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Workster/etc/rc.conf SERVICES=()00:47
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VsteveAnyone around?16:34
rmullVsteve: Sure16:36
VsteveI'm still familiarizing myself with the ports system, and I can't find where the documentation shows you how to grab a port from an individual's...port..thing16:40
VsteveFor instance, I need the nvidia-340 package which is owned by someone  named 6c3716:40
VsteveI can enable contrib and make 'prt-get aware of contrib, but I don't see how to do it for one person's port collection thing16:41
VsteveOr do I just throw the package file at 'prt-get somehow?16:49
koriThere's a page on how to add the 6c37 repo on the wiki16:54
VsteveWhat wiki?16:54
koriClick "wiki"16:55
VsteveI would have never known about that if you hadn't linked me16:55
VsteveThanks for that16:57
VsteveHuh, I did what it said and its still not working17:01
VsteveCopied the 6c37.git file to /etc/ports17:02
VsteveRan ports -u and it doesn't see the new repo17:02
koriYou do have git installed, yes?17:02
VsteveQuite...possibly not17:02
VsteveInstalling that now17:03
VsteveThis is all so I can install a /slightly/ out of date nvidia driver, git wasn't foremost in my mind17:04
VsteveIt's a shame you can't just download a pkgfile and do Prt-get install %packagename%%17:05
VsteveWow, and Firefox saved all this random HTML data in the git file so..I'm just retyping that by hand17:08
VsteveThere we idea what's up with firefox, luckily the file is like 4 lines long17:10
VstevePorts -u works now and I can see it synced...but 'prt-get says it can't find the package it just showed me in the list17:12
VsteveI'm manually adding it to prtget' config file even though the wiki doesn't say anything about it17:12
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VsteveAdding the repo to prtget' config file seemed to fix it, I feel like that step should be in the wiki, and the wiki should be linked to by crux's ports documentation17:15
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VsteveIs there a way I can contribute to crux's documentation?17:19
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rmullVsteve: You can just download the Pkgfile17:34
rmullBut you'de use the pkgmk/pkgadd utilities, not prt-get17:34
rmullYou see the download command - run that, and it'll download the Pkgfile, .footprint, and .md5sum in a dir17:35
rmullcd into the dir and run "pkgmk -d"17:35
rmullIt'll build the package, and then run "pkgadd pkgname" to install17:36
VsteveRmull : you're a gentlemen and a scholar, i'll make note of that17:39
VsteveI wish that were made more obvious in the documentation though so I didn't have to come in here and bug you guys though17:39
VsteveAt least I got xorg working now so, thanks everyone for your help17:52
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onodera>ncmpcpp: symbol lookup error: ncmpcpp: undefined symbol: _ZN6TagLib6String14WCharByteOrderE20:19
onoderaI am suddenly getting this error, had anyone ever had a similar error?20:19
onoderaoh, seems like the libtag update caused it maybe20:21
tuduromrecompile, did the trick for me20:29
onoderayeah it did for me as well20:30
onoderakind of cryptic error, mostly when something like this happens it at least mentions the library that caused it20:30
onoderaoh wait it does lol20:31
tilman"echo _ZN6TagLib6String14WCharByteOrderE | c++filt" to make it more obvious20:31
onoderaI didn't look at the string well enought it seems lol20:31
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onoderadoes anyone here know how to change the icon theme with gtk21:57
onoderausing the command line21:57
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tuduromchange the .gtkrc23:09
tuduromit's .gtkrc-2.0 for gtk2 and something in .config/gtk for 3.023:10
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frinnst~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini: gtk-icon-theme-name=Adwaita23:29
frinnstfor example23:29
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onoderaGot it to work, thanks :)23:32
onoderafilepicker with elementary icon theme and icon view patches23:33
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frinnstbut i'd go completely crazy by that much empty space23:38
onoderaI think the empty space is exactly the same as default gtk23:40
onoderayeah I just checked, the theme and icon theme don't add any padding23:42
onoderaand icon view is toggleable :)23:42
frinnstmy gtk3 theme is very compacted23:57
frinnststill not as compact as my gtk2 theme was :(23:58

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