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VsteveI'm wondering about 'prt-get depends'00:38
VsteveI thought if I do 'prt-get depends perl, it should show me everything that depends on perl, right?00:39
VsteveNever mind, apparently 'prt-get dependent packagename' is what I meant to do00:50
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brian|lfswow got what he diserved03:25
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frinnstbattery still worked07:55
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vsteveanyone around?15:04
vsteveahh good15:04
vsteveI'm not even sure if this is really a 'crux' specific question, but i'm finding that it's really hard to install crux if you choose not to install certain things15:05
vsteveI'm trying to avoid installing perl, but there's a few things that depend on it...but I would never have thought they really would15:06
vstevelike, openssl came up in the list of things that need perl...I've never heard of that needing perl before15:06
wildefyrwelcome to dependency hell15:07
vstevepretty much15:07
wildefyrperl is used pretty often though on linux15:07
wildefyrdon't feel too bad about it15:07
vstevewell on desktop-complete...modern iterations, I'm not too shocked15:08
vsteveit's just strange, I had no idea these things required perl15:08
vsteveand it seems almost hard to believe that they really do15:08
vstevelike...openssl works on windows or osx without perl, as far as I know15:08
vsteveso when I saw that come up as a dependent...I got real confused15:09
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wildefyrit's probably satisfied by something OS specific then15:11
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vstevestill struggling over dependencies on seems like glib is dependent on python...even though glib is supposedly written in c16:47
vsteveso now I'm wondering if there's some...possible extension to some of these packages where if it *could* need another package, it then counts as a dependency, even though it's not an actual requirement16:48
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wildefyryeah there is optional stuff16:55
wildefyrcrux doesn't handle optional stuff really at all16:55
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vsteveah ok, I was hoping to avoid spaghetti testing my package dependency...but that might not be an option then17:05
vsteveI'm reinstalling crux on another machine now with all packages enabled and I'17:06
vsteve*I'm just gounna start chopping things off until the functions I need break17:06
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dlcusaRomster: my most recent attempt to build qt5 on 3.2 failed with the same symptoms reported in which has a fix reported therein.  What do you make of it and what do you recommend I do?20:59
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frinnstdlcusa: did you try the patch?23:24
frinnstbtw its me you emailed :)23:25
dlcusafrinnst: I was going to if I didn't hear anything.  btw, I wasn't sure, so...  Maybe there's a place for IRC nicks in the Maintainer: data.23:46
dlcusaAnyway, I won't get to the patch for at least 24 hours.23:46
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