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onoderaI have used sinit on crux00:10
onoderaheard some people used runit, never heard of finit before00:10
Romsteri don't think i've looked at sinit00:11
onoderait's the suckless init, it basically on does three things, exectues an rc script or program at boot, executes a script/program at reboot and at shutdown00:12
Romsteroh that one00:13
Romsterso that was to get rid of busybox init00:19
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joacimPSA: Never buy antec!00:41
joacimthey put the io shield upside down00:41
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jaegerwhich is a weird thing to do since the shield doesn't come with the case anyway00:45
Romsterthat makes no sense.. as jaeger mentions... it comes with the mobo so it's either got the mobo installed or no io shield.00:46
Romsterin either case just knock the plate out no big deal.00:47
jaegerMaybe the marketing media folks were playing a joke :)00:47
Romstercan't believe anything on april fools day though it's over for australia already00:48
jaegerI didn't even really read anything or browse the web today00:49
jaegernot that I really had much time to, was a pretty busy work day00:50
joacimsome cases do come with io shields =)00:50
jaegermostly cases that also have motherboards in them already :)00:50
joacimhad a few that came with io shields for standard ATX and baby AT motherboards00:50
joacimATX boards had a pretty standard IO port layout during the late 90s00:52
joacimnot like today where every board has a different layout00:52
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RobinStamerAll the cases I've bought come with shields... but I've always had to swap them anyways01:08
RobinStamerWhich is fine, since all the mobos also come with shields.01:08
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jaegerI haven't gotten a shield with a case in many years01:11
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joacimyou never know when you need a baby AT compatible IO shield02:36
jaegermore like you know you never need a baby AT compatible IO shield02:38
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brian|lfsI think they just throw shields in as place holders05:07
WildefyrI mean, they probably don't cost anything to make when you're talking massive factories in china05:11
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brian|lfsI dont' get why the IEEE or soemthing don't find a way to make universal IO shields05:46
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tuduromjust to let you know, xorg-xf86-video-intel needs a new dependency08:00
tuduromit needs xorg-libxscrnsaver08:01
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Romstertudurom, testing08:31
juetudurom: already added with commit ->;a=commit;h=c38e55a706ac5253a0f61ef6e01b71307ff670dd08:42
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Romsteryeah another case of not checking new dependencies08:52
Romsterprt-get deptree ...08:52
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: sqlite3-32: 3.11.1 -> 3.12.009:50
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z3bradoes portspage  still exists?.14:23
z3braI can't find it in the ports14:23
druid_droidI was using it, I don't have yet installed/configured crux on this computer14:24
tilmanz3bra: prt-get fsearch / grep ftw14:25
druid_droidI fail to install/configure grub2 on gpt with a windows so I used debian as a temporary system14:25
tilmanit's in opt/prt-utils14:25
z3braah, I always forget about fsearch14:25
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tilmanand you'd think the glorious times of BTS entertainment were over when uli drepper left redhat :p17:57
jaegerMan, the fact that the issue generated a giant thread is just ridiculous18:08
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joacim"I find your request to be obnoxious and I wish to not have read it, but sadly we don't always get what we want."19:16
joacimjwz seems rude and obnoxious too =)19:17
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tilmanjoacim: keep going :D19:23
rain1I'm worried about jwz19:24
Wildefyrfsearch is by far one of the best things about prt-get19:25
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Romsterholy crap all over a please update text message23:52
tired_laptopwhy are many people being rude and obnoxious23:55
brian|lfshey all what I miss23:58
tired_laptopunnecessary drama23:59
tired_laptoppeople venting frustrations of life on others, sadly23:59

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