IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2016-04-23

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Ajeianyone, give me example about wmutils, or tutorial, article about it....ty06:02
wildefyrwmutils can be anything you want it to be06:05
Ajeithanks wildefyr06:18
wildefyryou are most welcome  ^ ^06:22
Ajeiin fyre git, Example desktops, what bar is?06:25
Ajeisorry my grammar :306:25
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wildefyronodera, sick rice08:44
wildefyrbit too colourful for my tastes but still ^ ^08:44
onoderawait ...08:45
onoderaoh great08:45
onoderaNot onodera08:45
onoderaWas using his irssi config08:46
onoderaone min08:46
xeirrronodera, the nick onodera is registered08:47
tired890you are not the real onodera ?08:49
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xeirrrtired890, i use other channel's bot to locate him through ip, and its india not Netherlands, so not real onodera08:51
tired890how did he end up here (in crux channel)? could it be onodera is haxed ?08:51
tired890and/or laptop stolen..08:51
tired890and/or travelling :)08:51
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tired890and or using proxy :)08:52
wildefyr<insert reason here!>08:52
tired890wilde beast!08:52
xeirrrmight be08:53
wildefyrvery much so08:56
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Wildfyrnow I am not onodera08:59
tired890well well well08:59
wildefyrso now you are me?08:59
tired890the plot thickens08:59
Wildfyrthat is my real nick08:59
tired890Wildfyr, who are you? why dont u use a real nickname and join our community :)08:59
Wildfyrtired890: i have had that nick since I joined freenode09:00
Wildfyrso ... a few months back09:00
xeirrrwildefyr, you have a letter e than him09:01
WildfyrWildfyr and wildefyr09:01
wildefyrwhich makes me more awesome09:01
tired890wildefyr is derived from wilde beast09:01
Wildfyrok ...09:01
WildfyrWildfyr as such has no origin so ...09:02
xeirrrit's rare to see two close nicknames09:03
Wildfyrbut not impossible09:03
WildfyrU have proof09:03
Wildfyranyways, why are we talking about nicks09:04
wildefyrbecause you stole mine09:05
WildfyrDid not09:05
wildefyrDid so!09:05
WildfyrDid not do so!09:05
wildefyrDid so!09:05
tired890come now lets not be hasty09:05
WildfyrDid not do so!09:05
tired890ACTION prepares tea and popcorn09:06
Wildfyrtired890: I have been accused of stealing a nick09:06
Wildfyrtired890: It is a major crime :D09:06
tired890I'd say that was rushed..09:06
Wildfyrit is ...09:06
tired890we have to investigate further before drawing any conclusions lest we become confuzzled09:07
wildefyrI only kid09:07
WildfyrSo do I09:07
WildfyrSo for now truce09:09
Wildfyrtired890: so how did u plan on investigating09:10
tired890basically, we ask a series of questions09:11
tired890and determine who has the rights to the wildebeast nickname09:11
Wildfyrtired890: i am Wildfyr and he is wildefyr09:12
Wildfyrso we both have rigts to our nick09:12
tired890<Wild> being the keyword here09:12
WildfyrMy nick has no relation with wildebeast09:12
tired890wildebeast is a generalization, it refers to the "wild-" family of nicknames09:13
tired890you see this creates a confusion among our esteemed community members, they'd think you are wildefyr.. that his connection perhaps dropped and auto-rejoined as the secondary nickname09:13
tired890people might private msg you with intimate secrets09:13
Wildfyrooh ...09:13
tired890and then to their shocking discover the horrific truth that you are *NOT* wildefyr09:14
wildefyrI am very important around here09:14
wildefyrI am going to apply to contrib!09:14
WildfyrGonna come into this channel more often09:14
WildfyrOh and by the way I like ur fyre wm09:14
wildefyrsome recognition at last09:14
WildfyrThough I use scripts from contrib instead09:14
wildefyrACTION cries in his corner09:15
WildfyrBut I have stolen a few scripts from fyre09:15
WildfyrAnd wmrc09:15
wildefyrbut wmrc sucks09:15
WildfyrIt doesn'y09:15
wildefyrit does09:15
WildfyrIt doesn't*09:15
Wildfyrdoes not09:15
wildefyrarcetera doesn't even maintain it anymore09:16
wildefyrso I win by default09:16
Wildfyrone min09:16
WildfyrU might be correct09:19
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WildfyrSeems fairly recent09:20
wildefyrI know I am correct because arcetera uses cwm now09:20
WildfyrFine then, u win09:21
wildefyrI am validated!09:21
wildefyrACTION dances over Wildfyr09:21
Wildfyr* pushes wildefyr of09:22
tired890( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)09:22
tired890ACTION grabs wildefyr 09:22
wildefyrbut you know you like baby ^ ^09:22
wildefyrew creep09:22
tired890grabbed as saved you09:22
Wildfyr*Wildfyr pushes wildefyr09:23
tired890ACTION helps in push09:23
tired890wildebeast howls as he falls09:23
wildefyrACTION kisses tired890 on the cheek for his brave actions09:23
wildefyrno homo09:23
Wildfyr* pukes09:23
tired890lets strongarm Wildfyr09:24
Wildfyragreed tired89009:24
wildefyrACTION leaves09:24
tired890damn its confuzzling the autocomplete chooses random nicknames09:24
tired890Wildfyr, stahp i t!09:24
WildfyrWhose side are u on man?09:24
tired890the matrix won't be able to handle it09:25
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Wildfyrit wont huh?09:25
wildefyrhe's on mine09:25
tired890family before friends, Wildfyr09:25
wildfyrNow what?09:26
tired890your color just changed!09:26
tired890its happening09:26
tired890oh no09:26
wildefyryou two are the same colour now :(09:26
tired890what color am I wildefyr ?09:27
wildfyru are orange09:27
tired890you are green wildfyr , and wildefyr is dark green09:27
wildfyrWait, u we are green wildefyr09:27
wildfyrWait, we are green wildefyr09:27
wildefyrI only use 8 colours in my console09:28
wildfyrWe are the same shade to (as per irssi)09:28
wildefyrany more and my brain gets confused09:28
wildfyrI use 16 colors09:28
tired890I'm already perplexed !09:28
wildfyrAnd so am I09:28
wildfyrso, one of us changes our nick temporarily09:29
wildfyrU do it wildefyr09:29
fyrit's okay09:30
fyrthis is the nick I am gonna be changing to soon anyway09:30
fyrgonna buy the domain fyrious.ninja09:30
wildfyrI a gonna change to fyre09:31
wildfyrI am gonna change to fyre09:31
fyryou won't be disappointed09:31
wildfyrcorrection: I am gonna change my nick to fyre09:32
fyreoh fine09:33
fyreI can't09:33
fyreit is registered09:33
tired890what the09:33
tired890NOT cool man09:33
tired890not cool09:33
wildefyrCOOL man09:33
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wildefyrfine, if u want I can change my nick again09:34
tilmanjue: i'm getting an md5sum mismatch for ghostscript. the md5 i'm getting is e97afb7468c6decb44f18a0719d4ef1809:34
wildefyrfine, since I am so kind09:35
tired891Happy now?09:35
tired890the resident copycat ladies and gentlemen!09:36
tired890I have to warn you though09:36
tired890this nickname has a side effect09:36
tired891U guys wanted to change my nick09:36
tired890if you are not really tired in life.. you will get tired :)09:36
tired891I already am09:37
tired891so ... nothing really09:37
tired890well, I don't mind :)09:37
tired890you can use this nick name09:37
tired890you have my blessing :)09:37
tired891gotta go09:38
tired890take care!09:39
xeirrrok nick troll is over09:42
tilmanabout time09:42
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tsaopif you have problems building cmake with qt5 installed, just append CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/share/qt5 to the bootstrap command10:32
tsaopthen it should do its job10:33
tired890brian|lfs, ^10:33
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juetilman: works for me with 8dc536f97bff762791709ca6d64fc44c, that's the same as listed in
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: lvm2: update to 2.02.15112:12
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.12312:13
cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: grep: update to 2.2512:13
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sotokoyahai, my cpu support 64bit, but, i worried to install crux, can i still install crux?12:40
sotokoyaok, i will try it12:43
fyrjust make sure 64bit support has a 'Y' next to it in the make menuconfig12:44
fyrit is by default12:44
tsaopjust pushed some new KF5 packages for your usage pleasure12:55
tsaopthat is, if you want to install the whole desktop to use them12:55
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onoderasotokoya: yeah, in fact the only architecture crux officially supports is 64bit14:05
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xeirrrthe real onodera appears14:05
onoderawas there a fake one?14:15
fyrthere was14:15
fyra nick copycat14:15
onoderaI erm, copy my irc nick and pass to github (my dotfile repo)14:15
onoderaand I'm too lazy to fix it, so every few months someone copy pastes my irssi dotfile14:16
onoderaand logs in as me, lol14:16
fyrhow do I know you are really you then?!14:16
fyrremind me never to trust you with anything security related14:17
xeirrronodera, you need to catch your pravicy before push14:18
onoderafyr: hey it's just irc14:18
onoderaat least I don\t push mu ssh keys14:18
onoderaxeirrr: yeah I should probably fix it14:19
fyr'just IRC'14:19
fyrfamous last words14:19
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brian|lfscmake still don't compile for me about to uplaod my log file20:38
tired890format and clean install20:45
tired890sometimes its the only way..20:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl: updated to version 364.1920:49
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.2]: nvidia-sl-32: updated to version 364.1920:49
brian|lfsinstalling fortran right now20:49
brian|lfsseeing I looked for the qt5 file in question and have it20:49
onoderaoww new nvidia driver21:04
onoderaany interesting changes?21:04
jaegerif you use the glvnd driver, perhaps... I haven't had much time to look into switching to it yet21:04
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onoderaeverything still seems to work21:11
onoderapost nvidia update :p21:11
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jaegerI do test them before pushing, for what that's worth21:58
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