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rmullRomster: aria2 needs a bump from 1.18.5 -> 1.22.0 and source relocated to github:
vsteveif you're given the option to compile something with --with-x, I see that does something with the x-window system..but what's the difference between that and just opening the given application in an xterm window?02:26
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][_R_][vsteve: depends on the program04:01
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tired890do you reckon its a good idea, to mount a tmpfs for torrents download dir07:58
tired890then once done, move the torrent to the hard drive07:58
tired890this is to avoid the many small writes07:59
tired890all the small writes will be done on RAM..(which is what RAM was designed to do) :)07:59
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Doutorsomeone online?11:04
wildefyrACTION waves in Doutor's direction11:05
wildefyrtired890, yeah it's not a bad idea, you can do this pretty easily just mount /tmp as a tmpfs11:06
wildefyrthen point the download directory under it11:06
Doutorwzp guys is this the right chat to know more about the crux?11:10
wildefyrit is11:10
Doutorwhat make you wildefyr use the crux?11:11
wildefyrI like building stuff from source11:12
Doutorshit,i like this to11:12
wildefyrand I also like how crux is simple, no systemd11:12
wildefyrPkgfile's are also beautiful11:12
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Doutori actually use arch, but is a system made to use binary packages, i usually compile things from source here on arch, and uses pacman to remove things11:14
wildefyrI also used arch in the past11:15
wildefyrit takes everything good about crux and twists it :D11:15
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Doutorhm, its that, i thinking in use a dedicated distro to compile all from source, and i am thinking first on crux and gentoo, second in slackware and third in keep uses arch, who still works to the things that i actually use11:19
wildefyrwell we might be a bit biased here if you're looking for recommendations11:19
Doutoris more about opinions11:20
Doutorwhat do you think about it?11:20
Doutorabout the other distros11:20
wildefyrI am not a fan of arch11:20
wildefyrIf you're going to use a binary distro, use something like debian that is well supported and not using 'rolling-release'11:21
wildefyrgentoo is pretty good, I haven't used it much, but the packing is more abstracted than crux's is11:21
wildefyrbut you get other benefits like USE flags11:21
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rmullCrux is a lot simpler than gentoo, which is nice.12:15
rmullcloser to upstream12:15
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john_cephalopodaYep. And pkgbuilds are simpler than those weird ebuild thingies.12:24
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nwegood evning17:12
nwehow are you wildefyr ?17:27
wildefyrnot bad, alittle tired17:27
nweI see, so what are you doing for fun?17:28
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wildefyrah, trying to write some code17:34
nwewhat are you doing for cool stuff?17:34
wildefyroh it's nothing much17:35
wildefyrjust want to work out a window id in a specific direction17:35
wildefyrbut use trig to get the closest one to the current window17:35
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tsaopevening gents19:02
nwegood evening tsaop19:14
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tired890good evening nwe19:26
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dxlr8rthis has probably been answered 1000 times, but I've had a break from Crux, been busy. In the meanwhile 3.2 is out. I read the handbook, but I want to upgrade without starting from boot CD23:09
onoderadxlr8r: I'm pretty sure you can just mount the iso somewhere23:12
onoderachmod into it and run setup23:12
onoderahowever, I'm not sure, lol23:12
dxlr8rchmod? not chroot?23:13
dxlr8ropenssh mirror is down btw23:13
dxlr8rnot working23:13
dxlr8rnope, didn't work onodera23:19
dxlr8rneed to dig more into the iso23:19
dxlr8r# boot  crux  crux-media23:21
onoderacrux contains all the packages23:21
onoderaI think23:21
onoderaor crux-media23:21
dxlr8ryeah, did du -hs23:22
dxlr8rso just install all packages?23:22
onoderayou could maybe run pkgadd -u -f * in there, but imagine that's prety risky23:22
dxlr8rdidn't find setup23:22
dxlr8rhave read that tired890 . I want to update without booting to boot cd23:23
tired890if you have your /home on a separate partition then I say wipe for good measures23:23
tired890like jaeger put it:
dxlr8rdidn't get it :/23:24
tired890clean install baby23:24
dxlr8rnot an option23:24
onoderaI'm fairly sure the setup script just runs pkgadd -u $pkg23:25
dxlr8rfind . -iname "*.pkg.*" | grep -v '/xorg/' | xargs -I pkg pkgadd -u pkg23:28
dxlr8rgonna try :P23:29
dxlr8ryou do have the setup.dependencies file though23:30
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