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rmullI got a M.2 socket 500GB SSD for $160USD... had the same feeling I had when I saw a microSD card for the first time01:41
rmullPretty amazing. It's the size of a stick of gum.01:42
tired890amazon/newegg page?01:47
tired890how snappier does the system feel? assuming this is a boot drive01:52
tired890quite an investment I have to say01:52
rmullI don't have the machine to put it in yet :P01:53
rmullBut my newegg premier membership was expiring so I bought the SSD before the laptop arrives01:54
rmullI don't really expect it to be any different than a larger SSD01:54
rmullIt's just so small01:54
tired890m.2 is not bottlenecked by sata01:55
rmullIt is if it uses the sata interface01:55
rmullThere are PCIE M.2 SSDs that have insane specs01:56
rmullAt least... that's my understanding of M.2. Correct me if I'm wrong.01:56
tired890it will use the sata interface if the MB/laptop manufacturer is cheap, otherwise if you have a new MB or a properly designed laptop then it should be interfaced through PCIE02:01
tired890we can tell if you tell me what laptop you bought :)02:03
rmullPurism librem13. It's not obvious. I got the SATA one mainly because it was cheaper and a safe bet.02:10
rmulland lower power02:10
tired890interesting laptop02:11
tired890and all this time I'm looking at acers/lenovos!02:12
tired890thanks for the tip02:12
rmullYes, interesting, but expensive, and I've never had anything but bad luck with anything I've ever "preordered"02:13
rmullWhat were you hoping for?02:13
rmullNot sure what sort of modern equipment AMD has these days, but I've definitely given ARM a fair shot and been disappointed02:14
rmullThere's not really any silver bullet for their whole "freedom" goal either.02:15
tired890rmull, what I'm looking for is mainly a 12-inchish laptop that I can use as remote terminal.. thats all02:15
tired890small, very light, good battery life02:15
tired890ARM seems to fit the bill, no?02:15
rmullYes, for that, no doubt02:15
rmullBut I don't want to have to be dependent on an internet connection02:16
tired890now if only I can find one that is not built like a cheap plastic hunk (a la samsgun chromebooks)02:16
rmullThe chromebook pixel 2 was the other contentder on my list02:16
rmullWay overkill for your portable terminal though02:16
rmullThe pixel C might be interesting though02:18
rmullIf you're comfortable with google02:18
tired890google + nvidia hardware?02:18
tired890basically if I can get something like the samsung c303 but put in a good quality shell02:19
tired890the plastic literally feels like it will crack open every time you open up the display02:19
rmullDo you currently have one?02:20
tired890then there's this:
tired890libreboot says it *will* be supported02:20
rmullacer c720?02:21
rmulloh, also intel02:21
tired890there are loads of AMD laptops, with very energy efficient cpus (NOT bulldozer based), yet vendors always put those disgusting 768pixel displays on them02:22
tired890when I finally find a 1080p one, its 17" -_-02:22
rmullYeah, not sure why what you're looking for doesn't exist02:25
rmullI sympathize02:25
tired890the C201 is "almost" the perfect laptop..02:25
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nwegood morning :)07:36
frinnstchromebooks are close to useless - no proper keyboard07:48
frinnstshame - cause i really want a 100% free notebook07:48
nwefrinnst: had you try  graylog v2?08:25
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frinnstnwe: no: <@frinnst> not yet. Hoping to have some time over at work this coming week to set it up11:50
nweoh didn't see that :/11:56
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druid_droidHello, I'm installing crux from a debian, when I chroot to it and try to install kernel I notice that make gives a segfault12:42
druid_droidshould I make the kernel outsite chroot and then install into chroot (crux) ?12:42
frinnstwhat kernel version are you running on debian?12:43
frinnstglibc is compiled with support for 3.12 and above12:43
nwehave you added all hardware stuff sata-controllers etc you have?12:45
druid_droidI have 3.1612:45
frinnstif thats the case it ought to work. but if it doesnt its probably not worth spending time to debug it - just boot the iso :)12:46
druid_droidnwe make fails when I try to make config,12:46
frinnstoh? i thought it segfaulted when you chrooted..12:46
druid_droidfrinnst: yes it fails inside chroot12:47
nwedruid_droid: have you mount /dev/ /proc /sys etc?12:47
nweto you chrooted enviorment?12:47
frinnstsetup-chroot ftw12:48
druid_droidyes, I'm righting this manual
druid_droidon how I do it,12:48
frinnstmount --bind /proc /mnt/proc etc12:48
druid_droidyes I activate chroot12:49
druid_droidI made a script just one second12:49
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druid_droidfrinnst: I do mount -t proc proc $CHROOT/proc12:52
frinnstyep i saw12:54
druid_droidI even try to copy kernel and initramfs from the iso :)12:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: subversion: updated to 1.9.414:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: [notify] chromium: updated to 50.0.2661.9414:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: pip: 7.1.2 -> 8.1.123:10
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