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piecesofquietI think I might have broken my system01:14
piecesofquietbinutils seems to have uninstalled itself, and trying to rebuild it gives me a "C compiler cannot create executables"01:15
Wildefyrmount the iso and use pkgadd from the compiled package from there01:19
piecesofquietworked, thanks a bunch of bananas01:21
piecesofquieti'll have to remember that, that's much easier than doing a reinstall01:22
Romsteror pkgadd the built package if you got that on your system already01:23
piecesofquieti tried to do that, but I got a "couldn't unlink" error01:24
Romsteri've broken my system trying not so safe gcc options. easy to keep a copy of good packages or the iso to update form should it break.01:24
Romsterwell it would have to be already built. it wont link without binutils01:25
Romsterremoving core ports is not advisable01:25
piecesofquieti don't remember removing it01:26
piecesofquietmaybe i did it accidentally at like 3 in the morning trying to get avr stuff to work01:27
Romstersomething must list it as a dependency?01:27
piecesofquieti think i might have removed it without thinking because it was causing some sort of error01:27
piecesofquietand i'm a bit stupid01:27
Romsterbrilliant lol01:27
Romsterbut yeah pkgadd off the iso saves reinstalling01:28
piecesofquietthank you crux for making sense and being understanding01:28
Wildefyrmaybe prt-get should provide a warning if removing a core port?01:30
Romstercrux is for experienced users, the user is expected to know this :)01:31
Wildefyrbut of course01:31
piecesofquietoh i knew it was important, i'm not THAT dumb. I just wasn't thinking01:32
piecesofquieti will endeavour to think harder when removing ports in the future however01:33
piecesofquietbecause that tops most of the retarded shit i've done01:33
Wildefyrreally ? you've never done rm -rf / then?01:34
Romstereh i've broken gcc a few times and not realised until after i've rebuilt most of my system01:34
Romsteror even "rm -rf / home/foo/bar"01:35
Romsternote the bad space01:35
piecesofquietthankfully not01:35
Wildefyr>not using ~01:35
piecesofquieti removed everything in my path once01:35
piecesofquietthat was fun01:36
Romsterpays to have a backup01:36
Romsterwell i did a rsync before and forgot about the .git directory and messed my git tree up.01:36
Romsterthat was dumb.01:36
piecesofquietsilly R0mst3r01:36
Romsterwe all did something stupid01:37
piecesofquietthat's how we learn!01:37
WildefyrI broke sysvinit once01:37
Romsteri always have backups01:37
WildefyrI don't even know how01:37
Wildefyrjust one day the init was broken :(01:37
Romsterso i just cloned it again01:37
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brian|lfshello all03:54
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brian|lfsnot much04:04
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jefeyayjaeger: thanks you were right about not building my kernel with the proper selections. X is working now :)14:14
jaegerGlad you got it working :)14:18
jefeyaymy next hurdle is to get my wireless and trackpad working. everything works when booting Ubuntu 16.04 beta, kernel 4.4.0. however, neither work with my builds for 4.4.6 or 4.5 and I have tried selecting all the options I can find related to my hardware.  Is it advisable to try to work off of the Ubuntu config? Is it more likely that I have NOT made the correct selections or do the big distributions come with their own patches?14:49
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jaegerI'd suggest using your own kernel config as the ubuntu one will include a lot of superfluous stuff14:57
jaegeryou can use lspci to find out some info about your wireless, most likely, and search based on that14:57
jaegeras for the trackpad, I'd guess something synaptics-related will do what you want but I'm no expert on those14:57
jefeyaycool I'll give that a shot14:58
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: vim: update to 7.4.163516:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gvim: update to 7.4.163516:24
onoderadoes "dxm" ever go on irc?18:05
onoderanvm, I mailed him18:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: nmap: 7.01 -> 7.1119:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: atk: updated to 2.2019:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk3: updated to 3.20.019:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: firefox: updated to 45.0.119:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: glib: updated to 2.48.019:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: at-spi2-core: updated to 2.20.019:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: at-spi2-atk: updated to 2.20.019:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk3: fixed footprint19:57
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gtk-theme-adwaita: updated to 3.2019:57
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frinnstgtk3 3.20 is pretty shit20:00
frinnstbut bleeding edge etc20:00
frinnstit fucks up themes. default theme scrollbar seems broken etc20:01
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onoderaany existing new stuff in gtk3?20:12
onoderafast update btw, nice20:12
frinnstexciting? no20:12
frinnstbetter wayland support and stuff like that I guess. stuff nobody ever uses20:13
onoderathe anti rice20:20
onoderawayaldn will completely kill seperate screenshot, keybind and magnifying programs20:21
onoderaand programs in similar noture, because EVERYTHING needs to be implemented by the compositor. the wm, the stuff i mentioned before, panels, everything20:22
z3braonodera, the only thing needed to "fix" this is a spec20:40
z3branot a big deal by itself20:40
z3brabut the wayland team messed up by not creating it themselves20:41
z3braleaving the spec creation to the community is the easiest way to end up with ~173 standards in the wild20:42
onoderayeah and even if there magically appears single layer everyone uses20:48
onoderathe tools you create for it still can;t be used on something like gnome or kde20:48
onoderasince they already pretty much proted their de and aren't gonna comply some different api layer all of the sudden, or it needs to be /massively/ used, which ain't gonna happen since the number of people who don't run a big DE is really small20:50
tilmangtk? more like firefoxtk right?20:52
tilmanor maybe gnometk20:52
tilmanfeels like its really following out of favor, but maybe that's just me20:53
z3brathat is why I think wayland made a huge mistake20:54
z3braby releasing the protocol/code before even thinking about a spec, they doomed themselves20:54
z3branow we pretty much have 3 specs20:54
tilmanwhat are those three?20:54
z3bra0. the "raw" protocol (aka, be creative)20:55
z3bra1. GTK20:55
z3bra2. Qt20:55
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joacimwhoever thought detachable usb cables on keyboards was a good idea is a moron22:40
joacimmove my keyboard a cm to the side and the keyboard drops out22:40
Wildefyrseems like it's a poor quality cable or keyboard then22:52
WildefyrI wouldn't buy a keyboard if it /didn't/ have a detachable cable22:53
joacimmini/micro usb is hell23:06
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joacimtheyre too fragile23:06
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Wildefyragreeded on micro23:06
Wildefyrmini is decent enough though23:07
Wildefyrthankfully phones are moving to type C which is bigger23:07
frinnstnot really that much bigger. but more robust23:17
frinnstbut you have to buy all new cables again..23:18
joacimi think the normal USB A plugs are fine23:34
joacimwish they were used everywhere23:34
joacimmini USB on a keyboard that you move around a lot becomes a bother after a while23:35
joacimif i get some new hipster keyboard, i'll get one without detachable cable23:35
Wildefyrwhat do you have at the moment?23:42
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