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keygeeHi all, I'm trying to set up a new station with crux 3.2, 4 WD 3TB HD in a RAID1/RAID5 configuration,  a UEFI mainboard. Do you know any good tutorial for GPT, GRUB or alternatives for making it work? thank you in advance00:58
jaegerwhich part? gpt, uefi, or grub?01:05
jaegerThere's a UEFI page in the wiki that might be helpful:
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: physfs: 2.0.2 -> 2.0.301:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: steam: add missing dependency mesa3d-3201:07
keygeeSorry Jaeger, I'm a bit confused... it seem to me that using disks > 2TB I need a UEFI mainboard and I need to partition my disks in GPT, leaving LILO for GRUB2. I worked till yesterday with 2TB disk, LILO and MBR partitions.... it's all pretty new for me.... I also need RAID1 boot and RAID5 storage, that's why I'm so confused... I'm going to see t01:15
keygeehe page you pointed to me thanks01:15
joacimusing gpt drives on a bios system shouldnt be too much of a problem01:16
joacimtho ive only used gpt storage drives + mbr boot drive01:16
keygeeon disks > 2TB?01:21
jaegeryou can still use BIOS rather than UEFI if you want, yeah. The drive should be GPT but any motherboard new enough to have UEFI should work either way01:26
jaegerIf you use grub with gpt on a BIOS system you'll need to have a bios_grub partition (even a 1mb one works)01:27
jaegerUEFI itself isn't required for drives larger than 2TB, to clarify01:28
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Worksterfs0ciety /etc/pkgmk.conf PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
Worksterthough there could be better ways to speed up downloads by using meta4 files01:52
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frinnstanybody know how to get a insert-key function on a mac?10:03
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pitillofrinnst: FN + return ?12:15
frinnsthave you tried it with a rdp connection to a windows machine?13:03
joacimfrinnst: don't think there is one afaik14:00
joacimmaybe on the larger keyboards14:00
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pitillofrinnst: alt+fn+return or fn+0(zero from numpad being activated)14:13
frinnstif this works i will love you forever14:18
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tired890so did it work?15:07
tired890do we have a love story ?15:08
frinnstcant test until tomorrow15:08
frinnstunless someone here has a mac and a windows machine they can rdp into15:08
jaegerI can probably test it in a few minutes15:09
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jaegerusing the microsoft remote desktop app?15:12
frinnstyeah please15:12
fyroh the irony15:12
frinnstmy usecase is the horrible magic keyboard, the one without numpad15:12
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jaegerfrinnst: on my mac pro and aluminum keyboard, no combination of keys I could find would produce insert15:20
jaegerYou can use the windows on-screen keyboard to do it, as a last resort, I guess15:20
jaeger(I did test the on-screen keyboard, it worked fine)15:20
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jaegerI usually use the ducky shine keyboard on that box, though, and its insert key works fine in RDP15:26
frinnstyeah i figured as much15:28
frinnstive found a small program that gives me hope though15:28
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frinnstFinally, after my wife has to leave for work, I get the bright idea to Google "insert key on Macs" and among several wrong solutions, I find the right one: The "Help" key (between Delete and F14) is the Mac equivalent of the PC Insert key.15:30
frinnstI have a mac at work to test with, but no apple crap^H^H^H^Hkeyboard15:30
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jaegerthere's no help key on my apple keyboard for what that's worth15:36
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-inputproto: update to 2.3.215:49
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-server: update to 1.18.315:49
jueand finally ...15:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mutt: update to 1.6.015:50
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: binutils: install libiberty, FS#130615:53
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tilmananyone having stability issues with spectrwm? sample backtrace at
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teK__new mutt \o/19:43
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joacimwonderful. the mini usb port on my keyboard finally broke19:51
joacimcompletely fucking retarded design19:51
tired890joacim, I heard many people with failing keyboards when they use the "passthru" functionality19:52
tired890ie you connect your keyboard via usb, then use the keyboards usb port to connect other devices19:52
tired890the board inside keyboard fried..19:52
tired890planned obsolescence perhaps?19:52
tired890or are we talking about the port to the keyboard itself :)19:53
joacimthe usb _port_ broke19:53
tired890oh noes19:54
tired890mechanical keyboard or el cheapo?19:54
tired890oh noez19:54
joacimcant rma it either, since broken ports tend to fall under user error19:56
tired890well if you are adventures I guess you could dust off your soldering skillz19:56
tired890micro usb too tiny.. but mini usb ports should be manageable19:57
joacimlooking for a port on ebay19:57
joacimtheyre not that bad in price19:57
joacimjust gotta find one that matches the one i have19:57
tired890whats the model of the keyboard? is it expensive19:58
tired890sentimental value perhaps :)19:58
joacimit isnt expensive19:58
joacimquickfire rapid19:58
tired890tenkeyless.. nice19:59
joacimbut a 1 dollar port is cheaper than getting a new 70 dollar keyboard19:59
joacimcan just get a new one with a permanently attached cable tho19:59
joacimthe little black tab inside the port broke off20:13
joacimgoing to be a pain in the ass to solder those tiny connectors20:16
tired89010Pcs for 1.. I reckon posting them over would cost more than their value20:17
tired890ops, free shipping20:17
tired890not bad20:17
joacimgotta find a nice pointy tip for my soldering iron too20:19
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jaegerIf you really dislike the mini-usb connectors, maybe solder a full-size one in its place20:31
tired890or soldier the cable directly to the board20:35
tired890make a wire knot inside the case20:36
joacimthat would require some more modification20:36
joacimtried stripping and reusing a cable once, but thats pretty annoying due to how fine those wires are20:37
joacimi rather just get that 1 dollar pack of 10 connectors =)20:37
tired890hope you see it through, if it doesn't work with first you can retry with 9 :D20:38
joacimplace a lightning port in its place maybe20:38
joacimthose are nice. if something breaks, it is the (expensive) cable =)20:38
jaegermagsafe everything!20:39
joacimnext time i buy a soldering iron or station, ill get one with a decent tip selection20:43
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tired890Wellers are nice, made in germany20:45
joacimthis is the one i have20:47
joacimtip selection might be better than i think, but i cant find any more than 3, and theyre all rather chunky20:47
tired890yea I think thats one of the "outsourced" models..20:47
tired890joacim, how much are you willing to pay? perhaps I can help you search20:48
joacimfor tips? 5 bucks maybe20:48
joacimhong kong dollars preferably20:48
joacimwant a soldering station anyways, but ill try and solder with the iron i have first20:49
joacimif everything fails, i can just get
joacimcompatible with keycaps, and no bs detachable cable =)21:19
jaegerWhat do you do that causes the cables to fail? I have yet to have any cable problems on two mechanicals21:21
joacim"you must restart your computer to apply these changes"21:22
joacimwhat changes?! thanks windows! =)21:22
joacimi move my keyboard 10-15 cm twice a day21:22
joacimforward to play games, back away to make room for the wireless one for my mac21:23
joacimthe keyboard is two years old tho21:23
jaegermaybe a slightly longer cable would help21:23
joacimnow using this old logitech keyboard that i've used for 10 years21:23
joacimthe length of the cable is not an issue21:23
joacimthe port just cant handle much stress21:24
jaegerI assume it's pulling somehow because the ports on mine are very tight21:24
jaegerI can't get my cable to come loose unless I lodge the cable against something21:24
joacimi've seen people come in with phone with broken micro usb ports just from detaching the cable21:24
joacimthe tiny black tab just got pulled out by the cable21:24
jaegerohhh, you have micro? sorry, I was thinking mini21:24
jaegermine are both mini21:24
joacimno theyre mini21:24
jaegerhrmm, weird then. I've had no problems with mine, or the one for the playstation 3 controller which gets moved far more often than the keyboard ones21:25
joacimthe cable tend to slip out of the attachment thingy too, so i have to reattach it often21:25
joacimit is just stress21:25
jaegerIs that a known issue with the quickfire, perhaps?21:25
joacimyeah my phone and playstation portable and such are fine21:25
joacimthis keyboard is the first time ive seen it happen to21:25
joacimsearching around, i do find other people with the same issue21:26
joacimthe braided cable doesnt help either. it would stick better in the retention clips if it was rubber21:27
jaegerI'd recommend a code keyboard but they don't have finnish layouts, I think, only swedish21:28
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joacimi want norwegian, but swedish/finnish is as close i'll ever get21:34
joacimbut i can get a proper norwegian layout for no extra charge at wasd tho21:37
brian|lfswhy would I want Norwegian I live in the USA?21:38
joacimto go with your hipster fixie and hipster hitler jugend haircut21:39
fyrbut USA layout is best...21:40
teK__USA! USA! *chant*21:41
fyrand I say that as a brit ^^21:41
fyrus layout is soooo bad for programming21:41
joacimi do like the US layout, but funky norwegian characters are more useful to me21:47
frinnstI have a weller ws81 - its epic21:56
joacimyeah was looking at that one21:57
joacimcheaper =)22:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 38.7.222:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: harfbuzz: updated to 1.2.522:10
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joacimconvert my keyboard to one of those big DIN connectors old pcs had23:00
joacimthose are pretty solid23:01
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