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WillPittengerDoes the current CRUX ISO support UEFI?00:17
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VsteveHaving read the handbook's section on packages, I didn't see a way to determine what installed packages depend on another00:19
VsteveFor instance, I can't see how to find out what installed packages depend on eudev00:20
Vsteve(At install time, setup tells me something depends on it, I'm just not sure what, so I can't safely remove it)00:22
wildefyrprt-get dependant eudev00:22
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VstevePrt-get unknown command 'dependant'00:24
VsteveYou mean 'depends'?00:25
wildefyrspelt dependant wrong00:30
wildefyrthat's what happens when you use tab completion00:30
VsteveI'm trying to whittle down what goes in my install image,  it seems like most of the stuff in the installer depends on other stuff :/00:30
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wildefyrwhat's wrong with the installer?00:31
VsteveThough I'm highly skeptical of what value is provided by eudev since I never call it00:31
VsteveWell the installer itself is fine, but there are items in 'core' I don't want00:31
WillPittengerwildefyr: Does the current CRUX ISO support UEFI?00:31
wildefyrWillPittenger, yep00:32
wildefyrunsure of the specifics but pretty sure it does00:32
WillPittengerOK.  Thanks.00:32
wildefyrany way it's more the bootloader supporting UEFI than the distro00:32
VsteveI'm working on uefi install steps here..eventually00:32
WillPittengerwildefyr: I said the ISO.00:32
wildefyrWillPittenger, well the ISO comes with bootloaders that support UEFI00:33
VsteveI've actually had a hard time with the uefi loading00:34
VsteveIt might be my install media through00:35
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wildefyrgetting the following error building go:
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rmullRomster: Can we get a webkitgtk 2.10.7 -> 2.12.1 bump?03:24
brian|lfshexchat still needs to be bumped to 2.12.003:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dovecot: update to 2.2.2408:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: hexchat: 2.10.2 -> 2.12.008:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libcgroup: add Pkgfile headers09:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: libtxc_dxtn: removed09:10
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nebghello everyone... how can i configure my kernel to be similar to the one of distros like ubuntu/mint where everything works when i boot ? i mean drivers... i tried allmodconfig but the kernel was unbootable any idea why this happened ?10:38
xeirrrapply all the patches from and make10:40
xeirrrit should wirk10:41
nebgxeirrr, sorry ?10:53
nebgxeirrr, how can i apply all the patch from sorry ?10:53
Romsterwhy don't you use the config provided off the iso and then manually enable what modules you need from lspci -k10:55
xeirrrfor example, you download 4.4.6 kernel, and right side it is the 4.4.6 patches with .tar.xz, so you download both of them and aplly the patches10:55
nebgxeirrr, do those patch include the .config ?10:56
nebgxeirrr, can you point me to a guide or tutorial on how to do it ?10:56
nebgxeirrr, so i should apply both patches ? "patch" and "inc.patch" ?10:56
Romsterxeirrr, those patches just bump the version that you can already download the same version archive. they are there to save you downloading a huge new archive.10:58
Romstertheir is no benefit from grabbing 4.5.1 + patch than downloading 4.5.210:59
Romsterpatch makes it 4.5.2 as an example.10:59
Romsterdistros may have there own extra patches from the git tree or other sources11:00
xeirrrRomster, thanks pointing it out.11:00
xeirrrnebg, maybe i was wrong.11:00
Romsterwhich then isn't a vanilla kernel.11:00
nebgRomster, so how do distros do this ? how can they detect my hardware automatically ?11:01
nebgi heard they load a bunch of things as modules...11:01
nebgand use an initramfs11:01
xeirrrnebg, but there is alternative way: use arch linux .config file11:01
nebgxeirrr, arch linux .config file11:01
nebgcan be found online ?11:01
Romsteri haven't tried allmodkonfig but i gather that would also make your disk controller file system partition type and filesystem all modules that wont allow you to mount root11:01
Romsternebg, ^ those must be built in * not M11:02
Romsteror you need to setup a complex initramfs system, which you probably do not need.11:02
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nebgRomster, i heard they are built as M ... are you sure i should build as * and not as M ?11:07
Romsteronly what is necessary to mount root11:10
Romsterlike i already mentioned above.11:11
Romsterpartition type (dos,gpt,other), filesystem (usually ext4), disk driver (find with lspci -k)11:12
Romsterif you want everything to be a module and nothing built in you need a initramfs like the iso uses to load modules after it loads up the initramfs first.11:13
Romsterand of course the boot loader and /etc/fstab needs to be correct for root to mount as well.11:14
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nebgRomster, ok so in practice user friendly distros have filesystems like ext4 or ext3 or whatever they use for root partition as built in while all the rest as module right ?13:15
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Romsteror a initramfs that loads the needed modules for root13:23
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nebgok Romster thanks for clearing this out14:02
tuduromi found a footprint mismatch in opt/ccache14:08
tuduromnew files14:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: dialog: updated to 1.3-2016042416:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: speech-dispatcher: updated to 0.8.416:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: pygobject-gtk3: updated to 3.21.016:50
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VsteveIs there a way to trace what reboot does outside of calling RC.shutdown?17:48
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