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tired890I stopped using the webui and now using rtorrent by itself00:08
tired890took some time to get used to but love the lightness!00:09
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tired890got rid of: nginx+php (and compiled rtorrent without rpc support)..00:10
tired890heh, thats a lot of baggage00:10
wildefyrmeh rtorrent00:10
wildefyrtransmission way better00:10
wildefyrhas a kickass UI too: transmission-remote-cli00:10
tired890rtorrent is incredibly efficient and light00:11
tired890I run it on a router with 64MBs or RAM!00:11
wildefyrI think that's the only use case00:12
tired890transmission is more popular, there are fancy UIs available on phones.. ie you can pretty much control it from anything00:12
wildefyrtired890, transmission-daemon only using 19mb here00:19
wildefyrI get what you mean, for embedded systems00:20
tired890how many torrents running/seeding ?00:20
wildefyrabout 2000:20
wildefyrso not much00:20
tired890thats very low00:23
tired890how long has it been running?00:23
wildefyrabout 3 days on my machine00:26
wildefyrI don't pirate much00:26
tired890oh well00:27
tired890look at mine:00:27
joacimwhat do you use to measure that memory usage?00:28
tired890cat /proc/14712/status | grep VmSize00:28
tired890VmSize:    30776 kB00:28
tired890its using 30MB00:28
wildefyrnot bad00:28
tired890yours is 10MB less00:28
wildefyrhow many torrents00:28
tired890less than 1000:28
tired890but some are huge..00:28
joacimVmSize: 1146808 kB00:29
wildefyrwhew lad00:29
joacimthis is for transmission-daemon00:29
tired890how many torrents joacim ?00:29
joacim129 torrents. 39 days uptime00:29
tired890wildefyr, can you pls memory usage from smaps subsystem?00:29
wildefyrgoing to bed00:30
wildefyrsorry :(00:30
tired890find the process id then grep VmSize: cat /proc/<pid>/status | grep VmSize00:30
tired890k, nighty night00:30
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rmullMy rtorrent VmSize is 2510964 kB03:14
rmullWhere does rtorrent tell me how many torrents I have active?03:22
vlnx_xmlrpc script it.03:34
rmullWould I need to rebuild rtorrent to enable the xmlrpc interface?03:39
rmullI did ls ~/.rtorrent/*torrent | wc -l03:41
rmulland I got 26903:42
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brian|lfsdid cmake fail updating on for anyone besides me?05:48
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tired890brian|lfs, updated here06:14
brian|lfshmm it complained about some qt5 thing missing so recompiling qt506:18
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nwefrinnst new version of ansible, from 1.9 to 2.007:21
nwefrinnst: ^07:27
frinnstnew deps or something=?07:40
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jACTION 08:54
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Ajiecan i use openrc, rather tha sysvinit?09:20
frinnstyou can do what you like - the only limit is your patience and skill :-)09:21
tired890and coding abilitiez09:22
Ajieok, i will try it09:24
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joacimoh no :S16:03
joacimI've become interested in distcc16:03
joacimuse it to speed up compilation on my thinkpad w500, since my server is idle most of the time anyways16:05
rmullwhy "oh no?"16:05
joacimi wanted to play video games tonight16:06
joacimand now i want to spend more money on my server (get an xeon e3 to replace the current pentium G3450)16:06
rmullYou'll be able to compile your video games much faster with distcc :)16:15
joacimthe prices for those xeons have gone up by almost 100 dollars since I bought my desktops i5 4690 :(16:18
joacimthink i'll wait until I can get one for 50 dollars from ebay16:18
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teK_am I the only one with a failing cmake?17:42
onoderayou mean yesterdays update?17:42
onoderafor me it build just fine17:43
jaegerNot running into that here17:44
teK_retrying with -j117:46
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teK_@40% progress now17:51
teK_cpu must have been so fast to trigger race conditions your CPUs didnt !!117:53
jaegerThis i7-4790k is pretty slow17:56
teK_I did it on a i5 in vmware vm running on windows :P17:56
joacimworks for me! =)18:05
joacimhope that helps18:05
teK_yeah, worked18:07
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xveehey fellas. why does google list as potentially hacked?20:34
wildefyrcan't actually remember the reason20:41
wildefyrI think the host changed or something20:41
wildefyrdw, it's fine though20:41
john_cephalopodaWasn't the wiki taken over some time ago?20:52
john_cephalopodaLike, not taken over but spammed with a lot of stuff, possibly some links to dubious sites.20:53
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tuduromcan i suggest a package for contrib/opt?20:56
tuduromgnu indent20:56
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xveeout of curiosity, what do you guys use for your dm/wm?20:59
tuduromwmutils + disputils20:59
teK_I just filed for a reeval of the 'hacked' status21:04
wildefyrxvee, wmutils with a ton of custom scripts21:05
xveealright, cool. thanks guys21:06
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teK_there it is again..21:06
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amorsanaetudurom: I am having trouble finding anything about disputils. Do you have a link?21:46
tudurommirror at
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