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elderKHey guys, is anyone else having trouble building Qt4?02:30
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elderKAnyone? :)02:34
jaegerNot I02:34
jaegerThen again I'm not trying to build it :)02:34
jaegerPerhaps it would help if you mentioned *specifically* what your trouble is02:35
elderKI will once the error message arrives again. :)02:36
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brian|lfsWorkster, seems skype doesn't work anymore witht he new clang that came out the past week lol02:36
brian|lfsfortunately I had a copy of qt4-32 on my other machien installed tht and all is fine.02:37
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elderKWeird. Built this time.03:39
elderKMaybe some unmet dependency that isn't listed.03:39
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elderKGuys, has anyone had any luck building Virtualbox on Crux 3.2?05:23
elderKIt needs GCC <= 5.x.y05:23
elderKI see that there's a GCC48 port. Is it safe to install side by side with GCC5?05:24
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elderKWorkster: Any ideas?05:39
brian|lfswow they need to make a new virto.sio for vritual windows installs the vfio drivers are crap05:51
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elderKbrian|lfs: virto.sio?06:13
elderKI was hoping to use virtio-net06:13
elderKAnyone able to build VBox with GCC5x?06:22
elderKOr at least, safely install GCC48 alongside GCC5x06:22
elderKFor reference, it seems safe for GCC48 to be installed SxS.06:47
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yourname_hi all08:03
jonny1is some one here?08:07
jonny1help if you can...08:08
brian|lfswhats the problem try to help quickly before I go to sleep08:08
jonny1I use gentoo now, and I want to try crux, but I want install crux from chroot can I do this?08:09
jonny1I can not find any wiki how to do this, can u give me some link ?08:10
brian|lfsno there isn't one08:10
brian|lfsbut I can't give the short way of doing it08:10
brian|lfsdownload the crux iso and mount it08:11
jonny1this is will be good.08:11
brian|lfsand there will be a tools fodler in there a package called prt-tools08:11
jonny1already done08:11
brian|lfscopy that and extract it08:11
brian|lfsthen go into the crux fodler and there will be 3 folders core opt and xorg08:11
brian|lfsand do the follwing in each folder08:11
brian|lfspretty much. yeah. create <path>/var/lib/pkg and touch <path>/var/lib/pkg/db first. that's the db for pkgadd to use08:12
brian|lfs for p in *; do pkgadd -r /mnt $p; done08:12
brian|lfssorry its pkgutils the name of the package same difference08:12
brian|lfsmount all your file systems and make the about path and file08:13
brian|lfsthen do the bottom command in each folder core crux and xorg08:13
brian|lfsthen after then chroot the gentoo way or you will ahve issues when you get to comping your kerenl08:13
brian|lfsthen just follow the normal install guide08:14
jonny1I think kernel I can use my08:14
brian|lfsnot sure if you will be booting crux but either way the above will work08:14
brian|lfsI've had to do it the way I just mentioend becuase I'm legally blind and my nic doesn't work until kernel 4.408:15
brian|lfswhich isn't on the ISO08:15
jonny1ok, thanks, I try to do this08:17
brian|lfsThe install wiki isn't bad but they should write one for doing a side install liek this or whatever you want tto call it.08:18
jonny1my rootfs (/usr) in gentoo 30Gb now, and I want make it less, because I cannot upgrade any program, so I want to try crux for boot system and for my WM (dwm), all other X programs like (office, web, etc..) I will run from other chroot OS like (arch)08:21
brian|lfs30GB /usr you must have a lot of apps08:23
brian|lfsgparted would be the way to resize08:24
brian|lfsdownload like system rescue CD or soemthing08:24
jonny1not need08:24
brian|lfsbut if your going to chroot just pick a location08:24
brian|lfsor you could use docker08:25
brian|lfsdocker is pretty cool for testing08:25
brian|lfsand you can make different dockers for different applications08:25
jonny1and LXC I use also08:26
brian|lfsbut good night getting some sleep08:26
jonny1good night and thanks08:27
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piecesofquietfyre new unixporn meta?10:05
piecesofquietfuck not terminal oops10:09
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piecesofquietWildefyr: which switches has your poker got?11:10
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piecesofquietWyldefyr: fyre is fire, i'm enjoying it wayyyy more than straight wmutils14:41
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teK_tilman: wrt the scanner: I started to lookinto it, dont remember why I stopped. :-)19:59
teK_not deleting it intentionally iirc19:59
tilmanteK_: i also learned there's clang-check, but tbh i'm not sure how it relates to scan-build20:11
tilmanclang-check is installed with our port20:11
teK_it's in cfe fwiw20:13
teK_rebuilding to see if it can be easily installed20:13
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WildefyrAt what time does the portdb get synced?21:17
teK_07:00 UTC+121:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to 38.7.021:45
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