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Wildefyrdrove him too insanity clearly00:00
brian|lfsbe back in a bet testing something for work00:01
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Wildefyrbut I didn't get to place a bet!00:02
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brian|lfsso much for my test got tired on waiting for my email to download00:32
Wildefyrdocker package seems to be broken for me00:58
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jaegerno problems with reiserfs here. maybe not using -march=native would fix it01:51
jaegeror -std=gnu89 or something01:51
WorksterWildefyr, install btrfs02:14
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juereiserfsprogs works for me too09:38
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: vim: update to 7.4.1579, enable cscope support12:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gvim: update to 7.4.1579, enable cscope support12:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dovecot: update to 2.2.2212:14
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frinnstoh joy - fsck13:01
frinnstext4 asdf13:01
onoderadoes anyone here use some default .config kernel file?13:07
onoderaif so from where?13:07
frinnstmost hardware are different13:08
nogagplz_could always just steal a config from somewhere like arch and prune it a bit13:08
onoderayeah that's what I'm doing atm13:08
onoderaI used to use my own before, but I've always been kinda scared I disabled some important stuff13:09
koriI use my own13:19
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onoderaahh thanks make localmodconfig + arch kernel config13:38
onoderathat was really eay13:38
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frinnstjust make sure your bootloader can load the old config if the new one fails13:44
frinnstthen experiment away13:44
frinnsti usually run "make modules_install install" - that will obviously install the modules and copy vmlinuz to /boot and rename the already existing kernel to vmlinuz.old13:45
frinnstso I have an entry in my grub config to boot vmlinuz.old too13:46
jaegerdoes the install target still run lilo?13:46
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frinnstmy office is starting to get toasty - 26.1C14:04
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jaegerthat's a bit warm14:11
frinnst~30C is normal during summer14:12
frinnstmy office works like a greenhouse14:12
WildefyrWorkster, cheers, forgot to install btrfs-progs14:15
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onoderahi, the keyboard doesn't work in the newest arch iso14:43
onoderaI knew this problem existed in some older iso but got fixed14:43
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jaegeryou might be better off asking in the arch channel15:03
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brian|lfswhy you asking in a CRUX channel lol16:42
brian|lfsoh they left nevermind16:42
onoderahmm the new vim is crashing with a sigabrt17:22
onoderait's reproducable as well, open a Pkgfile, create a for loop, hit enter to create a new line, hit enter again to close the loop with a done17:23
onoderabam it crashesh, it probably has something to to with auto indentation, anyone experiencing the same prolem?17:23
onoderaI think it's better if we switch to an older vesion since this seems like a pretty serious bug for a core pkg17:38
onodera7.4.1558 introduces the bug17:41
brian|lfsdon't get it qt5 keeps failing on me with no error it just stops17:44
brian|lfsI usually use nano which is a bad idea for Pkgfiles17:45
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brian|lfshey nano is as good is pico17:46
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frinnstbrian|lfs: you could try building it with -j120:00
tsaopfrinnst: building qt5 with -j1?20:00
frinnsthehe yeah, but it would probably show his error a bit more clearly20:01
frinnstthe error comes pretty early anyways20:01
tsaopfrom the logs, it just stops abruptly20:01
tsaopmaybe some external cause?20:01
tsaopdmesg is clean?20:01
frinnstI assumed it was truncated20:01
tsaopcould be20:01
brian|lfsnot sure just did a revdep on my system trying qt5 again20:06
tsaopbrian|lfs: and qt 5.6.0 is scheduled for being out soon20:06
brian|lfsI see you have been updatign plasma 5 the past few days tsaop20:06
tsaopwhat joy20:06
tsaopbrian|lfs: upgraded frameworks yesterday and applications today20:06
brian|lfsso you going to make your mirror public on the portsdb20:06
tsaopobviously, no testing or whatsoever20:07
tsaopjust bumped the version20:07
brian|lfsoh and it did work the lockscreen without pam20:07
tsaopbrian|lfs: i set kcheckpass with SUID root20:07
tsaopnot sure how that fares security wise20:07
brian|lfsgood point tsaop still some dep orders to fix before going non testing20:08
brian|lfseverything compiels but if installing plasma from a clean install still some dep ordering to work out20:08
tsaopbrian|lfs: tried it a few days ago by doing frameworks meta, plasma meta and applications meta20:09
tsaopmostly worked20:09
tsaopexcept for a missind dependency20:09
brian|lfsmostly yes few bumps20:09
tsaopstill not perfect, obviously20:09
brian|lfsI sill need to clean out my package fodlers and uplod my packages wrote a bunch of 32 bit crap and a Pkgfile for firestorm20:10
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: Revert "vim: update to 7.4.1579, enable cscope support"20:49
onoderathis fixes it as well20:52
onoderabtw vim has a retarded realse thing going on, for pretty much every single commit there is a new release!?20:52
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frinnsti dont know. I let jue mess with vim :D22:56
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