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jefeyaycool yeah i've read through that. first issue was with the 'module i915 not found'. tried all the suggestions i could find with no luck (some from the Arch pages). then decided to try compiling the latest stable kernel which is supposed to fix the trackpad issue so was hoping that would do the trick. that resulted in an error related to init/built-in module error. i think the main problem is my lack of experience but after years of distro hopping think00:16
jefeyayCrux is what I'm looking for. Will keep trying and thanks for the help :)00:16
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jaegerjefeyay: usually "module blah not found" means it wasn't built in the current kernel config00:35
jaegerdid you verify that i915 was enabled?00:36
jefeyayi did modprobe to find it but it was not found.00:49
jaegeryou could also run 'find /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -name i915.ko' and see what turns up00:49
jaegerthough I suspect it'll be nothing00:50
jaegerDo you have /proc/config or /proc/config.gz?00:50
jefeyaytried this recommendation: did not find the i915.ko. I do have /proc/config.gz00:53
jaegertry 'zgrep -i i915 /proc/config.gz'00:53
jefeyaywow cool never used that. does not show up. so i guess that means i did not enable something before compiling? thanks jaeger this is all new stuff for me.00:55
jaegerdoesn't show up at all or shows up as not set?00:55
jefeyaydoesn't show up at all. thought I read something about that being part of mesa and needing to configure Xorg but having info overload right now so can't remember the exact details.00:56
jaegeryeah, that config.gz is a copy of your currently running kernel config00:56
jaegerso if it doesn't show there it's not enabled (missed during compile, yes)00:56
jaegeryou can also search for it in 'make menuconfig' by hitting / and then typing i91500:57
jaegerThat will tell you where to find it in the menu system as well as what it depends on00:57
jefeyayvery cool you rock00:57
jefeyayi see it00:57
jaegeryou most likely also want to enable the i915 KMS option00:58
jaegerI think it's required by the x driver these days anyway00:58
jefeyayshoot i see an option that is already enabled 'Intel 8xx/9xx...' that is already enabled01:00
jaegerok... if that was enabled but NOT in /proc/config.gz it means your running kernel isn't the same one as the one you're looking at in menuconfig01:01
jefeyayoh yes I started to try a different kernel version and used zcat to copy the config. then it failed. hmm i tried 4.5 you think i should try other kernel versions? or maybe i have a mess now and need to start over...01:03
jaegersince the kernel you're running is already running I'd suggest starting with that one01:04
jaegerSo maybe zcat again, enable i915 in menuconfig, and build that one01:04
jefeyayguess i'm a bit confused because the 'Intel 8xx/9xx....' option has been enabled since the beginning.01:07
jaegerIt isn't in your running kernel, though. /proc/config.gz doesn't lie, that comes directly from the running one01:07
jefeyaygotcha i'll try rebuilding01:10
jaegerwhich bootloader are you using?01:10
jaegerwas it EFISTUB?01:10
jefeyayyes that's it01:10
jefeyayboots to console in a flash then startx gives me the error01:11
jaegerSo are you copying the new kernel after you build it to your ESP?01:11
jefeyaythe first time i copied it to the ESP using the 'bios' utility and that got me to boot. since then i haven't succeeded in building other kernel versions. i'm sure i did some silly error.01:14
jefeyayactuall no i copied it using the Crux instructions then used the utility tool to enable it01:14
jaegeryeah, that sounds more correct... the uefi's tools usually just set up the order rather than do the copying01:15
jefeyayok trying the build again. thanks again, much appreciated.01:16
jaegerno problem, good luck01:16
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tired_laptopgit fails to update with error: undefined reference to `SSLv2_client_method'01:40
jaegerrebuild curl and maybe git01:43
Romsterrebuild curl git and python due to openssl bump01:56
koripossibly wget too01:56
Romsterif you use python that is01:56
Romsterah i don't think i saw a issue with wget but it may need it too01:57
Romsterthe openssl symbol change in function does not get detected by revdep01:57
koriwget needs to be rebuilt every time libressl is updated01:58
koribut libressl != openssl (thank theo for that)01:58
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sq271tired_laptop: i had the same issue, it has been at the bottom of my todo list for a few days.02:24
sq271'prt-get update -fr openssl wget curl git python' solved it.. thanks to jaeger,Romster,kori!02:25
koriI debug so you don't have to!02:26
tired_laptopcheers all :)02:35
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brian|lfshey all05:47
brian|lfsstrange question but doesn't bother me just ignore it why does my grub screen jump when I boot up lol05:52
brian|lfsjust does it on one machine05:52
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: samba: update for new perl version06:53
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: nasm: update to 2.12.0110:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: hpcups: update to 3.16.310:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: icu: force using gcc to compile10:27
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Wildefyrpoor bob15:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libreoffice: 5.1.0 -> 5.1.122:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: postgresql: make post-install idempotent22:12
frinnstwow, there is an american company called "assmann"22:21
frinnstyou would think they would have had second thoughts about that name22:22
DaViruzin the adult entertainment business?22:22
frinnstnope, they make cables22:22
jaegerPerhaps it was founded by a german person?22:23
teK_I think so, and they do batteries and loading devices, too22:23
frinnstback to daredevil s02!22:25
joacimi think that company lay some mighty fine cables22:26
teK_horace and pete22:31
teK_they sell no mixed drinks22:31
teK_but how can they stretch the alcohol???22:31
teK_I am so puzzled22:31
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frinnsttelevision magic23:29
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