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rmullbrian|lfs: I don't htink your problem is fortran. My cmake build reports NOTFOUND just as yours does, but doesn't fail. I'll paste a log once it's done.01:28
rmullbrian|lfs: my cmake build, for reference.01:30
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tsaopbrian|lfs: did you see my comment on how to fix cmake if you have qt5 installed?07:01
tsaopbrian|lfs: if you have problems building cmake with qt5 installed, just append CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/share/qt5 to the bootstrap command07:01
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brian|lfswow was afk07:27
brian|lfsso what does tsaop think my fix is07:27
fyrthat's handy07:37
fyrmight have to use that as I've finally been forced to use qt5 for mumble07:38
brian|lfsI had to use export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/share/qt5 but its compiling now07:38
tilmanfyr: mumble works with qt4 as well though. at least the version that i'm running (might be old :p)07:49
fyrtilman, yeah I know07:53
fyrI managed to get it to run but the latest mumble was all black for some reason07:53
fyrapart from a select few bits07:53
fyrso I'm gonna try with qt5 (if it ever compiles)07:53
tilmanjust checked, i'm running mumble-client 1.2.10-107:54
tilmanie, ancient07:54
fyroh bloody hell07:58
fyrit failed to compile07:58
fyrafter an hour and a half07:58
fyrdoesn't even have an error message either07:59
tilmanyou're just not seeing the error because your parallel build proceeded to do other stuff that didn't fail ;)08:02
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tilmanscroll up08:04
tsaopscroll lock08:04
tilmantsaop: shut up, you're missing the context08:05
tilmanfyr: look further up in the build log...08:05
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wildefyro boi14:04
wildefyrno mtp software in opt or contrib14:04
tilmani suspect new freetype causes firefox to segfault for me14:07
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tilmanlooks like stack overflow due to ... accidental recursion?14:09
tilmanrebuilding harfbuzz might have fixed it14:10
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vsteveis there a pkgadd -u variation that updates all packages on the system?15:07
wildefyrvsteve, see prt-get15:09
vsteveit says to use the 'sysup' command, is that to imply sysup is a different program, or it's called via prt-get sysup?15:10
vstevedisregard, looks like its tied to prt-get15:11
wildefyrthe latter15:11
vstevehuh...supposedly my system is up to date..which I feel is untrue15:11
vsteveat a minimum my kernel is out of date15:11
vsteveand I'm on a fresh 3.2 install, surely something is out dated...right?15:12
wildefyryou need to do ports -u to retrieve the latest package files15:12
wildefyrplease read the handbook15:12
wildefyrit contains very useful information :)15:12
vsteveI keep going through it, I tend to miss information I want15:13
vsteveon a totally unrelated note, unless I'm somehow running it wrong, I've never gotten setup-chroot to work correctly15:14
vsteveI've always had to do the mount commands at install time manually, which has always worked fine, but setup-chroot just seems to butcher my mounts on any system i've tried it on15:15
wildefyrsounds odd..15:15
vsteveyeah, it seems like I must be doing something wrong, but...all you do is 'setup-chroot' right?15:16
vsteveyou don't source it it some other way?15:16
wildefyrit should just dump you into the chroot directly15:17
vstevethat's what I figured15:18
vstevebut I have an exactly 0% success with it15:18
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vstevenow watch, I'll try it again the next time I install crux and it'll work fine15:20
vstevebut I've been installing/using crux for about a year, never had it work once15:20
vstevevery strange15:21
vsteveanyway, is there a more detailed resource on crux specifically other than the handbook, or is that the end all be all?15:25
jaegerdo you mount your installation target somewhere other than /mnt?15:25
vstevejaeger, no, I try to follow the steps as closely as possible, I always use /mnt15:26
jaegerok. was just a guess :)15:26
vsteveyeah, that'd be like..the one reasonable assumption15:27
vsteveI don't understand the nature of the setup-chroot....script?   if I do 'which setup-chroot', it can't find it, and 'find / | grep setup-chroot' didn't find anything either15:28
jaegerIt would probably be a good idea to make setup-chroot take it into account but I don't think it's come up15:29
vsteveyeah, I can't think of a reason not to use /mnt15:29
jaegerYou can see it here:;a=blob;f=iso/bin/setup-chroot;h=d7768e968b64ede61eff6f30030d3ddc980ffb39;hb=HEAD15:29
jaegerThe point of it is just to save you the typing of the various mounts into the chroot target15:30
vsteveright, although, now I see there's an extra line15:30
vsteve"mount -t devpts -o noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620 devpts /mnt/dev/pts    8 "15:30
vsteveI've never done this15:30
vstevenor do I understand it's meaning/importance15:30
vsteveit's also not in the handbook...that I'm aware of15:31
jaeger /dev/pts is used for pseudo-terminal devices and I believe the options were required by a glibc update, though I don't remember the details15:31
vsteveinteresting....I've got crux 3.2 running on three completely different systems in my house, I've never once used that line durring instal or otherwise15:32
jaegerThere's a note in the upgrade section (3.3) about it15:33
vsteveahh, I'll check it out15:33
jaegerJust that it's needed, it doesn't go into depth15:33
vsteveeh,  I can ask about /dev/pts, I recall seeing it come up before in guides online from time to time15:34
jaeger /dev/pts was added to the setup-chroot script in 2009, then the options were changed in early 201415:34
vsteveit's clearly not required ...I guess, or I'm just murdering my installs unknowingly15:35
jaegerMaybe you're right, try it and see15:36
vsteveterminals, xorg, and window managers all seem to work fine without it15:36
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vstevegranted, I'm only installing on pure 64-bit systems, I don't know how much glibc or /dev/pts care about that15:39
jaegercrux is multilib rather than pure-64 but glibc is built that way already15:45
wildefyrI think it depends on terminal emulator about /dev/pts15:45
wildefyrxterm didn't complain last time I checked but rxvt-unicode did15:45
vsteveinteresting, it might not intersect with my usage case15:45
vstevewait, so I thought the point of crux was to target x86-64?15:46
vsteveat least in the last few major releases..15:47
jaegerIt's still x86_64 but has been multilib-capable for a while15:47
vsteveoh well I knew it was capable...but I thought it only installed x86-64 stuff by default15:51
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vsteveand from what I saw in ports, theres a contrib32 or something that made me think if you wanted 32 bit items, that's where you'd go to grab them15:51
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vstevethough it sounds like that was less than accurate?16:03
wildefyrthe only thing I have to install that's 32-bit is bloody steam16:05
vsteveah wait, I think I'm understanding more now....32-bit glibc compatibility is built into crux...but the kernel and things in /bin/ /sbin/ are 64-bit?16:06
jaegervsteve: yes, and the only 32-bit package that's required is glibc-32, you don't have to install anything else 32-bit if you don't want it16:27
vstevewhy is 32-bit glibc required?16:38
jaegerSince the toolchain is multilib minimal 32-bit support is required and that package is it16:42
jaegerIf you remove it you can't compile properly anymore, even 64-bit things16:43
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brian|lfsI see someone modified the cmake package18:55
brian|lfsnot sure what change it didn't require a recompile on my system18:55
jaegerIt was a version update according to the git history18:59
brian|lfscoudlnt' ahve been its the same version lol19:00
brian|lfsoh nevermind its because I modified to get it compile duh19:00
brian|lfswhen I was drunk last night19:01
brian|lfsI added an export to it becuase it was not seeing some qt5 file which I had19:01
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deus_excmake really doesn't like qt5 port :)19:32
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pedjaIs anyone using Cisco PacketTracer-6.3 on Crux?19:35
wildefyrexotic hardware? I like19:36
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pedjaIt works fine-ish with qt4-32 (occasional crash nonwithstanding) :)19:37
pedjaonly the user login to NetAcad from the app doesn't work, but I can live with that.19:38
pedjaweirdly enough, Windows version, using Wine, has the exact same problem.19:40
pedjaOT: heads up to you living  in the Western Europe/Canada: brace yourselves for yet another massive exodus from Serbia after todays elections :)19:45
teK_are you from polland?19:46
tilmanhe just said serbia?19:46
teK_the elections can still be held in Serbia if he lives in Poland19:47
pedjaI wouldn't give I fsck about Serbian elections if I lived in Poland :)19:48
pedjaor anyone else, for that matter19:48
teK_I do care even though I'm not from Serbia :]19:50
teK_so the nationalistic folks did not get many votes and there is consesus regarding joining the EU19:58
teK_what am I missing?19:58
retarda heart20:05
pedjaSNS, which will most likely have the majority in the Parliament, is the offshoot of the SRS, which is pro-russian/fuck the EU, but with better PR.20:06
pedjaSRS will most likely have ~10% of the seats.20:07
pedjaSPS is the former Communist Party, which still has a strong hold, despite the everything they've done in the 90's (hyperinflattion, civil wars, government sanctioned murders, NATO bombing, etc, etc,)20:11
pedjaThose 3 parties will have ~80% of the seats.20:13
pedjaAnd 'joining the EU' is, from where i am standing, just the lip service.20:15
pedjaApologies, this is a technical channel, not #crux-politics :)20:17
vsteveupdating has proved to be an error in judgement, it's still going like...2 hours in20:21
vstevethis poor laptop20:22
vstevethere's an awful lot of compiling going on20:23
vsteveI should have known the system updater would just build source packages...I wasn't 100% sure, I am now20:27
vstevei'm on a lenovo x61 tablet, it's a living testament to sadness in the shape of a computer20:27
pedjavsteve: HP Mini, FreeBSD 'make buildworld' = 14h :)20:32
teK_pedja: ok, got it20:32
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vsteveoh no!  @ hp mini20:57
vsteveI'm currently trying to see what prt-get sysup does on my fx8350 with a pcie ssd, speaking of which, is there a way to do like a 'make -j 8' that prt-get understands?20:58
vsteveor will prt-get multi-thread itself accordingly?20:58
teK_not at the prt-get-level. But pkgmk can help within build runs:20:59
teK_% grep MAKEFLAGS /etc/pkgmk.conf20:59
teK_export MAKEFLAGS=" -j4 "20:59 reference to updating my system, as far as I understand it, I need to use 'prt-get sysup' will prt-get read my MAKEFLAGS?21:09
vsteveor can pkgmk be used to update the system somehow as well?21:10
teK_it will call pkgmk which will read pkgmk.conf21:12
teK_prt-get does the 'organisation' / queueing of pkgmk calls; pkgmk will take care to build / install the ports21:12
teK_pkgmk has no real notion of repositories or dependencies21:13
teK_prt-get does. But it doesnt know shit about the nitty gritty details of parsing and "executing" Pkgfiles21:13
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