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vstevedoes anyone know what normally invokes /etc/rc.d/wlan at startup?01:22
jaegerNothing by default, I think01:24
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vsteveoh...well...when I first installed crux and setup my wifi, it'd grab an IP at startup automatically01:32
vstevethen I did prt-get sysup and now it doesn't do that anymore01:32
vstevenow before I start X, I go to /etc/rc.d/ and manually ./wlan start01:37
vstevebut I never had to do that before and I'm trying to figure out what's changed01:37
vsteveor....really...I just want to know how to make 'wlan start' happen automatically on login01:38
jaegerdhcpcd used to call wpa_supplicant in a hook but that was removed upstream01:38
jaegerput wlan into the services array in /etc/rc.conf01:38
vstevethat'd do it01:38
vstevewhy'd they do that?01:38
jaegerI believe the reasoning was along the lines of "it's not really dhcpcd's job to configure wireless"01:39
vstevethat's fair I suppose01:39
vstevethanks for the help, gounna reboot and cross my fingers01:40
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vstevethat seems to have worked, but on startup it says "ERROR" after wlan gets loaded as a service01:46
vstevewhich is odd..because it seems fine01:46
jaegerif you run wlan yourself does it produce any error output?01:46
vsteveonly that dhcpd is already running01:46
vstevelemme get the exact output01:47
vsteveit won't....enter here01:48
vsteve"/usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant already running."01:48
vsteveslash was throwing it off01:48
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vsteveit used to say something about dhcpd too, but not anymore01:48
vstevehello fntm01:48
FNTM-U3what is the value of $PKG in Pkgfiles?01:49
vsteveI think it depends on the pkgfile, doesn't it?01:49
jaeger$PKG points to the base directory that will be made into a package during the build process01:50
jaegeryou could think of it as / for package creation01:50
vstevejaeger, were you getting ready to say something about the output of the wlan script?01:55
vsteveI'm wondering if "error" just means there's some output01:55
jaegerjust that if there were errors when you run it, that's why it would say error when starting from services01:55
jaegernot specifically output but the exit code01:55
vstevewhich log would reflect the error code?  if any01:56
jaegertry running it and then run "echo $?"01:57
FNTM-U3so install -m 0755 $SRC/start_udev $PKG/sbin in would copy the start_udev file to /sbin dir?01:57
jaegernot directly into /sbin, $PKG isn't ""01:57
jaegerby default it would be /usr/ports/<collection>/<port>/work/pkg, I believe01:58
vsteverunning './wlan start' and then doing 'echo $7' returns nothing from the environment variable01:58
jaeger$?, not $701:58
vsteveoh, I can't see01:59
jaegerit's a question mark01:59
vstevenow it returns 101:59
FNTM-U3jaeger; sure. but the install command would put the start_udev file into lib/udev/rules.d. yes?01:59
jaegerok, so that's why. when a program exits without errors it's 001:59
jaegerFNTM-U3: not if the destination is $PKG/sbin02:00
jaegerIf the destination were $PKG/lib/udev/rules.d it would02:00
FNTM-U3jaeger; oh mistype. I meant the /sbin dir actually.02:01
jaegerFNTM-U3: so it would install into /usr/ports/core/udev/work/pkg/sbin - then when the package is created, it's created with the contents of /usr/ports/core/udev/work/pkg as its base directory02:02
jaegerso /usr/ports/core/udev/work/pkg/sbin becomes /sbin in the tarball02:02
jaegeryou can run "tar ztvf whatever.pkg.tar.gz" to see the contents if you're not sure what I mean, it's a plain tarball02:02
jaegeralso, run "pkgmk -kw" to keep the work directory so you can inspect it02:06
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brian|lfshello all03:12
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brian|lfsnot fun backing up to reformat04:34
brian|lfson a Saturday night04:35
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brian|lfsI want to see they Romster got really lucky witht the new QT505:36
brian|lfsdid anyone else get it to compile with no issue05:36
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cruxbot[core.git/3.2]: pciutils: update to 3.5.108:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler: update to 0.44.008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-glib: update to 0.44.008:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.2]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.44.008:13
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dlcusabrian|lfs: I did with one Arch patch and replacing most of the symlinks with the QT-recommended environment variables (see
brian|lfscool where do I get the patch from?09:34
dlcusabrian|lfs: Annotation added (begins with commented command showing name used in the port--update your .md5sum)
brian|lfsah ok thanks missed that part lol09:43
dlcusaWhat you missed was the comment in the localized Pkgfile showing the patch origin--you have to establish it in your local qt5 port.09:46
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dlcusaOops--that was a Slackware patch, not Arch.10:09
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brian|lfsin the process of moving windblows and my crux install to different machines lol10:34
brian|lfsI"m getting some zzzzzzzzzzzzz now that I got one box up10:36
dlcusaBlessed you--it's dawn here and I'm going to have to be about soon.10:41
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druid_droidhi :)12:03
druid_droidI was confusing, Packager/Maintainer on Pkgfile header12:08
druid_droidprtcheck is similar to prtverify, but I'm tryng to call prtcheck from a script with --root but fails12:08
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frinnstwonder when emacs and systemd will merge15:01
onoderaso when will crux start using systemd?15:11
onoderawoops, wrong channel :315:14
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joacimsystemd and xorg merge soon16:41
joaciminto one big monolithic package16:41
abenzwhat about the kernel fork?16:41
abenz.. and integration into systemd16:42
tsaopit appears I successfully built qt5 5.6.0 with two patches16:49
tsaopnot sure if it is best for crux to wait until 5.6.1 or fix now the Pkgbuild16:49
abenzbrian|lfs: ^16:49
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tsaopokay, for reference, these are the two patches I used17:24
tsaop[1/2] -
tsaop[2/2] -
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druid_droidI'm very happy with crux20:28
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jaegerglad you like it20:52
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