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john_cephalopoda17 crux packages from various repos fail to build...00:01
john_cephalopodapython3 from 6c37 is one of them00:02
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joacimwould be nice to know if any of them were mine00:09
Romsterjohn_cephalopoda does that mentions 1 port does not say whos the maintainer and often not the patches for it... or what port is failing because of a dependency.... use the bug tracker and provide more details.01:23
Romsterand or email the maintainer(s) of the affected ports with the error log.01:23
Romsteri'll run my own build tests.01:23
brian|lfsRomster, your python3 works01:27
brian|lfsso not sure who he would be referring to either01:27
jaegerhe did say the python3 from 6c3701:27
jaegerotherwise, yeah, not useful01:27
brian|lfsits ironic John has given me hell in th e past for not being specific01:28
brian|lfsabout things01:28
Romsterwho added libcgroup to opt... teK__;a=blob;f=libcgroup/Pkgfile;h=29e3fac46d1a37eece15ba22a7bae6f913ebce04;hb=c2f9196b6be6ea6d1be41ea0492b038ecce3fc9f01:40
Romsterwhere is the metadata for description url maintainer packager ...01:41
RomsterSun, 6 Dec 2015 12:03:4501:41
Romster3 months or so in opt like that. and no one's noticed the error report from
Romsteri don't see what uses that library. nothing in the official repos lists it as a dependency.01:44
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arceteraand arcetera was never to be seen again in #crux02:36
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Worksteri have no idea whom arcetera is or what (s)he is on about.02:46
rain1very dramatic exit02:48
jaegerkinda looked like "fuck you" to me02:56
Worksterthat is how i read it, but i haven't seen any test recently of that nick here... so i have absolutely no idea what that guys problem is.03:01
rain1he's probably just being silly dont worry about him03:01
jaegerno worries, if he doesn't like crux he doesn't like it. No need to justify it03:02
korihe installed OpenBSD03:03
rain1did anyone catch that mail on the ML03:03
korihe loves crux03:03
koribut he installed OpenBSD and so he left03:03
rain1>I forked exactly that repo and _really_ pulled everything from upstream. Chneukirchen hasnt. There is also a commit fixing a fixed path problem I wanted to have implemented mor elegantly.03:03
korijust saying03:03
korihe's cool03:03
rain1I was wondering if there was a link for that?03:03
jaegerIt's fine, just a dramatic way to leave the channel03:09
korijaeger: how DARE you03:28
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brian|lfswow I've seen arcetera late at night a few times03:30
brian|lfsbut not often at all03:30
rmullrain1: Pretty sure he was referring to
rmullIs that what you were looking for?03:32
rain1but that is by chneukirchen03:32
rain1it sounded to me like he thinks his thing is better than that03:32
rain1but he didn't provide a link03:32
rmullIt was posted on the wiki, but the wiki is currently down due to spam03:34
rmullSure thing03:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: wxpython: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: fltk: various bug fixes and visibility fix05:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: requests: 2.7.0 -> 2.9.106:04
Worksteri didn't forget jaeger ^06:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: setuptools: 20.1.1 -> 20.6.706:06
jaegercool, thanks06:07
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Romsterso a bunch tools but we are only after signify07:30
Romsterto use in pkgmk in core.07:30
Romsterthat's if the proposal goes through07:30
Romsteri don't see that arcetera's problem it's still a proposal and tek is mostly busy. then we had the wiki issues.07:31
Romsterseems he is butt hurt.07:31
Romsterhmm i need to do more port reviewing07:32
Romsterbut i got diner cooking now.07:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] php: security update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-fpm: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-fcgi: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-ftp: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-gd: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-gettext: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-mysql: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-sockets: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: php-sqlite3: update to 5.6.2012:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-bcmath: update to 5.6.2012:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-mcrypt: update to 5.6.2012:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-tidy: update to 5.6.2012:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: php-xsl: update to 5.6.2012:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mod_php: update to 5.6.2012:15
rmullIs Maximilian Dietrich still an active contrib member? His last commit was about a year ago and his stuff is languishing12:17
Romsteri think he is retired see the orphaned wiki pate12:28
Romsterto confirm12:28
rmullRomster: Footprint mismatch in wxpython:
nogagplzlooks benign just update the footprint12:40
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Romsteri thought i did add that13:17
frinnstReal users don't verify; they just use what arrives - 36% ;-)13:18
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tired_laptopfirst comment:13:23
tired_laptop Run it with administrative privileges without delay.13:23
rmullnogagplz: I know it's benign, but why leave it buggy...?13:25
nogagplzRomster is crux's tireless protector, come hell or high water he'd find and fix it eventually13:26
tired_laptopfrinnst, from your extensive expertise with servers and whatnot, what is the recommended config to secure data from corruption? ie home mobo raid with two disks? or some exotic FS? wish to keep it safe from corruption but at the same time not spend a fortune13:28
tired_laptopdata changes frequently so doing manual backups and keeping track would be a headache13:29
tired_laptopI see my mobo supports raid (software raid obviously)13:30
tired_laptopI reckon doing RAID 1 would copy the errors from one disk to another in case of failure (ie non total fails)13:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: wxpython: fix footprint13:33
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rmullnogagplz: Undoubtedly, just thought I'd give him a hand in finding it.13:53
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frinnstel cheapo raid wont save you from silent data corruption13:56
frinnstbtrfs or zfs13:56
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tired_laptopI'll look into btrfs vs zfs then14:29
tired_laptopits only around 500gigs of data actually (or rather 500gigs of constantly changing space) that I need corrupt-proof.14:29
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jaegeradded a 24-core mac pro to my collection at home, heh15:11
jaegermid-2012 version15:11
tired_laptopprocessor TDP ?15:12
tired_laptop120+ ?15:12
tired_laptopper CPU I mean15:13
tired_laptopits a dual CPU box right?15:13
jaegernot terrible, really15:13
jaegeryeah, 2x E564515:13
jaeger32GB RAM as well. I put an SSD and a geforce gtx 750ti in it15:14
tired_laptopinstalling crux on it or ESXi ?15:14
jaegercurrently it's got OSX 10.11 and CRUX on it15:15
jaegerIt would make a good ESXi server but I've already got an ESXi server15:15
tired_laptopdoes it have any proprietary controllers/etc or plain jane box?15:15
tired_laptopdon't know anything about macs heh15:16
jaegernothing too crazy. ahci, e1000e, b43, etc.15:16
jaegerThe intel macs are pretty reasonable. The older PPC stuff was more difficult15:16
jaegerThough still doable15:16
DaVincisweet, -j23, what's that like?15:16
tired_laptopthis is the tall aluminum tower right?15:17
tired_laptopI heard build quality was nice on those15:17
tired_laptopthough I'd only consider workstation/server class hardware for the RAM.. as in it can take much more than a desktop MB15:17
jaegerhaven't tried -j23, I doubt it's really worth going that high. Might benchmark it sometime15:18
jaegerThe build quality is pretty good on them, yeah. They're not really meant for much working inside or upgrading but they're not difficult15:18
tired_laptopimagine compiling libreoffice entirely in a tempfs with -j2415:18
tired_laptopI'd invest in ram, given yours is not current gen you'd get away with a large kit for little15:19
DaVinciGotta leave one thread for the scheduler/other overhead15:19
tired_laptop128GB at least to completely leave desktop territory15:19
jaegerIt's already got 32GB in it, more than enough for me currently15:19
jaegerIt has a max of 64GB anyway15:20
onoderafont management on linux honestly is a mess, I /still/ don't know how to reload my fonts...15:34
onoderaI just editid a font, but all programs are still using the old version, even aftr running a `fc-cache -f -v`, does anyone now what comment I should run?15:35
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korionodera: restart x15:44
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onoderakori: mehh i don't wanna15:46
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onoderak I did it15:48
onoderaproud of myself15:48
koriDo you not use tmux?15:48
koriCould at least use abduco15:49
onoderaMy font still doesn't work15:49
onoderawhat about dtach, is that the same sort of prgram15:49
koriI dunno lol15:49
onoderahmm lemme double check if I copies the right font15:49
korionodera: Abduco is cleaner and better15:49
onoderaHmm I don't really need it tho15:51
onoderaI almost never restart x15:51
koriIt doesn't really add overhead15:51
koriIt's good if you accidentally close a terminal or something15:51
onoderaoh it seems to work actually15:52
onoderaI'm adding hangul support to some font15:54
koriHuh why not just fall back on baekmuk15:54
onoderadoesn't look nice with my japanese and latin fonts imo15:54
onoderathere are not that many hangul characters so I thought I'll just add it to my kana/kanji font15:55
koriAh well that's fine then15:55
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DaVinciDid you reboot?16:04
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tsaopI'm compiling qt 5.6.0 and then qtwebkit. Wish me luck.16:33
DaVinciOne, better, God be with you, and have fun storming the castle.16:34
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tsaopSeems qwebengine needs to be patched to not use NSS for the crypto, preferring BoringSSL instead17:13
tsaopwill wait out17:13
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Wildefyryou guys need TLS for crux.nu17:26
Wildefyrit's only on 1.017:26
rain1I think they're on it yeah17:31
rain1re. the whole signing stuff17:31
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Roosevelthey guys/gals anyone know about this
*** tudurom has joined #crux17:49
tsaopsaw it earlier17:49
tuduromhi. new crux user here17:49
tuduromso i have some questions17:50
tuduromi'm finishing my install right now17:50
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tuduromhe first one is how can i get nouveau up and running17:50
*** onodera has joined #crux17:50
Wildefyrenable it in the kernel17:50
Wildefyrit ships with nouveau17:51
onoderasorry I missed the question17:51
Wildefyrnouveau support17:51
tuduromoh yeah17:51
RooseveltI'm glad I don't use the site to download my iso's17:52
Roosevelti use
onoderaif you search for nvidia in menuconfig you'll find it as well17:52
tuduromi found it in menuconfig17:52
jaegerRoosevelt: I would guess that's due to the home page changing to an older version, likely google found that suspicious17:54
DaVincinot related to the TLS thing?17:56
Rooseveltjaeger, you mean like reverted back to a older saved state or something17:58
Roosevelt*of the effect*17:58
jaegeryes, exactly17:59
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tuduromnouveau works thank the maker18:14
onoderaI should try nouveau again sometime18:15
tudurombut there's a problem18:15
tuduromonly the KMS works18:15
tudurombut not the xorg driver18:15
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*** onodera has joined #crux18:16
tuduromoh it actually works18:17
onoderakori: I was so, so wrong18:24
onodera>there are 11.172 unique Hangul Syllables18:24
Wildefyrtudurom, honestly nouveau is probably the worst driver for any GPU supported by linux18:42
tuduromit's perfect for me18:43
tudurombecause lenovo was a bitch with their hardware graphics switch18:43
tuduromhow do i set the locale?18:43
Wildefyrsee /etc/profile18:44
Wildefyrshould do it18:44
Wildefyrpresuming you have generated what you need18:44
tuduromyeah, did thay18:45
onoderaermm, I never set a locale in profile18:45
onoderais that bad?18:45
tuduromuh doesn't work18:45
tuduromi did `export LC_LANG=en_US.UTF-8`18:46
tudurombefore that i did `localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8`18:46
tuduromit works now, it's LOCALE18:47
Wildefyronodera, that's the way most people do it18:48
WildefyrI personally set the locale in my zsh loadup18:48
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tuduromdid anyone there make a lemonbar git port so i don't have to write it by myself?18:53
z3bralemonbar git port?18:53
koritudurom: there's one on 6c3718:54
tudurombut that's not straight from git18:54
tuduromthere's a "stable" one and an xft one18:54
z3bramine uses latest commit18:55
tuduromgotta grab a repo18:55
koriJust use the xft one, tudurom18:55
tudurombut i want a feature from the git one18:55
tuduromthe -U flag18:55
koriThen use z3bra's18:56
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onoderatudurom: there are 2 versions actually19:03
onoderaalso there isn't a lot of difference between the git and stable verrsion, git only uses a different font syntax19:05
Wildefyrxft sucks though19:05
koriAt least it's human friendly19:06
koriXLFD is disgusting19:06
tuduromgit has -U19:06
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tuduromcrux port-making primer19:17
tuduromwhere can i read about that19:17
tuduromso where do i start making ports?19:29
teK__in the wiki19:29
teK__task #1: find the wiki19:29
john_cephalopodaHow can I find out what program a file belongs to?19:29
teK__task #2: find the page about port making19:29
teK__john_cephalopoda: program or port?19:30
teK__if port: pkginfo -o filename19:30
tuduromfound the wiki long time ago but I can't find the page i need19:30
teK__no off to rewrite a certain missing wiki page19:31
tuduromhow can i create a port that pulls from git?19:33
tuduromi need to set that version variable somehow19:34
teK__there are some -git ports/even repos, look at these19:34
tuduromi see19:34
tudurombut how do i set that variable?19:34
teK__what's the target19:35
tuduromoh now i know19:35
teK__pull everytime you build and always get the latest?19:35
tuduromi found a good example port19:35
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onoderatudurom: crux doesn't support git officialy19:54
onoderayou just pull the source in build(), check how z3bra does it for example, or 6c37-git19:54
tuduromit's done19:55
tuduromi made a working xrq git port19:55
DaVinciNot that I advocate all the features and layout of the Arch port system, but native git support is kinda nice20:00
tuduromyeah, but with no native git support you have more simplicity20:01
DaVinciYeah, Arch overdoes it a little.20:02
tuduromgod crux is so fast20:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: 2.7.4 -> 2.8.020:02
tuduromoh crap thanks cruxbot20:03
teK__btw.. pkgmk is open source, feel free to contribute patches (but don't faint if they are rejected)20:03
tuduromi'm installing linux-firmware but i have a strange feeling20:04
onoderacan you please update the git driver in the git port as well20:06
onoderathe one in the git port still doesn't check if there is a $BRANCH var20:07
teK__nice timing btw :O20:08
teK__I missed that earlier?20:08
onoderayeah I messeged you a few times but you were probably afk20:08
teK__meh, sorry20:08
teK__I even looked at it, I'm certain20:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: include updated git driver20:12
teK__cheers :)20:13
onoderathanks :)20:13
onoderaI think you forgot to update the md5, heh20:14
teK__I should add a pkgmk -cs (check signature) to my ccommit alias, once package signing is in place :-)20:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: git: update .md5sum20:17
teK__or maybe we can do that as a git hook on the server20:17
teK__eh, this won't work, sadly :|20:19
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teK__ is available again for discussion22:30
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Romstertired_laptop, to be sure you'd also need a server grade mobo with ECC ram23:47
tired_laptopRomster, aye23:47
RooseveltA crux penetration build would be a very nice project to do. Grsecurity/Pax musl and basically everything in the pentoo overlay.23:48
Rooseveltwould be super fast!!23:49
Romsteri would like to try finit i had used runit in the past in crux.23:55

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