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jaegermy ISP only just enabled IPv6 for its home customers very recently... maybe just a few days ago, not exactly sure00:09
teK_interwebz claims my ISP will enable IPV6 on request00:16
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wildefyrACTION hides03:56
wildefyrwhat seems to be the problem?03:56
emmett1i got problem docbook thing when compiling?03:57
emmett1u want log?03:57
brian|lfswhat are you trying to compile wildefyr03:58
brian|lfsor emmett1 I mean03:58
wildefyrwhich docbook package?03:58
brian|lfslog would be good emmett103:58
wildefyrdocbook-xml or docbook-xsl03:58
emmett1im trying to compile gvfs03:58
wildefyrACTION pokes jaeger in the eye03:58
emmett1i got error like this03:59
emmett1I/O error : Attempt to load network entity
emmett1got same problem when compiling networkmanager03:59
emmett1and a few package more03:59
emmett1same error03:59
brian|lfswhat repo is gvfs on?03:59
emmett1mate repo03:59
emmett1im trying make my own Pkgfile but still got same problem04:00
wildefyrwho manages the mate repo? Romster ?04:00
emmett1been a week now still cant figure it out04:00
emmett1i dont know04:00
brian|lfsso do you have docbook-xsl installed04:00
emmett1got it here
emmett1yup/..already installed and reinstalled04:01
emmett1still face same error04:01
jaegersorry, I've no idea... getting docbook to work properly is 100% luck04:02
brian|lfsKruger Heavy Industries initiated and maintains the port of the MATE desktop environment for CRUX Linux with substantial assistance from Matt Housh.04:02
wildefyrcrux is used by a business?04:03
brian|lfsII could put the docbook-xsl pkg on my repo04:03
wildefyrI think that is the most surprising thing I've heard today04:03
brian|lfsnot sure thats what I read on the page emmett1 pasted04:03
brian|lfsbut it looks like the correct mate page04:05
brian|lfsI know at one time there was 2 crux mate pages04:05
emmett1brian: do u use crux right now?? and do u get gvfs installed fine??04:05
brian|lfsno haven't used mate in ages04:06
brian|lfsthats why I didn't knwo what repo gvfs was on04:06
emmett1im not used mate also04:06
emmett1right now im on openbox04:06
emmett1default crux04:06
brian|lfsI'm on plasma504:06
emmett1where u get plasma repo?04:06
brian|lfstsaop did a good job on it04:07
brian|lfslooking for the website for you tells you how to install it annd everything04:07
emmett1owh u mean from crux repo database?04:07
emmett1kde repo?04:07
brian|lfsnope not kde repo04:07
brian|lfsI think tsaop fix 99% of the deps04:08
brian|lfsthey were out of order when I installed like 3 or 4 months ago04:08
emmett1in this plasma repo can u mount usb or another partition?04:08
emmett1thats why i want gvfs work04:08
brian|lfsoh you mean if you plug a flash drive in04:08
brian|lfsnever tried thinking where my flash drives are lol04:09
brian|lfsto test04:09
emmett1i wonder how you live with ur crux04:09
emmett1another partition>04:09
emmett1did it mounted?04:10
brian|lfslooking for a flash drive lol04:10
brian|lfsah found 2 not su re whats n them04:10
emmett1u test 1st04:10
brian|lfsit works04:11
brian|lfsasks for root password04:11
brian|lfsthen you enter it and it mounts04:12
emmett1owh nice04:12
emmett1i think im gonna give plasma5 a shot04:12
emmett1how do u connect to wifi?04:12
brian|lfsonly bug I see with plasma5 is when I change my background I have no clue what backgrounds I have04:12
brian|lfsthey are all a defaul icon04:13
brian|lfsso I have to click on each one and apply to see what I have lol04:13
emmett1did plasma have nm-applet or smetthing like that04:16
emmett1bcoz i got very complicated when connecting to wifi04:16
emmett1wicd not work on my crux, i dont know why04:16
emmett1networkmanager got docbook error when compiling04:17
brian|lfsnot sure because I use wired04:17
emmett1do u have another os on ur computer right now?04:18
brian|lfson here windows 10 in qemu04:18
brian|lfswith a video card passed throguh04:18
brian|lfsbut talking to you on crux right now04:19
emmett1owh kvm i bet04:19
emmett1yup just want to know04:19
brian|lfsother machine has native win10 on it04:19
emmett1gentoo is my primary os right now04:19
emmett1but i really want to use crux04:20
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emmett1win10 on vbox04:20
brian|lfswow lol04:20
emmett1right now im triple boot gento arch and crux04:20
emmett1crux boot faster than gentoo04:21
brian|lfsI've run gentoo and arch plenty of times04:21
brian|lfsarch faster with the systemd04:21
emmett1arch faster than arch even on openrc04:21
brian|lfsbut I understand the gripes with systemd04:21
emmett1arch faster than gentoo i mean04:21
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emmett1i dump arch bcoz i quit systemd and binary package04:22
emmett1right now i want use systemd-free source-based os and manual kernel04:22
brian|lfsthats cool04:23
emmett1im very prefer crux than gentoo bcoz crux more lighter04:23
brian|lfssame reason we all useit04:23
brian|lfsuse it04:23
emmett1im trying exherbo but still no success04:25
brian|lfsoh they ban me from their room their assholes04:25
brian|lfsbecuase I wasn't getting some concept and they told me to rtfm04:25
emmett1haha lol04:26
brian|lfswhat part of the world you in emmett104:27
emmett1part of the world?04:29
emmett1u mean?04:29
brian|lfsyes part of the world I mean04:30
emmett1where i live what u mean??04:30
brian|lfsWashington DC in the USA04:31
brian|lfsso can you steal us some cpus04:31
brian|lfsI know AMD makes their chips there04:31
wildefyrbrian|lfs, I am jelly of your kvm :(04:32
emmett1i dont know if AMD make cpus here04:32
wildefyronly problem with sandy bridge was that there was no vt-d04:32
emmett1i not in AMD anyway04:32
brian|lfsuse to say malaysia on their chips04:32
emmett1AMD bad cpu04:32
emmett1i prefer intel more04:32
brian|lfsI'm using all intel right now04:32
emmett1im work at cuputer show04:33
emmett1got many broken AMD board here04:33
emmett1wildefyr, im jelly on brian|lfs kvm too04:34
emmett1trying on my laptop with gentoo not work04:34
brian|lfsI would think harder to do on a laptop04:35
brian|lfsunless your not doinjg gpu passthrough04:35
emmett1actually i got default intel graphic on my lptop04:36
emmett1after read few times on kvm, i realize my laptop cant do kvm04:36
jaegersome laptops can do KVM but it's extremely rare that they can do VT-d as well04:36
emmett1realize after few times compiling my kernel..lol04:37
brian|lfsmaybe he works in the same shop as Romster04:37
tired890u all jelly of KVM04:39
tired890amd is the native kvm platform04:39
tired890all cpu from 4k series to top end have hardware passthru04:39
jaegerAMD's the native joke these days, heh04:40
tired890no silly crippling like intel04:40
tired890with zen amd will finally dethrone intel and we'll finally have world peace04:40
tired890anyways arm is the future so grab a chromebook :)04:41
tired890brace for impact gents04:45
jaegerACTION shrugs04:50
jaegerthey've got a lot of ground to make up, we'll see04:50
brian|lfsI still like X9904:51
brian|lfsbut skylake isn't bad for consumer grade04:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: squid: update to 3.5.1710:46
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: dhcpcd: update to 6.10.310:47
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frinnstnwe: what changed in your ansible port?13:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mupdf: move man-pages14:02
rmullI know I always ask this, but... how does one see which ports from a given repo are installed?14:03
jaegeryou only sort of get that info. you could use prt-get info or prt-get path but there's no metadata stored that says where a port came from at install time14:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mupdf: update to 1.9a14:05
rmulljaeger: Hrm, so the 'path' line in the prt-get info output is just set to wherever the port name is found first?14:07
rmullOkay, thanks. The use case would be I might have a single port installed from a repo a long time ago and no longer need it - how do I know if I can remove the repo?14:09
jaegerCheck if anything that's installed depends on it14:09
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rmullI don't know the name of the single port, though. I have prologic's repo installed, I don't know if I've installed anything from it, and I want to know if I can remove it14:11
jaeger <-- I use something like this to find "leaf" ports14:11
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rmullWouldn't this not work if the leaf port is actually a duplicate of a port that exists in another repo?14:13
rmullIt would find the dupe and not report the leaf14:14
jaegerIt's not smart, it doesn't care or know from where the port comes14:14
jaegeronly if it's listed as a dep for something else14:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 50.0.2661.8616:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: cmake: updated to 3.5.216:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] jdk: updated to 1.8.0_9216:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: giflib: updated to 5.1.316:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: mailman: updated to 2.1.2216:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: thunderbird: use bundled cairo to avoid crashes18:34
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wildefyrI have a 'prtdup' function that scans the port tree and checks if the package is a duplicate19:01
wildefyrand then a 'prtdups' that's just a for loop of that19:02
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teK_you mean prt-get dup?19:58
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wildefyrI wrote my own function21:05
wildefyrdidn't like the output21:05
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milismanhow can i access crux site source?21:08
milismani can find in
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teK_there and pmwiki pages..21:54
teK_double click the page21:55
teK_ah we disabled that I think21:56
teK_before frinnst starts destroying content again :>21:56
milismanyes i think it21:56
milismaniirc i saw the content a while ago21:56
milismanhow can i get source of site?21:56
teK_do it like this:21:57
teK_or use google yourself :)21:57
milismanok :)21:58
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wildefyrI really do wish sometime prt-get handled optional deps after the main install22:46
wildefyror even before22:46
teK_btw.. anyone from Denmark present?23:01
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onodera *chirp chirp*23:39
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