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piecesofquietWildefyr: how would i setup the grid in fyre so that all of the gaps are equally spaced? I can't the bottom row to equally spaced compared to the top 3.01:42
piecesofquiets/windows/gaps for that first sentence01:42
piecesofquietIt's just that when i move windows down to the bottom, they seem to run ouf of space, if that makes sense01:43
Wildefyrpiecesofquiet, yeah I know01:43
WildefyrI've been meaning to fix it01:43
Wildefyrit's hard getting the correct sizes and gaps01:44
Wildefyrthe horizontal align works fine at the moment01:44
Wildefyrit's just the vertical grr01:44
piecesofquiethorizontal works fine yeah01:44
Wildefyrthanks for reminding if I have to fix something else01:44
Wildefyralso let me know if breaks for you01:44
piecesofquietI got it to work fine with a TGAP of 0, but then i have no status bar01:44
piecesofquiethaha your welcome01:45
piecesofquietwill do!01:45
Wildefyryeah, it's down to the way the and work01:45
piecesofquietyou're using 16:9 yeah?01:46
piecesofquietnot that that should be a problem, but just ruling that out01:46
Wildefyrbasically if in doubt, just try and make sure no odd numbers are being produced01:46
Wildefyrthat was also something I forgot to account for in the past01:46
Wildefyrdoing 3 tier layouts is incredibly annoying and will leave an extra pixel gap somewhere01:47
piecesofquieti'm doing 8x4 at the moment, extra horizontal adjustments are nice01:47
piecesofquietor 4x8, not sure. More columns than rows01:48
Wildefyrah I see01:48
Wildefyrit's usually width then height if you're confused..01:48
piecesofquietah cool thanks01:48
piecesofquiet8x4 it is then01:49
Wildefyrah gottcha01:49
piecesofquietapart from that admittedly neglible problem though, I'm really enjoying using it though. Great work.01:49
Wildefyrthanks :>01:50 is broken atm01:50
Wildefyrneed to update the arg grabbing01:50
piecesofquieti haven't looked into that part of it too much, i don't have a left alt currently programmed into my keyboard aha01:50
piecesofquietit does seem cool though01:50
Wildefyrit is cool :)01:51
Wildefyrbut I am alittle biased01:51
piecesofquietonce i get avr development working on crux, i'll delve into it more01:51
piecesofquieta little ;)01:51
piecesofquietatmel chips, like arduino stuff01:52
Wildefyrah right01:52
piecesofquieti need the compiler and libc for it to work so that i can build and upload the firmware to my keyboard01:52
Wildefyrpesky keyboards...01:53
piecesofquieti could always boot into arch to do it, but that's admitting defeat01:53
piecesofquieti just need binutils to stop being silly01:53
piecesofquieti'll try later when i'm at home, i can't remember the error i was getting01:54
piecesofquietsomething about unlinking01:54
Romsteronodera, looks cleaner than my old patch. i'll look into using that for my personal stuff. but ideally we need to use pgp01:54
Romsteris down again?01:59
piecesofquietit is for me01:59
Wildefyrsadly so it seems02:00
Romsterdamn it i was trying todo something and thought my net was down02:00
Wildefyrissues with the host recently?02:00
Romsterno idea02:01
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brian|lfsanyone besides me having to run gl-select and switch to xorg and then back to nvidia?04:37
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piecesofquietbrian, i ain't having to do that05:25
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brian|lfsit must be something to do with Plasma 5 then06:04
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onoderadoes anyone here use CFLAGS beised -march and -O2? also does anyone set their own LDFLAGS?12:14
onoderalike arch used fstack-protector-strong by default, any reasy I should use this?12:19
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RomsterCFLAGS="-O2 -march=amdfam10" LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-needed,-z,relro"13:21
Romsteris what i use13:21
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onoderaRomster: I can just set LDFLAGS in pkgmk.conf?13:29
Romsterbut be careful what you use13:32
onoderaI'm kinda proud of my prtpatch tool :313:35
onoderaIf anyone's interested:
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rmullonodera: Looks simple and useful14:22
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onoderaDOOT DOOT new nvidia drivers16:35
onodera@ jaeger16:35
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jaegeronodera: I don't see a new version currently17:54
onoderathat's weird, I swear I asw them before17:57
jaegerodd, wonder why it's not listed yet on the unix page17:58
koriI'm stuck with 340 forever17:58
kori :V17:58
jaegerkori: or until you upgrade hardware :)17:58
koriWhich will probably be never17:58
koriNot by choice17:59
jaegerwhy not?18:00
koriBrazil's economy kinda sucks right now18:01
koriI'm not sure I'll be able to get out of here18:01
jaegerAh, I've heard that computer hardware in BR is really expensive18:02
koriYeah it is :P18:02
jaegerSorry to hear it, bad economy is a real pain :(18:03
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korijaeger: at least my current hardware suffices for most tasks :P18:16
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Wildefyrnew nvidia driver is out, update?18:28
jaeger361.28 still seems to be the latest official18:30
Wildefyr ?18:32
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brian|lfshes correct I see 364.1218:35
brian|lfslooks like better wayland support18:35
brian|lfsAlso Valkan 1.0 support18:36
Wildefyrseems like their internal site searching sucks ass18:38
WildefyrI go to the driver page and it puts me on 361.2818:38
brian|lfsso is 364 beta18:40
WildefyrI don't think so18:40
Wildefyrno mention of beta anywhere on the page18:41
brian|lfsso they just suck need to fix their site18:41
brian|lfsits getting annoying waitng for my 3d printer to ship18:43
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jaegerI see that they've made 364.12 available but it's not the latest official released version from either the unix page or the search tool18:47
jaegerMight be it'll just take some time18:48
Wildefyrwell guess it's time to run my own port18:48
Wildefyrbeen waiting ages for them to release wayland support18:48
onoderamy xrandr/xorg only detexts up to 640x480, my resolution is 1920x108018:53
onoderaanyone ever had this problems before? if so is there a fix?18:53
jaegerWhat does the xorg.log have to say about the higher resolutions?18:55
onodera jaeger19:04
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onoderainitially it seems to detect the resolution19:04
onodera[  1006.256] (II) modeset(0): Not using mode "1920x1080" (vrefresh out of range)19:04
onodera[  1006.256] (II) modeset(0): Not using default mode "800x600" (hsync out of range)19:04
onoderahmm I generated my config with the nvidia xconfig file, but because of optimus bullshit it uses the intel gpu or something, I never understand19:06
onoderaanyways, I think someomething is wrong with the config19:06
jaegerYou probably need bumblebee19:06
jaegerI have no experience with optimus19:06
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onoderayay fixed it19:23
onoderak, now on to fonts and my laptop will be perfect19:23
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rmullI just got an xbox360 kinect to mess around with the openkinect project - this thing is awesome20:27
rmullJust using the MS development kit demos on my work laptop at the moment, but it's all super fun stuff20:28
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onoderahi cruxbot21:02
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onoderaHmm, so I have this hug dir full of fonts21:18
onoderaI copied it from my pc to my laptop, added it to my font path and all21:18
onoderabut for some reason it only detects the otf font, and not and pcf or ttf fonts... anyone know whats going on21:18
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