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jefeyayhi all. when booting i'm getting some errors including 'failed to load firmware' and a 'failed to fetch firmware'. searched and found some distro specific help but no luck yet. is this likely a big problem or something that can be solved in a reasonable amount of time?02:35
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jaegerwhat are the exact error messages?02:53
jefeyaydrm:i915_firmware_load_error_print] *ERROR* failed to load firmware i915/ski_dmc_ver1.bin (0)03:06
jefeyayis one03:06
jaegertry searching google for the error or the file it's asking for? I don't recognize that one03:07
jefeyaythere are a few more related to i915 and others to iwlwifi. i also noticed in the lspci output when running the Ubuntu beta, the module was named i915 but with another extension. thought that might mean something03:08
jefeyayyeah i've been at it all day. not sure what else to try.03:11
jefeyayappreciate the help though. i'll give it a shot on another machine.03:12
jaegerwith iwlwifi you can probably download the appropriate firmware file from the linux-firmware git treee03:31
jaegernot sure about the i915 one03:31
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piecesofquieti'm legitimately sad that i won't be able to crux my time away for a few months03:40
piecesofquietyou will be missed desktop computer, you were good to me03:40
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DaVinciwhats the story with sgid bits on all the ports?16:49
frinnstall the ports?16:51
DaVincieverything I rsync.16:51
frinnstdrwxr-xr-x 1 root root  48 aug  1  2015 patch/16:52
frinnstlooks ok for me16:52
DaVincidrwxrwsr-x  2  133  106  100 Mar 23 12:55 ruby16:53
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frinnstwierd umask?16:56
DaVinciYeah.....I don't have those perms assigned anywhere.16:57
DaVinciHigher folders don't have them.16:57
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DaVinciumask is 002216:58
jaegerWhat if you rsync the ports manually to a temp dir? same thing?16:58
jaegerDoes it happen for all repos or one in particular?17:00
DaVinciI tried inside and outside a chroot at a temp folder. copy and paste the line out of the ports browser and that is the result.17:01
DaVincirsync -aqz ruby17:01
jaegerI think that's correct, since it'd be getting the perms from the server17:04
jaegerthe ports rsync driver doesn't use -a, though17:04
jaegerit uses -crz17:05
DaVinciSo the ports database should maybe also use those args.17:05
joacimI'm not seeing any funky permissions on my end17:06
jaegerperhaps it should. does it actually cause any problems?17:06
DaVinciyes, because the build takes place under the synced folder, everything inherits the gid of the synced folder17:07
DaVinciso all my builds were getting footprint mismatches with a funky owner17:08
DaVincisometimes 101 and sometimes 10617:08
DaVinciusing -crz instead does make a better sync17:08
jaegerwhich ports does17:09
DaVincilots, at least for the last several months.17:09
DaVinciJust finally figured out why.17:09
DaVinciremoving the sgid bit, makes the build work right.17:09
jaegerBit of an odd issue, yeah. And I'd call it an edge case, too, since you were doing it manually rather than with ports, I guess17:09
jaegerWith that said, it's probably a change that should go into the portdb too17:09
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crash_evening :)19:05
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crash_DaVinci: having a good day?19:56
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Wildefyrevening indeed crash_19:57
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DaVinciYeppers, how was yours?20:02
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crash_yeah it was good, i have 4 days free now after 11 days of work so i can't complain :)20:22
crash_Yeah i had hoped of a free weekend but i need to get to my mother this weekend and strip down there's porch :(20:30
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DaVincicrash_: whats your native lang?20:31
crash_my native lang is swedish20:32
DaVinciis english as a second lang commom for the Swiss?20:34
crash_Yeah english is our second language, we start to learn it around 3-4th grade.20:35
crash_no switzerland here :P20:36
DaVinciIn the US, they try and make us learn Spanish.20:37
crash_beacuse of mexico?20:37
DaVinciYes, our silent conquerers20:37
crash_nice picture :)20:38
crash_DaVinci: I have never been to the US, but i have plans to go there some day.20:38
DaVincito was correct20:39
DaVincitoo is like also20:39
joacimyou should build a wall or something20:39
DaVincimight work.20:40
frinnstyes, very good idea20:40
DaVincibut what if they tunnel under?20:40
crash_like the berlin wall?20:40
DaVinciexcept about 100 times wider right?20:40
joacimmore like a nice moss covered stone wall you'd put around your yard20:41
crash_we need to build a tall wall, beacause of all the migrants too20:42
frinnstwalls are stupid20:42
john_cephalopodaKapten Sverige? The only german captain I could find is :D20:43
crash_Kapten Sverige wins :)20:46
john_cephalopodaWho would win: Kapten Sverige or Thor?20:50
crash_Kapten sverige no doubt20:52
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ivs_hey frinnst, what's wrong with gtk3 3.20? ~_~22:58

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