got it to work haha07:46
brian|lfswell I like audio in my virtual machine07:47
brian|lfsand the acsoveride don't seem to be able to pass my sound card07:47
brian|lfsI have to think it only gives a crap about video cards no clue07:47
brian|lfsbecause its able to separate my video card from the other video card with no issue07:48
brian|lfsI know there are a lot of haters of pulse in here but it just works for me not srue why everyone else has problems with it l07:50
brian|lfsI know why romster hates it because he needs jack07:50
brian|lfsshit if I need jack I would just go to a bar or store and buy it07:51
jaeger <-- no wmutils in sight in this screenshot!07:52
Romsteri have a bottle of that too07:52
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piecesofquietjaeger: no most definitely not. Is that MATE?07:53
jaegerIt is. I use MATE or i3 most of the time.
tilman2003 just called? ;)07:53
piecesofquieti was using xmonad up until crux,07:53
brian|lfsdoesn't look too bad07:54
tilmanjaeger: what terminal font is that?07:54
brian|lfsdon't it have composite for my blind ass07:54
jaegertilman: terminus07:54
brian|lfsdoes it I mean07:54
tilmani'm using terminus. might explain why i like yours :|07:55
jaegerbrian|lfs: marco (MATE's WM) does compositing and I use compton for the i3 side07:55
jaegertilman: /highfive :D07:55
tilmandidn't realize it's the same o_O07:55
piecesofquietbrian|lfs: stay away from what i'm using, it's tiny07:56
jaegerNeither of them support zoom natively, though, I believe07:56
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jaegertilman: technically it's terminess-powerline for vim-airline... but it looks mostly like terminus07:57
brian|lfsat least your honest piecesofquiet07:57
piecesofquietthat's not what i meant you bastard :P07:58
brian|lfsI meant you wm07:58
brian|lfsnot sure what your thinking07:58
piecesofquietof course07:59
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brian|lfsdo we have anyone idele they may timeout so we can get back to 69 people08:02
brian|lfsI like 6908:02
xeirrrjaeger: you changed i3status?08:02
brian|lfsmost of the people in here I don't knwo them they never talk08:03
brian|lfsare they spys for the NSA08:03
jaegerxeirrr: i3blocks08:03
tilmanno the NSA08:03
tilmannot* the NSA08:04
xeirrrjaeger: looks nice08:05
brian|lfsQuesiton if I pass my phone to a VM will I be able to flash it08:06
brian|lfsI would think that should work08:06
brian|lfsI bricked my phone good but can get into download mode08:06
piecesofquietit's worth a shot08:12
brian|lfscan't be anyworese lol08:14
z3brasup there?08:15
brian|lfsnot much08:16
piecesofquietoh it's z3bra hello08:16
piecesofquiethow's the progress on your distro?08:18
z3braon hold08:18
brian|lfswhats the name of your distro08:19
piecesofquietfair enough, i was reading through your gopher messages today and the idea of it seemed cool08:19
z3brait doesn't have one08:19
z3brait's not working yet08:19
z3brathe idea is not really different from many other toy distros out there08:20
brian|lfsis it going to be the distro that installs each package to a different folder08:20
z3brastali, morpheus, snowflake, sabotage, ...08:20
piecesofquietonly other one i'd heard of was stali, i'll look into the others08:21
z3brafor now, I'm trying ti build all the packages08:21
brian|lfswe should do that make every port install toa  different fodler screw everyohne up good08:21
z3brayou should take a look at gobolinux08:21
z3brathat's what it does08:21
brian|lfsya I know read about it before08:22
z3braI like the idea as well08:22
brian|lfsso you run crux08:22
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brian|lfswow everyone pass out08:44
tilman3:1 ;)08:46
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: dbus-32: 1.10.6 -> 1.10.809:09
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: xorg-videoproto-32: 2.3.2 -> 2.3.309:09
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: llvm-32: 3.7.0 -> 3.8.009:09
piecesofquietoh that's cool09:09
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Romsteri'm sttill around09:11
piecesofquieti didn't know crux bot did that09:12
piecesofquietthat's a neat idea09:12
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux09:13
tilmanthat's _all_ it does :]09:13
piecesofquietstill cool tho09:14
Romsterit's only job is that09:15
Romstertime to bump wine when it's doen building all it's deps09:15
piecesofquietthank you for doing your singular duty, cruxbot09:16
piecesofquietwhat do you use wine with?09:16
piecesofquietslash for09:16
Romstersteam mostly09:16
piecesofquiethow's your performance?09:16
Romsteryes i got steam for windows in wine and steam for linux.09:16
Romsterit's ok on bejewled 309:17
Romsterlike i don't notice a thing09:17
piecesofquiethahaha intense gaming09:17
Romsteri tried age of empires II it had a few issues09:17
piecesofquieti might try set it up at some point for visual novels09:17
Romsteri got bigger games but i really haven't got into those.09:17
Romsteri play starbound and cities on native steam09:18
piecesofquieti tried to get csgo working, but with no sound it's incredibly hard09:18
piecesofquieton arch, haven't tried on crux09:18
tilmanwhy no sound?09:18
piecesofquietsomething to do with pulse09:18
tilmanexport SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa09:19
tilmanthere, i fixed it for you09:19
Romstereh i don't use pulse and i got sound09:19
piecesofquietdoesn't work09:19
tilmanmake sure it's in the environment of the steam script!09:19
Romstersteam recently got updated with newer alsa libs09:19
piecesofquieti think in game sound works, but i need the mic and that needs pulse even with alsa set as the driver09:19
Romsterso have you tried recently?09:19
tilmantry opening a terminal, set the variable, then start steam in that term09:19
piecesofquietnot on crux no09:19
tilmanmic doesn't need pulse09:20
tilmanyou might have to update to steam beta though09:20
piecesofquietsteam seems to think it does09:20
tilmaniirc the stable release uses too old alsa libs/api09:20
piecesofquieti'll give it a go once i've pass'd all my passwords09:20
tilmanremoving the asound libs from steam runtime directory might fix it as well09:20
Romsterpulse is only needed if you want to set sound levels for every application independently09:20
tilmani'm successfully using mic and sound in steam and don't have pulseaudio09:20
Romsterthe libs got updated to the later alsa libs tilman09:21
Romsterlike a few days ago09:21
Romsterin steam09:21
piecesofquietshit not a terminal oops09:21
tilmanRomster: you mean even in the stable release? not just the beta?09:21
Romsterpassword: :D09:21
piecesofquietnot happening >.<09:21
Romsteruh not sure if it got backported09:21
piecesofquietmy password is very secure09:21
Romsterbut steam stable has the new alsa libs now09:22
Romsterwine didn't change anything despite the bug reports on steam sound.09:22
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piecesofquietwait how do we install steam i got a .deb from the site09:22
Romstersome path leak to /etc/asound.conf09:22
tilmanpiecesofquiet: there's a port in the portdb09:23
piecesofquiettilman: i can't find it?!?!?! :c09:25
Romster still got that sandbox chromium bug though09:25
Romsterso the store wont show09:25
tilmanguess the "proper' url is
piecesofquietokay got it <309:28
piecesofquietoh man this license looks whack with broken unicode09:29
piecesofquieterror with libgl09:31
piecesofquietdo i have to get that from the compat ports, because steam's weird that way?09:31
Romster Pulseaudio driver corrupts ALSA microphone input in native TeamSpeak09:32
Romsterdid you install wine with prt-get depinst wine?09:32
Romsterand did you enable the compat-32 ports first?09:33
Romsteralso llvm and llvm-32 updates break ABI so your mesa3d and mesa3d-32 probably need a rebuild.09:33
piecesofquietjust doing the ol' ports -u now09:33
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piecesofquieti don't use lvm so i might be okay09:33
Romstermv  /etc/ports/compat-32.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/compat-32.rsync09:34
Romsteractually you are using llvm for mesa09:34
piecesofquietyeah i did that just then, just finished syncing09:34
Romsterif your not using mesa itself though09:34
piecesofquietoh llvm whoops09:34
Romstersome apps still use the mesa libraries09:35
Romsterand edit prt-get.conf and enable the prtdir line for compat-3209:35
Romsteri just pushed llvm-32 btw too09:35
Romsterports -u ; prt-get sysup ; prt-get update -fr `revdep`09:36
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Romsteri would rebuild mesa32{,-32} for good masure after llvm{,-32} updates. since it's a compiler. revdep might not pick up on the change.09:37
piecesofquietwill do09:38
Romsterreally only affects radon and intel drivers in mesa though09:38
piecesofquietof which i am using neither, but never hurts to be safe i guess09:38
Romsterbut still i don't like the idea of possible broken things09:38
Romsteri use ccache so rebuilds are faster.09:39
Romsterand all my docker containers share the same cache09:39
piecesofquietyou're a wizard09:40
Romsteri tinker to much09:40
piecesofquietthat doesn't seem too hard09:41
Romsternope easy as09:42
Romsterfist time builds are a bit slower though by a few seconds on a SSD09:42
piecesofquietyeah that shouldn't be problem09:43
Romstermost of the time the source only differs a little between versions09:43
Romsterhmm yeah revdep does pick up on mesa3d09:47
piecesofquietokay easy09:48
Romstersince th elibrary of llvm changed from 3.7.0 to 3.8.009:48
Romstercrux doesn't do hand holding but it's trivial to fix09:49
Romsterfar better than being abstracted so deep it makes no sense where the issue is.09:50
john_cephalopodaIs there a high-res (preferable svg) crux logo aviable anywhere?10:02
Romsteri think we need a new crux tux that one looks drunk10:02
piecesofquietisn't that the point?10:02
piecesofquietshould hold a logo competition10:03
tilmansource for the logo is
piecesofquietoh it's all so early 2000's10:05
Romsternot much recent10:06
piecesofquietthat hurts my head that kind of 'art'10:06
piecesofquietmakes me think of an incredibly loud dial-up tne10:06
Romster um ok10:07
piecesofquietyeah i just saw that10:07
piecesofquieti'm going to browse some unixporn to undo the headache10:07
Romsterhmm has anyone tried weston in wayland yet?10:20
Romstermight still be too early10:23
piecesofquietrevdep didn't work10:33
piecesofquietgot a command not found10:33
Romsterwell then install it10:41
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep10:41
Romstermade coffee10:41
piecesofquietssssshhhh i didn't know we could do that10:42
Romsterthat is why i am showing you.10:42
piecesofquietthank you very much m'lord10:43
Romstergive a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.10:43
Romsterthat applies here too.10:43
Romsteryou should browse the man pages and help / -h / --help of commands when you are bored or need to find stuff.10:44
piecesofquietokie, i'll do that tomorrow10:47
john_cephalopodagive a man a fish and you feed himi for a day; teach a man to fish and within just a few years you have giant trawlers killing the whole fish population. ;þ10:52
piecesofquieti think there were more than a few years between the start of fishing and trawlers10:52
piecesofquietbut i could be wrong10:52
john_cephalopodaWell, depends on your definition.10:53
john_cephalopoda"A few years" = "A geologically short time"10:53
john_cephalopoda"It's very young stone! Only 5 million years young!" :D10:54
piecesofquietdon't go getting cheeky with me10:54
john_cephalopodaAnyway, having a high-res or even svg version of the crux logo would be nice.10:55
john_cephalopodaIt's not simple though, the logo is nearly impossible to vectorize10:56
piecesofquietdo either of you use st10:58
tilmanno, it sucks10:58
piecesofquietsucks less10:58
piecesofquieti can't quite figure out the colors in config.h10:58
piecesofquietso i might just have to edit my base16 colour scheme file again10:59
tilmanyou might be too retarded for suckless (sic) software ;)10:59
piecesofquietbut like the colours are there, but it still has those horrible standard burn-your-eyes-out colours11:00
piecesofquietlike the "bright" ones11:00
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: exim: enable IPv6 support11:46
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.12011:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.14611:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dropbear: update to 2016.7211:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: scite: update to 3.6.411:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mc: update to 4.8.1611:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [NOTIFY] expat: update to 2.1.1, includes security fix for CVE-2015-128311:46
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piecesofquietRomster are you still alive11:54
piecesofquietsteam won't start11:54
Romsterin wine ?11:54
piecesofquietno, just the port11:55
piecesofquieti get a libGL error11:55
Romsterdo you use nvidia?11:55
piecesofquietno not at the moment11:55
Romsterinstall nvidia-32 if so11:56
Romsterwhat are you using?11:56
piecesofquietnouveau atm11:56
Romsteryou need a 32bit video driver as well.11:56
Romsterok so you should have that in mesa3d-3211:56
Romsternot sure why.11:56
piecesofquieti've installed that tho11:56
Romsterbut i start steam like this11:56
RomsterWINEDEBUG="fixme-all" WINEPREFIX="/home/romster/.wine-steam" wine "C:\\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe"11:57
Romsteri made it's own WINEPRFIX for it.11:57
Romstersince i got a few.11:57
Romsterso what exactly libgl error?11:57
piecesofquietthat's it, it just sits at that11:58
piecesofquiet"libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast"11:58
Romsterhmm probably need a 32bit version of xorg-xf86-video-nouveau11:58
piecesofquieti can't find one :c12:00
Romsteri'm making one12:00
Romsterreally it depends on xorg-server that is hard to believe.12:01
Romstercan you do a finddeps xorg-xf86-video-nouveau12:03
piecesofquieteudev, glibc, libdrm12:03
Romsterconfigure: error: Package requirements (xorg-server >= 1.8 xproto fontsproto libdrm ) were not met:12:04
Romsterhmm i might need a few extra 32bit packages -_-12:04
piecesofquieti can just try with nvidia drivers, if that'll be easier12:05
Romsteri'll see how many i need once this depinst is done12:06
Romsteri'd be curious how good that driver is12:06
piecesofquietthe nvidia one?12:06
piecesofquietit's been fine when i used it on other distros12:06
piecesofquietnot great for intensive stuff12:07
piecesofquietbut for like12:07
piecesofquiethotline miami it works fine12:07
piecesofquietwell has worked12:07
Romstersteam is 3d heavy12:07
Romsterwell some games are on it12:07
tilmanwhy would you need a 32 bit ddx12:09
tilmanthat sounds very wrong12:09
piecesofquietbecause valve linux support is meh if it's not steamOS12:11
piecesofquietand even then i'ts dodgy12:11
tilmanblah blah12:11
tilmanand more blah12:11
tilmanyou need a 32 bit version of your DRI driver and of libGL, ie mesa12:12
tilmanthat's it.12:12
*** onodera has joined #crux12:13
piecesofquieti've got those tho12:14
piecesofquietactually not 32bit nouveau12:15
piecesofquietas we discussed before12:15
tilmanhang on12:16
tilmanare you complaining about steamforlinux or about steam running in wine?12:16
piecesofquietnative steam12:17
piecesofquietnot wine12:17
tilmanthen you won't need a 32 bit ddx12:17
tilmank, thx and bye12:17
piecesofquietthen why is it complaining >:(12:17
Romsterugh i thought you were running steam in wine12:24
Romsterand you might possible still need that lib?12:24
piecesofquieti told you i wasnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:25
Romsterbut there is mesa3d-3212:25
piecesofquietwhich i've installed12:25
Romsteri don't know how nouveau works12:25
piecesofquietokay, i'll try get nvidia working then12:25
Romstertilman, xorg-xf86-video-nouveau is Nouveau graphics video driver12:25
Romsterand supplies nouveau_drv.so12:26
john_cephalopodaSteam is horrible.12:26
Romsterno it isn't12:27
piecesofquietyeah that's why it's the most widely used game distribution platform12:27
john_cephalopodaIt supports DRM.12:27
piecesofquietoh noooooo12:27
piecesofquietwhat doesn't?12:27
john_cephalopodaIt isn't open-source.12:27
john_cephalopodapiecesofquiet: Gog.com12:27
Romsterwhat if he has games already12:28
piecesofquietyeah but then you get codes that you just redeem in steam12:28
john_cephalopodaAnd it doesn't let you install a game without having the client.12:28
piecesofquieti like it, it works12:28
piecesofquiet...on windows12:28
john_cephalopodaAnd Portal 2 didn't work on Linux when I tried it. Although it was advertised as available.12:28
john_cephalopodaIt just didn't download an executable.12:28
piecesofquietin native steam or wine?12:28
Romsterah just go with nvidia and nvidia-32 for now12:28
piecesofquietRomster: yeah i am12:29
john_cephalopodaNative steam.12:29
Romsteri'd have to make a ton more deps for xorg-xf86-video-nouveau-3212:29
Romsterincluding xorg-server-32 -_-12:29
Romsterand then i don't know if that is even required as tilman says12:29
Romsterit's not the best john_cephalopoda but there is good games in there.12:30
Romsterstarbound citeis for skylines native in steam for linux12:31
Romstersure it's on a steam platform and closed source....12:31
Romsterbut fuck if i am waiting for lincity-ng to fucking get finished -_-12:31
john_cephalopodaAlso steam uses a protocol, that is UDP but has TCP features. Which means, that when you got steam, you are the big player in the wlan.12:31
john_cephalopodaOh, we are talking about the games and not the client?12:32
Romsterthe client is needed to launch the games12:32
Romsterand install them.12:32
john_cephalopodaYeah, and the client sucks pretty much.12:32
Romsterthough i have launched starbound without the client in linux before.12:32
john_cephalopodaAlso most steam games are crap, although it has some of the best games.12:32
piecesofquietit has csgo so i'm stuck with it12:33
john_cephalopodaGreenlight was a horrible idea.12:33
Romsteri tried t install oregin so ic an get my red alert 2 in wine to work and nope.12:33
piecesofquietoh yeah there are heaps of shit ones12:33
Romsterbut nope steam wont have that12:33
Romstercsgo has a toxic community all salty people12:34
piecesofquiethey i'm not salty12:34
Romsterwell you may not be but there is many out there.12:34
piecesofquieti make sure to always play with friends though12:34
Romsterwatch a few streamers on twitch playing cs:go12:34
piecesofquietactually not playing until i've finished Dks3, so like 2 months of12:35
Romsterthat's fine but who's the other team12:35
*** tsaop has joined #crux12:35
piecesofquieti only watch non-salty streamers12:35
piecesofquietyou just mute the other team haha12:35
piecesofquiettsaop: welc12:35
onoderathe steam clinet sucks pretty hard, I kinda gave up on it, and only play humble bundle games now12:35
Romsteroh the streamers arn't salty it's the other team in cs:go that is12:35
tsaoponodera: some steam games are also playable stanadlone12:35
onoderait's just such a hassle to install and launch and all12:35
Romsteri havne't had any issues in steam other than the recent chrome sandbox issue in wine12:36
tsaopso you could just fire up the client to download and do updates12:36
onoderatsaop: yeah I know, but you still gotta have steam installed12:36
tsaopfor steam chat you can use pidgin and so on12:36
Romsteror teamspeak or discord12:36
onoderaalso there was this bug a while ago where steam deleted everything in ~, and it affected me12:36
tsaoponodera: i built a 32bit arch chroot inside of crux just for that purpose12:36
Romsteri should be running steam in a docker container.12:36
piecesofquietdo i have to do anything special to enable the nvidia drivers, or just reboot12:36
tsaopso that i do not install 32bit libs onto the system12:36
piecesofquietteamspeak is great12:36
tsaopand mumble?12:37
Romsternope piecesofquiet jsut edit /etc/Xorg.conf12:37
onoderatsaop: hm that's pretty smart12:37
piecesofquietchroot's are too hard for me >o<12:37
*** toriso has joined #crux12:37
onoderabtw, does anyone here use both compton and nvidia proprietary driver?12:37
RomsterSection "Device"12:37
Romster    Identifier     "Device0"12:37
Romster    Driver         "nvidia"12:37
Romster    VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"12:37
onoderathanks tsaop12:38
Romsteror use /usr/bin/nvidia-xconfig12:38
Romstersudo /sbin/depmod -a12:38
Romstersudo gl-select use nvidia12:38
Romsterlog out and back in to X12:39
onoderaI always generate my config with xconfig, so far never had any problems12:39
Romsterafter installing nvidia and nvidia-32 of course.12:39
tsaoponodera: also my wrapper script for launching steam:
tsaopchange accordingly12:39
Romstertsaop, i am interested in that.12:39
tsaopit should work12:39
tsaopalso use something like Xnest, if it complains12:40
Romsteri'd be inclined to make a docker container and mount a volume for the steam storage12:41
tsaopRomster: probably better12:41
piecesofquietRomster: i don't have nvidia-xconfig lel12:41
tsaopthough I'd have to recompile my kernel and install docker12:41
piecesofquietokie back in a mo12:41
*** piecesofquiet has quit IRC12:41
Romsterpiecesofquiet, prt-get depinst nvidia nvidia-32 gl-select12:42
Romsterwould have to have X in docker and attach to the screen for that.12:42
tsaopRomster: would it be doable? never used docker12:42
Romstersomeone may have already made a image for it12:43
Romsteryes it's doable12:43
Romsterand wine one too
*** piecesofquiet has joined #crux12:44
piecesofquietwelp now x won't start12:44
Romsterpiecesofquiet, prt-get depinst nvidia nvidia-32 gl-select12:44
Romstersudo /sbin/depmod -a12:44
Romstersudo gl-select use nvidia12:44
tsaopoh, the joys of ditching catalyst and using radeonsi with decent performance12:45
Romsterthen restart X12:45
tsaopno more fiddling with catalyst12:45
tsaopno more kernel version problems12:45
onoderanow that I think about it, the nvidia driver is the only nonfree package on my system12:45
tsaoponodera: nouveau probably still sucks12:46
onoderaI wish nauvoau (or however it's spelled) had better performance12:46
Romsteroh yeah and every time you do a kernel update you need to gl-select use xorg force rebuild the nvidia driver and switch back to nvidia and depmod -a12:46
piecesofquietoh hooray for trying to remember to that haha12:46
piecesofquietwill write it down12:46
tsaopyou'll get accustomed to it12:47
onoderaYou'll learn it after a few times12:47
onoderalike running lilo after a kernel update lol12:47
tsaopjust force yourself to upgrade the kernel after every point release so that you rebuild it often12:47
onoderawell that was till I figured out the kernel supports make install12:47
Romsteri think there is a README for that12:47
Romsterprt-get cat nvidia README12:47
tsaopprt get readme nvidia?12:48
Romsteryeah same thing12:48
Romsteri was looking at the footprint jsut before12:48
Romsterprt-get cat nvidia .footprint12:48
onoderaor even oldschool cat /usr/ports/opt/nvidia/README12:48
Romsterso i didn't think to use prt-get readme nvidia12:48
piecesofquietthere we go, safely saved12:49
tsaopI just upgraded xorg to 1.18.2 and firefox has a reddish tint to some elements12:49
tsaoplike youtube controls12:49
tsaopis this normal?12:49
Romsternvidia updates rmmod nvidia install new one depmod -a start X12:49
Romsterjsut saves rebooting.12:49
onoderanot having that problem tsaop12:49
onoderaalso running 18.212:49
tsaopmaybe some video drivers problem?12:50
tsaopor tied to the llvm upgrade?12:50
onoderaI'm updating llvm right now12:50
Romsterthat would be weird tsaop did you perhaps need to rebuild your video driver or other stuff in prt-get readme xorg-server12:50
onoderatakes forever man12:50
Romsterthough if it starts it's probably not broken12:50
tsaopRomster: trying now12:50
frinnsttsaop: I actually noticed that too12:50
tsaopfrinnst: will also try with the amdgpu driver12:51
frinnstwhat gpu do you use?12:51
*** piecesofquiet has quit IRC12:51
frinnstah, amd here too12:51
Romsteri wonder if there is a colour map issue like flash has12:51
tsaoptrying with amdgpu12:51
tsaophold on12:51
*** tsaop has quit IRC12:51
frinnstit went away after I updated firefox to the latest beta version - but it might have had something to do with the recent gtk3 update too12:51
Romsterwasn't that a result of using system cairo than the one included with firefox?12:52
Romsteror was that a font rendering issue12:52
onoderais it even possible to build ff with system cairo12:52
frinnsti've never seen this issue before12:52
onoderait has always crashed for me when doing that12:53
onoderasince 38 or something12:53
frinnstnot sure if you can with the latest version12:53
frinnstbut mozilla did some changes to the bundled version and using the upstream code results in random crashes12:53
*** kori has joined #crux12:54
Romsterfirefox is going down hill with adds and phone home crap12:55
*** tsaop has joined #crux12:55
Romsterwonder if we should go with palemoon12:55
tsaopalso tried modesetting driver12:55
onoderaI'd heavily recommend seamonkey12:55
tsaopprobably something related to mesa/llvm12:55
*** piecesofquiet has joined #crux12:56
onoderaunlike palemoon it has an addon converted which works amazingly (and a lot of addons are just nativly supported)12:56
Romsterif any of it reports rebuild them12:56
piecesofquietso i had another card in my system, and that fucked with it12:56
piecesofquietremoved, rebooted, worked fine12:56
Romstergot a Pkgfile of that onodera12:56
piecesofquietbut no internet, rebooted again and nvidia didn't load12:56
onoderait can be build with both gtk2 and 3, uses cecko as backend, so it's html5 capabilities and all are up to par with firefox, it just doesn't make huge interface changes every other version, has no hello, pocket, ect.etc.12:57
Romstereh you just gotta set something somewhere to set the correct screen<number)12:57
onodera Romster12:57
Romsterah that collection12:57
Romsteri'll give that a try12:57
*** piecesofquiet has quit IRC12:58
Romsteri am getting unhappy with firefoxs adds and search suggestions and other crap12:58
onodera and a gtk3 version if thats your thing12:58
onoderathis one still depends on gstreamer though, gotta fix that.12:59
Romsterit uses it's own directory in my $HOME than firefox does?13:00
Romsteror will it clobber the same directory13:00
onoderayes it does13:01
onoderainstead of .mozilla/firefox13:01
Romsterok that's fine13:02
Romsterseamonkey looks strangely the old mozilla suite?13:02
onoderait is heh13:02
Romsteri used to use the old mozilla suite before firefox came about.13:02
tsaopI miss the old "communist" mozilla logo13:02
Romsterwas just called mozilla back then.13:03
tsaopwith the red dinosaur13:03
Romsterthat was good13:03
onoderaIt's really customizalbe (like firefox) though, if you are not a fan of the oldschool look13:03
Romsterlooks don't bother me as much as the constant UI changes13:04
Romsterget used to one thing and the bloody change it.13:04
Romsternot to mention the /features/13:04
tsaopJust wait for Servo to become usable13:04
Romsterwhat's next the ribbon menu to firefox?13:04
onoderaI'm betting on netsurf over servo13:05
onoderaor rather, backing13:05
Romsteri'm looking forwared to servo but they are making a new language rust just for it.13:05
*** piecesofquiet has joined #crux13:05
Romsterso i dunno if it'll be like firefox or not in crap that no one wants.13:05
Romsterlike the hello option13:06
Romsterskype for hello next?13:06
Romsterthe browser is turning into a OS13:06
onoderalast time I build servo it didn't work anymore though13:06
tsaoponodera: I built it a week ago13:07
tsaopmore or less worked13:07
tsaopbut it was very buggy13:07
Romsterseems some don't like webkit?13:07
tsaopalso tried the GPU assisted rendering backend13:07
onoderatsaop: I'm pretty sure I saw some benchmark vid of that13:07
piecesofquietso uhh, my k key doesn't work in straight terminal anymore, and it's still loading nouveau13:07
onoderaservo running at 60fps, whilst webkit and gecko ran around 15fps13:08
piecesofquieti dont like webkitgtk, crashes galore13:08
tsaopRomster: I don't like it because it makes my qt5 builds take 40+ min instead of a few minutes13:08
tsaopand on top of that, KF5 requires both QtWebKit and QtWebEngine13:08
*** piecesofquiet has quit IRC13:10
Romstereh webkit is still in development13:10
Romsteri'd expect it to be slow and crashy13:10
Romsterit's not as mature yet13:10
Romsterif they keep working on it and fix it all up.13:11
onoderaAlphaGo running on Ubuntu, heh13:13
Wildefyrwell the /interface/ is13:22
*** onodera has quit IRC13:22
RomsterWas building elinks from source, found (I think) an interesting easter egg?13:23
*** piecesofquiet has joined #crux13:25
piecesofquietnouveau isn't even installed and it's loading over nvidia ;-;13:25
*** piecesofquiet has quit IRC13:30
Romsteroh yo need to blacklist nouveau so it don't load13:31
*** onodera has joined #crux13:42
*** piecesofquiet has joined #crux13:43
piecesofquietfigured out i had nouveau compiled into my kernel13:44
piecesofquietso took that out and i think nvidia's working now13:44
piecesofquieti could start X at least13:44
Wildefyr alls well that ends well13:52
piecesofquietexcept that steam is made of diagonal lines of black squares >.>13:54
piecesofquietbut that's okay13:54
piecesofquietit's something13:54
*** piecesofquiet has quit IRC13:59
*** piecesofquiet has joined #crux14:00
piecesofquietseems the black squares are a wmutils thing, openbox works fine with it14:00
Wildefyrwmutils and steam work just fine over here14:01
piecesofquietit's fine, i don't plan on using it that much14:03
*** tsaop has quit IRC14:11
*** ivs has quit IRC14:19
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*** ileach has quit IRC14:24
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*** ivs has quit IRC15:34
*** onodera has quit IRC15:44
*** onodera has joined #crux15:44
jaegeronodera: compton+nvidia works fine for me15:51
*** ivs has joined #crux17:34
*** blueness has quit IRC17:37
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*** ileach has joined #crux17:43
tilmanteK_: is there a good reason why opt/clang doesn't include their static analyzer, scan-build?17:45
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux17:58
*** heroux has quit IRC18:43
*** arcetera has quit IRC18:49
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joacimi shut down the wrong machine :S21:25
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