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brian|lfsthat drive is out of my budget01:43
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brian|lfshey Romster can you upload a good copy of the latest qt5.6?03:00
brian|lfsI got a weird error error: 'CK_NSS_AEAD_PARAMS {aka struct CK_NSS_AEAD_PARAMS}' has no member named 'pIv'03:00
brian|lfs     aeadParams.pIv = (unsigned char *) additionalData;03:00
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brian|lfstshello anyone there?03:15
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brian|lfshey romster you there?03:43
abenzis anybody out there.. can anyone hear me03:46
abenzfamous last words03:46
brian|lfshow you doing abenz you have qt5 installed on your system03:47
abenz$ prt-get isinst qt503:47
abenzpackage qt5 is not installed03:47
brian|lfsjust wondering the new version of qt5 won't compile for me03:47
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frinnstanybody here a postfix guru?07:37
DaViruzi'm more into postit07:38
frinnsti'd like to relay for all users matching <string>.*@<domains>07:38
frinnstseems doable07:42
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Romsternothing compiles for you brian|lfs :D11:26
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tsaopseems like qt5 needs this patch to build cleanly
tsaopIt's probably better to wait until 5.6.1, as the other split packages on Arch Linux have a ton of patches applied as well16:57
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druid_droidhi, writing from crux :)17:29
druid_droidagain :)17:29
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druid_droidsome one can point me a nice article how to configure nice fonts on X17:43
druid_droidand witch one do you use on terminal ?17:43
druid_droidI'm using terminus on terminal, but X looks like blur17:44
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tsaopdruid_droid: try the infinality patches for better rendering of X applications17:51
druid_droidI need to make a pause my eyes are ...17:54
druid_droidtsaop: thanks for the tip18:03
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SaveTheRobotsdruid_droid: use the -iu ports18:22
SaveTheRobotsi'm not sure if CRUX's standard freetype has subpixel rendering enabled by default or not, if not, then enable that if you don't want to use -iu18:22
druid_droidthanks SaveTheRobots will do that18:25
SaveTheRobotsnp :)18:25
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druid_dr1idSaveTheRobots: and I remove the other without "iu" ?18:34
jaegerman, I've got some ugly gtk3 theme issues... I wonder what's up with that18:35
SaveTheRobotsdruid_dr1id: remove fontconfig, freetype and cairo and install freetype-iu/fontconfig-iu/cairo-iu from 6c37 repo18:36
druid_dr1idSaveTheRobots: thanks18:36
SaveTheRobotsyou will need to add '--ignore=fontconfig,freetype,cairo' to your prt-get commands sometimes, as prt-get looks for those as deps.. maybe there's a way of doing this in the config files, not sure as i'm new to CRUX too :p18:37
SaveTheRobotsalso, i use monaco as my terminal font.. i can show you a screenshot if you like (with font rendering too)18:37
SaveTheRobotsjaeger: didn't gtk 3.20 breaks themes (*again*)18:38
SaveTheRobotsi use arc theme, which is fixed for 3.2018:38
jaegerI'm on 3.18.9 currently18:38
SaveTheRobotsoh wait, gtk3 is at 3.18.9 in CRUX.. not sure then :p18:39
jaegerthough who knows, heh18:39
tsaopif I recall correctly, gtk3 was bumped to 3.20 but then pushed back due to utter brokennes of various themes18:39
jaegeryeah, I remember something like that18:39
SaveTheRobotsjaeger: do other themes look crap too ? i'm not too clued up on MATE theming :(18:41
jaegerarc is definitely one of my favorites... it still looks bad, though. So I wonder if something is wrong in MATE18:41
jaegerYeah, they all look kinda fubar18:41
jaegerIn MATE 1.12 gtk3 support was still experimental, might be the case for 1.14, too18:42
SaveTheRobotsi've had a similar problem in XFCE before.. i'm struggling to remember how i fixed it ;(18:42
jaegerThough their release notes do specifically say full gtk 3.20 support in all MATE themes, heh18:42
jaegermaybe I need to downgrade me mate-themes to 3.18.x18:43
SaveTheRobotshave you tried checking your gtk2/3 confs in ~/ and ~/.config, maybe something is set all wrongish?18:44
SaveTheRobotslxappearance has fixed problems for me before, too... but this is maybe a MATE specific thing *shrug*18:44
jaegerI've used lxappearance and the MATE theme manager both18:44
jaegerThe preview in lxappearance looks ok but I think mate-session-manager overrides it. Might have to try outside the MATE environment18:45
SaveTheRobotsyeah, could be a good idea18:45
SaveTheRobotsgot any environment variables overriding behaviour ?18:45
jaegerNone that I'm aware of18:48
jaegerIt might be that MATE's panel has some issues... after downgrading mate-themes to 3.18.1 some of the themes look better now. The panel still has the wrong colors, though18:52
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jaegerinteresting; if I use a gtk2 theme it looks ok18:53
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druid_dr1idmit terminal is so slow \19:03
SaveTheRobotsi'm running bspwm atm so i don't really have many gtk apps installed besides firefox, and that looks fine with 3.18.9 and arc19:03
frinnstjaeger: 3.20 breaks most themes19:04
druid_dr1idwhat can be ?19:04
SaveTheRobotsdruid_dr1id: is your load high ? which terminal ?19:05
jaegerfrinnst: Yeah, I vaguely remembered that... running mate-themes 3.20 with gtk 3.18 also does weird stuff :)19:07
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druid_dr1idsorry SaveTheRobots is the console19:23
druid_dr1idnot the terminal,19:23
druid_dr1idI think that is related to the buffer or something not the load19:24
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SaveTheRobotsif you're running a high res fb with lots of fast output then i can understand there being lag19:25
SaveTheRobotsotherwise, i don't see how it can lag :o19:25
druid_dr1idfirst time this happen,19:25
SaveTheRobotsi get lag when using a high res nouveau fb19:26
SaveTheRobotsmakes compiling a PITA, unless i redirect output19:26
druid_dr1idI have a i945 and I don't know how to put brightness keys working, I have tryed on grub osi_acpi= osi_acpi=Linux, not yet osi_acpi=vendor19:28
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druid_dr1idwhere is revdep ?22:49
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep22:49
Romsteralso you can add package alias to /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases for things like jre/jdk22:51
druid_dr1idhi Romster :)22:51
Romsterbut that will get over riden on prt-get sysup of prt-get22:51
druid_dr1idforget to add ports first22:51
Romsterhi druid_dr1id22:52
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druid_dr1idwow Romster :D I forget how big your port's are22:58
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brian|lfshey Romster are you there?23:33
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