IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-04-16

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joacimjaeger: think i like my mx browns more than my new blues00:50
joacimthe filco board seems nicer tho, even tho the quickfire rapid and majestouch 2 is so similar00:51
joacimmight just be used to the feel of my old keyboard00:53
jaegerI definitely prefer browns, both my keyboards use them00:54
onoderaI wanna get my first mech keyboard00:57
onoderanot sure if I want browns or clears though00:57
joacimmy browns definitely feels a lot better in games too00:58
onoderaI've been distrohopping today, for the first time in ages00:58
onoderaistalled alpine this morening, sabotage in the evening00:59
wildefyrreds are best01:07
wildefyralso onodera01:08
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tired890what kinda games joacim? fps ?03:18
tired890I heard reds are best for gamerz03:18
wildefyrreds are best for everything03:19
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brian|lfshow many packages your repo have wildefyr06:10
brian|lfsand I notice you have packages the main repos have if I"m not mistaking06:10
brian|lfsyou not running cruux 3.2 or something?06:10
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wildefyrbrian|lfs, I run my own packages for some stuff07:01
wildefyrffmpeg is git because updates are pretty on point for example07:01
wildefyrI actually don't need to run nginx now though07:01
wildefyrusing beta drivers for nvidia for example07:02
wildefyrhmm that's about it really07:03
wildefyroh w3m so I can get images07:03
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brian|lfsya I take back what I said you got rid of a lot of packages last few days07:41
wildefyryeah I've been cleaning up to apply to contrib (!)07:42
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brian|lfsyay 69 in here08:33
wildefyrdo you host your ports anywhere?08:40
brian|lfskind of need to update my host and figure out the httpup part still08:43
brian|lfsI mostly have a crap loud of 32 bit gstreamer crap and pulseaudio and Firestorm which is a second life client08:45
brian|lfsand skype08:45
brian|lfsfortunately I kept a copy of qt4-32 becuase after clang 1.8 was pushed out it broke skype again08:45
brian|lfsbut I need some sleep almost 5 am here where I'm at08:48
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wildefyrnight man08:54
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tsaopbeen trying UE4 on CRUX10:25
tsaoprun surprisingly smooth with radeonsi10:25
tsaopnow I just need to wait for compute shaders patches to land10:25
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tilmanme too. been waiting to play alien isolation since christmas :(10:30
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john_cephalopoda"radeonsi" sounds like a finnish word.13:50
john_cephalopodakiitos ämpäri radeonsi13:51
xeirrrjohn_cephalopoda, i think for me it's not a word at all13:53
xeirrrfrinnst, what's that word?13:54
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tsaop"frequent swearing is a mark of youth culture..."13:59
tsaopjust like where i live: people use profanity (in our dialect) instead of commas13:59
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john_cephalopodaYouth culture xD14:01
tsaopmore like general culture14:01
john_cephalopodaAnd Mozart made much harder lyrics.14:03
tsaop have some bad italian words14:03
john_cephalopodaFurther down in the article about Bona nox, you can find some other songs that are worse.14:04
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tsaoppay particular attention to the "Blasphemous profanity" paragraph14:05
tsaopit is funny yes, particularly when using a dialect14:07
john_cephalopodaHmm, I don't think that there is an equivalent for that in German.14:10
tsaopyou don't insult god while cursing?14:10
john_cephalopodaNo, not in a cursing manner. We got things like "Jesses Gott" (Jesus, God!), "Heilige Mutter Maria!" (Holy mother mary) and other stuff like that, but it's no cursing, it's only an expression of shock or unbelieve of what just happened.14:12
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john_cephalopodaI think, fecal curses are used more commonly here.14:14
tsaopas in, cursing at feces?14:15
tilmanlol wtf?14:16
john_cephalopoda"Scheiße" (shit) and "Mist" (dung) are extremely common, as well as "Leck mich am Arsch" (kiss my ass).14:17
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john_cephalopodaOh, and all profanity is allowed on TV.14:25
xeirrrgive me the feeling that those are no longer bad words14:30
frinnstbut blood in videogames is blue or some other stupid colour14:30
frinnstgermany ruined my mortal combat experience on the snes - blood was "converted" into sweat or some shit14:31
tsaopfrinnst: never understood that thing about blood in german videogames14:31
frinnstbut you could still rip out a spine or torch your opponent14:32
john_cephalopodaIn Germany, you get naked breasts in evening TV and cursing is okay, but violence is not. In the US, you can buy guns and watch the biggest splatter movies, but as soon they start to curse in TV, it must be censored. And daytime TV can't show nipples.14:33
frinnstalso german was the default language in super metroid in europe..14:33
frinnstyeah its so fucking stupid14:33
john_cephalopodaI think, the US way is more stupid. Splatter movies and violence are more problematic than cursing in a TV show.14:34
john_cephalopodaAll the US shows are re-dubbed in German, with the original audio in the background. When they speak, you hear beeps all the time, where the german dub just uses the translated curse words.14:35
john_cephalopodaAlso, censored music.14:35
frinnstbecause of licensing issues?14:36
john_cephalopodaNo, I mean in the US.14:36
frinnstah yeah14:36
john_cephalopodaLike Green Day's "American idiot", where they censored "fuck", "faggot" and some more stuff.14:37
john_cephalopodaAs if it would be better for children to censor out the words that they know anyway.14:38
tilmanjohn_cephalopoda: "with the original [TV] audio in the background". wat?14:39
tsaopbut think of the parents associations14:39
tsaopthey demand the kids be safe from bad words14:39
tilmani'm not watching much german tv anymore, but i don't think i've ever heard the original audio in the background? o_O14:39
tsaopeven if they curse at their friends at school, with words learnt from the same parents that are complaining14:39
john_cephalopodatilman: German dubs of US shows (like Myth Busters) always have the original audio track in the background. When the people talk, the audio track is leveled down and the dub is put over it.14:40
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tsaopjohn_cephalopoda: disgusting14:40
tilmanwhat the fuck are you talking about14:40
tilmanamerican shows are not dubbed like that "by default" for sure14:40
tilmanif it's true for myth busters, that has got to be exception, not the rule14:41
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john_cephalopodaWhen an american show is re-dubbed in German, it is done like that.14:42
john_cephalopodaAll the shows here are like that.14:42
tilmani call bullshit14:43
john_cephalopodaIt's in every documentary.14:54
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onodera_I have been distrohopping17:00
onodera_installed alpine and sabotge, now going back to good ol crux, lol17:00
onodera_I've learned a few things though17:00
joacimtired890: all kinds really. i wouldnt care for eve online, since that one is more for typists and peckers17:01
joacimi dont care for best tho17:01
onodera_anyways, I have a lot of ram (16 gb), would it be possible to install crux in a tmpfs or something?17:01
joacimi get what i like the most17:01
joacimi'll keep my quickfire rapid for games i think, and keep this new one for typing17:01
jaegerhrmm, Game of Thrones starts back up in a week17:17
onodera_there seems to be a newer bc17:19
jaegeroops, wrong channel. but there it is. :P17:20
onodera_the one crux uses seems to be from 2001 (1.06), but arch and gentoo use 1.06.95 for 200617:20
onodera_I dropped game of thrones midway second season17:21
onodera_there are just so many episode I need to catch up to :/17:21
onodera_I have always wondered, in the generting locales section of the handbook it lists 3 comments17:25
onodera_should I run all 3 of them, or is generating just the utf8 locale good enough17:25
tuduromfrom my experience you should generate the UTF-8 and the ISO-8859-1 locales18:04
tuduromfor en_US18:04
jaegerIt's probably fine to just generate one if you can guarantee you'll always use that one18:05
tuduromi had "failed" bitmap fonts because i didn't generate the ISO one18:06
onodera_ meh I just did al 318:13
onodera_that updated iso really saves a lot of time18:13
onodera_only needed to update one port on first sysup18:13
tuduromthey updated the iso on
tuduromthen where?18:23
onodera_im taling about
onodera_hm on trackpad so I can't use midle mouse paste18:24
onodera_im taling about
onodera_yeah that one works18:25
jaegerfixed the location so it should work with or without the trailing slash18:36
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nwehello :)20:24
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nwe how are you wildefyr ?20:34
wildefyrnot bad at all :)20:36
nwegood to hear :) what are you doing for fun this evening/night..20:37
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wildefyroh nothing much20:41
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wildefyrgonna play some pickup games for a /older/ game I think20:41
nweah :) nice..  :)20:46
tired890so nice :)20:49
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onoderaanyone with a really fast cpu here20:58
onoderato compile a package for me, lol20:59
nwe3.5 with 8 cores20:59
nweand 24 GB ram20:59
onoderaI know there is a file I can cat to get my ghz20:59
onoderabut where20:59
nwecat /proc/cpuinfo20:59
onoderathat one ye21:00
jaegerthere's also lscpu21:00
onoderacpu MHz: 3200.00021:00
onodera4 core21:00
tuduromah yours is better than mine21:00
onoderaonly it always segfault when compiling firefox, webkit or seamonkey, I've no idea why21:00
tudurommaybe your cpu has 4 cores because it's a dual core intel with multithreading21:01
nweout of swap?21:01
onoderaI've 16gb ram, no swap partition though21:01
jaegerI've got 8 @ 4.4GHz or 24 @ 2.4GHz21:01
onoderaanyways, I have tried compiling on disk instead of tmpfs, and it still happens21:01
nweonodera: so you want firefox compiled?21:02
onoderanah, seamonkey21:02
tuduromi have firefox already packaged21:02
tuduromcompiled et al21:02
onoderaif it was firefox I would use romsters binary :)21:02
frinnstis seamonkey even maintained these days?21:02
onoderayes, it get updates quite regulary21:03
onoderaI tried firefox yesterday but they added even more bullshit in the time I was using seamonkey21:03
onoderaa reader thingy, some new tab page21:04
nweonodera: seamonky from 6c37 repo?21:04
onoderayes nwe21:04
onoderait should have the exact same dependencies as firefox btw21:04
nweokey then I will try to build for you21:04
onoderaawesome, thanks a lot !21:05
onoderatudurom: was it you who ran into that luajit footrpint mismatch21:09
tuduromand the one who bumped the version for arandr on 6c3721:12
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onodera hmm yeah so I just got the same mismatch21:14
onoderabut I'm sure I didn't get it when building luajit before, so I don't know what;s going on...21:14
tired890segfault issues could indicate an unstable CPU, did you adjust cpu/memory/voltage settings?21:15
tired890when I tried undervolting my CPU I had similar issues21:16
tuduromonodera: as long as it works, it should be good21:16
onoderatired890: Thanks I'll look into it21:16
tired890my PC would run fine, but when I did that pi test I got mismatches (ie cpu was miscalculating/math errors)21:16
onoderamy father build this pc back in 2010 or something, so I don't know if he chaned anything related to the voltage or cpu21:16
tired890increasing voltage back to stock fixed it21:16
tired890onodera, I'd reset BIOS to factory21:17
tired890don't forget to change SATA mode to AHCI21:17
onoderaalright I'll try that, first moviing my music from my extern hdd to my pc21:17
onoderatakes ages man21:17
tired890also, make sure your HDDs are connected to the native SATA controller21:18
tired890many motherboards come with sata chip to provide additional ports21:18
tired890those are generally less stable than native (ie native being provided by NB/SB)21:18
tired890you can find this information in the motherboard manual21:19
jaegerthey're also generally provided by really cheap and sometimes crappy chipsets21:19
jaegermarvell, for example21:19
nweoh.. using tcpdump to find the problem why my virtual machine cant reach internet with a public ip.. and then I seeing alots of samba traffic from my neighbors..21:20
tired890samba from your neighbours?21:21
nwetired890: windows share..21:22
tired890I mean you share wifi with your neighbours ?21:22
nwebut my tenant has our own AS-number  (network range) so if I using tcpdump on  the interface  that I got public ip I seeing alots of windows-shares.21:25
onoderais anyone here using any interesting kernel patches?21:26
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nweonodera: the package are done..21:36
onoderathanks a lot nwe  !!!21:45
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nwetime for bed! cya!22:01
tuduromit's 1am here22:11
tuduromand i'm typing on my MX Blues22:12
joacimyour neighbours will call the cops on you22:12
joacimloud noises and causing a disturbance22:13
tuduromi have pretty good isolation22:13
tudurombut it's breaking the silence...22:14
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