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wildefyrfigured out what was going wrong with synergy02:44
wildefyrit's giving a non-zero exit code after the configure stage as it can't find qmake02:44
wildefyrso it exits02:44
wildefyrhowever, you can still build the command line synergy just fine02:45
brian|lfsoh wildefyr I have syngery and the gui is working02:49
brian|lfsare you using qt4 to build it02:49
brian|lfssynergy Pkgfile
brian|lfsyou also need avahi02:51
brian|lfsavahi Pkgfile
wildefyrnah I just want the command line stuff02:52
wildefyrfuck the gui install02:52
wildefyrbut I can't because of non-zero exit code return from doing ./ conf -g102:53
brian|lfscheck my Pkgfiles just in case that I pasted02:54
wildefyrnah it's no good02:54
wildefyrI mean02:54
wildefyrit would work fine02:54
brian|lfsdo you have avahi on your system02:54
wildefyrbut then I have to install qt402:54
wildefyrand fuck doing that02:54
brian|lfsthink you need it reguardless of if your using gui or non02:55
brian|lfsI agree and like your color tonight02:55
wildefyrI already got it working just fine with the commandline tools02:55
brian|lfsqt4 too much work just for synergy02:55
brian|lfsoh sorry I can't read tonight02:56
brian|lfscurious do you use ccache02:57
wildefyrnot really02:57
brian|lfsI'm using it and it helpes some but not as much as Romster made it sound it would help02:57
wildefyrthe biggest package I compile is wine02:57
brian|lfsya and I enabled ccache after wine was already on my system02:58
brian|lfsI would think with wine it would help a good deal becuase your compiling wine twice once for 32 then for 64 bit02:59
wildefyroh nice03:04
wildefyroh come no one mentioned yapo to me before?03:05
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wildefyrhmm this would work pretty well for cleaning up a system but there doesn't seem to be a filter to select installed ports only03:09
Worksterbut thoes two compiles are different arch types, so no it has to compile twice. but ccache helps with rebuilds and sysup to new versions as not everything changes between versions03:45
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otwieraczI am unable to build any of those. :(11:26
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skrzypotwieracz: oh, hello13:18
skrzypwhen you started to using crux?13:19
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jaegerotwieracz: If you run into build errors it's helpful to send error reports to the maintainer of the port13:25
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emmett1are u one of crux dev14:08
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jaegeronly on prime-numbered days :D14:09
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jaegerjust joking, what's up?14:13
emmett1i got problem when compiling gvfs14:13
emmett1im stuck at gvfs a few days already14:14
emmett1are u using crux right now?14:14
jaegerfrom which repo are you using gvfs?14:14
emmett1from mate repo14:15
emmett1trying make my own Pkgfile still got same problem14:15
jaegercan you put the error log up on or similar?14:15
emmett1do u got installed gvfs on ur crux?14:16
jaegerugh... it's always docbook14:18
emmett1always docbook14:19
emmett1its happen to u too?14:19
jaegernot recently but sometimes in the past14:19
jaegermate 1.10 or 1.12?14:19
jaegeractually libsecret isn't even in the MATE repo, that's in contrib14:20
emmett1mate 1.1014:21
emmett1got it from here
emmett1which repo u use to get gvfs?14:22
jaegerI'd try rebuilding docbook-xml and docbook-xsl but if that doesn't help, here's a libsecret package:
jaegerI'm using as it's a bit ahead of the other repo14:23
jaegerand MATE 1.14 was released recently so will need to work on that soon14:23
emmett1are u maintainer on this repo?14:24
jaegerone of them14:24
emmett1do u have xfce4 repo?14:25
emmett1bcoz i dont found one14:25
emmett1actually i dont like mate14:25
emmett1i just use this repo only to get gvfs working14:25
jaegerAs far as I know there's an xfce4 repo somewhere, I don't remember the link though14:26
emmett1last year i found one14:26
jaegerIt might not have been updated for crux 3.2, I think the maintainer has been too busy14:26
emmett1its working fine14:26
emmett1right now im on gentoo and i want go for crux again14:27
jaegerI made a test one at but it is NOT tested much or official in any way14:27
emmett1but that repo not work anymore14:27
jaegerI haven't used it in quite a while so it may not even build properly14:27
jaegerbut if you want to fork it and fix it feel free14:27
emmett1owh ok i will try later14:29
emmett1if i want create Pkgfile on my own, where the guide should i follow?14:29
emmett1like install command after ./configure14:30
jaegerThere's info about creating ports/Pkgfiles in the handbook but I'd also suggest just using everything in /usr/ports as a guide14:30
jaegerthat will depend on the package you're building14:30
emmett1before this i follow BLFS guide, it works on many package14:30
jaegerthe important part for crux packages is that you install into $PKG in the Pkgfile14:30
emmett1owh ok14:31
emmett1one more can prt-get read my Pkgfile?14:32
jaegercheck /etc/prt-get.conf for "prtdir" statements14:32
emmett1bcoz i want dependency taken cared automatically14:32
emmett1what repo do u use right now?active repo?14:36
emmett1or u can give me ur repo if u have one14:36
jaegerstandard repos and mate14:36
emmett1owh ok thanks..i try to setting gvfs to work on my crux first..thanks alot jaeger14:39
jaegergood luck :)14:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: ghostscript: new md5sum, second silent update by upstream15:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: updated to 45.018:51
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otwieraczCan I somehow build something from ports with dependencies?20:50
frinnstuse prt-get20:51
frinnstman prt-get20:51
frinnstthe command you are looking for is "prt-get depinst <port>"20:51
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otwieraczI am afraid I will have to give up.20:58
tired890oh noes21:00
tired890it'll be worth it in the end21:00
otwieraczfrinnst: Starting with „test install”, I ended up trying to fix multiple ports in order to get some utilities to create initramfs.21:01
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skrzypotwieracz: check 6c37 repo too21:06
skrzyponodera did some prtutils21:06
otwieracz(in order to create encrypted root)21:06
otwieraczBut the worse here is that I see no real alternative.21:07
otwieracz(I have some personal feelings to straightforward, shell-script based system which is easy to debug, with single entry points etc)21:08
otwieracz„OpenBSD with Linux kernel”, let's say :)21:10
onoderaotwieracz: check out alpine linux, and
onoderaalpine being the most supported one of the three, it ships with a grsec kernel so it is very likely they have good ecrypted root support21:13
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otwieraczIn the end I will probably just move back to Gentoo.21:15
frinnstuse what's best for the job21:16
frinnstcrux is lovely - if you can fit your usecase in our limited scope21:16
otwieraczWell. Everything sucks, but in different places :)21:16
frinnstwe are a tiiiiiiiiny community21:16
otwieraczI've used crux few years ago.21:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qemu: adjust man path21:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qemu-all: adjust man path21:17
otwieraczAnd I've got extremally good memories.21:17
otwieraczmaybe I will find some time to push initramfs stuff forward.21:17
otwieraczCreating ports is rather straightforward.21:18
frinnstyep, contributions are very welcomed21:18
otwieraczWhen I will somehow prepare environment for work, then it will be easy.21:18
teK__I think I threw mine away21:18
frinnstmaybe I deleted it, tek?21:18
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teK__no I didnt21:19
otwieraczBut this is a bit frustrating when I discover that everything *initr* related is so outdated, that the easiest way to do this will be to begin from scratch :)21:19
teK__well.. just another 2-3hours you'd cost me21:19
otwieraczOK, bbl!21:19
frinnst404 - Not Found21:24
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otwieraczA bit 404'ish :)21:33
otwieraczTalk to you tomorrow!21:38
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