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tired890prt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst`02:26
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nwegood morning guys! how are you? :D06:52
tired890morning dear06:52
tired890what a lovely day isnt it :)06:52
nwehmm no :/ it´s raining here :(06:53
tired890so? thats bad?!!!06:55
tired890rain clears the air = more oxygen when you breath!06:55
tired890thats why you have that good feel after you go out immediately after it rains ;)06:55
tired890but I guess if it rains everyday one misses the sun :)06:55
frinnstit was snowing yesterday08:07
frinnstshite weather08:07
frinnsti'm such a fucktard. I just edited the "example_ssl.conf" on an internal nginx install08:36
frinnstdont you think rpm renamed it to .rpmsave when I just upgraded it?08:36
frinnst"why isnt nginx listening on 443?"08:36
nweyay! centos/rhel =)08:39
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tired890must be systemd09:29
nebghello everyone i cannot understand what the process dnsmasq does... can somebody explain it to me in simple terms ?09:32
tired890nebg, its a DHCP server and handles DNS too09:32
frinnstiirc its a dns recursor with some basic zone hosting stuff09:33
tired890its a small implementation, you normally find it in embedded systems (ie routers)09:33
nebgtired890, do i need it  ?09:40
nebgtired890, i mean on my laptop09:40
tired890on a desktop PC? nope09:40
tired890no you don't, unless you are running services in your laptop09:40
tired890like dhcp/dns09:41
tired890else nope09:41
nebgok thanks09:42
nebgwhat about avahi-daemon ? i can't understand what it actually does...09:42
tired890thats systemd junk09:42
tired890not really, but by same group of programmers09:42
tired890its for "discovery" of stuff in LAN09:43
tired890basically its spam software, you don't need that either09:43
tired890there are two kinds of people, those who know how to forward ports on their routers, and those who demand "UPNP", avahi is for the upnp kind of people ;)09:44
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nebgtired890, sorry ?10:21
nebgupnp ?10:21
nebgtired890, but uninstalling dnsmasq made my system network not work... why ? ?10:21
nebgi had to reinstall it10:21
tired890is this crux?10:29
tired890your network not work how? you can't get an IP?10:31
tired890crux by default uses dhcpcd (to automatically get IP from router)10:31
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dxlr8rI use avahi nebg, but without dbus. avahi is great if you use OS X10:59
dxlr8rit is Bonjour for Linux10:59
dxlr8rallows you to "find" your devices in Finder etc.11:00
dxlr8rand other OS X applications11:00
dxlr8rit works for filesharing (afp, smb), printer, ssh, etc.11:00
dxlr8rif you prefer to remember IP/hostnames you don't need it. I implement it so my wife can find the services11:02
frinnstgo ipv6 already11:02
tired890frinnst, but but.. NAT is safer ;)11:03
frinnsta proper firewall should handle it :)11:04
tired890ipv6 ips are ugly..11:04
frinnstoh please11:05
frinnst<- ipv6 fanboy11:05
frinnstipv6 is fun! lots of stuff to learn11:06
frinnstI have a /32 to play with at work.. if we could get the damned scope routed to us, that is11:07
dxlr8rgot /48 at work11:12
dxlr8rjust implemented it last month11:12
dxlr8ryeah, pfSense. have lot's of vlans11:12
dxlr8rOS X is crappy with IPv6 though11:13
dxlr8rdoesn't support dhcpv611:13
dxlr8rso have to use RA11:13
dxlr8rwe use OS X at work11:13
frinnsti use RA at home. have a /48 through HE.net11:13
tired890will be long before it becomes mainstream11:14
tired890torvalds said give it a decade in 2015.. he said that in 2005 too11:14
tired890nice and all but its way, waaay overdone11:14
dxlr8ryou would think running out of IPv4 addresses would speed it up11:14
tired890NAT works just fine.. the running out of ip thing is hype or FUD11:16
tired890s/fine/fine for 95% of scenarios11:16
dxlr8rNAT is only for lan11:16
dxlr8rwe still get new households and companies with internet11:17
tired890dxlr8r, exactly my point.. how many people need public IPs on their devices rather just internet access?11:17
tired890the issue of "IPs running out" is number of unique public IPs11:17
dxlr8ras internet expands into africa, asia and new territory we need more IPs11:18
dxlr8ryes, I am talking about public IPs11:18
frinnstand internet of things.. IoT is bs but it might help ipv6 adoption11:18
tired890so if a decade ago, a household had 2 devices and 1 ADSL line coming in, .. but now have 15 devices and 1 fiber line coming in,11:18
tired890they both have one thing in common: they need a single public IP11:18
tired890so like I said, its hype.. and IoT is like "cloud computing", ie marketing jargon11:18
dxlr8rwe get more households and firms11:18
joacimi normal human being probably has 2-4 public ips to their name11:19
joacimwith phones and all that11:19
tired890ipv4.5 would've sufficed11:19
tired890ipv6 is grossly overdone, face it guys11:19
dxlr8rit doesn't matter. it's not physical11:20
dxlr8roverdoing it doesn't make the cost go up11:20
dxlr8ryou would still need all new firmware/boxes for IPv4.5, why not overdo it and don't run out every again?11:21
dxlr8rI am surprised there is any IPv4 left at all, I just got a new IPv4 subnet from my ISP for work11:25
dxlr8rkinda big to. for free11:25
tired890yes, but keeping things simple is ideal11:26
tired890complementing ipv4, keeping format11:26
tired890there you go, because there isn't an IP crisis11:26
tired890its hype like I said11:26
frinnstripe offered all members a /22 recently11:27
frinnstarin are all out iirc11:27
dxlr8r22 is big11:28
dxlr8rI thought I was lucky when I got a new 2711:28
dxlr8rhave on 29 also11:28
frinnstOn 14 September 2012, the RIPE NCC began to allocate IPv4 address space from the last /8 of IPv4 address space it holds.11:30
frinnstThe RIPE NCC now allocates the IPv4 address space it holds according to section 5.1 of "IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region", which states that RIPE NCC members can request a one time /22 allocation (1,024 IPv4 addresses). No new IPv4 Provider Independent (PI) space will be assigned.11:30
dxlr8rthere are big private networks you can migate the problem with. like
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rmullI'm sort of lukewarm on the ports git driver's choice to completely wipe out anything that previously existed in the ports dir13:33
rmullSo like... any customizations, built packages, downloaded sources, etc - all get blown away unless you've configured your system to store that stuff outside the default location13:35
onoderarmull: oh that's true13:36
rmullThis is different than how the rsync driver works13:37
rmullAnd I'm not sure why it was approved tbh13:37
onoderaI store all that stuff outside, I wonder if it's possible to do a git pull without overwriting/deleting files..13:37
rmullThere was an earlier version of the git driver that did not include the git clean step that I liked better13:37
rmullJust some food for thought13:37
rmullMaybe the distro defaults should be reevaluated to keep the ports dirs pristine, and all work/built stuff is outside?13:44
rmullOr change the git driver13:44
onoderathe first option seems like more work, but better to me13:50
onoderalike, it's not "safe" to modify a pkgfile anyways, it could get overwritten the very next update13:51
onoderaeven when using rsync, if that package gets modifies13:51
rmullAgreed, modifying Pkgfiles in place is not a great idea. However, if it was a git repo, I might actually prefer to maintain a branch in that repo rather than overlay another using the standard method13:54
rmullBut maintaining a git branch is not the "standard" way13:55
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: gzip: upate to 1.815:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: libdrm: update to 2.4.6815:43
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.2]: xorg-xf86-input-libinput: update to 0.19.015:43
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dlcusaWorkster: (and anyone else) my 3.2 build of opt/qt5 failed because pkgmk was not privileged to modify "/usr/lib/python2.7/multiprocessing/" --(see for edited log).  Any ideas why it wants to do that?16:07
dlcusaRomster: I misread that--it's attempting "sl = self._semlock = _multiprocessing.SemLock(kind, value, maxvalue)" and that's producing a permissions problem.16:12
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dlcusaAccording to only root can do this on my box (drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 40 Feb 29 03:00 /dev/shm/).16:30
nwedlcusa: chmod 1777 /dev/shm16:39
dlcusanwe: Sure, but shouldn't that be documented somewhere in the vacinity of setting up builds by pkgmk?  Maybe it would be better to create a group of shared memory writing users and add pkgmk to that?16:48
nweand fix so shm are mounted in fstab too16:52
nwevia fstab.16:52
dlcusaIs there a canonical CRUX position on /dev/shm permissions?16:53
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dlcusaThe "Shared Memory" section of seems germane here.17:06
dlcusajohn_cephalopoda: discussion that started 60 minutes back.17:09
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wildefyrwhew, building weechat on alpine was not fun17:55
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dlcusawildefyr: But you did it?17:57
wildefyrdidn't compile the ssl in by default :(17:57
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