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frinnstdepends on what site you have loaded00:19
frinnstalso what extensions you run00:19
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nwefrinnst: nope not yet, it´s still on my todo-list :) I notice that thet release v2 for a couple of days ago..08:11
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john_cephalopodaAudio on crux doesn't work very well.16:12
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tuduromjohn_cephalopoda: it works very well for me. you should try installing alsa-utils and alsa-plugins16:30
john_cephalopodatudurom: I have issues with jackd.16:31
john_cephalopodaqjackctl freezes16:36
tuduromwhy use jack?16:38
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john_cephalopodatudurom: I am trying to record some stuff and edit it, using lv2 plugins and stuff.16:50
john_cephalopodaAnd audacity seems broken a bit16:50
keygeeHi all, I've seen that rp-pppoe has been removed in 3.2. Can anyone suggest me any kind of documentation to configure ppp without it? Thanks in advance16:53
tilmankeygee: pppd (from has a built-in pppoe support "these days"16:54
tilmankeygee: you'll need to enable ppp and pppoe support in the kernel though16:54
keygeeThanks Tilman, I've already done it... My problem is all configuration (user, password etc) that in rp-pppoe were automatic in pppoe-configure16:56
tilman1st hit at duckguckgo17:00
keygeeThank you very much Tilman17:03
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nwefrinnst: have you try the new version of graylog?19:17
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nwephew Im not alone to typing in wrong terminak :P19:54
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frinnstnot yet. Hoping to have some time over at work this coming week to set it up21:55
frinnsthavent really read up on whats new. I want to be surprised :D21:55
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