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brian|lfshello wildefyr I see you cleaned up your repo.02:07
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RobinStamerAnyone have the checksums for the CRUX isos?  Google says the site might be hacked, and I want to download the latest iso.04:48
jaegerthe official 3.2 ISO is 2e4144590f6b340de2580255ad21620e04:50
jaegerthe updated ISOs aren't hosted at and it wasn't really hacked anyway04:50
RobinStamerThat's md5 right?04:52
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Worksterthe wiki got trolled and we fixed that and google thinks it got hacked because of that05:59
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joacimtrolled? it is time we talk about frinnst.08:40
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wildefyrbrian|lfs, kinda, still messy ;D12:27
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frinnstomg.. i thought i'd be tired of that meme by now..13:53
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dsamhi all!14:23
dsamcan someone help me, please?14:24
rmulldsam: What is your question14:26
dsami have very stupid problem14:27
dsamwhen i'm running setup script, how can i select additional collection for setup?14:28
wildefyrpress space?14:37
dsamit doesnot works14:38
wildefyrarrow keys work fine for going up and down?14:38
wildefyrhow weird14:39
wildefyrescape and enter work fine?14:40
dsamand in shell all keys works fine14:40
wildefyrjust install core for now then14:40
wildefyryou can add more packages once installed14:40
wildefyrfrom the iso directly if needed14:41
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ikbeneenheldhow do you save your package name for pkgmk15:51
jaegersave in what context?16:04
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ikbeneenheldyou write a script to install but how to name and activate it16:06
jaegerthe name= field in the Pkgfile determines the package name16:07
ikbeneenheldI mean more in how to save the scriptname16:07
jaegerwhat script? Are you not referring to the Pkgfile?16:07
jaegerIts name is Pkgfile16:08
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frinnstoh god20:24
wildefyrjesus h christ20:25
wildefyrI think the worst thing is that he didn't use rsync20:26
tired890might be a troll though20:31
tired890a script that mounted all backups, then performed rm -rf ? sounds kinda far fetched20:32
tired890but if its real.. yup, hard times ahead20:32
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tired890say you had a folder: "work", of which you made 2 backups (one of which on external storage)20:45
tired890now on your travels etc you added new files to various subfolders20:46
tired890but the original was also updated with different files20:46
tired890now you have a mess where each of those folders contain many identical files, but each also has own unique files20:47
tired890how does one merge said 3 folders back into one20:47
tired890ie we have original, we md5sum all files in other folders, if file exist in main: delete it.. else keep it.. are there tools available to do this or should I write a shell script ?20:48
tired890pls note the folder in question is gigabytes in size..20:49
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jaegeruse something like bittorrent sync or unison and plan it in advance20:52
tired890unison since is FOSS, will check it out20:54
tired890cheers jaeger20:54
tired890jaeger, found a fantastic tool:
tired890comes complete with a simplistic GUI21:56
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Workstercan always setup your own
Worksterthat you host yourself23:51
tired890Workster, yups.. now the issue is that I have loads of files with duplicates and nested mess23:53
tired890Slint is really nice but the situation is not as simple as match md5 and delete duplicates, some are structured dirs for programs, yanking files here and there might render the dataset useless23:54
tired890will have to do it manually.. but at least with this gui tool its easier23:55
Worksterwell you can look for duplicates23:57
tired890I did, found loads.. but the dataset has tens of files that have a matching md5sum! but have different names.. if I yank them then the dataset will be corrupt23:58
Worksteryou dug a big mess23:58
Worksterthey can't be hard linked?23:58
tired890they can23:58
tired890but I want to merge/eliminate23:59
tired890goal is to make it easier to work with it23:59
tired890if I have sets here and there.. no point in doing this23:59
Worksterromster/dupmerge Reclaim disk space by linking identical files together. It can also expand all hard links and reads the list of files from standard input.23:59

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