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tired_laptopbest comment is the russian guy's "hello is it joke"00:17
Romsterthat last comment by jwz.... holy fuck00:19
Romsterafter reading it why don't they just remove the warning and change the bug reporting urls to debian so jwz does nt get them from debian stable.00:20
Romsterindeed 'is this april fools joke'00:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine: 1.9.6 -> 1.9.700:26
Wildefyrjust when I was using wine there's a new version out00:39
Romstersorry every 2-3 weeks a new version is out00:47
Romsterif you use ccache it'll be way faster to update regularly00:48
nogagplzjust every 2 weeks afaik, barring when the grand poobah alexandre julliard goes on holiday00:49
Romsteryeah he is the wine version of linus00:56
Romsterprt-get info ccache01:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: gcc48-ccache-bindings: initial import01:12
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Romsteri should of added that awhile ago.01:13
Wildefyrhow do I use ccache in pkgmk.conf?01:14
Romsteri should update that to include how to set the ccache size01:14
Wildefyrshould which still be reporting /usr/bin/gcc even though /usr/lib/ccache is added to the path?01:17
Romsteryeah it's a symlink in that path01:18
Wildefyrright okay01:18
Wildefyrthought so..01:18
Romsteri used to set CC and CXX but it's always been probomatic01:19
Wildefyrso CC and CXX are just their normal locations?01:19
Romsterwell the default limit is 5G01:29
Romsteri'm at 16GB for mine but that's with /everything/01:30
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Wildefyrhow do you expand the limit?01:49
Romsterman ccache01:50
Wildefyryes of course01:50
WildefyrI am being lazy tonight01:50
Romsteronce you got export CCACHE_DIR=... set if you want to do that instead of using your home dir, then you can do ccache -M 10G01:51
Wildefyrokay swell01:52
Romsterccache -s01:52
Romsterfor stats01:52
Wildefyrah useful01:52
Romster here is my ccache -s01:53
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Wildefyrgottcha, guess I'll have to start compiling stuff01:54
Romsterwell you don't have too until you need too.01:55
Romsterbut first time compile will be a few seconds slower, but after that faster.01:55
Romsteryou could test with way recompiling sqlite301:55
Romsterfirst time be slower but second time it'll only spend time on configure link stage and compressing archive.01:56
Romsteryou waste some disk space for objects but for a source based distro...01:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: wine update README for ccache use01:59
Romster that is set to also use the hosts ccache02:06
Romster-v /var/cache/ccache:/var/cache/ccache02:06
Romsterif you add that02:06
Romsterit saves a ton of time02:06
Romsterthrough CFLAGS on my system don't match the ones in docker. but then i run multiple docker instances.02:07
Romsterpango needs a bump02:20
Romsterwish i did save them cut down pkgfiles for deluge ffmpeg and such... i don't remember where the pastes are for them02:26
Romsterbeen meaning to cut deluge up into a daemon web and gui port02:27
Wildefyrbut transmission is king02:28
Wildefyrany chance of you doing a wine-staging package Romster ? :D02:29
Romsteris there really a need for it?02:29
WildefyrI think there is a good performance boost02:31
Wildefyrit has CMST for nvidia I think02:31
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RomsterThis Wine patch is known as CSMT patch and works with NVidia and AMD graphics cards02:44
RomsterCSMT is in the process of being merged into the regular wine and is not available in wine-staging as of version 1.9.602:45
Romsterso where is it then02:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.0.7 -> 1.0.902:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: deluge: 1.3.11 -> 1.3.1202:59
Romsteri would just wait it's being merged in02:59
Wildefyrah I see03:05
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brian|lfsso Romster the next Fedora is playing with GCC 6 lol05:39
brian|lfsfar is already really bad05:39
brian|lfs5 I mean is really bad05:39
Romsterand their new version numbers instead of going with 5.4.005:49
brian|lfshmm strange06:01
brian|lfswow wine 1.9.7 taking forever to compile06:02
Romsterlike i keep saying setup ccache06:02
brian|lfsgood point06:03
Romsterprt-get readme wine06:03
brian|lfsalmost done now no point but good for future reference06:03
Romsterhelps with everything06:03
brian|lfsvery true06:04
tired_laptopbrian|lfs, I thought your uber computer can fly through them compiles06:07
tired_laptop16 coars was it?06:07
brian|lfsoh need to reinstall crux on that box lol06:09
brian|lfslong story got a 3d scanner was to much crap to passthrough to a VM06:10
brian|lfsthen I wasted a whole day becuase nvidia drivers wouldn't install reformatting and going back to win 7 only to get the same error on win 706:10
brian|lfsso Nvidia broke their latest drivers on winblows06:11
Romsterthis is why you use multiple disks and install a OS on each06:11
tired_laptopand no grub either, choose boot device from bios boot menu06:12
tired_laptopneat and simple06:12
brian|lfsI had my var on a seperate disk from crux before thats the end of my story bzd idea all around06:13
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Wildefyrwhat are people's sizes of / directories around here10:54
WildefyrI've only been using 4G on my main machine10:54
tilmando you mean "everything except /home"?10:58
tilmananswers will vary depending on the number of separate filesystems you use (common choices are /var and /usr too)10:59
Wildefyryes I suppose I do11:10
WildefyrI think I am going to try out btrfs subvolumes out this time around11:12
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retardany of you familiar with this problem when trying to build mesa3d-32?12:03
retardlp_bld_misc.cpp:(.text+0x198): undefined reference to `llvm::SymbolTableListTraits<llvm::Instruction, llvm::BasicBlock>::addNodeToList(llvm::Instruction*)'12:03
retardjust built llvm-3212:03
tilmanit's possible that mesa 11.1 just doesn't work with llvm 3.812:08
tilmanACTION is still running llvm 3.7 :|12:08
retardi run with llvm 3.8.0 and mesa3d 11.1.2 in the base 64-bit system12:09
retardsame versions as i'm trying to build12:09
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retardthank you for the suggestion tough12:12
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tired890hi gents13:22
tired890in firefox, about:support13:22
tired890scroll to Graphics section13:22
tired890Supports Hardware H264 Decoding:13:23
tired890Yes or No?13:23
tired890don't know what I did (or didnt) do but youtube vids are choppy13:23
tired890mine states No btw13:23
tired890amd 5450 gfx13:23
tired890el cheapo card but has HW acceleration13:23
tired890frinnst ?13:24
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joacimtry turning it on and see what happens =)13:27
tired890heh :)13:28
tired890that page is informational ;)13:28
tired890about:config already has all hardware-accel stuff turned on13:28
frinnstSupports Hardware H264 DecodingNo;13:28
frinnstwhat's your device id ?13:28
tired890Gallium 0.4 on AMD CEDAR (DRM 2.43.0, LLVM 3.8.0)13:29
frinnstoh right, llvm 3.8. I need to rebuild mesa3d13:29
tired890frinnst, how much cpu utilization do you see when playing a full HD video?13:30
frinnstlots - since its not vdpau output13:30
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tired890nothing wrong here then.13:30
tired890thanks for the input13:31
frinnstprobably not :/13:31
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nwegood evening folks!17:37
tired890evening nwe17:39
nwehow are you tired890 ?17:42
tired890feeling better now that you are here :)17:42
nweoh sick?17:43
tired890no not at all just happy to have another cheerful person around :D17:46
koriI'm pretty cheerful!17:47
frinnstshut your sheerful yaps!17:48
frinnstcheer* asdf17:48
tired890frinnst, I knew you were gonna say something haha17:48
frinnsttell me why running windows update takes ~5-10 hours on a fresh win7 install17:48
tired890ACTION grabs kori nwe and force hug frinnst 17:48
tired890win7, there's your keyword17:49
tired890pre-SP1 ?17:49
korifrinnst: because windows update sucks17:49
koriOh, excuse me17:49
koris/update  //17:49
frinnstindeed. dont understand how they can fail so hard to fucking find updates17:49
tired890no sir do you know what sucks? I have an original windows10 installed 2 weeks ago.. I installed it first, then installed debian (work laptop, crux too much compile drama, gcc5?)..17:50
tired890anyways, I installed windows first then debian and grub detected both correctly.. all is well17:50
tired890now I boot into windows and it tells me there are updates, as you know you can't disable updates so I'm forced to update17:50
tired890for some reason, upon restart it says (rolling back updates..) and I have to wait 10 minutes at (please don't power off your computer)17:51
nwetired890 oh lol  I didn't read the whole sentence :P17:51
tired890of course, after logging back into windows, it redownloads the updates and asks for a restart (we scheduled a restart for you.. <---- sigh/puke)17:52
nwetired890:  I stop reading after   feeling better now17:52
tired890upon restarting, it goes "rolling back changes..".. its an endless loop17:52
tired890on an original windows 10 (clean install)17:52
tired890nwe, heh17:52
kori> clean install17:54
koriStopped reading there17:54
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tired890pirated win7 > original win1017:57
koriWindows sucks anyway17:57
tired890at least you can turn off updates and just use it for work/that one app without all the annoyances17:57
CathyInBluetorrented Win7Ult, tired?18:05
tired890CathyInBlue, heh.18:06
tired890I have an oldie, pre-SP118:07
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john_cephalopodalinux downloaded from some obscure website called "" and then self-compiled -> original Linux of all following versions.19:12
brian|lfsnever heard of
tilmanlook up joke in a dictionary near you19:17
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john_cephalopodaBetter don't visit it.19:23
john_cephalopodaIt is a weird site, they upload the latest linux there all the time. Probably illegal.19:23
brian|lfsspeaking of witch Microsoft is going to let Ubuntu run on windows but they wont' update skype go figure19:24
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tilmantell you a secret19:28
tilmanms is probably also gonna let you run crux19:29
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