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joacimdistcc is pretty nice00:04
joacim50 minutes to compile firefox, instead of hours.00:04
joacimshould use my 2x quad core xeon server too00:05
tired890joacim, hours?00:11
tired890I reckon on a 2009-era intel and post 2011-amd it takes less than an hour (with -j6-8), BUT it does eat up a lot of RAM00:12
tired890seen it go as high as 5 gegabits00:13
tired890octa xeons sure help though :)00:13
joacimused to take about an hour on my C2D E760000:14
joacimbut that was years ago00:14
joacimthis is a laptop with a c2d00:14
tired890now its unbelievably big00:14
joacimtook about 20 minuts on my i5 469000:15
tired890dayyyim, and I thought my FX 8350 was fast00:15
tired890that midtier i5 smokes it00:15
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joacimnot sure if i want to try it again without distcc00:25
joacimlast time i gave up after 2 hours i think00:25
joacimand just fetched a precompiled package00:25
tired890on the octa xeon?00:25
joacimhas a C2D T940000:26
tired890I see00:26
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frinnstACTION just generated ~1400 company wide emails07:56
frinnstACTION feels proud07:56
frinnstall super useful stuff too! "[zenoss] sphere 160504 9:45:59 [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled."07:57
nwesekunden efter man kommer på det, den känslan är ingen höjdare :D08:06
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xeirrroh Sweden i guess09:40
teK__11:37 < jedisct1> RT @LGnome CentOS 5 ships an OpenSSL so old that it cannot negotiate a connection to <> Where OpenSSL tarballs now live09:45
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frinnstFiltering:  Not Applied (Unknown Reason)10:03
frinnstWindows awesomeness10:03
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xeirrrOh i haven't seen jaeger for a few days? where is him?11:03
nwexeirrr: if you mean which language I and frinnst write earlier then yes =)11:11
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xeirrrnwe, those words didn't display well on my android irc client with utf-8 encoding11:50
joacimdisplayed properly in my utf-8 capable macintosh terminal program11:58
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xeirrrsome letters are not clear here.12:02
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xeirrrjoacim, look at frinnst words in this pic
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frinnst naked filters are so sexy!19:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.2]: clamav: updated to version 0.99.219:35
frinnstDear RIPE NCC Member, we ask you to register via the LIR Portal for electronic voting at the RIPE NCC General Meeting (GM), which takes place on Wednesday, 25 May 2016. We currently have 1 registered voter(s) from Sweden, and we would like to increase that number before the GM takes place.19:45
frinnstwat? they are offering me actual power?19:45
frinnsteveryone should be very afraid19:45
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dxlr8rnorsk > svensk, hvilken som helst dag :P21:18
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singularikOh hey tfm, welcome to the irc21:47
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tfmHello singularik. I'm installing on my old T61 as a testbed.22:07
singulariknot sure if it will work22:08
singularikt61 isn't 64-bit is it?22:08
tfmIt is.22:09
singularikOh yeah you're right22:10
tfmYou may be thinking of the X series; X60 (and probably X61) is 32 bit.22:10
singularikI have a t61 and I forgot it was 64-bit22:10
singularikjust seems like a 32-bit machine haha22:10
tfmIt's just old is all. Keyboard's amazing on it, however. Anyway, the installation's going alright. Just compiling my kernel at the moment. I'm correct in assuming that the included .config is a generic kernel, right?22:11
singularikIts a little lighter than most generic kernels.22:12
singularikBut it should do the trick22:12
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