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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia: updated to version 361.4200:13
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nvidia-32: updated to version 361.4200:13
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brian|lfsI see I wasn't the same person that had the weird pasv connect error04:26
brian|lfson that package yesturday04:26
jaegerI couldn't duplicate it, myself04:27
brian|lfssomeone had to it was in the news letter04:33
brian|lfsI need to get a hold of whats his face thats been doing plasma not sure what the issue is but if you change your background there is no preivew of your backgrounds04:36
jaegercheck the Pkgfiles for maintainer?04:36
brian|lfsI meant Tsaop04:37
brian|lfswas drawing a blank been kind of sick all day04:38
brian|lfswow lol # Maintainer: Tsaop, leeroy at cock dot li04:38
tired_laptopbrian|lfs, I had that error too04:53
tired_laptopif that happens I usually just google for the file name and put it in the dist04:54
tired_laptopchecksum matches and upgrade proceeds04:54
brian|lfsthats what I did but it was very strange04:59
Worksteri don't know why that happens.05:09
Worksterdns seems fine but ftp must be checking mime types or something.05:09
Worksterfails with wget firefox and curl works fine.05:09
Worksteri mirrored the file to get around it.05:09
Worksterand changed the source.05:09
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brian|lfsnot a big deal was just rather weird how have you been Workster05:10
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tilman_teK__: i was asking because you used your work mail address when you committed it05:19
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Worksterflat out as per usual05:37
brian|lfsat least your not running to the toilet every 5 mins not fun at all05:39
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Worksteroh i would hate that and i've had that in the past. no fun at all.05:56
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nweurgh.. upgrade nagios 3.5 to 4 isn't funny at all, I got error but it dont tell me about what..  Error processing object config files! and the config it readed before I got that message is a define hostgroup statement..08:19
frinnstmore fun than dealing with windows group policies08:23
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nwehmm true :) but I dont get any information why it´s failing..08:26
Romsterrejmerge ?08:27
Romsteror nothing there for nagios?08:27
nweRomster: this is work stuff so no crux on these machines..08:28
tired_laptopnwe, lol08:29
tired_laptopwhats that supposed to mean?08:29
tired_laptopcrux not production ready? or you only run it at home :) ?08:29
Romsterprobably running centos or something at work?08:30
nweRomster: yupp08:31
Romsternwe, if you got docker at work you could run up a container with defaults and slowly add your current configuration until you find the offending line?08:31
Romsteror a VM08:31
Romsteror maybe there is a more verbose logging option08:32
nweRomster: I doing it already .08:32
Romsteri haven't used naglos08:32
nweI need more logging..08:32
nwebut I dont get more than that..08:33
Romsterno verbosity level setting anywhere command line/conf08:33
nweRomster: I running nagios -vvvv nagios.cfg but it dont print any line or something like that..08:34
tired_laptopearlier today I was looking for snmp monitoring tools08:37
Romstertried a full path to say ~/naglos.cfg08:37
tired_laptopneed one that can do active monitoring (trap) and is accessible via web interface.. FOSS preferred08:38
Romsternagios the infrastructure monitor that doesn't give you any logs about itself.08:39
Romsternagios -v /tmp/naglos.cfg08:41
Romstershould suffice08:42
nweRomster: yeah I that olny gives me Error processing object config files!08:42
Romsterhmm here is an idea run it under strace nagios -v ...08:43
Romsterit might at least say what the last config file it exited on08:43
Romstertired_laptop, this looks old but it may be that it is mature and needs no new updates
tired_laptopRomster, bookmarked. Cheers08:48
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Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, it would help if you highlighted the maintainer of that port so they can see it, or better yet edit the Pkgfile make it work with the patches and do a git patch or diff with patches and attach to flyspray or email the maintainer it.08:50
Romsterjust lucky i spotted that message in my backlog08:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.8510:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.1010:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gphoto2: update to 2.5.1010:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: whois: update to 5.2.1210:51
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rain1this situation with signify is really not ideal - it's a great program but how many forks are people maintining just to have it run on linux?12:50
rain1is there any chance of getting it portable upstream?12:51
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rain1shouldn't someone try to talk to the openbsd folks12:51
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Wildefyrtilman, git 2.8 is out13:16
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frinnsttilman is not maintaining git13:21
Wildefyrmisread the line13:22
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gzip: update to 1.713:25
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Wildefyrblast, is there no way to add packages when you're chrooted in to a fresh install?15:25
Wildefyrforgot to add grub and btrfs-progs from opt15:26
jaegeryou can do it from another VT15:27
Wildefyrah I really should have read the man page15:30
Wildefyr--root was the answer15:30
tilmanroot usually is15:37
rain1there's 10 different ports of signify15:44
rain1how do we get them to cooperate?15:44
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druid_droidiuupiii, at last I have a debian :D16:36
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sshbioHi there!  Thank to crux, I am being compiling the linux kernel for the first time.17:39
sshbioBut unfortunately, I am having some issue.  The `make O=/root/linux/ module_install install` failed.17:41
sshbioHi Wildefyr!17:42
Wildefyrmake && make modules_install is the command you want17:42
sshbioWildefyr: I followed the infos from the README, and advised to use an external dir for the compilation.  I will try this, many thanks!17:43
Wildefyrwhat README?17:43
Wildefyryou should be using the handbook for 3.217:44
sshbioProvided in the 4.1 source directory.  I will do this, thank you!17:45
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Wildefyrgah, I can't get my wireless card to show up in ip18:19
WildefyrI thought qualcomm Atheros cards were the best?!18:19
WildefyrI've compiled everything in the kernel under those two search terms18:19
tsaopWildefyr: does dmesg show something related to firmware?18:20
Wildefyronly thing it's showing is an 'Atheros L2 Ethernet Driver'18:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.5.118:24
Wildefyrah I may have found the correct drivers18:25
Wildefyrthe / in menuconfig is useless18:25
DaVinciI love that thing, what are you talking about.18:28
Wildefyryep got the right driver eventually18:30
jaegerthe search is very useful; whether or not the driver you want has a name or description that makes sense is possibly different :)18:33
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sshbioIt worked!  I compiled linux for the first time!  Now I am a real man...18:57
tsaopsshbio: now you must compile lfs18:58
sshbiotsaop: This is the next step...  :)18:58
tsaopsshbio: ...using musl and busybox instead of libc and gnu18:58
sshbioThe _first_ step was installing ubuntu instead of windows.18:58
sshbiotsaop: Like in morpheus OS and static linux (stali)?18:59
DaVinciYou didn't go straight to crux?18:59
tsaopsomething like that18:59
sshbioDaVinci: No I started with ubuntu -> debian (crunchbang) -> arch -> crux19:00
sshbioDaVinci: With a few switches backward from time to time (but not windows!)19:00
DaVinciI kid, I kid. I too toyed with ubuntu.19:01
DaVincis the beginning.19:01
sshbioI was wondering... Yes, long road ahead!19:02
DaVinciI for sure prefer Arch.19:02
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DaVinciWindows ain't so bad, as long as your not installing it, upgrading it or fighting a nasty malware infection.19:05
sshbioThe Arch linux authors wrote that they liked the crux distro and used it as an inspiration.19:05
DaVinciYeah, crux is pretty sweet. I like the completeness of Arch, but I love the simplicity of crux.19:06
sshbioDaVinci: One thing I do not like with windows is the lack of text mode.19:07
DaVinciThey have text mode now. had it for a few years.19:07
sshbioDaVinci: The same for me, even if I did not use it quite at all...19:07
DaVinciThey don't have an eco system of tools to make it useful, but it's there.19:08
jaegerwell, they're creating a reverse wine for windows 10 so it can run ubuntu packages, so there's that19:08
jaegerUnless that was an early april fools joke19:08
sshbiojaeger: Wow!19:08
frinnst10:16 <@frinnst>
sshbioDaVinci: I thought they killed it.19:09
DaVinciI also read that, sounds like a cut down cygwin19:09
sshbioThank for the links19:09
tilmannah, sounds like a revamped posix subsystem + linux abi emulator19:10
jaegerthat's why I called it reverse wine, kinda :)19:10
sshbioHow messy all of this looks!19:10
DaVinciAs long as windows 11 ships with it pre-installed, I'll says it's useful19:11
Wildefyrpeople just want ssh tbh19:12
Wildefyrsane ssh that 'just works'19:12
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DaVinciI will take 'find|grep|wget|cut|sed|awk'19:13
tsaopand the usual command line tools like grep, sed, awk, find19:13
tsaopDaVinci: exactly19:13
DaVinciand pipes, for the love of God, pipes19:14
tsaopdoesn't powershell have something similar?19:14
jaegerIt has some of those features, at least19:15
tsaopnever messed with powershell19:15
DaVinciLike dos is similar to unix19:15
jaegerfind, grep equivalents, not sure about all of that, though19:15
joacimms dos is pretty good i think19:15
joacima lot more fun to use than newer versions of windows nt19:15
DaVinciYou mean how you always have to specify your device and stuff.19:16
WildefyrI was born and raised on windows19:16
tsaopi sure loved remembering all those numbers for my soundcard to have sound in my games on dos as a child19:16
Wildefyryou don't realise how much control they have over you until you switch away from it19:16
DaVinci*pssst* I still use it, but don't tell anybody.19:16
DaVinciI love their word processor and game support, other than that, I can't do anything with it. Surfing the net with it, is pretty much out.19:18
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joacimremembering those numbers wasnt hard19:40
tsaopjoacim: in fact, I still remember those to this day19:41
joacimdefault settings usually works for most sound blaster compatible devices anyways19:41
tsaopfair enough19:41
joacimunless you configured your hardware in a funky way19:41
tsaopi simply tried every value until i got it working19:41
tsaopi was a child, no notion on how it all worked19:41
joacimonly thing i dont miss is having to free up memory all the time19:42
joacimusing different boot configs for no mouse, no cd, no sound19:42
DaVinciYeah, TSR's highmem, extended mem19:42
DaVinciFun stuff.19:42
DaVinciI was mesmerized by the disk defogger.19:43
tsaopi remember playing that blues brothers game19:43
tsaopand i used a program called PCTOOLS.EXE to browse directories19:43
DaVincicommander keen was box.19:43
DaVincidamn I hate spell checkers.19:44
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rain1does anyone have some thoughts about the issue of there being 10 implementations/ports of signify?20:02
rain1I do think chneukirch's one is best20:03
Wildefyranyone got any good info on where to start with cross compiling packages?20:05
DaVincicross to what?20:06
Wildefyranother x86 machine20:07
Wildefyrbut maybe arm later20:07
DaVinci64 to x86?20:07
Wildefyrx86 refers to the architecture, not the bit count20:07
DaVinci.....not quite.20:08
DaVinciLet me restate, x86_64 to i68620:08
DaVincix86 to x86 is not a cross20:09
Wildefyrsee my point, I don't know enough20:10
rain1what's different about the computers?20:10
rain1different distro ?20:10
Wildefyrdifferent processors from different intel architecture's20:10
DaVinciare they both 64 bit?20:11
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jaegerno cross-compiling should be necessary, then20:12
DaVinciyou should be able to run any package compiled on one to the other.20:12
jaegerfor x86_64 to arm you will need to, though20:12
Wildefyrwhat make flags are needed? any no no's?20:12
DaVinciunless you have gone in an changed the compiler optimization to some ludicrous high level.20:12
rain1wwell you might have problems with libraries if they are mising20:13
rain1so you could statically link20:14
DaVinciDefault 64 compile options should give you complete coverage on Intel and AMD back to 200320:14
Wildefyrokay I am guessing I can't do -march=native in my CFLAGS20:14
DaVinciVia, only back to 2008 or 09, can't remember when they stopped making 32bit chips.20:14
jaeger-march=native is dangerous in general20:15
DaVinciThat would get in the way of portability.20:15
Wildefyrjaeger, what general CFLAGS do you recommend?20:16
jaegerThe defaults that pkgmk uses, pretty much. They're very safe.20:20
jaegerIf you want to tweak for your specific CPU, that's fine, just don't expect it to run exactly the same way on all your hardware.20:20
jaegerAnd --march=native looks good in theory it often ends up causing weird edge case compile problem20:20
jaegers/it/but it/20:21
Wildefyrah okay20:21
jaegerI keep my flags pretty conservative as I tend to test things on multiple machines and build the CRUX ISOs, etc.20:22
jaegerDon't want surprises for a miniscule performance bump :)20:22
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DaVinciWildefyr: What your use case?20:23
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Wildefyrgot a slow ass laptop I want to compile stuff for20:23
DaVincix86_64 then.20:24
DaVinciSet your MAKEFLAGS="-j7" and call it a day.20:24
Wildefyrsigh sourceforge seems to be dying20:45
DaVinciSeems, nothing. It actually is dying. Been on a slide for at least 5 years.20:45
Wildefyrso much stuff is hosted there20:46
Wildefyrtrying to grab sources and it's just return errors20:46
DaVincimost good stuff has already mirrored to github.20:46
DaVincilooks like mostly just document and graphics libs are still there.20:47
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rain1>I forked exactly that repo and _really_ pulled everything from upstream. Chneukirchen hasnt. There is also a commit fixing a fixed path problem I wanted to have implemented mor elegantly.22:20
rain1does anyone have a link ot his repo?22:20
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