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sachiOk so I just installed crux, and it supprisingly boots. However when I startx I get an error complaning I don't have the  i915 driver loaded. Is this not automatically installed with xorg, or do I have to edit the kernel configh.. or.. something?01:36
Romsterprt-get deinst xorg-xf86-video-intel01:44
Romstersachi, ^01:44
Romsterprt-get depinst xorg-xf86-video-intel01:45
Romsteri missed the p01:45
sachiAh ok, but I have an nvidia card as well (integrated intel as well as nvidia card) do I have to configure which one gets used for which program?01:45
sachiOk Romster, i'm getting 3 errors for not being able to access /usr/ports/{core,opt,xorg} and also apparently video-intel is already installed.01:47
jaegerrun 'ports -u' to update your local ports trees. you might want to read through the handbook, some good info there01:57
jaegerif you're using a desktop with integrated intel video and discrete nvidia you can choose which to use... if it's an optimus laptop, you'll probably need bumblebee. I've no experience with those so that's about all I know, there01:58
sachiAlright i'll do some reading, thanks.02:01
jaegerFor clarification about the GPUs, when I say "you can choose which to use" I don't mean on a per-app basis, rather you select which you want to be primary in your BIOS/UEFI. You can usually use them concurrently but it depends on the motherboard02:02
jaegerand that's hardware-specific, not distro-related02:03
sachiAh alright.02:05
jaegerregarding i915 you need both kernel support and the xorg-xf86-video-intel driver02:05
jaegerIf you use the nvidia card instead that can be ignored02:05
sachiYeah  most likley am. i'll see about setting that in the bios though.02:06
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brian|lfsif I set my non intergrated gpu primary Linux don't boot03:28
brian|lfsso I have to set my i915 to primary and tell X to use my other video card as primary instead03:29
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nweoops wrong terminal :P06:28
nwewho should I speak with to change portdb from rsync -> httpup ?06:30
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Romsternwe, i believe there is a email link on the ports page07:35
Romsterwhich probably tek will alter.07:36
nwehmm cant find any email link on the ports page :) I will wait for tek :)07:37
RomsterYou can register your personal HttpUp repository sending an email with the following information to contrib-admin at crux dot nu:07:50
Romsteryou can probably email that with your change too.07:50
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frinnstACTION slaps nwe 12:42
frinnstrsync: failed to connect to ( Connection refused (111)12:42
frinnstnew url too?12:42
frinnstoh right - *from* rsync to http12:42
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teK_nwe: out of curisosity: did you switch off rsync?20:34
teK_tilman, wildefyr I have these kexec tar.xz balls that bsdtar is unable to extract, btw20:39
tilmanfile a bug, fix it, claim your fame20:40
onoderagod damn I hate these github downloads20:40
teK_download the tarball, extract it, repack it, upload to, adjust source()20:40
onoderaliterally $version.tar.gz20:40
teK_onodera: I contacted them, got a probably wont fix20:41
onoderaI know sabotage linux also has problems with it, I think they moves their downloaded sources to $name-$version.$extension, don't quote me on that though20:41
wildefyrnow I've got the daft punk song technologic stuck in my head teK_20:43
teK_work it20:44
teK_make it20:44
teK_do it20:44
teK_makes us20:44
teK_(angry frinnst in 3..2..1...)20:44
wildefyrnow I have to listen to it20:45
jaegermore than ever hour after our work is never over20:45
teK_it's awesome20:46
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wildefyrwould anything on crux core break if I removed dbus? :>22:36
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RobinStamerPossibly X1122:49
RobinStamerOh, core?  Shouldn't, unless you're running systemd or something.22:50
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groovy2shoeshas wpa_supplicant been switched over to use dbus?23:38
groovy2shoesI seem to recall there was a ticket open for that on the Flyspray, but I never actually read the resolution for it23:38
groovy2shoesif so, that could be an issue23:38
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