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rmullBasic question: I have a library that I want to install in /usr/local/lib. I do that, and then I run ldconfig, but the software that depends on it (built with cmake) does not find it.02:10
rmullWhen I change the library's ./configure prefix to /usr, it finds it no problem.02:11
rmullI have files in /etc/ that call out /usr/local/lib02:11
rmullWhat else do I need to do?02:11
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jaegerrmull: does it show up in the output of ldconfig -v?05:26
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tsaoprmull: try passing the -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local10:25
tsaoprmull: to cmake10:25
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onoderago is a mess14:06
onoderawell, trying to compile go 1.6.214:06
john_cephalopodago was very popular for some time, now it's behind Common LISP :D14:24
onoderaI really don't like how all new languages (like go, rust) inplement their own paackage manager14:26
onoderaand git intergration and what not14:26
tilmani've seen people write "c++ package managers" and "qt package managers"14:38
tilmankinda disturbing :p14:38
tuduromit works very well for me14:47
onoderaoh nice, thanks to15:03
onoderatudurom: *15:04
tuduromi added it to 6c3715:04
jaegerI've got one as well, was building docker ports last night. Need to test today16:12
tuduromit's a mod of yours16:13
frinnsthow can windows update suck this bad?16:56
frinnstjust chugging along for hours without finding anything. 100% cpu on one core16:56
john_cephalopodaWiiiindows! :รพ17:10
john_cephalopodaThe worst is, when you plug in a mouse and it first has to look for drivers.17:10
john_cephalopodaAnd it loads for 4 or 5 minutes and then sometimes finds something.17:10
john_cephalopodaAnd when I plug out the mouse and plug it into an other USB port, this procedure repeats.17:11
john_cephalopodaWhile mice are hotplug devices on Linux17:11
john_cephalopodaAnd pretty much any other device.17:11
teK_I would only modestly brag about linux' hotplugging and device support17:19
john_cephalopodaIt supports pretty much anything.17:22
john_cephalopodaThe only device class that Linux isn't good at is printers, and that's due to CUPS.17:22
john_cephalopodaAlso the drivers are quite okay while a lot of windows drivers are taking down the whole system on ocassion.17:23
tilmanjohn_cephalopoda: oldnewthing has an explanation for the find-driver-when-changing-port behaviour iirc17:24
teK_did you try wlan? :-)17:26
john_cephalopodaAlso works perfectly well.17:31
john_cephalopodaQualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter17:32
john_cephalopodaAth9 driver in kernel config.17:32
teK_it wildly depends17:32
john_cephalopodaThe userland tools suck.17:33
teK_I still look devices up befoe buying17:33
john_cephalopodaBut the drivers usually work.17:33
jaegeryay, got docker 1.11.0 running, at least as root17:46
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jaegerand there, group is properly set up17:55
teK_jaeger: are you planning on picking docker up?17:58
jaegerprobably so18:00
jaegerdocker, go, go-md2man, run, containerd, ca-certificates-alt18:01
teK_great news :)18:01
tuduromwhat is ca-certificates-alt?18:05
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jaegerca-certificates in an alternate format that go 1.6.2 likes18:07
tuduromi have a port for the exact same thing. does it use debian's certs?18:07
jaegerit's based on the LFS method that converts mozilla's certdata.txt18:08
tuduromoh interesting18:09
tuduromwhere are the ports going to be up?18:09
jaegerWant to test them? I don't plan to put them in contrib until they're a bit more tested18:10
tuduromi will18:14
jaegerI haven't added a README yet but add your user to the docker group18:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: llvm: use gcc for compilation18:17
onoderaas someone who has literally never looked into docker, what are some cool things I could do with it?18:18
jaegertudurom: also, if you haven't already done the kernel config, run /usr/share/docker/check-config.sh18:18
jaegeronodera: it's intended to be for quick deployment of applications but you can also do some VM-like tasks with it if you want to18:19
tuduromi guess i have to recompile with cgroups support18:19
jaegerwe use it at work to deploy new versions of in-house code quickly18:19
jaegertudurom: yes, it needs quite a few things18:19
tuduromonodera: containers18:20
teK_jaeger: depending on the nature of your app.. have you tried / considered statically linking and shipping the application instead?18:20
jaegerundoubtedly that would work but coworkers really love docker18:20
tuduromonodera: you can test new distros very easy and fast18:20
tuduromor isolate programs18:20
tuduromit's a jail18:21
jaegerI'm less of a fanboy but I'm learning to use it so I can help18:21
teK_jaeger: ok18:22
teK_I didnt accuse you, what is it with you today? :D18:22
teK_third time (!)18:22
jaegerdon't know what you mean18:23
teK_ok :] it's fine18:23
jaegerWas my statement somehow inflammatory? It wasn't intended that way18:24
teK_nah, you were 'excusing' in #dev, here and in the query ;)18:24
teK_it's fine, really; just found it funny18:24
jaegerWell, I've been out of touch quite a lot lately18:25
teK_you were? Mkay. Been busy af, too18:26
jaegerI wasn't even in the channels for a couple weeks :)18:26
teK_I noticed once ._.18:26
jaegerall good, heh18:27
jaegerIf you didn't notice it means my stuff didn't break, I feel :)18:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qemu-all: 2.5.0 ->
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jaegerso far the docker stuff seems to be working properly. I'm using it to test build MATE ports19:57
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frinnstteK_: qemu-agent is still very very broken21:20
frinnst(the rc-script)21:21
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frinnst <- what an arrogant bastard21:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qemu-ga: fix run script21:35
teK_frinnst:  you don't know bavaria's minister of finance. His name is Soeder, too21:37
teK_he's an arrogant fellah21:37
teK_not that sweet cat21:37
frinnstwe have two other entrances. the north entrance is protected by spiders (not joking, its infested)21:41
frinnstand another emergency exit - 30 meter vertical ladder21:41
teK_you did not move to Australia, by accident?21:43
frinnstdont think so. our spiders might be large but they are pussycats compared to the australian deathmachines21:43
teK_I was jogging a quite darkish path earlier tonight21:45
teK_ther were snails all along.. then I thought if I did this in Australia right now.. I'd be dead already :P21:45
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abenzheh I thought that would like to the sshd :)22:10
frinnsthehe yeah :)22:11
frinnst23:20 <@frinnst> teK_: qemu-agent is still very very broken22:11
frinnstcheck out the rc-script in that port22:11
frinnstACTION mocks tek some more22:11
teK_I cannot be mocked by you22:12
teK_remember that22:12
frinnstlvl10 mocking immunity?22:13
teK_what's the issue you have? md5?22:14
frinnstwith qemu-agent?22:14
frinnstno. if you run /etc/rc.d/qemu-agent stop22:14
frinnstit doesnt kill qemu-agent, it fucking kills sshd22:14
teK_watching wolf of wall street atm22:15
jaegersshd is overrated22:15
teK_how is it stopping sshd22:16
teK_  $SSD --stop --retry 10 --pidfile $PID22:16
frinnstkillall -q /usr/sbin/sshd ?22:16
teK_ooook so the commit was botched.. I switched to ssd22:17
teK_just a sec..22:17
teK_well the commit looks okayish except the MD5 sum22:17
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frinnstnot the file i get by ports -u22:18
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: qemu-agent: update md5 sums22:18
frinnstmuch better22:19
teK_the change is not in the last commit, but whatever :)22:19
frinnstgit-hook fuckup?22:20
teK_I doubt that22:20
frinnst# /etc/rc.d/sshd: start/stop qemu-ga daemon22:21
teK_I am not doing anything until I got qemu on my host updated, rebooted into a new kernel (fingers crossed) and see if I/O is quicker afterwards..22:22
teK_and wait for gcc to finish on that slow vm22:24
frinnstim still trying to find windows updates in my win7 vm22:24
frinnsthow can it suck this bad? really..22:24
teK_there's no proxy?22:25
jaegerI usually just stop and restart the update process if that happens.. eventually it plays nicely22:25
teK_I found it to still suck when there's a proxy and no local friendly wsus server22:26
frinnstno proxy. i've rebooted 3 times22:26
frinnstI had the exact same problem on a brand new hp probook 650 this friday too22:29
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teK_downloading shit form the interwebz is hard22:30
frinnstdont get me started on outlook - the "flagship" office product22:33
teK_ ""product""22:33
frinnst"oh, the outlook profile is corrupt - just create a new profile"22:33
frinnstlike thats acceptable22:33
abenzfrinnst: there is a manual update that you call pull off microsofts that will make finding updates almost instantaneous22:34
onoderaI get so frustrated when using windows now22:34
onoderaafter having used linux full time for the past few years22:34
onoderatbh, I should probably brush up my windows skills22:34
frinnstdont onodera, you'll just become depressed22:35
frinnstabenz: orly?22:35
teK_wuauctl /something?22:35
abenzdon't recall downloading it from that particular page, but it should be the same22:36
abenz"update the agent"22:36
onoderafrinnst: oh is your updates stuck at 0%?22:37
frinnstno, just "searching for updates.."22:37
onoderaI used to ahve that problem as well I think, from what I remember it suddenly started downloading after letting it run for a few hours22:37
frinnstyeah I had this issue on this vm a few months ago. took something like 15hrs before it found updates22:39
abenzgive it a go, should fix it22:39
onoderathe worst thing is the blindfolding GUI22:39
onoderaI can't see at /which/ step it's actually stuck22:39
abenzalthough recently I got a new ISO that comes with updates till april 201622:40
abenzso if you install plenty of winboxes then one of those might be handy22:40
frinnstnah, not often22:41
teK_there's always too22:41
frinnstevery once in a while a customer needs a new laptop. we usually unpack it and installs all the updates on it before handing it off to the customer22:41
abenzonodera: I consider win7 more bearable. Win10 is horrendous in that aspect "Ops! something went wrong, checking solutions online"22:43
frinnstneither win8 or win10 plays nice in qemu with spice22:44
frinnstno signed gpu driver available22:44
frinnstim pretty used to server 2012r2 so I dont mind the "modern" ui that much22:45
frinnstrather, i've found ways to work around it22:45
teK_ tried that one?22:46
abenzpassthru a cheap gpu works nicely (with virtio and everything accelerated)22:46
frinnstabenz: didnt seem to help. thanks anyway22:48
frinnststill chugging along..22:48
frinnstyeah teK_, only for vista and 722:48
abenzfrinnst: mine finished within ~15 minutes22:48
abenzcompared to overnight without applying it22:48
frinnst8 and newer requires some other thingy22:48
frinnstah, maybe i should be more patient then22:49
joacimscrew updates, get it to a workable state and ship it out23:07
joacimthat's what i do =)23:07
joacimmostly because customers get mad when something takes hours instead of 2 minute23:07
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joacimi love the part where the customer arrives in 5 minutes, and my coworker had the grand idea of installing all 88 updates23:13
joacimi should've gotten a job shuffling pallets around instead23:13
joacimor maybe just driving a truck23:14
joacimget to see the world. drive through sweden and finland moving goods to finnmark23:14
onoderathe only good thing about driving a truck seems being able to listen to music I like loudly all day23:14
teK_you are a Truck Driver?23:15
teK_also running a Linux for advanced users? Nice combo :)23:15
teK_I'd really like to hear about the different backgrounds of our users..23:16
joacimthinkpad x201 mounted on the dash23:16
joacimsounds pretty nice23:16
onoderaheh I don't, I actually want to become a sysadmin or something23:17
teK_I have that model, too. Served me well for both my bachelor's and my master's thesis :))23:17
onoderamostly because of crux/linux23:17
joacimworking with tech is fun23:18
joacimservers and such rather23:19
joacimmore like fiddling really. i hate working23:20
joacimtoo much work23:20
teK_gcc just failed after two-three hours because disk space ran out23:23
frinnsti have a package ready built with -native on my i7 if you'd like23:23
teK_where's that port building resume feature when you need it23:23
frinnston the crux-devel mailinglist!23:24
onoderais it really!?23:24
frinnstalan posted patches23:24
onoderaoh cool23:24
onodera <- is this one abuot the same stuff?23:25
onoderahm the post I linked is really insteresting as well actually23:26
teK_frinnst: no shit sherlock :)23:27
onodera>and as everybody knows, the23:34
onoderaautopilot software of Airbus is based on CRUX (tm).23:34
joacim"entire airbus fleet grounded due to bugs in packages maintained by fredrik rinnestam"23:47
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