IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2016-04-05

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brian|lfswow kernel version you all running I"m on 4.4.604:02
WildefyrI run latest stable bcs nvidia04:05
brian|lfswonder if they will make any newer stable 4.4 kernels04:07
WildefyrI doubt it04:08
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who_amihi guys, new user to crux.. and just a query whats the best way to add a port repo.  i know you use httpup - so for example if i wanted to add 6c37 repo would it be httpup copy
koriwho_ami, nope04:13
WildefyrI recommend you use git for 6c3704:14
koricopy both these files to /etc/ports04:14
who_amihey fyr thought id try crux again04:14
who_amiah alright04:14
fyrwho_ami, if only i knew who you were? :D04:14
who_amiits fs0ciety04:14
fyrwhat's brought you back? ^^04:14
who_amiehh, thought i'd give it another shot. didn't really spend enough time with it04:15
fyrfair enough04:15
who_amithanks kori got it to sync.. didn't realise there was a git option04:19
fyrwho_ami, I recommend building packages under your user as well04:20
fyrsee fakeroot04:20
fyrI haven't got a working browser atm.. so I can't paste the link :D04:20
who_amiive done the fakeroot thing, and followed what i've seen in the wiki.. created the user pkgmkg and did that whole thing04:23
fyrah okay cool04:24
who_amiis there recommendations that aren't in the documentation and wiki that you do?04:24
fyrcan't think of anything right now.. hmm.04:27
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brian|lfshey welome back who_ami04:36
brian|lfssomething I did wrong I have to use sudo for prt-get and ports04:37
brian|lfseven with it using my pkgmk user04:37
brian|lfsoh who_ami make sure you use ccache also it helps out a lot04:38
who_amibrian|lfs: what did you did to resolve the sudo issue, just change permissions?04:54
fyrwhat package provides!?04:57
korifyr, use fsearch04:57
fyrI already did04:57
fyrit doesn't show04:57
fyrfsearch kinda sucks04:58
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nwefyr: use this ..05:15
nwecurl -d private=0 -d name=<nickname> --data-urlencode text@/path/too/file
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fyrfor what?05:16
fyrthat is one ugly pastebin btw05:16
nweif you dont have a browser and ant to paste stuff.05:20
fyrI know what it is05:20
fyrI have many paste bins and that's one of the ugly-iest syntax's I've seen for one05:21
jaegerthat's a lot to type, too, heh05:21
fyrI thought fsearch did fuzzy searching05:22
fyrapparently not :/05:22
nwejaeger: that´s true :)05:22
tilmandevnull is a great name for a pastebin though05:22
fyrgood name I agree05:22
tilmannwe: just make POST's to / create stuff05:22
jaegerfyr: you could try --regex05:22
fyrah okay useful05:23
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brian|lfsoh Romster I estimate a 25% increase max with the ccahe I was expecting more then that.06:11
who_amifyr: do you do anything to make your boot process prettier. i was wondering if there is any easy way to have a nice output like gentoos openrc.06:34
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Worksterprt-get fsearch libXss.so07:18
Worksterit'll probably be a Xorg port07:18
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WorksterX11 Screen Saver extension library07:20
fyryeah I found it in the end07:20
fyrjust gotten so used to fuzzy searches it didn't occur to me to put in the full name07:20
fyrACTION smashes his head against the desk07:20
Worksterwell there is a regex mode for prt-get if you prefer that07:21
fyryeah I'm gonna start using it07:21
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fyrah my shadowself reappears08:55
frinnstnwe: yeees?09:14
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fs0cietyhi guys, i seem to be having an issue with characters in the terminal - was wondering if you know how to resolve this.  here is a screenshot -
fs0cietyguessing it is a utf-8 issue10:11
fyrdo you mean the left hand character?10:11
fs0cietyyes, it suppose to be an arrow10:11
fyrwhat does locale report?10:12
fs0cietyahh i need to set that in /etc/profile right10:12
fs0cietyi got no output10:12
fyrthat would help :D10:13
fyralso in answer to your earlier question, I set loglevel=0 in my bootloader to disable printing of kernel messages, then I change a couple of things in /etc/rc but that's it10:13
fyrbeen meaning to try to out sinit10:14
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fs0cietyi put export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 and LOCALE=UTF-8 in /etc/profile and no luck and then sourced it10:16
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fs0cietyno luck .. hmph10:24
fs0cietychecked locale and everything equals to UTF-810:24
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fs0cietygot it :)10:28
fyrknew you would get it eventually ^^10:32
fyrhey frinnst I know you're probably busy but you have multimonitors right?10:38
fyrfs0ciety, **10:39
fyrsorry frinnst10:39
fs0cietygetting there slowly with this10:41
fyrslowly but certainly10:41
fs0cietyi do notice when downloading source code its quite slow10:42
fyryeah, we don't have mirrors really10:43
fs0cietyhow long have you been using crux fyr?10:44
fyrsince last November I think10:44
fyrcan't recall exactly10:44
fs0cietyso not too long10:44
fyrnah not an expert yet :)10:44
fyrone day though!10:45
fs0cietyif i didn't have experience with gentoo, i think crux would be too difficult10:45
fyryeah took me awhile to get the hang of crux10:46
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fs0cietyhey guys wonder if you can use aria2c with prt-get so i can get concurrent downloads11:28
tuduromfs0ciety: i think you can hack with the drivers11:31
tuduromthey're in /etc/ports/drivers11:32
fs0cietyahh thanks11:32
tuduromyou create a new driver for aria2c11:32
tuduromor maybe no11:33
fyr/etc/ports/drivers are for getting the whole repositories11:33
tuduromfs0ciety: FOUND SOLLUTION11:34
fs0cietyoo oo oo11:34
tuduromin /etc/pkgmk.conf11:34
tuduromthere's PKGMK_DOWNLOAD_PROG11:34
fs0cietyoh yeah tried that would load then fail11:34
tudurommodify pkgmk11:34
fs0cietyi tried an hour or so go to do PKGMK_DOWNLOAD_PROG="aria2c"11:35
fs0cietybut it would start and then fail the download everytime11:35
tudurommaybe you need to modify the args11:35
fs0cietyi notice wget and curl opts in the cfg file11:35
fs0cietywould i just put the args in pkgmk_download_prog variable11:36
tuduromoh valid strings for PKGMK_DOWNLOAD_PROG are just wget and curl11:37
tuduromyou can't use aria2, sorry11:37
fs0cietyahh its okay11:37
fs0cietyi can deal with the pain ;)11:37
fyrafter the initial burst you should be okay11:38
fs0cietyits fluctuating all over the place, i blame living in AU11:38
fyrwell you're upside down11:38
tuduromsounds bad11:38
fyrthat can't help11:38
fs0cietyeven though im on a 100mbit connection11:39
fyrthere's probably some delay on a node11:39
fs0cietyim guessing prt-get is all bash code, so I guess I could look in the code11:40
tuduromit's not11:40
fs0cietyahh it isn't11:40
fs0cietywhat is it coded in?11:40
tudurommaybe c11:40
fs0cietyuhh that is not my speciality, that is a shame11:40
tuduromshame on you!11:40
fyrhere's the source fs0ciety
fs0cietyACTION hides in a corner11:41
fyrdw fs0ciety I don't know a lick of C11:41
fs0cietyi am enjoying this now though - in a weird kind of self mutilating kind of way - really tests my muscle memory11:41
tuduromoh prt-get is in cpp11:41
fs0cietyi just realised i'll need to run a docker image to keep maintaining the funtoo neofetch ebuild.. woops11:45
fs0cietyyeah i write the the build script for it, though now im sitting in crux. haha11:46
rmullfs0ciety: You'll want to be looking at pkgmk, not prt-get. It's written in shell and should be pretty easily extended to use aria2c if you want.;a=summary11:57
fs0cietythanks rmull i'll look into it11:58
rmullSee line 109 in for example11:58
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fs0cietyso i tried to install steam and it failed i got this output, any ideas12:16
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fyrlooks like dbus failed12:28
fs0cietytrying to figure out how to get dbus-32 to install12:29
fs0cietygot no idea12:30
fs0cietyguessing its to do with compiling flags12:30
fs0cietyseems i may need to remove the -c32 flag12:33
fs0cietysorry -m3212:33
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tired890when I have spaghetti code and have no idea how it works13:59
fyronly the best14:01
fyrrebuilt steam with quickdep, still getting this result from the package in contrib:
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onoderafyr: are you using libressl?16:45
onoderaor some other non standart package16:45
fyrjust openssl16:45
onoderayou said it doesn't happen the first launh16:45
onoderawhat about the second launch?16:46
fyryeah it wasn't16:46
fyrnow it is16:46
onoderaYou are missing some dep16:46
onoderaI had the same problem16:46
fyrI literally rebuilt everything16:46
fyrand I'm on a very fresh install16:46
fyrif I am missing a dep it's not listed16:46
onoderahm it seems like there is a new steam16:47
onoderatry changing the version to, maybe that fixes it16:47
fyrlets try16:48
brian|lfswhat  you trying to run fyr16:48
fyrbrian|lfs, steam16:49
brian|lfsah ok don't have experience witbh steam16:49
fyrit's clearly something to with openssl16:50
onoderadoesn't have to be openssl16:53
onoderasteam is a crappy program in general and it migt always display that error16:53
fyrwell I give up16:54
fyrrunning steam in wine is easier than this shit16:54
brian|lfswow I scanned a plastic fork and 3d pritned it lol16:55
brian|lfscan take some good idea lol16:56
tuduromanybody got a port for the zathura pdf extension?17:07
onoderacheck portdb tudurom17:08
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teK__rmull: I proposed per repo keys. NOT per dev keys.21:33
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