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teK_please comment00:03
Wildefyrseems good to me00:29
rmullHow might the third-party repo situation change with the introduction of signing?00:32
rmullRepo owners would be responsible for making their keys available through some side channel?00:32
rain1probably the web of trust?00:33
rain1can look them up on keyservers00:33
rain1I mean thats the normal way, hopefully it is what would be done00:33
rmullYes, but the users need to know how to get to the right keys00:33
rain1oh wait its' not GPG00:33
rain1so that doesn't work00:33
rmullI get a build warning about function 'getentropy' being implicitly declared. Is that normal?00:41
rmullSo if there are multiple devs committing to the same repo... do they share a single private key, since only one pubkey is distributed?00:48
rmullahh, I have so many questions.00:48
rain1I think they share it00:48
rain1it seems like the repo itself has the key, not individual developers/maintaners00:48
rmullThat's not ideal, right?00:49
rmullI might have liked the idea of git signatures a little better00:49
rain1I sent a mail to the list!00:59
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rain1hm another portable version of signify01:06
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tilmanHere's What Happens When an 18 Year Old Buys a Mainframe06:01
tilman^^^ click there for a good time :p06:01
koritilman: Ha06:02
koriI'm watching this right now06:02
kori10 mins in06:03
tilmanditto :p06:03
tilman"do you plan on selling the house _with_ the mainframe?"06:36
brian|lfsjunk hord06:40
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dlcusatilman, kori, brian|lfs: If you look up "tenacity"in the dictionary, you should find Connor's picture. ;-)08:34
koridlcusa: heh08:34
dlcusaI wonder if he's seen any video of the earthquake survivability testing those designs go through.08:35
dlcusaApparantly ESR saw the SHARE presentation video and sent him fan mail--blew Connor away that he'd do that.08:36
dlcusaKudos to those supportive parents.  At least he didn't buy a liquid-cooled model.  I'm waiting for the price of a z13 to get down there myself ;-)08:37
frinnst"20 Pallets Used Computer Equipment"09:06
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dlcusafrinst, nothing for the z890, though.. :-(09:14
dlcusaoops, the previous for frinnst.09:14
frinnstyeah I saw the talk, enjoyed it :)09:15
dlcusafrinnst, I do not see how any IT specialist could not enjoy that.09:16
frinnstwhat, the 20 pallets with random stuff?09:16
frinnstwhats not to enjoy? :)09:16
dlcusaAh, no, not that.09:16
frinnstoh sorry, seems i cant read either :)09:16
frinnstdouble negative, missed one :)09:17
frinnstLot of [10] Cisco Catalyst 3550 48-Port Switches09:19
dlcusaIf only IBM would come up with an approach to license the big iron software to hobbyists and students...09:21
dlcusaI believe they seriously underestimate what that would do for their marketshare over time.09:22
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dlcusaThey probably fear the potential for black hats to abuse that access more than the higher marketshare, though.09:28
dlcusaAh, more than they desire the higher marketshare, that is.09:29
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teK_rmull / rain1 the 'web of trust' would be provided by's portdb.. I added a column for the public key10:59
teK_i.e. maintainers simply can report them for integration11:00
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xeirrrteK_, so we replace md5 check with sha256? haven't checked gitweb yet11:14
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teK_I made a proposal, now is the time for suggestions and discussion11:19
teK_there is a branch 'signed' in gitweb which adds signify support to pkgmk, yes11:20
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Wildefyra copycat?16:12
tired_laptopwhat have we here16:15
tired_laptopthis is a nice coincidence16:15
tired_laptopor is it?16:15
Wildefyr"no I'm Wildefyr!"16:15
tired_laptopis the matrix collapsing ?16:15
tired_laptopabout time16:15
WildefyrI have a freenode account, that fella doesn't16:16
tired_laptophi there16:19
Wildefyrhello, my shadow self16:19
Wildfyrhello, alter ego16:20
tired_laptophow does it feel speaking to each other?16:20
tired_laptopalways wanted to have a philosophical chat with myself.. perhaps older version of myself though16:21
WildfyrEven I do ...16:21
WildfyrBut I wanna be the older one and talk to the younger one16:21
WildefyrNo, you're the younger one16:22
WildfyrThat's the problem16:22
WildfyrBy the way I use wmutils16:22
WildefyrOh really16:23
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tired_laptopplot thickens16:23
WildfyrYeah, currently using WMRC from arcetrea16:23
Wildefyrwho stole from me in the first place!16:24
WildfyrOh really16:24
tired_laptopWildefyr, be nice. How often do you meet a mirror16:24
tired_laptopyou two should exchange contacts16:24
WildefyrSomehow I don't think so16:24
WildefyrI don't really like myself16:24
WildfyrNor do I16:24
tired_laptopACTION grabs all16:24
tired_laptopgroup hug16:25
Wildfyr* quickly pulls away16:25
WildefyrACTION backs slowlyl away from tired_laptop, trying not to hurt his feelings16:25
tired_laptopWildfyr, since you are our distinguished guest, perhaps a short introduction is in order ?16:25
tired_laptopor like the old days, asl plz16:26
WildfyrOk, well I am just a new user who wants to try crux linux16:26
tired_laptopyou've come to the right place16:26
WildfyrI knew it!16:26
WildfyrWhat I didn't know was that my alter ego was here16:27
tired_laptopACTION googles wild(e)fyr to see if its from a movie/etc16:27
tired_laptopthis seems to be a unique name16:28
WildefyrI have been here from last October16:28
WildfyrI don't remeber when I joined IRC16:28
WildfyrI think a few months back16:29
WildfyrBe back in a min16:34
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WildfyrGotta go16:41
tired_laptoptake care16:41
Wildefyrcya, my shadow self16:43
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tilmanteK__: does your employer sponsor (some of?) your crux work?17:44
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DaVinciAnybody else seen an invisible scroll bar slider in firefox?19:21
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tilmanDaVinci: i see what you did there19:44
DaVinciYou can help me?19:46
jaegerI didn't see what he did there, it was invisible19:46
tilmanDaVinci: there was a now-reverted gtk update that was known to cause _some_ issues19:46
DaVinciYah yuah19:46
tilmannot sure if it influenced invisible scrollbars though19:46
DaVinciRegular GTK3 apps look find.19:46
DaVinciJust firefox acting weird.19:47
frinnstthe scrollbar was indeed invisible with 3.2019:54
frinnstports -u && prt-get -fr update gtk319:54
frinnstshould solve it19:54
DaVincigiving it a go.19:58
DaVincihappy happy joy joy20:04
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nwecool :) curl wttr.in20:19
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frinnstindeed :)20:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gdk-pixbuf: updated to 2.34.020:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 38.7.120:48
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